Wednesday, September 28, 2011

more pink

tunic : topshop (old)
watch: swatch
boots: topshop
rings: jwlry & market stall
nails: models own peach puff * & wah nail art pen *
lips: chanel chintz

My poor Topshop Allegeras are getting more and more battered by the day. Went to Hereford to return more stuff. Sat on the grass by Hereford Cathedral and it was just lovely, ridiculously warm for the end of September. So glad I decided to bin off going to London today as I really don't think I could have handled the normal London heat paired with the heatwave! I dont even have any hot weather worthy clothes!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

when the sky turned blue

tunic: new look (old)
blazer: internacionale *
belt: primark
leggings: american apparel
rings: H&M & love hearts and crosses *

Went to Worcester today to meet a old friend which was nice, Especially with the absolutely gorgeous weather we've had today. I love driving in the sun and listening to my music full blast. Feels so free and easy going. Had a awkward moment when I was singing along to A-Punk at a traffic light and looked across to the side and the man in the car next too me giving me the most dirty look ever! Bought a few bits and bobs and returned alot of things that have been lurking in my room. I have a two week rule, if I don't wear something within two weeks of buying it, Im probably not going to wear it so I have to return it, no matter how much I like it.

Internacionale kindly offered to give me a voucher after seeing that I'd mentioned them in my Look Magazine interview so I thought I'd go ahead and buy one of those light weight blazers most shops have in at the moment. New Look used to do them in loadsa colours, and I totally regretted not getting one at the time! Just paired it with a really old dress-shrunk-to-a-tunic that I've had for years now! Camel and black is one totally one of my favourite colour combinations.

Monday, September 26, 2011


dress: river island
cardigan: yayer *
nails: dalmatian nails beauty UK white * & unbranded black polish

Bought this dress for River Island a few days ago and it came earlier today. The little collar tie initially drew me to the item, and I had actually wanted the white version instead of the black. Its just too see through (I dont do sheer!) in the white and I can never find anything to look decent under white dresses. I opted for the black instead and luckily I have H&M dress thats the same sort of shape which was suitable to wear underneath. 

Cant believe its almost October, this years gone so ridiculously quickly! Depressing me a little bit that I'm not a student anymore seeing all my friends photos of them during freshers! Really need to take a trip to see some pals to get some of the uni experience back!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

sunday portrait week 93

001. Enjoying being home alone at the moment as my Mum has gone off gallivanting round Turkey again! Same place as we always go when we go to Turkey for long time followers! Makes me super excited about getting my own place. Been spending far too much time recently on home blogs looking at beautiful interiors and planning my dream home! Of course I've already picked out a furry friend to share my house with! Exciting!

002. Spent the day photographing my to review box and trying to sort out some sort of schedule for my ETC blog! Products have been mounting up and I wanna get using them! I'm just so funny about taking a photo of them before I feel like I can use them. I really hate seeing photographs of used makeup! Now I've got a ton photographed I can use it all! Cant wait to get playing with my goodies!

003. To continue with my general mad spending this week I ended up buying these Alba Boots from Topshop. I think they are just LUSH. they arent real leather unlike my beloved Allegeras, but they are perfect wedge boot height for everyday wear. Feeling super naughty giving Topshop all my money this week, but oh well! Id rather have two beautiful items than a million medicore ones! Thats my pathetic justification anyway!

004. I've been nominated for a Cosmopoliton blog award this year, I'll talk about it in more depth in a post during the week but if you would vote for me as "Best Established Fashion Blog" it would seriously mean a hell of a lot to me! All you need to do is put your email address in, got to the "Best Established Fashion blog" category and click on my blog name which is obviously "LLYMLRS". Thanks so much if you do vote for me! I didnt even expect to be nominated if Im honest!

Friday, September 23, 2011

black, white and dalmation

necktie: primark
blazer: river island *
dress: topshop
rings: love hearts and crosses * and jwlry
nails: dalmation nails beauty uk white * and unbranded black nail polish

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

black thumbnail

dress: H&M
coat: unknown
scarf: primark
nails: elegant touch matte nails in mint green *

Pinched this coat off my sister which I think is actually a hand me down off my cousin. Im unsure of the brand as it doesn't actually have a label in it to say where its from! Its a bit creased as I've been bunched up at my desk in it all day working! Its just too cold at the moment, knowing that it will only get worse makes me sad Although I'm so much more of a winter person than a summer one! Nothing I like more than coats and layers! Cant wait to bring all my scarves and hats down from the attic!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

white winter hymnal

llymlrs fashion blog
llymlrs fashion blog
llymlrs fashion blog
llymlrs fashion blog
llymlrs fashion blog
llymlrs fashion blog
llymlrs fashion blog
llymlrs fashion blog
dress: new look *
coat: topshop
rings: jwlry & market stall
socks: primark
shoes: new look *
nails: elegant touch matt nails in mint green *

I got THE coat I posted about the other day early this morning, came in two days which was amazing for Topshop as sometimes there standard delivery can be a bit iffy. I hastily ripped it out of that brown polka dotted bag which I'm sure we all know too well and plonked it on over my PJ's! It doesn't photograph half as amazing as it looks in real life unfortunately. But I'm in love! I did my 20% off return and buy again trick (thanks to the SCVNGR app! read here for more information) so it was £88 in the end. I do think its expensive, but its one of those rare moments where spending a ridiculous amount of money can be justified! I feel so glam like a groupie in the 70's or something wearing it, or even a long lost Olsen twin... Rare shoe sighting for the lolz! I pretty much wear these patent loafers or my Topshop Allegeras every single day.

Had a great, less stressful day today! Yesterday was a blind panic of almost missed deadlines, my tyre on my car blowing and trying to sort out shop stuff! I spent the morning catching up on orders and finishing stuff for my jewellery store. I keep getting asked but I will be restocking soon, I have so much new stuff on the way & I'm hoping to relaunch come October time so its got a brand new look and tons of new items! My Mum goes on holiday tomorrow so free house. SKINS PARTY ANYONE LOL.

excuse the dirty floor, my photo room is now my brother bedroom, completely trashed. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

fashion week

(image credit one & two)
dress: river island
necklace: urban outfitters
blazer: H&M
boots: topshop
bag: louis vuitton
sunglasses 1: new look
sunglasses 2: primark

I realised I forgot my camera battery literally as soon as I got on the train to London on Friday. After I had a bit of a cursing session I just decided to take a deep breath and calm down. Remembering someone will take a photo of me at fashion week... right!? London Fashion Week is funny because everyone trys to play it cool but desperatly wants people to take their photograph. Obviously unless your 6ft tall or about 100lbs or wearing the most outrageous clothing you own, its not going to happen. But I had a few people snap photos of me so it was pretty cool!

I didnt really plan what I was wearing until the 10 mins before I actually left the house, so just went for black as its easy to wear and pretty much just wanted to blend in if anything! OTT is the name of the game at Fashion Week to be honest. However I just went with the genericy fashiony look! Oh well! And yes, I am wearing two different pairs of sunglasses because Im that much of a diva. *snap*

Sunday, September 18, 2011

sunday portrait week 92

photobooth again this week as im in a rush ):

001. I have so much to talk about but so little time. Finally managed to get my post about Juicy Couture's Vogues Fashion Night Out! Which was really lovely! Now I've got to get my LFW stuff, Look Show and IFB Crystals and Crumpets event stuff up! Like a idiot I forgot my camera battery so ended up being camera-less during the whole thing. IPhone photos are fine (surprised about how many people used their iPhone's as cameras during shows!) but its just not the same! I've started drafting posts so Im sure they will go up sooner rather than later!

002. Going to see 30 minutes or Less with my friend Hannah tonight. Haven't been to the cinema in what feels like forever, Swear I use to go all the time as well! I'm no film enthusiast but there is something about going to the cinema that really excites me!

003. Sneakily bought this coat for my winter coat this year. Its incredibly pricey but I'm going to return it and then buy it back with the 20% off student discount that Topshop are doing as part of their SCVNGR (STOLE MY NO VOWEL THING ~ OMGZ ~) student discount thing. Woe as me not being a student anymore though! To justify it I'm telling myself that it will last me all winter, and its pretty classic being tweed and all... right!?...right...

004. Have so many emails to reply to as ive been so MIA this week, so sorry if I've not replied to anything yet, I'm a week behind right now, but I promise I'll reply as soon as I can! I know I've said this before but read my FAQ for the most commonly asked questions! I've answered most of the ones I've emailed before! Quick questions are best via Twitter too as I'll normally reply as I see them! Or leave your twitter @ reply in the comments as I can reply on there with answers! I wish blogger would just hurry up with a comment reply system!

005. Big hello to everyone who I met at Fashion Week! Met some wonderful people who read my blog as well as lovely lovely bloggers!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

wasted time

necklace: urban outfitters
rings: jwlry, market stall, forever 21

Love this dress so much, Its just something that you can throw on with a fancy necklace and still look nice. Im going out for dinner which is nice! I was struggling to find anything suitable to wear in this weird weather too. Its so warm yet still really chilly at the same time!

Im not prepared for Fashion Week (well Im only going for two days) but Im still not prepared at all for it. Havent sorted all my tickets, havent packed, Only thought about one outfit and not organized meeting anyone yet. Im going out for a Indian tonight as well so Im gonna smell lovely and fresh in the morning. Usual speil but PLEASE say Hi if you see me around, I know alot of people are really funny when they see bloggers in real life and get all embarrassed and tweet them after! Honestly all the bloggers I've met are genuinely lovely people! Especially people going to the Look Show! I know alot of girls are going and are a bit worried about meeting people, but its fun and you just have to be confident and go for it!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

missguided blog lookbook

pullover: missguided *
shirt: H&M
skirt: zara
blazer: river island *
belt: primark
rings: jwlry & market stall
nails: leopard nails (gem fatale's tutorial) eyeko posh polish* & barry m mint green, wah nails pen *

Oh Lily Melrose you lazy, lazy girl. Spent the day shopping with my mum, then napping, then eating, then napping and Im just about to go out for a meal, so more eating. Seriously need to do some work this week before I leave for London on Friday. Have a pile of things I need to get done but all I do at the moment is procrastinate and do things I shouldnt do.

I wore this on Saturday I think but wasn't allowed to post until Missguided had it up on their Facebook Page. Basically you can vote for whoever you think is ~the best~ My vote is with Morven, but if you wanna vote for me go ahead! Looking sloppy as ever with a mark on my skirt. Clazzy gurl. Although on reflection it might be a mark on my lens as its not on the other skirt photo. Le sigh! Failing at life since 1990!
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