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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

dress: topshop
jacket: primark
necklace: topman

things i like #2

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

dress: river island, hat: topshop, sandals: swedish hasbeen, earrings: vivienne westwood, lipstick: mac creme de nude, satchel: asos

attention, attention

Monday, August 29, 2011

top: primark
belt: topshop (old)
skirt: H&M
rings: jwlry (30% off using BYEBYE)
nails: galaxy nails (see this post here )

Went shopping with my Mum today which was good. I've hardly bought anything this month which is very unlike me, Not really liked much in the shops either so its probably a blessing in disguise! Bought a dress to wear in London on Thursday for GlossyBox which Im pretty excited about! I've had my eye on it for a while so it was pretty sweet seeing it in my size in the shop! I did wear a big cosy jumper as well but whipped it off for the photos. For a Bank Holiday weekend in August its been such a drag weatherwise! Cant wait to snuggle up in bed and sleep!

Decided to change my nails, Hence the gratuitous nail photos. This is probably one of my nail art attemps Im proudest of! Been scouring ebay this evening for nail art bits and bobs! Its well worth a search as its so cheap! I bought some nail gems, some fimo slices and some little nail brushes. Thinking of doing a dark purple to a lilac ombre nails for tomorrow, I think I'll probably do them tomorrow on the train down to keep me occupied! No blog tomorrow as Im in London till late, highly doubt I'll be posting again till Friday/Saturday! Got a few posts scheduled for ETC LLYMLRS, but if they actually post its anyones guess!

Beauty UK Palette Amazon

Beauty UK eyeshadow combo palette 02 Amazon * 

Recently when I was in Leeds seeing Victoria, I noticed on Twitter that Superdrug & Beauty UK were doing in a promotion in the city. We had a good chat with one of the girls and they kindly gave us a ton of stuff to try out. When we got back to Victoria's we divided up out wares and I knew I wanted to try this specific palette purely for the reddy copper colour. I was mainly inspired by Mary Kate Olsen to try a coppery eye colour, because I'm sure alot of us would like to look like her! In the photo of me its looking more red than orange/copper but in real life its very coppery rather than full on red. Silly camera.

I really like the eye shadows in this palette, they are all pigmented and easy to apply.  Like with alot of low priced shadows they feel very soft to work with but they didn't have that much fall out.  Trust me I've used worse low end shadows. The colours are quite dark but do come out true to pan, there is some really interesting sparkly shades in there too. The liners in this palette are ok, they arent up to my stupidly high standard of gel liner, but are fine if you wanted something cheap, I used the black one initially but had to go over it with the Topshop eyeliner as it just wasn't right for me.

Overall I think its a good palette, it costs around £4 which is very reasonable. I remember before I was a MAC addict back in school I used to use a Beauty UK palette religiously. I'll probably only use the copper-red colour and the top brown shade if I'm being honest. The others are a bit too dark for my personal eyeshadow tastes as I like to wear pinks or corals normally. However it saves me shelling out for another shadow in a colour may not get much use out of as its this is the kinda look I would wear on a night out or if I just fancied a more ~rawk chixx~ look! Very pleased with it though and it will take its place in the drawer in my makeup tower of makeup I would use again.

sunday portrait week 89

Sunday, August 28, 2011

001. Been chillaxing all today, nothing like a extended weekend! Cheers Bank Holiday! Went for a very tasty meal with my friends in town today, Nothing better than a Sunday Roast pub lunch! I love a good roast dinner! Went into some of the homeware shops in town and have been day dreaming of decorating my own house.

002. Fangirled my little heart out over The Strokes at Reading last night. Tweeted a little too much, and felt like the One Direction or Justin Beiber fangirls I tend to always unfollow on Twitter! I did have a ticket to the festival but decided I was too old/didn't want to go on my own. In hindsight I'm a idiot and I would have probably killed to be there. Jarvis and Julian on stage together, too good. My Mum even came into my room in a drunken state to express her love too. My favourite bands are The Strokes & Alexisonfire,  but I generally listen to pop punk, emo, post-hardcore music! Basically any band that was big on the 2003-2007 scene! 

003. London on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week! Exciting times. Going to be *hopefully* signing for my new flat on Tuesday so if all goes to plan I'll be living in London in just under two weeks. Scary times, but I'm just ridiculously fed up of having to travel so much and I've got to the point where I just want to get on with my life! Thursday I'm meeting some other bloggers and we are going for drinks and shopping and then a Glossy Box event. Michelle informed me that one of my favourite Swedish brands, Monki, is opening on Thursday too so Im so excited for that.

004. Cant believe how many people have entered my throw-away giveaway on ETC, It wasn't really supposed to be anything major as it was something that I didn't like so better than it going to the back of the wardrobe I'd pass it on to a reader. I feel awful coz its so half assed in terms of prize! I don't typically do giveaways, I dont think they work as much as people like to think in gaining genuine followers (as in ones who'll stick around once its over or actually engage with a blog!). I do think new bloggers feel they need to do giveaways as part of getting followers, I personally don't feel they should be "must do" and feeling pressured to buy an expensive prize is something I'm sure alot of people worry about. None the less I do feel I should "reward" (for lack of a better word!) people for actually following me in the first place. Although I've noticed alot of people comment on how slim the chances are of winning the actual prize are in my giveaway, which makes me consider if its generally worth doing a giveaway to give back to the readers if only one out of the X amount if people who visit my blog get the prize. I obviously cant afford to giveaway loads of stuff, but I can see why people would think "oh why bother entering"! Thoughts?

and deep in conversation

Saturday, August 27, 2011


dress: new look
jacket: primark (old)
necklace: primark
rings: jwlry (30% off using BYEBYE)

When in doubt where white & a leather jacket. Always a simple but awesome combo, probably my favourite go to when I don't know what to wear. I got this dress purely to wear on hoiday, maybe the cut-outs are a bit risque but I dont care. It only occoured to me today I dont own any simple vests for occasions like this! Must stock up on basics next time I have some money!

Was running out of light so just a few snaps for today. Changed into my PJ's now and snuggled into bed, My throats all better now but I now have sinus pressure & a head cold, really cant win at the moment. I hope everyone is well and having a good Saturday. The rest of mine will be me moping over not seeing The Strokes at Reading & Leeds festival and finishing reading Looking For Alaska. I have so much love for John Green, I wish he was my husband.

casually dressed

Friday, August 26, 2011

top: primark
skirt: H&M
rings: jwlry (30% off using BYEBYE)
nails: galaxy nails (see post here)
belt: primark

Apologies for lack of blogging the last two days, some people care, some people don't so I'll just say it anyway. I went to Acton Scott working farm and Chester Zoo which were both really good. Chester Zoo is highly recommended, was so tired from walking round and cooing over all the cute animals, but very worth it! Went out to the Wine bar with my friends last night and let off some much needed steam with a few large glasses of wine. Been feeling really stressed out the last week as I've been working so hard on a few work related projects. Looking forward to the next month ahead as its totally going to be hectic, more wine is needed. 3 bottles for £10? Yes Please.

In a strange choice I decided to wear a brown belt even though black would have been the obvious choice. I just think I like how the purpley blue top & black contrasts so well against brown. Got on the blogger sideways cross thing (anything Laura talks about becomes a thing!), even though I think its a bit over now! I much prefer this oversized chunky one, I don't really do delicate! There is a better photo of my galaxy nails and a link to the tutorial and polishes I used on my other blog.

bye bye beautiful

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

dress: love
jacket: H&M 
necklace: primark 
boots: topshop
rings: market stall & jwlry 
nails: models own lilac dream, pink plush, bloobloo and models own nail pen *

Had a lush day with one of my best friends, Hannah today. We went to Pizza Express, had Starbucks and topped the day off with a sly drink in the wine bar. Nothing better on a lovely day like today. The weathers been just right! My throat is still bad but the copious amounts of painkillers I've taken are probably numbing the pain a little. Started taking some antibiotics for it too so fingers crossed it will be gone!

In Love with fashion is a brand I've been aware of for a while. I had a look at their stuff in the Oxford Street Topshop, and was impressed. Im one of those people that like simple dresses in a variety of colours and styles. The dress I picked is like a greyish cream colour which I really like. I was going to send this dress back as the zip is a little stiff but I do really like it so decided to just have to force my Mum to do my dress up for me anytime I wear it in the future! On my ETC LLYMLRS blog I've posted a little giveaway for the other item I was sent but unfortunately it doesn't suit me so I figure I'll give it away to you guys. More information on the other blog!

I wore my Allegera boots as well today, like pretty much every single day, they are getting so scuffed. Usual speil when I talk about shoes but I always wear the same shoes most days hence why I don't post them!

giveaway: LOVE drape skirt

Quick giveaway for this skirt that I picked and was sent to me from LOVE. Unfortunately it doesn't suit me, I asked if they wanted me to send it back but they said I could give it away instead. Its a black sheer skirt with a dipped back with open draped front panels. Its a really lovely skirt it just does nothing for me but Im sure someone else would appreciate it!
- Giveaway ends on Midnight 30th August (GMT)
- Open to anyone and everyone! (+ International Readers!)
- There will be ONE winner!
- The skirt is size S/M (approx 8-10, would probably fit a 12 at a push)
- Winner will be chosen using
- You must be a follower of this blog!
- To enter all you need to do is comment below.
- Leave your email or blog link so I can get in contact with you!

things i like #1

jacket: topshop, boots: sarenza, nail polish: OPI stranger tides, 
hat: topshop, ear cuff: asos, purse: urban outfitters

rookie of the year

Monday, August 22, 2011

top: motel (dress worn as top)*
belt: primark
rings: market stall, jwlry, forever 21
nails: models own lilac dream, pink plush & bloobloo & models own wah pen *

Not been at the top of my game today, Once again got that throat infection that I tend to get every few months (long time followers would know! Its one of those things you get once and seem to always come back!) Just hoping it doesn't turn into laryngitis again! Wore one of my favourite Motel dresses as a top paired with my American Apparel skirt. You can still see my curated Motel Shop & use my Motel discount code "LLYMLRS" for 15% off. Obviously this one has sold out as I was sent it last year but I'm sure there is something similar.

The Look Show shortlisted bloggers have been announced today which you can see here. I'm so excited about Look show and potentially meeting those who eventually win! I'm gonna be there again this year, and its shaping up to be a good'un! I've been starting to plan my LFW time as I'm doing something completely overwhelming on the 16th September, I cant say what I'm doing yet, but its completely out of my comfort zone! LFW doesn't really interest me half as much as it should because I'm obviously not the ~high fashion~ type, I love the meeting people and going to all the other exciting things in the city during that time. Its always a bit of a buzz!

liz earle cleanse & polish

liz earle cleanse polishliz earle skin tonic
100ml Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish £13.25
200ml Liz Earle Skin Tonic Spritzer £12

Liz Earle is one of those brand that seem to go around the blogasphere, They send out alot of free products so therefore alot of people seem to rave about them. I'm always a little skeptical when brands do-do (lol) the rounds in the blogasphere because you never really know for sure.

I bought these from John Lewis when I was in London a few weeks ago, the girl who served me was really lovely (she even said she followed my blog too! Hi!!) and she knew what I wanted before I even asked! Basically I'm so lazy when it comes to taking my makeup off. I hate that tight/dry feeling you get with makeup wipes and most eye-makeup removers hurt my sensitive eyes. I occasionally (alot) do the ultimate skincare faux pas and "forget" to take my makeup off before I go to bed. It all seems a bit easier to do it all blurry-eyed and in the morning!

When applying I do my cheeks, nose & foreheard first, then do the eyes, which generally leaves me looking like panda. But I do wear alot of eye makeup! It doesnt hurt when you apply it onto your eye area, which really surprised me.  Then gently buff your face with a muslin cloth. Pat the skin dry and spritz with the Skin Tonic, The result is really soft, super clean and as super lame as it sounds "radiant"! It literally takes about 3 mins from start to finish. Perfect for lazy people like me!

I would 100% buy the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish again, I've never said that about a skincare product. I'm in two minds about the Skin Tonic as I'm not even sure what it does. I've never understood the importance of toner! I REALLY wish I'd bought this sooner, I know its a bloggers favourite but I do totally see why now! As far as the price goes I think its reasonable, I know Liz Earle do various sizes on their website so you can always buy a small bottle just to try it out!
(My skin for reference: I have oily/combo skin, relatively good skin in terms of breakouts and spots, slight scarring on my chin. I have a very uneven olive and warm toned skin with very pink toned cheeks. Im a MAC NW15 without tan and generally wear foundation this colour then bronze up with bronzer if needed!)
Other reviews: here, here, here & here

sunday portrait week 88

Sunday, August 21, 2011

001. Incredibly tired today, Late night phone calls and not enough sleep from the night before has made me a grumpy girl! Of course did my usual Sunday shop with my mother but nothing caught my eye! River Island is probably the one store thats really catching my eye the most at the moment. I don't think the Telford branch (RIP Hereford River Island!) is that well stocked though so might make a online order! I adore this leather dress, this collared polka dot dress, and this lovely chelsea girl smock dress.

002. Next week I'm spending time with my family, Really looking forward to taking my sisters out for a girly day & I might take them to the zoo or a farm type thing as well. I'm probably more excited at the prospect of going to the zoo than them! I'm a sucker for animals!

003. Since becoming a recent heel convert I've been scouring the shops for suitable heeled shoes. Im a size 5 and a half so I have real trouble finding shoes that actually fit me. I've been telling myself I don't need more shoes, but this week's ebay post by Victoria has come up trumps with the Sam Endleman Zoe boots that everyone and their mum wanted a few years ago. Im so tempted to get them but they are hardly day wear! Oh well, inappropriate as always!

004. Just popped a 30% off code for my jewellery shop up. I have very very little stuff left at the moment and I'm not planning to get more in until I've moved. Then everything will be completely restocked as well as new stuff added. "BYEBYE" will give you 30% off until everything is gone! The five ring mixes are on pre-order but you can use the code on that too for now but I will take it off soon for that item. If you've already bought from me and want a five stone mix or a three stone mix write in the note to seller/email me the ones you have and I'll avoid putting those in.

005. Updated my FAQ with a few more commonly asked questions.
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