sunday portrait week 85

Sunday, July 31, 2011

excuse my one sided pose! my eye is still a bit dodge!

001. Have such an amazing day planned for Thursday in London, But I cant really tell you right now whats going down! Hating all the secrecy but you will more than likely find out on Tuesday whats going on, as something super exciting is happening then too! I know I've said this before but I am truly and sincerely grateful for the opportunities you guys have given me by being so supportive of my blog. Without you choosing to follow my blog I really wouldn't have experienced some of the things I have in the past two years.

002. Trying to sort out moving to London STILL, but nothings really falling into place like I hoped. I obviously didn't make it to London last week because of my eye (which is SO much better! thanks everyone for your kind words!) and I'm not sure about the person I was going to live with as she's decided she wanted to live elsewhere. My goal was to be out by the end of this month, its still looking hopeful I just really need to push for it now! I definitely need to be living in London for Fashion Week (gosh its come round so soon!)

003. I styled my hair very roughly with the Babyliss Conical Wand that I posted about on my other blog. I actually really like the effect, nice soft curls without being those horrible ringlets you get from most curling irons! Very pleased with it!

004. There is still 20% off in my shop until Monday night using "WEEKEND"! The fives are sold out but are on pre-order which you can get the extra money off with if you dont mind waiting. I am running out of a lot of stock at the moment but as Im planning on moving I really don't want to get too much stock in because I think I'll be shutting the shop while I move and settle in! Everything ordered last week will FINALLY be sent on Monday! Apologies if you've had to wait! They sent my envelopes to the wrong house!

what i bought this week 1

clothes, hat, shoes: new look 
babyliss conical wand: argos

I dont really like the word "haul", I suppose it is a good way to see whats in the shops at the moment and we all like to live vicariously through what others have. I just think they are a little strange! However its one of those things I'm always asked to do and they are oddly addictive. I might start doing a weekly/bi weekly round up of the things I buy. I don't buy that much on a weekly basis, I some weeks I buy nothing, others I buy a few things and then I go a little crazy and buy lots. It really does vary! I go "shopping" quite a bit, but generally dont buy anything, I just love browsing haha!

I hadn't actually bought anything up until today apart this jumper I wore in this outfit post. However today my Mum dragged me to the shops for our usual Sunday shopping ritual. I've been super lucky and have been given a New Look Press card so I get discount, so I bought some things I'd had my eye on for a while and some easy to wear basics. I adore the shoes I picked out, I wanted as soon as I saw them. I love the patent granny-ish shoe! They are surprisingly comfy too as I find New Look shoes fit me a little bit awkwardly, I always have to size down but these fit me in a 5. I also paid for this stuff with giftcards and credit note so didn't end up spending a penny, My kind of shopping!

So excited to try out a conical wand, I've been wanting one for ages. After a quick tweet and some recommendations from the beauty bloggers I opted for the Babyliss Conical Wand 25-13mm. Not that I really style my hair all that much. And 99% of the time I really cant be bothered with my hair. I've made a mental promise with myself that I will sort my hair out and actually try and keep it looking presentable!You get a sweet Michael Jackson stylee glove too! EEE HEE!


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tweezerman Minis, MAC Espresso eyeshadow & a Sigma E05

Its taken me years to get my eyebrows the way I want them, When I was younger I used to have the thickest eyebrows ever, like one big uni brow! I then started plucking around 14, I've only really been filling them in the past two years or so. I mainly started filling them in because of the style of eye makeup I wear, yanno, dramatic cat eye & big lashes! Meaning my eyebrows used to get a bit lost and look really blah! Since filling them in I've never looked back! I do change my brow shape from time to time, At the moment I really like the rounded front & then the elongated arch.

I get my eyebrows threaded once or twice a month and then pluck the stragglers as they grow back. I personally dont mind the pain of threading, Its quick and looks amazing when its done. I pay between £5 and £10 for this. I use a Tweezerman Mini's to pluck with, its hands down the best tweezers I've ever used. I know its expensive but its so worth it, I genuinely didn't believe the hype till I bought mine! I also use MAC Espresso (as you can see I use it alot!) and a small brush (one pictured is a Sigma Beauty EO5) to fill them in. I'm not going to video or explain how to fill your brows in because there are a billion Youtube videos already on it and I do mine in exactly the same way!

I am blessed with a decent eyebrow shape to begin with if I'm honest, I cant give any tips on shaping or growing them out as mine grow at the speed of light!

graduation day

clutch: primark
shoes: new look

So I graduated last week, and so this post is a little late, but I was in two minds if I was going to post them or not, However I decided to go for it in the end. Something about posting my graduation photos to me felt like the lines blurring between my "real" life and my blog life. It felt a little too personal for my tastes, Its not that I dont feel comfortable sharing my life on the internet, hell I do it every single day! I just feel weird posting photos of my friends and family, much like the reason I've never posted my holiday photos or ones from my 21st! Decided to omit them and just post the ones my mother took of me on the day.

Onto the outfit, the shoes I did plan on getting didn't come in time so I opted for black ones I've had from New Look for what seems like years! They are so comfy and easy to wear. I really hate my knees, they are so messed up from years of bumping them & various sports injuries! Im really glad I ended up with this pink dress as it was really "me", especially since I was probably one of the only people wearing alot of colour. I don't do blending into the background. Excuse my wind swept barnet as it was super windy that day!

Major thanks to my Mum for being a photographer and proving to the world I do not have wooden stumps for legs!

red lace

Thursday, July 28, 2011

dress: primark
necklace: forever 21
blazer: river island

Queen of inappropriate dressing! I wore this to the doctors today haha! The oldies were giving me some funny looks to be honest! Was sitting there with a half swollen face, no makeup and a super dressy dress. It made me laugh though! They dont really know whats wrong with me, but they gave me some antibiotics to clear up the infection around my eye! So fingers crossed it will go away soon!

Apologies if your waiting for stuff from my jewellery shop & from my blogsale, Anything ordered this week specifically, Im waiting on a new batch of envelopes, they were supposed to be here two days ago but they still havent been delivered. I hate the mail system, I really do! Thought I'd do a quick weekend code till Monday! Use "WEEKEND" for 20% off!

topshop a/w 2011/2012

topshop lookbook images a/w11

I love the whole "luxe groupie" vibe Topshop do every autum winter. Their Glamour Underground Collection is no different. The usual 70's inspired sparkles mixed with leather and mannish touches. I love all the textures and glitter. Cant wait to get my hands on that fur lined parka!

rabbit heart

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

sweater: topshop
skirt: H&M
rings: jwlry
nails: eyeko rain
lips: mac cut a caper

This jumper is one of those items I regret buying, I love it but it absolutely stinks if you leave it in your wardrobe for a while. A little bit like rust or something? I cant really explain, but hey I'm still wearing it so it cant be that bad. Its not too bad the day after you wash it, but if I leave it a while it just smells gross! I do really love the shape and style of the jumper but it just annoys me too much most of the time to wear! I have this skirt in four or five different colours too, I love them! So versatile and easy to wear! I've been kicking around the house all day doing housework, ironing and packing blogsale stuff and sorting out a few things I've been working on for a while! I'm so desperate to let you guys know about some things that are going on but its still all a bit hushhush!

Feeling a little sorry for myself tonight, my eye has blown up and gone so red and sore. Its been giving me a bit of pain for the past few days but I thought it was just hayfever or something. Today in between taking these photos & now its puffed up completely and is just giving me so much grief. I could't get into the doctors till Friday, so I'm really hoping its not too bad tomorrow. I'm so bad when I'm ill, I'm a cybercondriac too which doesnt help! According to Google I must have my orbital bone removed or something ridiculous! Haha! Sure some antibiotics will help it though! Apologies if I dont blog until its gone though! But knowing me I probably will!

we are the sound

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

jumper: topshop
shirt: H&M
skirt: romwe
rings: jwlry & primark
nails: eyeko rain
lips: natural collection pink mallow
necktie: new look (headband worn as tie)

I know what your thinking, another school girl outfit, trying to re-live my yoof* now that I'm actually a adult (sob!). Bought the jumper on a whim today from Topshop, was a choice between this jumper and a ampersand jumper, but the ampersand jumper looked like it would be too big for so I decided against it. I love the chunky cosy feeling to it, its so warm and comfy! Paired with my trusty Romwe skirt, a H&M shirt (proper view here!) and a necktie which I fashioned out of a old bow headband from New Look! I know the skirt looks a little short in these photos, but I've got this habit of posing while taking photos on my tippy toes, I dont even know why I do it, so alot of things bunch up at the waist! I can assure my modesty was preserved. Thanks cycling shorts!

I'm going to London on Thursday to look at apartments and houses in the hope something will jump out at me! 'Im really excited as I'm hoping we'll have a ton lined up ready to just go for! Im also meeting my new housemate for the first time, which I actually met on Spareroom, a flat share website. We've been e-mailing for a while so its super cool to finally meet her!

New post on ETC LLYMLRS too!

* please note this is a deliberate spelling mistake, for the lolz

cross earrings

top: tesco

A few people have mentioned it, but yes I've got my ears pierced again! Its not the first time I've had them done. When I was young I stretched them to about 24mm/28mm, I've had them taken out for about 4 years now and they have shrank down to around 8mm now but I don't wear plugs in them. I've been wanting to get another piercing above them for a while now, so finally bit the bullet and did it! However nowhere on my local highstreet would pierce them for me, I presume the hole I already had was a bit off putting so went to a specialist piercings place aka a goth shop to get them done! I've been stocking up on various earrings for the last few weeks, but these are my favorites so far. I have a little bit of an obsession with crosses I think! If you've followed my blog long enough to remember eargate then kudos to you!

& I also have lip and a monroe piercing, Surprises me how many people dont notice! But I dont really notice them on my own face anymore Im so used to them! Oh and also, I dont regret my piercings or stretched ears at all! It was a part of my teenage days & I've got a few crazy stories about them which I love telling!

play crack the sky

Monday, July 25, 2011

*the dress is black but the lighting was very odd where i took my photos today!
dress: missguided
belt: primark
earrings: urban outfitters
rings: jwlry
nails: cicate skinny jeans via glossybox
lips: mac cut a caper

Today I went for afternoon tea at a local bar with my friend Hannah. She had tea and I had iced coffee, but then I was naughty and had a sly Corona as well. Whoops. The weather was really lovely when I stepped out the house so I sort of regretted wearing such a heavy black dress but by the time we'd finished it was freezing again! Bloody English weather!

Missguided sent me this dress when I was on holiday, I absolutely love it. I'm all for the fit and flare dresses! So flattering on people like me with little waists and then rounder hips! This ones a little bit long for my personal taste, I'm really petite so I find certain lengths just hit me wrong making my body look a awkward shape. I think just taking off a inch would make it so much more flattering, I'll get my mum to get the sewing machine out! I did wear my Allegera boots with it so I had a little extra height to balance things out! The leopard belt is a Primark two for £2 special, the other was purple but I gave it to my Mum.

sunday portrait week 84

Sunday, July 24, 2011

suppose you see enough of my mug in HQ every week! photobooth ftw.

001. Tonight Im sitting and nomming on thai beef salad and coconut rice, feeling like the ultimate fatty! I forgot we had a Thai takeaway where I live so I just had to indulge! Hoping to catch up on some TV (TRUE BLOOD <3) and sort out all my makeup. I've bought a few new bits and bobs recently, probably swapped my usual clothing spend in favour of makeup but oh well! I've done a review of Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation today as its been highly requested after I mentioned using it.

002. Want to just mention all the horrible things going on in the world at the moment, the awful shooting in Norway, the death of Amy Winehouse and all the terrible things happening on Africa as a result of the drought. Today would have been one of my best friends 21st birthdays too, but he tragically died of cancer a few years ago. Its just been one of those weeks really that puts life into perspective, makes me realise how thankful I am for the safety and security in my life, but things like the Norway bombing and shooting just make you realize how vulnerable we all are and how unexpected things can really shock the world. My thoughts go out to everyone who's suffering as a result of things at the moment.

003. I've put up some blog sale stuff, alot of its gone already so I'm sorry if you've missed out or what you wanted has gone! I've also put free shipping on the five stone rings, that includes international shipping so its just £10 for all five & no postage charges!

004. I went to a Birmingham Blogger meet up on Saturday which was lovely! Will post what happened on ETC LLYMLRS during the week, I did a vlog as well! But what I was most surprised was that alot of people live in the same sort of area to me. Hayley has set up a UK bloggers map and if can your add your location to it it will help you find bloggers in your local area, its a great way to meet people who are interested in blogging in your area! You obviously don't have to do it if you don't feel comfortable letting people know the city you live in, but its really fun meeting people who share a common interest with you!

illamasqua skin base foundation

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation (buy here)

Going to be honest and pretty much everything I learn't about makeup I learnt from the Internet. I rarely buy anything nowadays without seeing a swatch or a review (especially Temptalia ones!). Illamasqua Skin Base foundation was something I'd had my eye on for a while after seeing a post about it on their official blog. Pair that with some research I did on BB creams following the post, I was really interested in seeing what the product was actually like. When I bought this I'd not seen a single review on the foundation, so it really was a product I bought on a whim!

I have to say I really love this foundation, it feels very light and creamy and glides on and feels like it melts into my skin upon application. I've applied with a MAC 187 & a MAC 109, but I find using my fingers gives the best finish, despite the fact I'm a bit of a germaphobe and don't like the idea of touching my own face! To me the coverage is medium/full, a lot of people saying its totally full but I don't find it that full coverage, or maybe I'm just not using enough! A little really goes a long way with this foundation! You literally only need a tiny blob to do a full face.

The finish very natural and dewy, without that wet look some dewy foundations give. Personally I don't  like a heavy dewy finish and much prefer velvety/matte. Setting with a powder does take alot of the dewy finish but still has a subtle glow coming through without being too damp looking! In the photo I've set my foundation with a MAC Mineralize Skin Finish, but I wouldn't recommend a heavy powder like a MSF because it can cake a little over it as the powder seems to cling to the foundation!I've just bought the Laura Mercier Translucent powder to see if it will set it a little less heavy.

Overall I'm in love with this foundation, it photographs perfectly, ie. no ghost face like those darn foundations with SPF! Looking at you Estee Lauder Double Wear! The colour I got suits my skintone perfectly. I'm a shade 8, they do have a reference document you can download but I'd highly recommend getting matched buy a MUA. Have to admit since buying it I've seen a host of very mixed reviews, I really think its one of those you have to try it before you buy it sort of things. It is expensive and I normally refuse to buy a foundation is a MUA wont give a sample. Especially when you could be spending £25 on something you wont like.

Like with all reviews, take it with a pinch of salt, Just because its works for me it doesn't mean it will for you & give you the same results. Makeup, especially foundation is VERY subjective. Here are some links to various other reviews you may find helpful. Other reviews: here, here, here and here.
(My skin for reference: I have oily/combo skin, relatively good skin in terms of breakouts and spots, slight scarring on my chin. I have a very uneven olive and warm toned skin with very pink toned cheeks. Im a MAC NW15 without tan and generally wear foundation this colour then bronze up with bronzer if needed!)

vote for yayer!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

click through and vote for yayer!

Harriet from Yayer recently got in touch letting me now they were nominated for a Best Vintage award at the Reveal Magazine Click to Buy Awards 2011! I'm so ridiculously pleased for them as they are one of those vintage brands that have just grown over the past year & its really great seeing them do so well. Its nice to see small companies getting the recognition they deserve, being up against some of the major players like eBay, Pret-a-Portobellow & Asos Marketplace.

If you could go on over to the voting pages and vote for them it would really help them! Voting closes on August 12th & everyone who completes the voting will be entered into a draw to win one of five luxury goody bags!

the modern age

Friday, July 22, 2011

leggings: american apparell
blazer: H&M
nails: eyeko punk, eyeko tea rose, beauty uk soft pink, barry m baby pink, stargazer 504

Lets all go to Tesco, where Lily buys her best clothes... errr. Hahah I'm joking, but seriously so much love for this dress! Its funny how some of the things I wear all the time and really love I dont post on here about. I'd say I wear this dress at least once a week at the moment. Its really great to add a ~pop~ of colour without being too much, I dont really do brights, but this is acceptable in my books! I would normally wear my big black forever 21 cross necklace, but its gone walkabouts since I did a massive clean out of all my jewellery!

Thought I'd try Ombre nails for my graduation, came out really nicely to be honest! Might do it again with different colours. It's so easy and simple to do plus looks super nice. I'm wearing some falsies as well because my natural nails are just too short. I normally use the Nailene 200's in active square when I have false nails, but recently I've not been able to find them in the shops (Boots/Superdrug) anymore. I got these off eBay though!

Posted my thoughts on Glossy Box over on my other blog, go read it if you fancy a little more!

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