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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

top: topshop
skirt: H&M
necklace: rock n rose
rings: jwlry
lipstick: lime crime my beautiful rocket

HOME! The flight was a little hellish, quite a bit of turbulence and it just dragged like there was no tomorrow. I did however manage to complete to the third world of Angry Birds. Today I've been running my usual errands, picking up packages (had 7 to collect!) as well as taking a very charming (read:vile) photobooth photo of myself for my Young Persons Railcard. My hair was a "just released from a topknot special", I wish it looked like this all the time, but alas it doesn't. Its straight and flat. Boo.

King of the Park!

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images and video via Fanta Facebook Page

I've actually never been to a proper theme park before, As a child I always dreamed of going to Disney Land or Alton Towers. I think the idea of going was probably more enchanting than the reality. In my head it was all being brave going on scary rides, go on the rides about a billion times and stuff myself with all theme park goodies! However in reality I was too scared to even go on the ghost train at the May fair (always had those horror stories of people getting limbs cut off?) let alone go on Obvilion or whatever the names of the current scary rides are!

Fanta currently have a game running on their Facebook page called King of the Park. Anyone used to play that old game called Theme Park World? Its basically a bit like that crossed with Farmville and Mario Party! Loads of really cute (and challenging!) little mini games and tasks which get you points, and then when you get on the leader boards you can win prizes like days out to theme parks! Its a really nicely designed little gaming platform, easy to play and gain points. Its also really created well from a design point of view beautiful pop colours and cute characters.

Should I bite the bullet and make one of my goals this summer to go to a theme park? Do you have any Theme Park experiences you want to share?

homward bound

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Leaving my hotel in about 40 mins, Really gutted to be leaving as I've had such a wonderful and relaxing holiday with my family. But at the same time its marking that new point in my life. From now on I want to focus on my career, life and moving on to new things. I've been itching all holiday to get home and move on to bigger and better things. Im excited and inspired and its been a long time coming. Maybe going away for a while was what I always needed. Im still not sure what I really want to do in my life, so going home and figuring it all out is part of the fun.

sunday portrait week 81

Sunday, June 26, 2011

001. So its coming to a end my holiday in Turkey! I have one more night after tonight then Im home in the early hours of Wednesday morning! I've really enjoyed my time here, I really love Turkey, its such a lovely country and most people are super friendly (albeit some are a little pushy and some a little creepy!) I stayed in the Hotel Turquoise, for anyone who wanted to know! I think its a little pricey, obvz depends on your budget! but SO worth it. My mum goes here twice a year, I think this trip was her 6th and another in September? The food is amazing, the staff are really friendly, nice and polite, really clean, have really good bug control (even tho I did get a few insect bites this year!) and really good entertainment!

002. I'm off to London on Thursday morning, getting the train as well which is such a luxury seeing as I normally get the National Express and even though its super cheap, its the worst 4 hours (each way!) of my life! Im going to a Motel event in the evening & during the day I should be setting up my University show for D&AD, although I've not heard from anyone in my class about it, so who knows if my participation is going to happen!

003. Still 20% off  in my shop using my "AWAYFROMKEYBOARD" with my limited stock levels! I promise everything will be back as soon I've returned home and sorted all problems and questions out. Seeing as I'm not going to be in London for as long as I expected, I should be able to send everything ordered sooner than I anticipated!

even more holiday outfits

Saturday, June 25, 2011

shorts: topshop, top: primark, shoes: new look
dress: topshop, cycling shorts: H&M, necklaces: forever 21, cape: clothing at tesco, shoes: new look

dress: primark, shoes: new look
top: clothing at tesco, skirt: zara, belt: primark, necklaces: forever 21, shoes: new look

More snaps & possibly three of my favourite outfits I've worn this holiday though. I've worn the leopard cape before as well as the polka dot top, both from Clothing at Tesco. The one shouldered grey grecian style dress was a last min buy from Primark and although its a 8, its absolutely massive on me. Its also got really cagged on something so one side of the material is all bobbly. I think this could be because of my beach bag though which is a straw holdall. Bit peeved, so might try returning it on the sly! I know alot of people are rejoicing at the sight of me wearing shoes, (my favourite in-joke on this blog!) but this is classic example of my footwear choices, I just wear the same shoes over and over & day after day.

Tonight we are off to a beach party that my hotel are having. It sounds pretty cool, me and the fam went over and had a good look at their set up. Loads of cushions on the floors and low down tables. Looks super cosy! Although I've had a great time on this holiday, and relaxed and chilled much more than I have in months. I cant wait to go home. I'm such a workaholic and its really my biggest problem (or best quality?) I love doing stuff related to my career and life and just generally working hard to achieve things. I actually spent a few hours one morning applying internships! Once Im back I've got to start looking for an apartment in London, fingers crossed I can get moved out by the end of next month!

more holiday outfits

Thursday, June 23, 2011

poolside: top: topshop, sandals: primark, shorts: topshop
trip to town: dress: new look, sandals: primark

poolside: dress: river island, shoes: river island, hat: river island
lunch: dress: new look, shoes: primark 

More holiday outfits from me. I  adore that Mick/Marianne t-shirt that I'm wearing in the first photo, its one of my favorites, I've had it for years now and always go back to it. I wore it last year in this outfit post from the same hotel I'm at now. I adore the denim dress from New look which I bought when I was with Victoria in Manchester, its a little crinkled because I stupidly put it on over my wet bikini, face palm!

Went to a market today and was harassed by every person in the place. So pushy and bloody annoying. I always think that if they backed off and let me look at things I'd be much more willing to buy something! I had my eye on this fantastic tigers eye ring, but got so pissed off with being told "CHEAPER THAN ADSA, BEST PRICE! BEST PRICE!" Just gave up and walked away.

Thought I'd quickly post on here and let everyone know all at once because I've had so many emails about it, I am on holiday (have I not mentioned I'm on hols?! No?) so the shop isnt exactly fully stocked, once I'm back theres going to be a full restock as well as a ton of new items. I just didnt want to overwhelm myself by putting it all up before I went away. I am sorry if the things you want arent available, but they will be, please be patient! Some items are available & have 20% off using the code "awayfromkeyboard"

holiday day one and two

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

poolside: top: matalan, high waist shorts: H&M, hat: new look, sandals: new look
evening: dress: H&M, necklace: forever 21, sandals: new look 
breakfast: dress: H&M, hat: new look, necklaces: forever 21, sandals: primark 
matching outfit with my 10 yr old sister (was a joke!) dress: new look kids, shoes: primark

Quick snap outfit post from holiday!  Not the usual ~*llymlrs quality*~  like I said the other day but just an idea of what I  haves been wearing while Im away. Its by no means a guide to what to wear on holiday, if anything it's the same clothes I wear in the UK just without tights or a cardigan! Anyway I thought people would appreciate seeing what I wore. I really could have packed less if I wanted to but really couldn't be bothered with that whole capsule wardrobe dribble! I don't really subscribe to less is more, I normally plan 2 outfits more for each day/night that I'm away, I need because its inevitable I probably wont want wear something when it comes to the time to actually wear it.

Its not THAT hot here at the moment, around 25-27C, apparently its raining back home so thats probably crazy hot compared to there! Its all good though here though, sometimes the family get too much! I however just sit under a tree and read on my Kindle most of the time! Discovered they do awesome Frappe's here but terrible coffee, getting my caffeine fix this holiday is probably going to make me put on all the weight I lost before coming away!

custom jewelled phonecases

Monday, June 20, 2011

(This is a scheduled post, I am currently on Holiday in Turkey! Any comments, problems or queries wont be responded to until I am home!)

 phonecase: Lucyboots Phonecases (£16)

A little OT from the norm, but I was recently contacted by Lucy asking me if I'd like one of her handmade phone cases. Jumping at the chance to get my paws on something blinger and tackier than my old phone case, I accepted her offer of making one for me! I didn't really know what I wanted, but I gave her a few instructions, I wanted a skull motif & black, white and pearl decorations and after about a week she made up this little bad boy for me!

Cases like this are just a bit of fun really, My friends always think its hilarious how I love bling and tackiness despite being into ~fashion~.  I know its just not to everyone's taste but it makes me happy seeing people with blinged up cases for some reason! She ships worldwide and it can take 10-14 days depending on how much she has to do, as they are all handmade by her! I can only imagine how super fiddly it is to place each stone! Prices start from £10, My case is around £16! And she tells me she can do almost all phones! Just checked her Facebook shop and got my eyes on the new Hello Kitty beading with pink and silver rhinestones? Tackiness? Oh yes please!

PS. Mines a little battered as I dropped it while intoxicated onto a pavement as I stumbled to a cab! AHEM!

sunday portrait week 80

Sunday, June 19, 2011

001. So here I am! In Turkey! My room has sweet wifi, surprisingly fast considering its only supposed to be in the lobby. As I type I'm sitting on our porch with a bottle of coke (glass bottle of course! free mini bar's FTW!) I feel like I've not stopped tweeting or anything since leaving! Its funny because my Mums actually encouraging me to take our holiday snaps on my iPhone and upload them in real time to her Facebook. Funny how the internet has changed life!

002. Didn't go too crazy in Duty Free, I'm quite gutted as we ran out of time as I was eyeing up the MAC stand! I didn't know Birmingham had a MAC stand so didn't even bother taking  proper look around, then my Mum pointed it out just before we had to run to our gate! Which of course was the furthest away and I literally sprinted to it as we were on final call!

003.  The above photo is from me around the pool yesterday day, I posted it on Twitter and had loads of comments saying I shouldn't be wearing makeup on holiday, then when I tweeted about wearing makeup on holiday so many people said it was normal!? Suppose people who do wear it dont think its odd? Haha either way I had a tweet asking about the products and I'm wearing Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, Bare Minerals Natural sunscreen, MAC Espresso for my brows (I always use this), Illamasqua precision ink eyeliner (again use this all the time!) and Maxfactor False Lash effect waterproof. I think I was wearing MAC Ladyblush on my cheeks too. I don't go in the pool as I hate chlorine and think that swimming pools are SO unhygenic, god knows how much baby piddle is in them! But it lasted me all day in the shade!

004. There is 20% in my jewellery shop until I'm back home using the code "AWAYFROMKEYBOARD", Please be aware that I wont be able to send anything till after the 5th July, so please keep that in mind when ordering! There are few bits of stock left including the super popular 5 ring mixes!

005. I've got some outfits coming up over the next week as well as a post on my sweet phone cover that was handmade for me. The outfit snaps are not the usual "llymlrs style", we all know how anal I am about consistency, As much as I want to change to doing full length photos, I refuse because I feel its too much of a change and not how I did it! However they came out ok and I'll do them the same everyday so its consistent! Im hoping to snap every outfit so I can do a big round up of what I wore vs the stuff that I bought but didnt wear!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

(This is a scheduled post, I am currently on Holiday in Turkey! Any comments or queries wont be responded to until I am home!)

Remember to enter the Dixi x LLYMLRS YSL Arty ring giveaway! Its on till Sunday 26th June! And you can get free shipping on all orders using "LLYMLRSMEETSDIXI"

brb turkey

Friday, June 17, 2011

dorky hipster .gif

So Im off! I'm flying at 3pm today from Birmingham Airport. I hate flying (although I flew long haul to New Zealand, 26 hours of flying in total!) but its only a 4 or so hour flight and I have my Kindle and some recommended books on there to read. Might go a little crazy in Duty Free as I really like 3 step Clinque skincare & I could do with some new perfume. I also really want a new Chanel Bronze Universal, I bought mine last year when I was in Turkey (around the same time!) and its lasted me a good year, Still got a bit of product left but I think its time to replace! Le sigh!

Oh well guys, I shall talk to you again soon! Providing something unfortunate doesn't happen while I'm flying I shall be back on Sunday once I'm settled!

hca summer exhibition

Thursday, June 16, 2011

So here are some photos from my final exhibition at university. Design isn't my passion, I honestly doubt I'll ever be doing Graphic Design now I've done my degree. I love art and I appreciate good work but honestly the designing side bores me. It was a struggle for me to finish the course, but I did & despite it not being what I want I am glad I stuck it out.

Im often asked to post more of my work on here, But honestly, I dont want to because I simply just dont enjoy doing it anymore. My graphic "style" changed dramatically in the last year too and I moved away from hand drawn to predominantly type based design. The direction of my blog has changed too, so its not really what I want on here either, like I said its not my passion and I don't have much desire to do anything like that. To me Graphics was something I just kept going with after college, Its just something I'm mildly good at and can just "do".

Despite this I'm pleased with the show, overall it really came together in the end. I had a bit of a melt down and a strop because I hate printing things out more than anything in the world. I think bulldog clips on art pieces is super passe, I wanted to frame them but just one of those things that ended up being a last minute, running out of time decision. I chose the social networking info graphics I did ages ago as well as my hand drawn type piece I did about two years ago! I snapped these early this morning and alot of people were still putting their work up hence why its such a tip! Im gutted I'm missing the final show as I'm on holiday!

PS. Although I took the photos, The artwork isn't mine so please don't repost these images!
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