leopard revival

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

jacket: F&F @ Tesco
tunic: H&M
necklaces: forever 21
rings: market stall & jwlry
nails: models own beths blue

I was given a voucher from Clothing at Tesco after going to their press day a few weeks ago, A 25% off promotion came up and I knew it was the right time to use it, extra discount! And we all know I love my discount codes! I decided on this jacket because I thought it would be cool for the beach, however when it came I knew it looked good for day wear too. It only cost like £10.50 in the end which personally (even though I didn't pay for it, but would have if I didn't have a voucher!) think is a complete bargain. Its the kind of thing Topshop would charge like £45 for!

The review "Not quite what I expected, more suitable to an older person" made me laugh, It is quite "old person" but in a hipster kind of way! I always find clothing reviews on websites funny, mainly because I think fashion is really subjective, like one persons trash is another persons treasure.  I see alot of clothing companies are introducing the "review" thing on their websites and I just dont get it, When it comes to quality and stuff like that fair enough having a bit of a review, but most of the time when I read them they are about the style of the item, how the colour looked funny on them or how a item didn't suit that person. I guess I find it a bit defunct because we aren't all the same, sometimes things don't suit me but look fab on someone else. So I don't REALLY get the usefulness of a "review" of a clothing item!

PS. I am wearing hotpants under the tunic, you just cant see them, no indecent exposure for me, before you comment on how truly scandalous I am!
PPS. God my hair looks ridiculously orange here, I can assure its not. Cannot wait to get rid of the Ombre!

new jewels

Monday, May 30, 2011

Like I said I went shopping yesterday and went to Birmingham, Obviously I went to Forever 21. Now when it comes to Forever 21 I'm in two minds, the jewellery hands down is some of the nicest stuff I've seen on the high street. The clothes leave a little to be desired, infact no, The clothes are nice there is just SO much stuff to look through its over whelming and so easy to just give up looking! Plus if you are over a size 12 I'd not even bother looking. There clothes a crazy small! I'm a 8-10 and seriously some styles I struggled to squeeze myself in! If you ever visit the Birmingham store you can see the whole visual merchandised layout of all the jewellery, its really beautiful and creative. I wish more highstreet shops took their approach! The prices of the stuff I bought ranged from about £2.80-£5.60, The prices are quite odd there!

According to the Forever 21 website there is a free shipping code with no minimum spend over the bank holiday weekend, but I'm having loads of trouble logging on so Im not sure whats going on!

sunday portrait week 77

Sunday, May 29, 2011

old photo, but im currently topknotted & pj'd up!

001. Went shopping with my mother day, like we do most sundays! I ended up buying a load of makeup, I say a load I only bought Bobbi Brown creamy concealer, Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation & some MAC mineralise skinfinish natural. I reccomend and use all of those mentioned, I hardly buy makeup anymore apart from concealer/foundation/powder/mascara. I have rather large stockpile of MAC makeup, some I use some I don't. I always say one day I'll part with my "collection" aka hoard. But I know I wont. I've been a religious MAC user for shadow and blush for as long as I can remember! I used to not believe people when they said makeup lasts for years, but my first ever MAC eyeshadow (All That Glitters) is still going strong!

002. So nice to see so many people entering the Dixi giveaway! I don't normally do giveaways, but when I was approached to do this one I was pretty chuffed with the prize and KNEW you guys would love it too! It's been such a massive success so far!

003. I am off on holiday on the 17th June, Which is coincidentally the day of my Final Show at university. I'm really gutted I'm missing it but at the same time I cannot wait to go on a holiday! I wasn't actually supposed to be going, but after a long story (and paying for some of it myself!) I was able to go! I'm going with my whole family, which should be a challenge in itself! But I'm keen! Oh sun, sea and mojitos! If you have been following the blog for a long time, Im going to the exact same place I went last year! Haha!

004. Currently all the small rings in my shop, including the three natural stone rings are free shipping (UK only!) and the five's are back in stock too! Anyone who pre-ordered a five pack should be sent on Monday! Really sorry for keeping you waiting! Zoe linked me on her Youtube so they went so quickly even though I got a ton of stock in last time! Fingers crossed this lot will last! As I'm probably not getting more in till after I get back from my holiday mentioned above!

dixi x llymlrs YSL arty giveaway

Recently online shop Dixi approached me and asked me to be part of a giveaway they are having as part of their May update for their shop. They are giving away "the" ring of the moment, which is obviously a genuine Yves Saint Laurent Gold Plated Blue Glass Arty Ring, worth £120.

Dixi are one of those little online boutiques that sell a mix of vintage and modern clothing, Personally I'm a massive fan, I dont really "do" all the effort of finding my own vintage style clothing so its nice these little boutiques that get their hands on the nicest peices and update them for a modern wardrobe. They have kindly given me a free shipping code for you all to enjoy so just use "LLYMLRSMEETSDIXI"!

There is only one prize, which is the genuine YSL arty ring. The size is a US 7, The measurements are Width 1cm, Length 4cm, Circumference 5.6cm, Width of the stone 3cm, Height of the stone 2cm.

The competition is open to WORLDWIDE residents. You may increase your chances of winning by visiting the Dixi Facebook Page to see the other entrant points! All entrants from all entry points will be gathered together and ONE winner will be picked at random using randomnumber.org. Please ensure you leave a current contact email as this is how the winner will be notified. The competition runs from 29th May to Midnight 26th June [GMT].

1. Visit www.shopdixi.com, pick your top 2 items in store, then simply let us know in a comment what they are.
2. Follow the Dixi Blog & this blog if you already arent!
3. Then just leave a comment (on this post) with your name, the two items you have chosen, and form of contact.

(PS. Dixi has sole responsibility for the giveaway and I am purely hosting this post to aid in promotion of their giveaway, and problems or concerns should be directed towards them!)

and im done...

Friday, May 27, 2011

dress: topshop
blazer: river island
rings: asos, jwlry & market stall

This post is coming at you faster than the speed of light! I just went to get my train to go out tonight and it was cancelled so I've come home quickly and decided to post before I run back to the station to try and catch the next train! This is what im wearing out tonight for drinks with my uni friends, we are all handed in and ready to finish! The dress was a spur of the moment pick from Topshop, I dont really like it that much, I think its far too blah for my liking and I'd like it more if there was something going on, I probably should have got it in a different colour, but the normal version was too long so quickly had to opt for the petite! Ah well, I do like it though and reckon I'd wear it again!

People on here always ask me what I wear out, I dont really go out so I just tend to buy things before I go out that day. To be honest my going out clothes are just the same as my normal day clothes just no tights, bigger hair and heels! Anyway must dash!

Haha I just noticed both my poses are the same in each photo, but I literally did 5 photos with the jacket five without, and these were the best!

mustard moccasins

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

shoes: topshop

I'm in two minds about buying this moccasins, I think they are adorable and would look so nice on my Holiday (Three weeks tomorrow!) But is there really a place in my wardrobe for yellow shoes? I always wear black shoes, and have a ton in different styles. Boots, mary janes, sandals, dolly shoes, moccasins, loafers, brouges, heels... Hm.  I might buy them just to try.... Im worried they might be one of those items that get away, I've had my eye on them for so long now and I keep going back to them! I heard that Primark has some bright boat shoes in store at the moment which I might try looking for... Any thoughts on bright shoes?

im a talented artist

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

top: primark
skirt: H&M
necklace: new look
rings: jwlry, market stall & H&M
nails: models own slate green & W7 crackle polish
excuse my receipt shoved in pocket!

Today I've been procrastinating at almost colossal levels. I've really done nothing but nap, frantically search for a tanning bed in my small town & eat a whole rotisserie chicken. I really need to get on with some university work but I cannot find the motivation! I've only got one more project to be finishing up and printing, but its proving the hardest to be motivated for! Le sigh! I do think I'll get it done but you know, its just one of those things that you just cant find the motivation to do!

I threw this outfit on earlier, I wanted to wear something sheer, without being too trashy. I kinda like the semi sheer, bra poking through look. I think a lot of the time when done right it can look so chic. When I was on tanning mission as mentioned above, the wind was blowing so hard I looked like a bat or superman with my caped top blowing in the wind. I thought it was hilarious so I had a good chuckle to myself.

PS. Just saying because any time in the past I've mentioned tanning beds, Please don't lecture me on the pro's and cons of tanning beds, I know they are bad for you, I don't use them regularly, I'm away on holiday in three weeks and I want to expose my skin to sun before going so I don't end up burnt to a crisp. I am an adult and can make a educated choice. 

PPS. Gone back to my old layout, because Im "supposed" to be redesigning the blog soon, however god knows how long this will take, like I said, procrastination expert!

sunday portrait week 76

Sunday, May 22, 2011

001. This week has been so up and down, I've been so ill towards the end of the week I could hardly move from my bed. I think I either had a 24 hour (and a bit) bug or a bit of food poisoning. Either way I'm better now and back in the game!

002. The last week of university is upon me! Gosh I cant atually believe its got to this point! I'm so happy to be finished. I think after being at university for the past 3 years, I realized its not for me. I probably should have dropped out years ago. I dont want to be a Graphic Designer, I am grateful for all the skills I've learnt from doing the course but it has made me realize that although I want a career in design/art, the "making" part just isnt for me!

003. So one bit finishes the next chapter starts. House hunting. I've been saving up to move away for the past three years, and despite what people think about me (and how much I spend) I save ALOT of money. At the moment I'm looking into if I could afford to save up another year or two to see I could gather enough to get a mortgage and buy my first house. I am so fortunate with the fact my parents don't mind me living at home, but I do want to get away as soon as possible, so I may go down the renting route, which in turn would eat into my savings! Ah who knows! Le sigh!

004. Sorry this is very "about me" this week, I dont really have must to talk about as all I've been doing is writing in pain or doing university work! I highly doubt much will be posted next week, although procrastinations levels are hitting a all time high as it's hand in week, so knowing me the blog will have a billion posts!

to the beach

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

all river island

Go see my last River Island feature! Its from last week but I forgot to post about it before I left for London, Im gutted they didnt use the last one I did for them!

rolling in the deep

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

rings: asos & jwlry
everything else: river island

This was a outfit that was meant to be featured on River Island, but due to time constraints and me sending it off too late they couldn't post it. Oh well! I wore this out for drinks last week, fully embracing the semi hooker look with the over the knee socks and heels (not pictured, but they were these ones, I couldn't walk, do do heels, ever!) I actually quite like the socks for some reason, I'm not really a knee high or socky person and I think it makes me look super short, however it sort of worked with the vibe I was aiming for!

Anyway I must dash! Tonight Im going out for Nandos and to see Thor, I've heard some good things about it so who knows if I'll like it or not. University work is going nowhere, I keep going round in circles hoping that inspiration will pop out or a project will come together completely. I'm starting printing my work on Monday! Eeep!

Ps. This is a scheduled post that didnt post, I thought Thor was quite good though!

game of thrones

Monday, May 16, 2011

jumper: H&M
coat: H&M
skirt: zara
necklace: forever 21
rings: asos & jwlry
nails: models own coral reef

Todays outfit was pretty much a bit of a OH CRAP I'M LATE FOR UNI look. I was going to change for the purposes of the blog, but thats cheating right? I overslept by three hours this morning, and was supposed to be taking my mum and brother to town! I threw on anything I had lurking in my drawers. I wore the scarf and coat combo yesterday out shopping, the jumper on Friday to lounge around in and the skirt was just the first one on top of the pile! Accessorized with whatever jewellery I had lurking in my car and bag! However I quite like it, feels a little throw back 70's but thats cool with me!

I adore this single breasted coat, It really photographs badly compared to the way it looks in real life! It has this really nice ~mens wear~ inspired feel to it which adds so much to outfits. Heres a proper photo of it, to show it does look nice IRL! The proportions just look really off with my normal photo stylee! I really ummed and ahhed over buying it months ago but after seeing it was the only one in my size left I knew it was meant to be! I also have a thing about sheer tights at the moment. I always think they look a bit grannish, but in a good way if that makes sense? I find myself going through pairs and pairs though as I always get them caught on things or rip them when I put them on!

sunday portrait week 75

Sunday, May 15, 2011

001. So tired and its VERY late, But tradition is tradition! I feel like I've worked my ass off this week, Not only with going to London, I've done so much university work and been gymming it full force! Joined in with a very enlightening and thought provoking #bblogger chat that Fee organized as well as super fangirled over The Strokes at Radio One's Big Weekend! Next week I'm just doing university work all week, The count down to final days has well and truely begun!

002. I've finally decided to get rid of the Ombre and go either blonde or totally deep dark brown, I havent booked the appointment yet though! Im kinda scared! My hair is my natural colour apart from the Ombre, Obvz. I just think Ombre has had its day now, seems a little passe now that everyone and their Mum has it. My step Dad even had bit of natural ombre hair when we were on holiday last year as the sun had made the tips of his hair blonder where his hat wasnt! Oh how I lolled!

003. I bought a pair of jeans today, cropped ones from Primark. I actually kind of like them. I don't wear trousers, like I mean ever. Seriously the last time I wore jeans properly was about 2005!  I might do a outfit post with them if I do decide to keep them. I'm still not 100% sure about them though!

004. I've become obsessed with watching competetive eating videos on Youtube, Sometimes I worry about my internet history. I really read and look at the oddest things on the internet!

new look style the nation & a/w 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Here are my pics from the New Look A/W 2011 press day that I went to on Wednesday as well as photos of when I went to the launch party of New Look's new Style the Nation show. Style the Nation is hosted by Nick Grimshaw and is basically a competition to find the next "big" stylist for New Look. 

As for the A/W collection, I really loved it. The colours were really lovely as were all the embellished dresses which I'm sure will be adoring my wardrobe. I loved all the chunky knits especially this bobbly dark red jumper, all the patterned jumpers and oversized cardigans. As we all know I have a knitwear obsession! There was some leopard moccasin style shoes that could rival my iconic Primarni leopard shoes! I noticed quite a few of the tribal/ethic style jewelry that the blogasphere has been rocking for what feels like forever! I'm sure as per most seasons New Look will be getting a large portion of my money this Autumn Winter. So gutted I don't work there any more to take full advantage of the discount!

I know I haven't done a outfit post all week, I am focusing on university so really expect blogging to be a bit sparse/without commentary for the next two weeks till my hand in! I have alot of things to post about as well, just have no idea when I'll have time to get it all done!

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