flower girl

Saturday, April 30, 2011

headband: primark
dress: new look cardigan: primark
ring: jwrly

Picked this headband up last Sunday when I was shopping with the Mother, its the kind of thing I'd probs only wear once or twice but its worth getting because its cheap and cute. I'm wearing a dress I got from New Look last year and have worn completely to death since I got it. Its actually gone a bit grey IRL, but I like it that much I really don't mind.

Tonight I'm contemplating going out, the weathers amazing, and I've just finished up working at New Look. However on the other hand I came up with an amazing idea for a project for university and for some reason I REALLY want to get stuck into that. I'm such a lameo sometimes! I cant decide what to do! Could always go out tomorrow, So many bank holidays at the moment its aweseome!

i stand corrected

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

top: primark
skirt: primark
rings: topshop
necklace: H&M
nails: nubar rosso
lips: mac

Just a pretty basic outfit for me today. I wasn't feeling up to doing anything today my legs were killing from working out yesterday. I did a hour on the treadmill plus weights and my body now hates me. However I ended up going to the gym again today out of boredom. I'm one of those weird people that really enjoys working out!

The heart print skirt a really old one from Primark, it was in the sale for about £3. I do have another heart skirt which I wore here, which is what I initially wanted to wear but upon pulling it out of my wardrobe I think a mouse or a moth could have got to it because it has loads of holes in. Sadface. The top was just one of the basic ones that are like £2-£3? I have quite alot of the Primark basic long sleeve and short sleeve tops, they come in alot of styles and colours, and despite the fact they are pretty basic they are nice and I personally don't find them that bad quality.

Anyway I hope everyone is OK, I'm back at work tomorrow for my one of my three remaining shifts! I'm so gutted I'm missing the Royal Wedding. I think the whole concept is a bit kitch and fun. I'm in no way a Royalist but I think things like this have a bit of British Old Time charm which I really love. My Mum is having a tea party! We have flags all round our living room & shes got a photo of them up on the wall. I do worry about her sometimes!

PS. Updated the shop with some black stone rings & the bird skull necklaces that I wore in this outfit post!

wasting light

Monday, April 25, 2011

playsuit: H&M
cardigan: primark
necklace: forever 21
rings: jwlry & asos
lipstick: mac pretty please
nails: nubar rosso

Went shopping with my Mum in Telford today and ended up coming home pretty much empty handed. With all the lovely weather at the moment and the fact I'm going on holiday in just over a month. I thought I'd better buy some summer bits. I cant go around wearing thick tights and big cardigans forever! Ended up buying a floral headband & pair of sandals from Primark and this playsuit from H&M. Its much brighter than the colours I was wearing all over A/W, but I really like it. Playsuits are my favourite things to wear in the summer, comfy + so easy to wear!

Everyone whos ordered jewellery from me over the past week is being sent tomorrow, I've packed everything that has been ordered up until point of typing this, but because of my birthday and the bank holidays I havent been able to get to the post office! So it will be with within 1-2 days if your in the UK and a bit longer if its abroad!

sunday portrait week 72

Sunday, April 24, 2011

my camera battery died.
001. Hope everyones out enjoying the sun this Bank Holiday weekend has brought us! Also all the Easter related choccies! I've had a lovely few days with my friends who are back for Easter. Its so nice seeing them for a change as they are all off at university! Tomorrow I'm off spending the day with my Mum, which one can only predict will be a Bank Holiday induced chaos!

002. Its my last week at New Look! I'm working Thursday, Friday & Saturday then I'm done! Thinking of applying for evening waitressing job in town just to tide me over until I finish university & then start looking for a "proper" job! How adult! I was even looking into buying a house earlier this week. Inside I still feel about 14 so it feels so weird doing things like that!

003. Thanks for all the support with the River Island feature, I was really nervous about it because I don't generally do things with brands, especially big High Street stores! I will hopefully be doing another 3-4 featured posts for them as well!

i get around

Friday, April 22, 2011

dress worn as shirt: new look
skirt: H&M
belt: primark
glasses: boohoo
rings: H&M, Asos, jwlry, forever 21
nails: leopard ala Gem, models own top turquoise, beths blue, wah x nailpen

LOOOOVE the shoulders on this shirt, I really love the little capped cropped sleeves. I love Chambray, especially in the summer. It has a real preppy quality to it which I really like. Plus its light and just nice to wear in general! I actually bought this skirt in *cough* 4 colours *cough* after seeing Kate wearing this little peachy number. Think it was £6.99 so it wasn't really like I was splurging, and I took the two Topshop similar skirts I'd bought for £50 back! Plus I'll wear them alot, and they are much cheaper than the American Apparel ones I wanted... Im justifying myself here!

Anyway, Tonight I'm going out (as of typing I am, plans my change! I'm indecisive today!). I have no idea what to wear as ll my going out clothes, all three dresses are far too "wintery"!  I must faux tan as I cannot let myself look as pale as my legs do in these photos. And because people ask all the time I use the cheapy St Moritz (mainly dark but sometimes the regular) mousse! Which I get from Bodycare for about £3 and use a Primark Mitt. Oh the glamour.

UK shipping on my small turquoise rings in my shop is free for the next week! So if you wanna grab one for just £4 go ahead! Alot of stuff is out of stock at the moment but I will be getting new items in & restocking loads of stuff soon!

right where we left off

Thursday, April 21, 2011

So as most of you know my birthday was yesterday and I had a lovely day! I do have photos but I will upload those tomorrow or do a outfit and post on Saturday who knows!! As I said a while ago I was doing some guest blogging for River Islandr, they only went and put me on the main website! Industry Insider makes me sound so proper and profesh'! My mother was so proud she proceeded to post about it on Facebook!  It was from a while ago when I went out with my friends, but hey the outfits still there!

Anyway you can read my post here & see the full set of images!
(all items were provided by River Island, chosen by me)

blush and arty

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

dress: yayer
headband: new look (v.old!)
watch: swatch
sunglasses: H&M

Surprisingly havent seen many "Arty-a-likes" on the high street, I always thought they would be the most copied must have item out this summer! Much like the Alexa was last year, Although I have been toying with the idea of getting a YSL Arty and hinting to my mother that I wanted one for my birthday! (TOMORROW GUYZ!), This River Island ring is satisfying my desire for a Arty right the time being!

Another sweet item from from Yayer too,  Seriously one of the loveliest and most coveted online shops about at the moment. This dress saved me from a night out nightmare when I had nothing at all to wear apart from what I had lurking in the back of my car. Luckily I picked up this parcel earlier that day!

life is simple

Monday, April 18, 2011

jumper: new look
rings: jwlry
necklace: jwlry
nails: models own top turquoise

Today I've done nothing, I woke up late and have spent the rest of the day watching movies and daytime TV. As much as its nice to not do anything for a day, I really dislike lazy days sometimes, In some ways I want to get things done, and have some sort of structure. But then on the other hand I just want to lie on my bed and just nap constantly! I have work tomorrow and then its my Birthday the day after (DID I MENTION THAT YET? PRESENTS PLZZZ, LOLJK)

I just threw on this to run some errands in town. I wore the pinky/coral version when I did that stuff for New Look over fashion week, I've had my eye on the blue for a while now, and it going down in the sale was probably the main reason I eventually bought it. Paired it with my Amercian Apparel skirt and some Converse.

I have restocked the five stone rings again because they went so quickly and so many people missed out, like before I don't have many of them so be quick! I also restocked the small turquoise rings and the natural stone trios. The bird necklace is coming soon, I was supposed to take photos of it today but I like i said earlier, Im lazy today and couldn't be bothered to turn my camera on again! They are going to be £6.50 when they are up though!

PS.  Disclaimer:I haven't dyed my hair, it just looks darker as the light was off when I took the photos so I had to bump up some of the settings.

sunday portrait week 71

Sunday, April 17, 2011

hannah & I
001. My few days in Cardiff was good, dressing up as Simba and having a slice of "student" life. Not particularly into the whole student get-drunk-bring-the-lulz lifestyle so I'm so glad that I've bypassed all that by studying at home.  Its nice to do it once in a while I suppose, rather stay at home and sleep though! Was lovely seeing my friend Hannah (who was Robin Hood, Fox Version!) though! Today I've been doing university work and trying to work out what I want to do for my Final Project. Sun has been nice too, shame I didn't enjoy it properly!

002. Its my Birthday on Wednesday & I'm not really fussed about it, Birthdays never have meant that much to me. My eighteenth was the best, I had a surprise birthday party. I had no idea about it, but it was seriously one of the best days I've ever had.

003. I've got nothing to say. I'm in utter dismay I've got nothing to say.

little loafers

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

shoes: new look

Completely and utterly obsessed with my new shoes. Little suede loafers with the gold bar detailing. Oh New Look why tempt me with your pretty shoes. These are replacing my much loved Primark suede bow flats that I've worn pretty much everyday for about a year! I rarely buy new shoes if Im honest & if Im not wearing these shoes, I'll be wearing the black boots I posted about here. I'm not really a big shoe person!

I'm going to see Your Highness tonight with Greg. He wants to see it more than me, it does kinda look like one of those standard stupid-but-funny-jokes type movies! James Franco is fit though, hubba hubba! I presume we'll go to Nandos tonight as well, because we dont have one where we live, so we ALWAYS go there, Why is Nandos so good?

brassy front

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

bodysuit: new look
skirt: zara
necklace: ebay
rings: jwlry

Love this studded bodysuit, It comes in nude as well which I might actually buy as well before I finish up at work! One last New Look spree! I seldom wear all black outfits nowadays, but this was one of those outfits I could make an exception for! Still continuing major love for my Zara skirt, I did buy a new high waisted skirt from Topshop but it just didnt do it for me in the end. It was kinda shiny and wasnt working, So its going back to the shop. Sucks to have to see this one being repeated loads ;)

Debut of the ~new~ Ombre hair 3.0, You can kinda see it in yesterdays photo but it was a bit brassy so I put some toner or something on it to make it proper blonde. I cant tell you what it was called as I have no idea, my hair dresser friend gave it me! I really like it now, I think its what I was really looking for in terms of a summer hair do! Heres my very old "tutorial", Still works!

or lack there of

Monday, April 11, 2011

skirt: H&M
shoes: very
hat: very
bra (unseen, pervs!): wonderbra
glasses: pinched off brother
dorky hipster pose: via myspace

I was recently asked by Wonderbra to take part in a little challenge about styling white t-shirts. As Gem put it, not to be confused with wet t-shirt contest (oh how I laughed!). Believe it or not I'm actually a 36A, I KNOW RIGHT. I've been measured in so many different places and by different people and that's what they come up with. I'm really... err.. wide sideways I guess, Plus I'm quite broad in the shoulders too so I guess that's why I have a wider back! They sent me a t-shirt bra to try out, which I actually really like. I normally go for a bit of padding to even out my hourglass figure, but this one was very nice and felt like they were firmly in place! I've never owned a nude bra before, always thought they were a bit, ahem grannish! Also I was pleasantly surprised with the fact you cant see it through a white t-shirt, a major gripe I have with white bras under white tee's!

When it comes to supporting the boobage (or my lack thereof!) I don't tend to go expensive and always wear black underwear. I really should "invest" more nice underwear, I think getting this bra has probably changed my mind about more pricey undergarments. They do fit better and I feel comfortable and supported! Might have to invest in the biggest push up one they have #fml #theshame #whyamisayingthisontheintenret #sorrymum!

And to what I actually wore... Before you say anything,  Why am I wearing a wooly hat and bare legs? Because I'm stupid that's right! I don't do weather appropriate dressing at all! It was a little chilly today actually so I suppose it can be forgiven. I know the fake geek glasses are a total hipster dream, but I felt they went with the preppy-geeky-skater-ish thing I was going for. I'm in love with these Converse, I adore my battered white high tops, but I chose these black ones from Very as I knew they would look awesome in the summer with pretty little dresses!

You can buy the T-shirt Bra from Wonderbra here.
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