every drop that falls

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

top: primark
peter pan collar: topshop (dress worn here)
skirt: H&M
leggings: american apparel
rings: asos, H&M and jwlry

Not wearing orange or pink today! Well I am slyly but ssh ;) Haha! Ive been wanting to incorporate more peter pan collars into some of my outfits, seriously can you have enough peter pan collars? However I cannot justify buying a proper collar when the same look can be done by just popping a top over a dress/top with on already attached! After seeing someone do it, I think it was Kelly with a New Look Shirt  (I actually wore the shirt in question here) under a jumper, I decided to replicate. I'm actually wearing this orange polka dot dress from Topshop, cleverly hidden with a Primani basic top!

I couldn't sleep last night, I stayed up most of the night playing on Angry Birds and reading the new Chris Jehrico book on my Kindle. The fact that the clocks have changed, plus all the rest I got when I was ill has made my body clock absolutely out of wack! Its so crazy! Managed to get up relatively early (I lie, it was 10am!) in the hope I'll sleep tonight! Didn't do much today really, just went to uni, ate a chimichanga and came home. I and now chillaxing and packing more jewellery orders! I'm back at work tomorrow! Back to being busy all the time!


Monday, March 28, 2011

skirt: zara
top: topshop
cardigan: new look 
rings: jwlry and asos

Didnt post my usual Sunday night stuff last night as I stayed at my Dads house, First time I've missed it in a VERY long time! But I didnt have the internet or acess to a camera, so I took a weeks leave! It was also the anniversary of my best friends death this weekend so I spent alot of time with friends rather than on here.

Spent today writing lists of things I need to do this week as I'm so behind once again. I always plan things for the week ahead on a Monday, but Being ill last week really took it out of me, I lost 7lbs purely because all I did was sleep and lie in bed. However I've done my best today to undo that, I had TWO, yes two panninis for lunch. I ran a few errands today in town, picked up a package ton of new styles for my jewellery line, which shall be making it way online soon and did some university work. Our current project is based on commitments, I cant decide what to do mine on yet. I was going to base it around my blog but I cant work out how I'd translate that into imagery. Tempted to do it on wrestling, but who knows. Le sigh!

Today's outfit is just as generic and typical of me at the moment. Warm colours, high waisted skirt, cardigan and default hair style. One of my main criticisms here on the blog is that I always wear the same things, I'm just one of those people who finds a style they like and sticks to it really! Less effort as well as everything goes together! Pretty much all things I'm wearing today have been worn before on the blog. I'm tempted to do one of those 30 for 30 challenges like Jen did. However I really wouldn't know what to choose for those 30 days! Might give it a bit more thought and maybe do it! Could actually be a good thing to do as a commitment for my project!

machu picchu

Monday, March 21, 2011

knit dress: H&M
jacket: H&M
necklace: new look
rings: (l-r) small turquoise ring (6), tribal sheild ring (5) & local market stall
nails: nubar rosso

Comfort dressing today, oversized knit dress & leggings ftw. I'm not that well still, and I'd rather not have been forced to get dressed, but Im one of those people who simply cant just sit around doing nothing. Im a bit of a workaholic, and it really is one of my biggest downfalls. I have a slight earache and feel very stiff and tired. I'm really hoping its just a extended 24 hour thing and another nights sleep might do me good! If I can I'm going to go into university tomorrow and do something because I haven't done anything productive in what feels like days! I know I shouldn't run myself into the ground, but I need structure in my life of things end up going wrong! Maybe I'm just paranoid though!

I haven't owned a blazer in years, I saw this one in H&M and kept putting it off because I really didn't need another black coat. However after a few return trips I did decide to buy it. It felt a bit like fate because it was one of those things that I kept thinking about, coming back, leaving it and then contemplating just how much I wanted it. The slouchy oversized shape really interests me, its just the right amount of the menswear trend. Either way its all good! I've been wearing it loads since I got it and I can 100% say I made the right choice getting it!

sunday portrait week 68

Sunday, March 20, 2011

flickr killed the quality of this photo. fml.
necklace: jwlry
top: topshop

001. WUT UP PEEPZ. I am feeling less than stellar today, I spent yesterday playing with my baby brother who's sickness seems to have rubbed off on me. I'm really tired today and had a epic 2 hour nap earlier. God bless makeup for making me look normal! I went to Primark with my Mum earlier and saw a Dr Dre t-shirt, I really wanted it but my Mum just looked at me disapprovingly. I'm sure Dr Dre would not have been happy either.

002. Im in London on Thursday, I'm going to the Pick Me Up Art Fair at Somerset House. Not as in the trashy-how-can-this-be-real-life-seriously-does-this-stuff-even-happen-in-real-life magazine Pick Me Up! Im really looking forward to it! I'm also in Sheffield next Saturday for the bloggers meet up! Cannot wait to meet everyone! Pardon my ignorance if I forget names/faces/dont know who you are, I'm really really bad remembering people! Just come up and introduce yourself! I'm nice IRL promise! I've sort of planned out my outfit as well which is exciting!

003. Finished my dissertation on Wednesday, Well I actually handed it in a day early and handed it in on Tuesday. How prepared was I! I wrote a loltastic (well I thought so!) acknowledgment page and wasn't actually going to hand it in, However being the idiot I am I actually did leave it in. I now have a lasting memory of how sometimes my own lulz is not worth it. Lets hope they skip that page!

004. Been meaning to mention this for a while now but I made the Most Wanted Fashion 100, I'm 6 in the Up and Coming category!

005. A cop out but I recommend you follow everyone listed in the Most Wanted Fashion 100! Some of the best UK Blogs (and international!) out there are linked too! Most of my favourites are on there! I read most of the blogs listed on there on a regular basis!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

skirt: american apparel
leggings: american apparel
top: H&M
cardigan: yayer
rings: forever 21(this one and i cant find the other online!)

I really love colour and the way colours can or cant go together. By challenging myself to wear a little more colour over the past few years its really made me want to play around with things. I used to be a strictly black, white and grey kinda girl, but now Im all for experimental colours! I think its the artist inside of me comes out when it comes to pairing things up. My favourite combination at the moment are turquoise and pink & camel and blue. Just lovely!

I know I wear this Yayer cardigan (I think its sold out though!) all the time too, It really is my favourite thing I've ever been sent. I often don't accept gifted items of clothing as they aren't my style or I really wouldn't wear them more than once for blog purposes only. I think I'd feel a little like cheating by raving about something and wearing it once! And do I really need to add more clutter to my overflowing wardrobe? Anyway, they also have a contest at the moment for bloggers, to win £300 worth of clothes and a chance to style a shoot for them! Its defo worth entering!

I have a few more rings and a necklace up on my JWLRY website! I'm going to be spending the next week planning out ideas and sketching some proper consistent branding for it. Including some sweet packaging, a logo and probably sorting out a website. I'm hoping to incorporate it into one of my Final Major Projects for university as well so Im hoping it comes out well!

Oh and Im also looking to buy a Conical wand! Does anyone have any recommendations? Right now I'm looking at the Babyliss Curling Wand, and the reviews online look good. But any personal ones would be awesome! I want something that's got a large barrell for some soft waves ala Mary Kate Olsen (the dream hair of pretty much everyone in the whole universe)!  
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