sunday portrait week 65

Sunday, February 27, 2011

001. Give me a bit of break if I'm not posting much right now. I'm not quitting blogging or whatever, I'm just busy with other stuff and have so much university work to be getting on with. Like most people know, I'm in my last year of university so its really my main focus at the moment. Thing is its not the summer anymore, I don't have loads of free time either, plus my job is different from what it was last year and I get home much later. Excuses, Excuses. But its the truth. I really don't like being asked when my next post will be because I don't know when it will be and its not my fault. I do want to blog, I just dont have time.You all know that there are so many amazing blogs out there, and I trust they can tide you over until I'm back to my usual form! So yeah, please just bare with me till things aren't so crazy!
002. Ring update, all rings that have been ordered so far (turquoise ones!) have either been sent or being sent tomorrow. Brilliant news that the Cross rings are due tomorrow and I hope to get them out by the end of the week! Have tons of new styles coming in this week although I doubt that I'll be updating the shop now till after my deadlines!

Talk soon (:

london and giles deacon

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

jumper: new look
dress: new look
necklace: new look and forever 21
rings: forever 21 and market stall
boots: new look

So, I'm back home again! Giles Deacon was amazing, and I had such a fun time! Was so weird being backstage and seeing the flurry and stress that goes on! Filming for my New Look video took up most of the time, I don't think I've EVER been so stressed out, awkward and frustrated. I kept getting my words wrong and my mind going completely blank! So if the video is really cheesey and I look like a idiot, Im sorry! Ill probably talk more about the show itself when my video is actually edited and up! Other than that it was a fun time, Me and Greg went to some exhibitions. We went to these awesome ones at the Wellcome Collection on drugs and the history of medicine. Both of which were equally fascinating and creepy. The medicine collection had far too many pairs of forceps for my liking!

Thank you to New Look for taking me along with them, and putting me up in a hotel. And Greg for being my long suffering friend who had to mooch around London on his own while I was filming!

sunday portrait week 64

Sunday, February 20, 2011

001. This week has been such a whirlwind, So much for having a week or two off! Its been non stop gogogo! Yet I've still done none of my dissertation or my university work. This week I'm off to London tomorrow for my Giles Deacon thing, then if all goes to plan Im going to Liverpool on Friday for a event. I may even be in London on Saturday for the Witch event! Strange how well things are going at the moment, Its been a bit odd recently as I never really get asked to do stuff like this. I'm grateful though and it couldn't have come at a better time!

002. Bought a new foundation while I was in Birmingham on Thursday, If you follow me on Twitter you'll know my Macbook battery and charger broke so I had to dash off to get it fixed! I popped into Selfridges to get some foundation. Opted for the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation, I actually quite like it, the coverage is medium to full but not too heavy on the skin! I dont like that it doesn't apply well with any of the brushes I own, I hate using my fingers as I think its unhygenic (just my opinion, dont shoot me!). Im going to by a Sigma Flat Top Kabuki in the hope it will apply better! If not I'm gonna have to buy one of those sponge things? Beauty Blender?

003. NEW RINGS! Finally got some more stock in, I know its slow at the moment, but Im trying to get the right things for the shop so Im always in two minds about what samples to order before commiting to lots of stock! My turquoise rings have been a huge sucess, the large ones have nearly sold out and the small ones are quickly selling out too! More will be in next week though! The cross rings STILL haven't come, Its getting ridiculous now as I hate that you guys have to keep waiting for them! Like I've been saying, if you want a refund let me know and I'll do it asap!

004. I'd like this dress very much plz thanxxxx!

005. Follow Fashion Week special: Gem, Victoria, Michelle, Jen, Kristabel, Harriet, Kavita, Sara, Olivia, Georgie, Charli, Laura, Kirsty & Lara (Hope I remembered everyone I met/spoke to/saw!)

look show 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

cardigan: new look
dress: internacionale
necklace: forever 21
rings: forever 21 and market stall
boots: office
nails: beauty uk sage green 

Yesterday was fun, odd and rushed. Nothing felt like it was done. Everything felt overbearing and too much! Was weirdly amazing meeting bloggers for the first time. I met some people that I've wanted to meet for ages now, and its strange how quickly you can talk to someone if you follow them. Felt like I'd known most people for ages even though it was the first time meeting. If you'd seen me you should have come said hey! Even though I have to admit I was dazed, confused and tres tired most of the day! Fashion week is also the one time of year you get a full length shot! Thanks to Victoria taking them for me! My dress was actually royal blue and only £15 from Inernacionale of all places! I love it!

I'm off to London again on Monday with Greg to do some work for New Look at the Giles Deacon show. I'm presenting a show video for their Blog, Youtube and Facebook. Should be fun! I'm going backstage and meeting people as well! Eeep! Exciting and stressfull, but worth it! Im staying in The Cumberland which looks amazing!
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