sunday portrait week 61

Sunday, January 30, 2011

001. Its been a odd week. Ive got alot done but feel like I've achieved very little! Im still working hard on university stuff at every spare moment I get. I feel like nothing I do is ever finished!

002. Alot of people have been commenting on my eyebrows this week. I've taken them a little thinner and flatter at the front. My eyebrow lady said that it would open my eyes up a bit more. I was really into natural thick brows for ages, but I think I'm ready to move onto a little more refined. I really like the way they look at the moment though! I fill them in with a NYX eyebrow pencil in medium brown or MAC Espresso eyeshadow. Im big on eyebrows, I really think they frame your face well. I'm glad I've looked after mine!

003. I want to make clear that I DO read all comments, emails, tweets or whatever. I may not reply to all of them, but I promise you I read them all. I always wonder why people think I wouldn't read them. It takes a minute if that to read a comment, and to be honest I just love reading them! I have a iPhone and a Blackberry which I use all the time, I try to read them as they come in, If not I do make sure I read them all! I've always said, If blogger sorted their comment system out so they had a direct response button to people that alerts them if someones responded to their comment Id honestly reply! For now the best way to ask me a question is via Twitter.

004. Sofia wrote an amazing post the other day about the Ugly Side of Blogging. I think its a must read for anyone whos a blogger, or interested in starting a blog. The points are harsh, but its the unfortunate reality behind blogging. As someone who does speak their mind on their blog, its refreshing to see more girls be upfront about the negatives of blogging. Its not all sweetness and niceness, sometimes its downright annoying and frustrating.

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cold toes on the cold floor

Saturday, January 29, 2011

shorts: topshop
top: topshop
cardigan: yayer
tights: primark
rings: market stall
belt: primark (although I took it off after these photos as I dont like it that much!)

Four outfit posts in a week, It must be a record! Arent I just the best blogger ever ;)

Originally I was going to do a "Keep or Return" type post for these shorts but I've since decided I'll keep them. I have quite curvy thighs (Not saying I'm big, I'm just pear shaped! Its a fact!) so I tend to steer clear of shorts and trousers. I bought these Topshop bad boys in the hope I'd look something like Rumi Neely, but alas I do not. Once I got over the shock of showing off so much leg (and bumcheeks!) I think I do like them. I really love the idea of tucked in shirts and high waisted light denim shorts and some nice booties. I think they would look fab with that shirt from yesterday too!

To be fair I think these kind of shorts are all about proportions for someone with a body like mine. I think the slouchy cardigan makes me feel more covered up than I am, and is a bit more forgiving on my curves. Also because I wore thick black tights and some flat pumps it made my legs look longer thus not making me look short. ~*Get me being fashiony.*~ Obviously they are alot of risque than the items I'd normally wear, and I'll have to consider how I wear them more than other things I wear but I think I just found a new wardrobe staple!

Alot of people find it weird that I dont wear trousers. Personally I have no idea why people think its weird. I think more and more girls nowadays exclusively wear skirts and dresses without even thinking about it. I don't even remember the last time I wore a pair of jeans or trousers. Like I said, Im quite curvy as well as quite short. It makes it hard to find a pair of trousers that fit me. They are always too long in the leg or too big in the waist. And if I'm being totally honest I just dont like them! So just so everyone knows this blog is a trouser free zone!

the way things used to be

Friday, January 28, 2011

top/dress/tunic: new look
cardigan: yayer
rings: bhs and market stall
lips: barry m 147

Florals are pretty much a no no in my book. If you haven't noticed I just wear simple block colours. I enjoy a nice stripe or two, but nothing too fancy or overly patterned. This little top/dress/tunic  however was just adorable I couldn't resist. Its not long enough to be a dress, not short enough to be a top, and I think its a weird length to even be a tunic! The collar is the most special part of the top, its got a lovely little scalloped edge which is SO hard to photograph but in real life it looks gorgeous!

Thanks to everyone who bought rings off me! I sent all the UK ones yesterday and a few people have already received theirs! All the international post ones are being sent on Monday. I had planned on doing it today before realizing it was half day closing! I knew I should have got more than I planned originally! I'm getting some more in which should be available near the middle of February. I may take preorders off the shop because I don't want people complaining they haven't got them, Even though I've tried to make it as clear as possible that I cant send them till I get more in stock. If anyone does get fed up of waiting, just email me and I'll refund you ASAP. Honestly I'm not going to rip you off or anything, so you just need to let me know if you aren't happy waiting!

mini cross rings

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ring: shop llymlrs 
cardigan: yayer

A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to start my own little online shop! I always find it hard to find reasonably priced and stylish rings on the highstreet. So after a little conversation with Victoria I decided I was going to give this jewellery selling a go again. I used to have a myspace jewellery business when I was 16, Selling those hideous oversized plastic diamonds, knuckle dusters and ribcage necklaces! The shop doesnt have a name, I'm rubbish with naming things so its just Shop LLYMLRS for the moment. But I will get my thinking cap on and try and think of a proper "brand" name! The basic plan at the moment is to just stock rings (because they are my favourite type of jewellery!) and keep it as resonably priced and on trend! and by on trend I pretty much mean "stuff that I like"!

These cross rings are smaller than the infamous Asos/Forever 21 ones! But they are size adjustable so those with smaller/bigger fingers can adjust accordingly. They cost £6 and then P&P depending where you live in the world! I ship worldwide! Also I'm still sourcing new items for the shop, so if you have any ideas about the types of rings you like leave it in the comments and I'll see what I can do. I've got these lush oversized turquoise stone rings on the way which I cant wait to show you!

EDIT: All the rings sold out within the first 24 hours. Im so overwhelmed with the response and Im really sorry if you've missed out. Im leaving the item up in the shop for PRE ORDER. Which basically means when the items come into stock I will ship them. It should take 7-10 days for a restock though. I will try and keep stock levels regular, but like I said, I didnt expect so much so quickly!

PS.  DISCLAIMER: I wont be bombarding you with posts about my own jewellery. I am happy and proud of what I'm doing but I'm not gonna shove a brand down your throat, even if it is my own label!

skeptics and true believers

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

sunglasses: girlprops
hat: new look
leggings: american apparel
jumper: topshop
dress: asos (not really seen but its underneath!)
necklace: H&M
rings: BHS

I FINALLY GOT IT GUYSSS. Thanks to the lovely Joanne who found the jumper in her local Topshop sale! She emailed me and offered to pick it up for me and mail it me! This is why I love the internet. If I hadn't have posted on here I probably would have been stuck in a buyers remorse circle wishing I had it. So many people had been linking me to ones on eBay but the price was so over inflated I just couldn't do it when I knew it was lurking around in the sales for less!

A few people commented on the jumper being really ill fitting and ugly in real life, But I really like its awkward shape and overall slouchy-ness. Its really cosy and has a really ~bohemian~ vibe to it. Anyone else hate the word "boho"? I think its just so blah. Reminds me of the days where denim headscarves, those god awful circle disk belts and the gypsy skirts where in. I wore my barginalious floppy hat that I got from New Look for a whopping £3 with it and popped on my much loved Girl props chanel-eque half tints! Not that I actually left the house today or did anything of note!

I started a Tumblr in a vain effort to try and get my photos on there credited. I have been very anti-tumblr in the past, but I sort of get it. I know there are TONS of photos of me floating around on Tumblr, some credited some aren't. Im going to try and keep it just photos of things that I've taken myself. Like a photo diary, but who knows. I'll probably be bored with it in a week.

so kiss me

Monday, January 24, 2011

top: primark
cardigan: yayer
skirt: new look
belt: primark
necklace: zara taylor
rings: BHS
watch: swatch

Wassup homies*~ Big love to Yayer for sending me this lush cardigan! Its a lovely colour and such a lovely casual comfy fit. Id describe the colour as tobacco. I'm loving all the colour buzz words floating around at the moment. Mustard, Peacock, Azure, Rust, Chartreuse, Papaya & Cocoa! Added another black body con skirt to the collection and bought a New Look one! I wear them all the time (as if you haven't noticed!) and have 2 H&M ones so I thought I might as well get another just incase! I cant remember if I've talked about my watch, but its a simple Swatch Original. I dont like fancy smancy massive chunky gold/silver watches (I think they are uber tacky! sozz!) so my Mum got me this one for Christmas. I like it but the ticking drives me mad!

You'd probs never guess the extremely awful lighting I had to take these photos in. God bless a sort of knowledge of a flashgun and some savvy editing thanks to shooting in RAW. My step brothers here and hes invaded my normal photo taking place hence why I've not done so many outfits recently. Who knows when hes going but I literally cannot wait. I WANT MY PHOTO ROOM BACK DAMMIT. Surprisingly my hair is actually the colour it is IRL! Anyway, Im back off to do some more university work. Determined to finish laying out this Colour Theory book by the end of the day so I can start thinking about how to make it! Typefaces are killing my brain at the moment!

sunday portrait week 60

Sunday, January 23, 2011

001. Went shopping with my Mum today, We always tend to go on a Sunday morning because its not as busy. I didn't really buy much, Only some denim shorts from Topshop, a ton of rings from BHS all reduced to £2 each, some nail foils, tights a skirt from Primark and a tanning mitt. The joys! There wasnt much I really wanted, Im really not loving shopping at the moment. Nothings catching my eye, All I saw was the inevitable nautical/50's look that the shops ALWAYS do for S/S. I'm very much a winter girl, so the idea of getting my legs out and not wearing a cardigan disturbs me!

002. I slept for a whopping 10 and a half hours last night. Im a terrible sleeper, I hardly ever go to bed before 1am, and I have to be up at half 7 most days. Obviously it was taking it toll on me and I went to bed at half 9! I couldnt believe it when I woke up this morning! I still highly reccomend Sleep Cycle if you a iPhone user and a bad sleeper! It really does wakes you up at the right time in the morning so your not a groggy mess!

003. I really want a nice pair of classic black or burgundy loafers. I have my eye on this Topshop pair, this River Island pair and this Office pair. Not that you will ever see them in a outfit post ;) no shoes for u!

004. I'm tempted to go see the Black Swan next week. Although I know its not the type of film I like. Im a total chick flick / American high school / lovey dovey film type of girl. I cant deal with anything to complex or harrowing. I've been reading alot of peoples thoughts on Twitter about it so I thought I'd go see it for myself!

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orange cross body

Friday, January 21, 2011

bag: topshop
top: H&M 
nails: nubar rosso
OMNOMNOM. I love the smell of leather. Bought myself a new little bag this week. I've had a sudden urge to downsize my bags and get a smaller one. Mainly so I can put my hands in my pockets and just sling it over me rather than have to hold my bag! I bought this lovely little thing from Topshop. Its actually very orange, which was part of the reason I was so drawn to it in the first place. I think it would be the perfect contrast to the types of clothes and colours I like wearing at the moment!

After a Twitter chat with Gem I realized what I should do during my time off. Go to London Fashion Week of course! So I went ahead and booked the last two weeks of February off and then the last two of March (university deadlines, boo!) Im not really not that into fashion*~ but its all about the experience isnt it. Im looking at it as a chance to actually learn something about fashion, trends and most importantly networking! Now my obvious dilemma is choosing something to wear!

Just a little note. If Irene reads this, Please come back. Feel free to email me if you want a chat about everything, we all miss you <3

theres always tomorrow

Thursday, January 20, 2011

jumper: topshop
skirt: H&M
nails: barry m cyan blue

My hair today is bad (although I know you'll all say its fab). I hate how weirdly it photographs at the moment. Like its really weird orange colour, when in reality its actually quite blonde. Damn you photos. Nothing intresting today, I was pretty late on all these lush oversized cuffed jumpers Topshop had done this A/W. Very much regret not buying them in every colour as they are so cute and easy to wear. This one is studded with little gems. I bought it to wear on Christmas Day, but after washing it, its started to give off a really weird odour. Like rusty metal? Im tempted to try return it as thats really not right?

Found out today that I have 71 hours (4 weeks) holiday to take before the end of March at work. Words cannot express how happy that makes me. I was only expecting like 2 weeks at most, but 4. It really made my day! Although I know I wont be doing anything exciting as I have so many deadlines for university coming up!

jailbait II

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

top: H&M
belt: primark
necklace: accessorize
skirt: H&M
nails: nubar rosso

So today I spent the day at home. Lack of sleep paired with my massive university workload at the moment. Took a hour out to take some photos for my blogshop and updated with about 11 new things, All the items that are listed are still on sale. I'm going to stagger the things I've photographed so people who log on at different times can get a chance of getting something! Ill probably update it in the next few days with the next batch of items! Im doing a massive wardrobe clear out so expect alot of things going in there.

This outfits pretty much a variation on what I've worn before. This top has to be the most easiest thing to wear in the world. I tend to wear it with a black blazer and leggings on lazy days, but decided to smarten it up a bit by adding a high waisted skirt and a belt. This little apple necklace was something I found when clearing out all my jewellery boxes for things to sell on. I hadn't worn in it forever and thought it added a little touch to it without losing the stripes detail. I seem to have lost my go-to red rosary necklace, So Im totally going to have to buy another one from here.

To address my "superfical" comment about Seth Rogan on Sunday, It really gets to me that I have to explain things on here or add a disclaimer to justify what I'm saying half the time. If people thought about it and read properly, rather than reading one word and taking out of context and thus warping what I was originally saying. If you were put it context and think logically, So Seth Rogan is typecast as lazy, overweight, stoner, who's a a loveable goofy joker. Hes someone who alot of people would consider a "weird crush". For his role in The Green Hornet he lost 30lbs, hence why I was saying was it acceptable to fancy him now that hes not fat. I even said, I have such a crush on Seth Rogan, not that I didnt fancy him when he was big, I was asking if it was acceptable (ie not a weird crush) to fancy him now. I was making a pop culture referenced joke. Thing is I think most people read it like that, But then you have the few that see the fat comment and don't read what I was actually saying.

I do get that things can be read wrong on the Internet, It just feels like I cant say anything anymore without someone taking it the wrong way. Seriously, some people think Im superficial, but when people just look a the surface of things, take it out of context, its obviously going to sound off. And before you go saying "ignore the haters" Its not always the "haters" saying these things, I wouldnt class the people who said this as them, and I have no beef with you if you had. And even if they do hate me then fine! Im just saying this in general really, Look at the bigger picture before reading something and getting annoyed about it.


sunday portrait week 59

Sunday, January 16, 2011

i hate doing photobooth photos, my pose is always the same!
001. Been a strange old week really, I've not really done, seen or bought anything of note. Apart from this awesome hat I got in the New Look sale, and obviously being in The Times was a bit special, but I've told you about that! I went to university, did some work, FINALLY managed to reduce my hours at work. So I'm only doing 16 hours. Even though that is only 4 less than my old contracted hours, its just so much more flexible for me!Next week I want to go see The Green Hornet. I have such a crush on Seth Rogan, is it acceptable to fancy him now hes not as fat?

002. For everyone who's been asking my new brothers finally got a name and hes called Ben! Hes so sweet and small! His face is like a grumpy old man, but hes lovely!

003. I became obsessed with Jersey Shore this week, I think I've watched all the episodes so far, and Im in love. I think I just love trashy TV, and the fact that its "real" makes it even funnier.I literally cannot wait to watch My Big Fat Gyspy Wedding on Tuesday!  It was one of my favourite TV shows from last year and has been made into a series! I love looking at wedding blogs and photos, but these sorts of weddings are 100000 times more OTT than I would go for, but I just love it.

004. Before I do Five to Follow, I just wanted to say Please don't email me asking me to put you in Five to Follow. I tend to choose blogs based on if I like them or think they have potential rather than people who ask. It turns me off completely being asked to post about you, I think its really rude, If that statement upsets you, then soz, its the truth. Its not being "up myself" or "not promoting small blogs" I just think as someone who has "got the power" in blogging to help people, I should provide my readers with blogs I think they would like, not just blogs I'm asked to include. Plus I really like to endorse blogs who deserve to be here and get more followers, the ones that work hard, are interesting and have good content and are actually worth linking to.

005. Five to Follow: Gemma, Isabella, Becca, Laura & Constance
wow this was a boring Sunday portrait! I really have very little to say at the moment unfortunately!

oh you look familiar

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The other night I was sitting with my Mum and she happened to go on Priceless Shoes, I think they were a highstreet store but then they closed down due to the recession, although after looking on their store finder they have a fair few shops in the Midlands. As Mum was flicking through I saw these these boots, Instantly remembering a VERY similar pair from Topshop that I actually bought and returned months and months ago because I thought the price was extortionate. For £10, I took my chances and ordered a pair. I did a quick google, YES I even remembered the name of the shoe, and they looked pretty much the same. They came today and I LOVE them! They don't feel too cheap or crappy either! I paid £10+ £3.50 P&P, compared to be £60 odd I'd paid for those Topshop ones.

I tend to forget about discount shoe stores, I did buy an awesome pair of booties (2nd from the right) years ago from a random ebay shoe shop and I loved them! From experience, I tend to see alot of Topshop, New Look and River Island shoe-a-likes on eBay for much, much less than they are in stores. For example these boots on eBay are very similar, if not the same as these Topshop ones. These current stock River Island boots are very similar to these fur lined boots on eBay. Obviously the quality might not be the same and the designs may be a bit off, I cant vouch for these stores because obviously I've not bought these shoes. But hey, hope it helps some people who want some cheapy shoes! Although I'm tempted to get the Topshop Swallow cut out copies because after seeing Charlene in them, I really NEED them!

Have you bought off any off these sorts of shoe shops before? Any good? Recommendations in the comments!

scruffy mcscruffscruff

Friday, January 14, 2011

skirt: H&M
top: topshop
scarf: zara

I know I look a little bit trampy in this, Hardly the most stylish outfit I've ever worn, to be honest I dont even like it that much. I'm a ill, lethargic and just needed a throw on and go outfit today because I've been working my butt off doing university work. I'm currently juggling a dissertation, a YCN breif, a DA&D breif, a rebranding breif as well as a 42 page layout brochure. God knows how I'm going to work in Graphic Design in the future.

For those who will ask about how I put my hair up. There is no secret to it, all I do is scoop it up and put it on top of my head in a ball. No method, just trial and error really! I don't get it right everytime. Like everything I do its just a case of doing it till it works. I cant really say it enough, I really do anything to my hair, I use no products, I backcomb a little, Its naturally straight but looks wavy because it just gets messier between washes. I know alot of people think my hairs perfect, But I hate it. You dont see it from the back, which is just a dreaded, matted mess. You can even see a baby dred poking out in the last photo!

I was featured in The Times the other day,  Alongside Selina and Carrie. I was so flattered to be asked to write a little bit about my idea of fashion in 2011. I obviously talked about colour, Which is my big thing at the moment! Was amazing to get a bit of mainstream press! My Mum was so proud!
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