outfit picks of the year

Friday, December 31, 2010

my top 12, I cba to look for each individual post, so if you want to see where thing are from check the tags!

Thought seeing as the year is coming to a end, I'd go through all my old outfit posts and pick my favourites from the bunch. According to my photo folder I've done 92 outfits, Although I cannot confirm how many I've actually done because I can never remember if I've uploaded them all, and I often forget to tag them on my blog! My style has changed this year. I wouldn't say its changed drastically, its just different. I still wear the same types of clothes: oversized tops, pretty dresses, body con skirts, chunky layers and not wearing trousers. I've pretty much spent the year experimenting with new things, specifically colour. This is also the first ever year that I've worn my bare legs out side the house, I even wore a bikini for the first time, and posted a photo of it online! This is partly down to weightloss, but also down to some inner confidence in my own body I'd gained. Probably through this blog to be honest.

I'm not into "fashion" really, I always say to people "I just like clothes". I like to wear pretty things because they look nice, or I like the way they feel, or the colour of something or the pattern of something. I don't take too much notice of the catwalks or what trends  we are told are going to be the seasons must haves. I observe them, consider them, But I never really think OH THIS S/S I MUST DRESS SUCH AND SUCH A WAY! I have a little idea in my head where I'd like my style to go. Obviously depends on whats in the shops though, and how I can interpret them into my ideal "look". That is my favourite thing about being a "highstreet" shopper. Its fast paced, and accessible. Most stores are doing great at the moment: changing their style and becoming better at interpreting key trends on a budget. Primark has definitely been my favourite shop of the year. Although New Look and River Island have pleasantly surprised me too.

Anyway, I hope that you all continue to enjoy my outfits, and give me an excuse to justify buying new clothes all the time! Although knowing me I'd still be buying a truckload of clothes, regardless of if I showed them online or not!

Whats your favourite outfit of mine? I'd love to know!

another year older

Thursday, December 30, 2010

top: H&M
skirt: zara
cardigan: asos
belt: primark
ring:  primark
watch: swatch

My blogs hit over 5,000 followers on Blogger, I dont normally like to note these things anymore. Mainly because I wonder if people think that its bragging when you have loads of followers. But I want to say a big huge whopping thank you to everyone. I'm going to get a bit sappy and say I'm so grateful that you choose to follow my blog. It's grown beyond my wildest dreams this year. I never expected to have so many followers, I didn't set out thinking RIGHT I NEED TO BE POPULARZ ON DA INTERWEBZ. Because I don't care about the popularity or the notoriety, I just wanted to share my experiences and talk with girls who like the same things. Most of my friends are boys, so it was refreshing to really talk to people who have the same interests!

I often wonder if people look at my follower count and feel daunted by it. Like you cant talk to me, or you should talk to me in a certain way. Id honestly rather people thought of me as their friend, not their OMGZURRRMYIDOLZ.  I do reply to most tweets I get, Sometimes I find it hard replying, because I never know what to say when people talk to me like I'm some celebrity. I know other bloggers like to think of themselves as something. But honestly, behind the screen I'm a no-one. Im not popular, intresting or funny. Im just a average girl who lives in a small town, goes to uni, works in a shop and just goes about her daily life! I do find it very overwhelming at times and of course its flattering that people are interested in my life and what I have to say. But I'm not pretending to be someone I'm not. I know I complain alot, and whinge about stupid things. Sometimes petty things about blogging wind me up. But you know, I am so thankful that I'm in this position, and to be honest, without you guys I wouldnt have had half the opportunities that I get. So thank you so much!

I've changed my outfit of the day video format. Personally, I feel it reflects me, the quality and blogs aesthetic 100 times more than the old way. If you don't like it, pah tough! ;) I will still be doing talky videos, But all outfit photos are now going to be filmed on my Canon 1000d (using EOS Recorder, doesn't record sound, google it) and then all others on my video camera.

sharks and danger

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

tunic: topshop
cardigan: primark
necklace: H&M
belt: primark
leggings: american apparell
rings: asos and tatty devine
nails: nubar rosso
Woke up early this morning to do a outfit post, Its been too long! Thanks to my new app on my iPhone called Sleep Cycle, It was relatively painless. Basically, as if by magic, It tracks when you sleep and wakes you up during a period of 30 mins when your not in a deep sleep. It actually works, which is shocking! Obviously I have my iPhone now, so I'm on the hunt for addictive and nessecery apps! I'm already addicted to Cut the rope and Angry birds! I need a blingtastic cover for it too! Tackier the better!

I adore this little smock tunic from Topshop, Its just adorable. I could have done with it in a 8 though, but oh well. It fits me fine, but its a little long and loose in the arms. I love the curved bits of the sleeveless-ness? Makes no sense, but do say if you understand what I mean. I just like them, I think they look super cute! I took back the black cardigan from Topshop (that I got in the wrong size, see: Haul video) and decided that this one was the right one. Plus a load cheaper. I also realize I need new jewellery, I stopped buying rings a while ago because I got sick of them, But now I've gone back to it and want to adorn my fingers with beautiful things! Freedom at Topshop rings are beautiful at the moment, But they just suck and go green so quickly! Ugh!

I have tomorrow off work, Im planning on spending all day doing my dissertation. I've done quite alot of it to be honest, Its just very bitty. I tend to write my essays in sections on different topics and then weave it all together. Im no good at writing large blocks of texts as it makes my brain explode. Hoping to take a break and go for a tea with my friend Hannah. The one who won a million pounds the other week. Hopefully tea's on her! I also get paid on Friday, REJOICE. Even though I did get money for Christmas, It's gone straight into my mullberry-alexa-no-iphone-no-louis-vuttion-speedy-35 fund. I dont like to waste my Christmas money, I try and save money that's gifted to me because I really feel wasteful if I spent it on Starbucks and Mcdonalds! And YES Im a LV girl. Even though I totally know I'm not the "type"!

PS: Alot of people are using my photos on eBay to sell things. I am aware of this, and I have contacted eBay about it. I do NOT sell things on eBay, So please don't buy anything thinking its me, because it's not! And if you read my blog, and are using my photos. PLEASE DONT!

sunday portrait week 56

Sunday, December 26, 2010

001. Aaah So much for not blogging over these few days. I cant get away! I mainly just dont want to miss out on a Sunday Portrait, They are like LLYMLRS tradition! Like I said in the video post yesterday, I hope you all had a great day. Mine was awesome. Had the family over today for Boxing Day lunch, I could hardly eat anything though as I was still full from Christmas Day!

002. Doing a big clear out of my bedroom today/tomorrow. I'll hopefully shoot a ton of clothes/jewellery/makeup that can go up on my blogsale blog within the week. I've decided that definitely need to refine my wardrobe. Not in a Gok Wan capsule wardrobe way, I just want more things that make sense, and less OMG THATS PRETTY ME WANT! In the new year I hope my approach to clothing will be alot more sensible, rather than impulse buying 3423 cardigans! Although you cant go wrong with that many cardigans!

003. Going shopping in the sales tomorrow. Id like to go to Birmingham, but my Mum wants to go to Telford. My iPhone 4 still hasn't come, so I really need to get to the Apple store before I go crazy.  Just read about a story about someone being stabbed inside the Bullring! Thats actually crazy, as soon as my Mum watches the news theres no chance we'd be going there! Although if we do go I REALLY hope I find this jumper. I literally want it so badly I'd cut my right arm off!

004. I hope you've noticed that there is a new little "reactions" button on the bottom of my blog. I put this there because alot of people commented saying that they often didn't know what to say in a comment. So if you like a post, please just click like. Feel free to add a comment if you wish to add something constructive or give an articulated comment, But don't feel like you have to comment for the sake of commenting. A little click of a the like button is just as appreciated! If you wanted to get one on your blog, go to dashboard ->design -> page elements -> blog posts -> then its under reactions, just type "like" into the box. If you don't understand, remember my mantra, google is your friend or just click that link!

005. Five to Follow (as per tweet request for URL's!) Rachel, Shannon, Lucy, Ismay & Rosalyn

PS. I know that Sunday Portrait has no numbers, I still havent gotten round to doing the numbers for my font, But its number 56!

best time of the year

Saturday, December 25, 2010

(haha at the thumbnail for the video!)
jumper: topshop
vest: topshop
skirt: H&M

Hello everyone, Pretty standard holiday related post coming at you. Im not really one to say MERRY CHRISTMAS or stuff like that. But yeah, I do hope you all had a great day. Just a quick video ~outfit of the day~* for you. Didnt have time to do a proper post as my Mum was shouting at me to get out the door! We are always the late ones in out family, My mums taken to telling us that we need to be ready at least a half hour earlier than we need to be! I got some great stuff for Christmas which I will probs show you in the next few days! I am busy with family stuff so dont expect much!

Off to watch Shrek 3 now with the fam in our Christmas PJ's!

not my strong point

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

top: topshop
cardigan: topshop
shorts: primark
belt: topshop
necklace: clubcouture
rings: new look & primark

Blue and black are total fashion sins? Oui? Non? Who knows. I used to hate blue and black together but I have grown fond of the two recently. Black and navy are pretty much a no no in my books, but I think I can accept lighter blue and black? I feel like I have nothing to wear at the moment, Maybe its because I'm in two minds of where my style is going at the moment. I always have this little idea in my head that one day my style would be coherent and make sense and I'd omit all the clutter from my wardrobe. I think one of my new years resolutions is going to be find a style that works and stick to it. All I wear at the moment is a chunky cardigan and a dress, or a oversized top and shorts/bodycon skirt.

Another day off work because of the snow. So annoying because I could really do with the money, but hey. Things like this cant be helped. Im starting to get a bit angsty because I've not really done anything of substance the past two days. All I've really done today was film this video from the outfit I posted the other day, and do this post. I like to keep myself busy, but I think its inevitable that on a snow day that you cant be bothered to do anything. My Christmas shopping is completely out the window too. I literally have no presents bought for anyone. I've got loads to do just no means to actually doing it. Snow sucks. I regret wishing for it now!

Thanks for all the comments on the last post. I really wish there was a better way so I could reply to you all, Something like Youtubes comment system. Even something like a simple "Like" button would be awesome! Sort it out Blogger! I also think that emerging from the "blogasphere" are a group of girls who aren't afraid to say what they think. I know that I do fall foul to biting my tongue on certain issues, and try not to voice my opinion too much because its inevitably going to offend someone along the line and ill get accused of belittling my followers or being a moany moo. Its so easy to feel stifled by the internet, I occasionally feel very restricted. But in reality Im not some sugar sweet person who's nice to everyone, I say it how it is.  Im not afraid to tell people how I feel, If someone upsets me I say something. Does this make me a bitch? Probably! But least Im not pretending to be someone I'm not in real life!

Ps. I've changed my layout a bit, Its not finished. I need to finish off the custom font as it has no numbers or punctuation. I also need to tweak a few bits, but hey it will do for now. I had planned a fancy revamp, but I cant be bothered. Oh and also If it doesn't work in Internet Explorer, you need to wise up and download Firefox. Who even uses IE anymore! ;)

go with the flow

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

 dress: yayer
Don't really have a proper post to show you so hey, here's some photos of me. I know... POSER ALERTTT.  I got a new flashgun for my camera so I was playing with that earlier!  I was supposed to do a outfit post today, but I ended up going to lunch with my Aunt and Cousin and then went to see my Dad. So by the time I got home it was too dark to take photos proper photos. Although thanks to my new flashgun it may help my indoor late night photography... maybe. It was seriously so dark this evening, although I think it supposed to be the shortest day of the year?

I often get comments that are simply just "nice photos" or "liked the images". I often ponder the importance of the written word is in blogging. I like to write text to go with my posts not just post photos,  Although I am by no means a writer. I left school over 5 years ago now to focus on art and design, and despite getting a A and a A* in English at GCSE, my grammar, spelling, punctuation and stuff are awful. I write how I talk and how things flow out of my mouth rather than trying to write formally and "correctly" in a style that doesnt suit me. I know most of the time my posts are a bit TL;DR! They do have a bit of a formula normally, a bit about the clothes, a bit about my day. Not only so you can know what I did, It helps me remember what I've done and when. One day when I'm old and grey I can look back and remember all the daily goings on in my life.
To me, photos are very important in what I believe makes a good blog. But it is only a component in successful blogging. I love reading about other peoples thoughts and feelings. Diary style posts are my favorites, Blogging is voyeuristic by nature, You want to know about the person behind the blog and who they are. Its not just looking at what someone wears or the eye makeup they use. I want to know what they did, where they wore something, how they felt about it. I think the way someone writes says alot more about a person that a photograph. Milly's blog for example is an actual JOY to read!

Things like Tumblr, which personally I think is purely just a website for photo dumps, not necessarily a legit blogging platform, have really made me question how important I feel writing is on a blog. Its all well and good posting 10000 reblogged photographs, but what does it really say about you as a person? Maybe I just dont get it because I dont really find images "inspirational". Like I touched on earlier, I think alot of people follow the person behind the blog, not the blog itself. Personality is a major thing when it comes to successful blogging. Words say so much more than about you photo ever could. But never worry if you cant write "properly". Its a blog not a column for a magazine. Just write, say anything, It doesn't matter if its professional or not.

So just to add a disclaimer, I'm not complaining and this is by no means an attack on anyone. Just touching on some thoughts really. Its not really a very comprehensive or well constructed out post. I just typed as I thought.

PS. I know my eyebrows look weird, I didn't fill them in today, the right one is the one that's been growing back no thanks to a bad eyebrow threading experience! I wasn't wearing much makeup, only liner and a contour so I didn't bother with it!

and PPS. To clarify, I dont HATE people saying nice pics or whatever, It was just the starting point that got me thinking about this! I too fall victim to the nice photos comment occasionally! I do appreciate those comments just as much as the others!

jaggy snake

Monday, December 20, 2010

dress: AX paris at new look
cardigan: new look
leggings: topshop
skirt (underneath): H&M
necklace: H&M

FINALLY MADE IT HOME! If you follow me on Twitter, you would have see my epic ammount of tweets on my journey home! Its snowed a ridiculous ammout today, Much more than was actually anitpated in my area and It took me nearly 4 hours to get home from work. Hereford was literally gridlocked. Every car was bumper to bumper and it took me 30 minutes to get out of the carpark! To then a hour and half later (8 miles!), get to the main hill I drive over to get home to be closed because of a couple of jack knifed lorries. I then had to drive back to Hereford and get the train. Luckily the trains were still running and I managed to jump on one! It means I have to go back and get my car tomorrow, but it doesn't really matter to be honest. Id rather be home and safe, than sleeping in my car in the snow! Anyway Im home now and getting toasty warm by my heater!

This is what I wore to work today, Well for the short time I was actually there as I was sent home early! I did actually wear another cardigan over it for some extra warmth as its always so cold in store! My floor (basement) is freezing but then if you go up to ground or first floor, its ALWAYS ridiculously warm! Im wearing the cardigan I bought in my recent "haul" video. I actually love it, its such a think cable knit, so warm and look quite expensive (in my opinion!) Its quite an unusualy colour too, Its not brown but its not orange either. I wouldn't even describe it as rust either as its like a weird warm but dark-ish orangey brown-ish sort of colour! Its great though! The AX Paris dress is actually part of my uniform I have at work, It used to be a dress but its shrunk a bit because my Mums the worst when it comes to putting my stuff on too hot! I just wear a little bodycon skirt under it to give it a bit of extra length!

These photos are a bit crappy in my opinion, I am experimenting shooting my photos in RAW. If you have no idea what it is, I suggest googling. Remember kids, Google is your friend! But basically its a photo format, which I think looks a 1000000 times better. But I've still not really got used to the editing process, I think they look a bit "soft focus". But hey I'll learn how to do it better one day! No video version either unfortunately, My camera was out of battery! But I will do one in the week just for those who dont read my blog and just like the moving image!

sunday portrait week 55

Sunday, December 19, 2010

001. Working in retail at Christmas sucks, Im working Monday-Thursday all day next week, which kills me a little on the inside. I know the extra money will be worth it, but talk about STRESS. I've hardly bought any Christmas presents either, So I'm going to totally be one of those last minuite late night Christmas Eve shoppers! I vow every year to not do it, But I always will do!

002. I've been suffering from really bad toothache this week. So the last two days have been spent in a Codeine induced haze. My wisdom teeth are coming through, and no dont worry about me taking Codeine, I read the instructions, I wont be taking it again after tomorrow. Obviously then I shall then be moving onto heroin. I joke. I'm going to the dentist tomorrow so hopefully they can sort them out. But there is not much I can really do about it, They have to come through eventually!

003. Uploaded a Haul video to Youtube. I hate the word haul, It sounds to brash and uncouth. But there isnt really else I could call it. So once again I have given in and done something I don't agree with for the sake of Youtube. To clarify, I like haul videos, do not like the word haul! I also did a outfit video quickly the other day, Which I have since photographed and I'll put it up on the blog in due course. Sometimes its so much easier for me to do the videos, outfit photos can sometimes take between 20 minutes and a hour, where as a 3 min video is just done then uploaded. Its easier to do the Youtube bit, But to be honest I just want to be a blogger, and not a vlogger. Who knows though, My feelings change all the time! One day I'll meet someone who is willing to follow me around and take my photos for me, Until then I'm gonna have to suck it up!

004. I bought a iPhone 4 today, I have so much buyers remorse right now. I think I mainly bought it because I'm so sick of my Blackberry. I've had it for 18 months now and its really on its last legs! It keeps failing the back doesnt fit any more and basically its not a iPhone. Oh well, I always wanted to buy it outright and then just get a cheaper short term contract. My orange contract is up on Boxing Day so all is good!

005. Five to Follow: Lyzi, Sydney, Sarah-Leigh, Abbey & Lauren (mainly for this HILARIOUS Chloe Mafia tutorial!)

primark spring/summer 2011

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Seen a few posts on this already, So I thought id do the same and chuck my few cents in. I did one these for Primark Autumn Winter 2010 so I thought I'd go ahead and do one for Primark Spring Summer 2010. As a self confessed Primark addict, it comes as no surpise that Im always intrested in what they are going to be coming out with next. I loved this past seasons collections, its been very "me". Their knits, shirts, shoes and acessories have all been a big hit. I still always get the "I cant believe that Primark!" comments whenever I tell people that somethings from Primark!

As much as I like some of the pieces, The red bag in image 3 and the cute little socks in image 5, I cant see me actually buying most of these things. Primark dresses are far too long for me and I'm too lazy to actually take them up. Im really not a fan of the Midi length either, one it would be a maxi dress on me because Im so short and and two Midis just look unflattering on my long body and short legs! The tones and shades of the colours are lovely, Its definitely going the way I'd like my wardrobe colour pallete for spring summer. But from these intital shots, its just missing something. Maybe its because I'm not into that 70's and 50's preppy vibe they seem to be going for. I hear that it is meant to be "in" this Spring Summer. It has a bit of a Mui Mui vibe going through it too, get me being ~fashiony~.

I do think Primark is being very on trend with this SS11 Lookbook though with this collection, I might not like it, but it is what we are being told is going to be in this year. Its nice to see Primark being classed as a genuine fashion forward highstreet store and not just a place you can buy a velour tracksuit from. I think people are too quick to dismiss Primark saying its cheap, hard to shop in and a messy. But I like it, its reasonably priced and has a quick turnover so their tends to be new things all the time. I think you just need to look past the rubbish stuff and find the key on trend peices. It helps going to the larger Primark stores too. I live near a awful one, but 20 minutes down the road theres a massive one that I love!

Like with all lookbooks, you have to remember not 100% of the stuff goes into production or comes out the same as the photos. You can view their swimwear collection here, and their Lingerie collection here and then all the indvidual item shots here.

What do you think of the Lookbook and the trends that are meant to be "in" this S/S?

sunday portrait week 54

Sunday, December 12, 2010

photobooth picture and man hands, fml!
001. I should be at the staff party tonight, but due to some mix up with hours at work, Im home, watching the X Factor final! I know which Id rather be doing! I did however buy a fab dress for the party from Topshop. I was gonna take it back, but my best friend, who actually won a million quid on euro millions a few weeks back is having a party next Saturday, which means saves me having to get another dress!

002. Finally decided to spend my £50 Office Voucher that I won when I went to the Look Show. I finally decided to get these lace up booties! I cant remember if I actually told you all what I won when I won that competition, but I won a years worth of Jergens moisturizer (which at the moment Im using by the bucket load!),  a Warehouse voucher, £250 to spend at Spoiled Brat (again, not used that either!) a Westwood Rocks voucher, some Nubar nail polish and of course a subscription to Look Magazine!

003. I uploaded a video ~outfit of the day~, basically behind the ramble I was trying to say, you don't just have to just wear trousers and jumpers in the winter, think about what you have and how you can update it to suit the weather. Long sleeved tops, t-shirts, vests, layers, scarves, snoods, cardigans and extra tights are your best friends! I will be adding videos to my Youtube of outfits that I've worn before and some that don't photograph well. 

004. I just have to rave about them, but Tweezermans are the best tweezers ever. As someone with large brows (through choice, overplucked and drawn on eyebrows make me want to vom!) they are amazing, they get all the little hairs and are so precise! I was skeptical about paying £20 for a pair of tweezers so I bought the mini's which were around £11 and are just as good! I have reshaped my brows a bit, as I wanted to

005. No Five to Follow, feel free to leave a link in the comments. You might be here next week, you never know! And there is no need to put yourself down when I ask for things like this, So many people put "Heres mine but you probably wont like it" or "its not good but..." Never say that about your blog, you should always strive to write the best blog you can, if you think your blogs rubbish, then imagine what other people think. My best advice when starting a blog or blogging in general is to write a blog that you would enjoy reading. Its suprising how naturally it comes when you write in a style that suits you, and about things that interest you!

between love and hate

Friday, December 10, 2010

skirt: topshop
necklace: H&M
nails: barry m colbat blue (in video)

Hm, Serious buyers remorse over this skirt. I like it, but dont love it. I really wanted a different coloured skirt and I kinda got caught up in late night shopping after work last week and just bought it. I love so much about it, the colour (more brown/rusty than orange IRL) and the paper bag waist. But maybe its not for me. Oh well, I can still wear something over it like this, kinda tones it down a tad! I really want this skirt from Topshop at the moment too, But they didn't have my size on said night of spending. Oh well! In other skirt related things, I want all the skirts in the TRF range at Zara, mostly this one and this one in beige. This tops lovely too, The shapes pretty unique and the colour is better than I'd imagined! It was a tad odd ordering off a website like this, But it paid off, I do have some nice things, not all of it is really what I wanted, But I have got some gems!

Had a epic Poptart craving this morning, like literally as soon as I woke up. I ventured out makeupless, greasy haired and topknotted, if I owned sweatpants I'd have worn them too. I went to Tescos and came back with some garlic and herb doughballs, a packet of white chocolate fingers (not as nice as the regular ones!) and some Poptarts. My diet is really appalling at the moment. I literally eat crap all the time, not that I've gained weight or anything, Im so sick of eating junk! I love food, it doesnt help that my family are big foodies, so we are always surrounded by goodies! Because Im out the house so much I tend to just grab things on the go, I dont even want to imagine how many calories are in a Greggs sausage roll! I was hoping to start healthy eating next year, but knowing me it will never happen!


Tuesday, December 07, 2010

top: new look
skirt: H&M
cardigan: via my brother via primark
necklace: clubcouture
ring: vipxo
mug: woolworths (R.I.P)

This shirt is so crumpled from being slung in the bottom of my wardrobe in a bag, Yet we don't actually have a iron in out household (SHOCK HORROR! Its actually just broke, and my mum is a lazy ironer!) so I had to suffer and have a crumpled shirt today! A little nod to goth with a pretty much all black/white outfit. Last year I used to only wear black and white, this year however I've branched out into a lot more colours! I love the rounded 60's vintage feel to the collar, its sleeveless which is annoying, I dont really like to have my arms out! But for a white shirt its surprisingly not that see through. Im sick of clothes on the highstreet being see through, IM LOOKING AT YOU TOPSHOP! I really couldn't find a cardigan to go over it that really worked for me, I tried at least 6 as well as a coat before deciding to pinch this one out of my brothers room! Its not right, but it was the best I could do!

Its refreshing to see New Look changing the style of their clothes, I know I work there so maybe I'm biased, But I really like the things they are coming out with at the moment. They really are following the key trends rather than keeping with the style their clothes are normally like. I love New Look partywear and their coats, But I always felt they lacked in the "on trend" and current key items, but they have excelled themselves with peg leg trousers, peter pan necklines and pussybow blouses! River Island is guilty of that too, I used to HATE River Island with a passion until this year when I realized not everything is made out of crappy material and covered in rhinestones. My local one burnt down in a fire, and I'm left lusting after their items online! Asos is another actually, I always found Asos hard to navigate and look through, but they A/W styling has been spot on, just perfect not only for inspiration on how to wear things but they have really exelled themselves with the way their shop is presented. One of the few brands that tell you the models height/size for reference as well as the measurements! I really wish more brands did this! Any clothing brands plesantly suprising you at the moment?

I've been feeling a tad christmassy hence the Santa Claus mug! I still haven't seen the CocaCola advert, so to be fair, its not Christmas till I've see that! I looked a tad moody in the top photos so I felt I had to add a little lightheartedness! Sometimes its hard to get my face to match my body and I just look fug and the clothes look good and vise versa, out of 200 snaps those two were the best of the bunch! So obviously it wasn't a good photo session, I had thought about blurring my face out, but nah! Spending tonight doing my dissertation, I have a word count of 500 today to keep on my very-well-written-but-not-always-executed dissertation schedule, Hopefully I can get that done quickly and easily so I can watch Gossip Girl!

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