picture this

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

jumper: american apparell
necklace: H&M
nails: barry m mushroom

ITS FINALLY SNOWING! Fingers crossed for a snow day tomorrow, even though Im supposed to be doing the late night shift at work so who knows. Today my laziness got the better of me and I decided to skip college to stay in my cosy warm bedroom. I did however get dressed (after about a hour or two of watching daytime tv!) and snap some outfit photos for today.

I was sent this dress by ClubCouture, A brand that I'd never heard of, The "Club" part sort of scared me as I was expecting like hideous neon raver clothes, But no, I was pleasantly surprised, looking through their webstore I decided to accept their offer of a few items to try out. The dress I wore on this weeks Sunday Portrait was one of theirs, It actually reminded me of something Carrie would wear. Anyway I picked this dress because I loved the pattern, and I knew the shape would flatter my figure, but of course I didnt take the weather in the UK into consideration. Then thinking back a few months ago I wore this outfit, which was basically just a plain jumper thrown over a summery skirt. I didnt even realise at first but Im wearing a similar necklace too! So much love for this American Apparel pullover, I've wore it to death! I was also thinking about wearing my much loved paneled body con over it and having the dress tucked in so it was like a vest, then layering up with a big cardigan! Im feeling pretty inspired by the dress to be fair! I will not let winter stop me from wearing the clothes I want to wear!

I've scheduled tomorrows monthly favourite post, So fingers crossed it will post before I get home! I've not finished it yet either so it might not be the usual 100 outfits!

PS. For  15% of at ClubCouture use CCBLOG15

no more bad luck

Monday, November 29, 2010

jumper: primark
skirt: H&M
snood: primark
ring: primark
rosary: via ebay
I actually featured an outfit similar to this on last months favorites post (number 1). To be honest it was the reason why I was inspired to put it together like this. This is why I like blogging and sharing things online, Seeing other girls wear things then trying to add my own spin and style to them. Its nice also making outfits with what you have rather than going out and getting the same stuff as someone else. I obviously layered up when I did venture out today, I actually wore a blazer as well as a coat, as well as two vests underneath, two pairs of tights and a hat. I must have looked like I put on 20 stone, but least I was (semi)warm!

My hair still hasn't returned to normal after a epic backcombing session the other day! I also just heard the tragic news that our boiler has broken and I'm going to have to wash it in freezing cold water.  I also broke my Macbook charger last night (I think it just gave up!) so had to pay £50 for a new one. Even though I can claim a new one through Apple care, I just need one ASAP. I managed to borrow one from University for the time being though! I was freaking out trying to use a Windows laptop last night, I forgot how hard to use they are! Once you go Mac to never go back! Seriously can life get any better? I dont understand why I've hit such a spell of bad luck this month, Oh well. Lets hope December goes a little better!

sunday portrait week 52

Sunday, November 28, 2010

i changed it, sue me!

001. HOW COLD IS IT RIGHT NOW! I heard it was like -14C here last night, Although I suspect my Dad made that up. This time last year I was sitting on a beach in New Zealand, gah. It feels like a million years ago now, but I forgot how cold it gets here sometimes. We still dont have snow where I live (West Midlands), Its supposed to hit by the middle of the week though, which means layerslayerslayers! Im so thankful for my winter coats at the moment! Its gonna be a struggle to do anything if it does snow and I cant drive anywhere!

002. My Christmas shopping is well underway, I actually get my last pay check on Tuesday, which has to last me till New Years eve as for some reason I don't get paid before Christmas. I'm trying to do it online. Last year I made my family mustache mugs which were so awesome, seeing I was in New Zealand right up till 20th December, I didnt really have much time properly shop for anything! So cheap and looked really cool. Id recommend giving them a try for a simple and easy (cheap too!) present!

003. Supposed to be working a bit on my dissertation, But I've been so distracted by everything today. Seeing my baby brother, cleaning my bedroom and getting lost on wikipedia. I wish I didn't procrastinate as much as I do. I find it so hard to settle down and focus on things as I always feel there is something else that needs to be done or is more important. I set myself a count of 500 words for my dissertation today and so far I've done 0, and Xfactor is on as I type. No way is that happening!

004. If you want to contact me or ask a question, If its possible I'd rather you tweeted me rather than directly emailling. The likely hood of me replying to emails is about 0 at the moment. Ive got so much to do and so much on my mind, I really struggle to reply to emails. So if you want to know the answer to a questions quickly just tweet me @llymlrs and I should reply asap, rather than having your email unopened in my inbox!

005. Three to Follow: Morven, Kristabel & Sammi

peter pan

Saturday, November 27, 2010

tunic: forever 21 
cardigan: charity shop
leggings: topshop
belt: primark
scrabble ring: vipxo
moustache ring: tatty devine 
necklace: club couture

I actually wore this out last night to the cinema and pub, but snapped it before work this morning, So I did kinda wear this today! It was so cold last night, it took a good 20 minutes in my car for me to feel my toes again! Harry Potter was good, as Im sure you all know. The cinema was packed out, and it made me realise why I never go to the cinema anymore. Too much inappropriate laughter and munching on sweets/popcorn/crisps and slurping on giant cokes! We went to the pub after and literally like 2 minutes after getting a drink my friend Greg got kicked out as he was barred for insulting the landlady and pissing on the bouncer. HA life.

Another of my Forever 21 purchases making their debut on the blog. I love the colour of the tunic, It reminds me of Peter Pan! I cant find the tunic on the website, so sorry I cant link it! But its a lovely bright green marl colour with a frilled out bottom, even though it adds some extra volume to my thighs its lovely! Obviously wearing some thick leggings though as its not even dress length its just crazy short! Especially since I wore my new Chelsea boots too. Club Couture sent me some stuff last week and this necklace was one of the bits, I actually love this necklace. I used to have a similar one from Topshop but it went green after about two wears. Why is Freedom at Topshop stuff always so cruddy?

Im especially loving my hair at the moment, For some reason its actually doing what I want it to do. I havent even changed anything about my very poor hair routine of doing absolutely nothing but backcombing it a bit around the crown! I have re-ombre'ed it last week, and Im probably gonna get it trimmed at some point in the next week (seriously who am I kidding, I totally wont!)

wednesday adams

Friday, November 26, 2010

dress: asos
rosary: via ebay
cross ring: asos
mustache ring: tatty devine
nails: nubar rosso (you can buy it here)

Sometimes you see a dress and you just need it in your life, This Asos Peter Pan dress was perfect, I wanted it so badly buy it was sold out in my size and in the colour way I wanted. I emailled Asos repeatedly asking if it was in stock and even though they claimed it was, it was never on the website. Then Daisy Kate from Fashion Stereotype kindly tweeted me and prodded me in the direction of the Petite version. I bought it in a 10, but could have probably done with a 8 as its a bit baggy on my shoulders. Unfortunately the dress in the Black/White combo has now sold out but you can still get the camel/black one, which is just as cute!

 Now when it comes to Asos and petite it really frustrates me. I find all their dresses abnormally long (regular and petite ranges!). I've actually ranted about this before, Im 5ft5, While not classed as petite I pretty much am. Now maybe its coz I like dresses to hit me at a certain length (mid thigh, needs to be above my knees at least!) but they just come really long. I'm normally lazy and never take things up myself, but because of my pure love for this dress I took it up about two inches. I just think if something classed as petite, it should be short, god knows how long the normal version one, would have probably been a maxi dress on me!

I had to suitably style the dress to fit my Wednesday Adams obsession, Most importantly the fishtail braid to add that little extra nod and the knotted rosary. The rosary has to be one of my all time favourite ebay purchases EVER. Its so versitile and easy to wear, and the red just gives it a little something extra. I even wore my Asos cross ring for another little nod to some gothic glamour! I took off my fake nails todat and opted for the au natural look. My natural nails are horrid but to hide this I used my new favourite polish Nubar Rosso, Its a lovely sparkly red with loads of glitter in, I like it 100 times more than the Barry M glitter polish! Its not flaking off at all!

I'm going to see Harry Potter tonight with KB and Greg! Im not even that much of a HP fan, but the Twitterverse has gone mad for it and I need to see what everyone going on about. I've not read the last book, I have read the others though so it might be a nice surprise! I also won a case of Vitamin Water today in Twitter and £5 on a scratchcard. Lucky day muchhh!

Also, Im not sure if I should embed my outfit videos on the blog or not, what are your thoughts?

sleeping is cheating

Thursday, November 25, 2010

photobooth iz rubbish
Gosh I'm so tired. Like not even regular tired, exhausted. I haven't slept properly all week, and I finally caved in and bought some Nytol in the hope I could at least get one decent nights sleep. I've always been a night owl, My Dad stayed up with me till I went to sleep every night till I was 5, and all through my teens I suffered from bouts of insomnia! Bit of a pain but I'm hoping that my day off tomorrow will help me rest up a bit!

I've purchased some new things from New Look this week, and although its not payday on Tuesday. I thought I'd treat myself, It's also a tad unfortunate that I work there as well to be fair, my money seems to just go full circle and straight back into the till! I'm sure they will pop up on the blog soon but my favorites are this spotted bow vest, this fishermen oversized jumper dress and this lacey cream dress! As for other things I want come payday: this River Island leopard peter pan tunic, this ASOS dip back top, this Topshop cream silk shirt and this Topshop vest in all colours! Hahah I may as well have done a wishlist post tbh! I also NEED to buy the Sims 3.

I've been working on my new university project most of this week which is on the theme of "Measure". Although I initially thought about going down the information graphics route, I wanted to do something a bit different from the standard ones. So after some googling I decided to find out the 500 most used words on twitter (surprised Beiber isnt in it!) and then compare them to the 500 most used words in the english language. I'm just trying to work out how I want to portray this visually, I'm thinking of just doing a floor to wall piece with all the words just listed... hmm! Also my dissertation is going well, I've finally started writing it and I'm on 1534 words, So maybe not being able to sleep has benefited me slightly! 

PS. For everyone who didn't see my Cher Llyod face on Twitter, Here it is in all its glory! Oh and theres a new VIDEO on my Youtube, its on some of my Mac eyeshadows!

Ask LLYMLRS #5: Paid to Blog

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"If you have any questions you would like me to answer in detail, Please email me on LLYMLRS@googlemail.com, And I will try and answer it in as much depth as I can. Ask me about anything you want to know about, It could be art, fashion, beauty, blogging or anything you can think of! For quick/easy questions feel free to just ask me on tweet me!"

"Would you accept money for posting about a certain product or brand? How do you feel about bloggers who are paid?"

This isnt really a question, but really just some thoughts on some of the things I've been considering blogwise recently. As you probably all know, this blog has a huge amount of traffic, Im averaging about 250,000 (yup quarter of a million! eep!) hits a month, and I've really been considering how I could and should try and further my blog in terms of PR, and I decided to do a Ask LLYMLRS on everyone least favourite topic in blogging, Being paid.

I know making money off blogs is quite a controversial issue right now, From people doing sponsored posts, advertisements, getting free stuff and "selling out". Im going to be honest now and say, I earn about £15 a month off my blog and Youtube combined. So much for being a "big" blogger hey! This is through my own choice though, I do have a few videos in the Youtube Revenue Share program, but Im not a partner, I also have one sponsor, and one Google based advert which literally earns pennies! I very rarely accept free items when Im offered them, and also am very picky when it comes to choosing who sponsors the blog!

I decline probably around 90% of the PR related things Im offered and am very conscious of the way you guys feel about me accepting them. In some ways I feel like I'll be selling out. My blog is about me, what I do and what I wear. I dont want you guys to think I'm shoving brands down your throat. But then in the same way, What I wear is an advertisement, Remember when I posted this post, that heart print vest sold out on the website the following day (It did go down in the sale though and there was loads in my local New Look!), Now Im not saying I'm wholly responsible for that, but could the fact that I linked to where I got it from, It could be a contributing factor into why it did? By posting outfit posts featuring the different brands, Im being an advert, just the only difference is I'm not getting paid to do it!

As for my feelings on blogs getting free items, sponsored posts or getting paid, I personally am not bothered by them, Alot of the time they are helpful and informative and make me aware of new things. Especially new things on market I'd not heard or tried before. I do feel alot of bloggers abuse this though, with not being open and giving a full disclaimer of things they are being paid to do. I've seen far too many bloggers and youtubers morph into money hungry walking advertisements. Personally don't push my sponsorship program, I know alot of blogs do a monthly post "calling for sponsors" post! But I haven't really made a big deal about mine. I dont think its wrong for blogs to do that either, personally I think its a smart move!

If I do choose to accept money for posts, and Im not saying that I will be doing them, Im just looking for opinions. I will be my usual picky self and only choose relevant things that I feel would benefit you guys as much as it would me! I am going to make it clear with any brands that I will give my honest and unbiased view on anything Im sent and regardless of any "compensation" I recieve for posting about them. Also just to clarify I wont be doing a sponsored post every week or anything like that, It will just be the occasional thing, and I'm hoping that most of the time I can intergrate them with the blog rather having set posts that are 100% sponsors!

In an ideal world I'd love to live off my blog, To be honest who wouldnt, Spending a few hours typing a post up and getting money for doing something that you love and feel passionate about. Not having to work a crummy 9-5 job just to get by. I know its a unrealistic view, but I'm sure most of us would love to love to live the sweet life if we could! Trust me guys Im not going to be turning into Elle and Blair and blurring the lines between paid and "compensated". Im 100% honest with everything I do or say on this blog. So even if there are "sponsored posts" or me with more freebies, I'll still be my usual honest self.

Id love to know your opinions on things like this, I know its a bit hushhush in the community, but its something Id like to know more about. Am I being smart choosing to accept them or am I making myself look stupid by giving into advertisers. More importantly am I abusing my followers? Would you do sponsored post or adverts? Even if your not a blogger what are your feelings on those who do sponsored posts, do you see as them as being greedy and money hungry, abusing their followers for their own personal gain? Would be interesting to know everyone opinions on this!

sunday portrait week 51

Sunday, November 21, 2010

001. Cardiff was really good, I wore the dress I mentioned last week along with my super cosy tights, SO WARM! Was a laugh a minute really, our cab driver on the way home started singing Sandy from Grease! Also we had this really creepy Andy Warhol/Mark Ronson-esque creeper trying to dance with us in the club!

002. I hate how cold its gotten in the past few days, its supposed to get colder next week too! I've been wearing vests and body suits under everything, and a huge scarf for added warmth! I really want an electric blanket, Hello old lady!! Oh well, I love being wrapped up warm! I've been wearing my snuggly socks everywhere recently!

003. My car is fixed! HURRAYYYY! Luckily it was just the clutch cable that snapped not the whole clutch breaking, so it cost me £80, rather than the £300 I was expecting! Im so greatful for having my car now! I cant believe how much I rely on it to get me around! Im going to take car of my little Fiat Punto from now on!

004. Im going to be doing a questionare at some point in the next week, I really need some feedback on the blog. Anon commented on my formspring, saying "your blogs got so boring recently, you really need to do other things apart from outfit posts" In some ways I feel like I should give in to what people want and do things like makeup tutorials (my makeup is so basic), how to's, features on how to get "my style" (something I think sounds so lame), wishlists (boring) and FOTD's (never!). Honestly though thats not me, I don't want to tell people how to dress or what to wear. I truly believe you should be able to choose clothes you like without being influenced by someone else. Just because I dont like it, it doesn't mean you shouldn't like it! People sometimes ask me if I like X item, and will give them my honest opinion, and then proceed to tell them that "fashion is subjective, if you like it then go for it". I do want new ideas for posts, but I want to stay true to the things I like in blogs, Which to be truthful, at the moment it is pretty much just outfit posts! I do see myself eventually giving in and actually doing them purely because thats what people want,  But I'm just struggling with staying true to myself at the same time.

005. Five (plus a few!)  to Follow Giveaway Edition: Michelle, Rani, Victoria, Lucy, Emma, Heather, Hannah & Amy

pause and repeat

Friday, November 19, 2010

top: forever 21
coat: new look
skirt: H&M
scarf: forever 21
ring: made by vipxo

Photo versions of that outfit I posted the other day! Contrary to popular belief I do wear clothes more than once, I just dont tend to post the same outfits on here. Surely if it was me wearing the same thing over and over you'd totally click off? Am I right? Not much to say about the outfit as I already posted it as a video, I love the way camel and the burgandy look together! Its one of my favourite scarf/coat combination at the moment!

You've probably seen these scrabble rings doing the rounds on the blogs recently, and Im not one to jump on the bandwagon, but when My favourite person in the blogasphere, Victoria emailed me asking id I wanted one! Of course I accepted. My mum got me one last Christmas actually from Rock N Rose (for twice the price too!) and Jared (my brother) stepped on it and broke it ): However I love my new one and You can buy them off her directly on her blog, They only cost £4!

In Lily news today,  I went to one of my favourite art shops in town, and I could have literally bought the whole shop. it sells the most amazing art books and prints, everything from totes to tea towels, to the only place in town that stocks decent art magazines! I had a mini heart attack when I found out they reclocated, and had to rack my brains to try and work out where the new shop was! I'm such a Mike Perry fangirl, and if I could own every piece of art hes ever done would make my life! I also attempted a Brigitte Bardot stylee hairdo, which Im hoping to wear out tomorrow! I also opened my formspring for questions again for a bit, I probably will shut it off again soon though, I get so many questions it does get hard to answer them all! Im also about to apply fake tan for the first time, Mitts at the ready!

so basically

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

tunic: forever 21
leggings: H&M
cardigan: primark
necklace: zara taylor
This a total comfort dressing kinda outfit, I know its basic, and I know its nothing radical either. But theres something about a big cardigan and a simple dress that is so irresistibly easy and cute. I like to dress simply, I think sometimes people over dress with the patterns and different styles, the best outfits are always the ones that are totally understated.

Today I'm just wearing a tunic from Forever 21, Its a really intresting bright blue colour, Id describe it as peacock blue or even petrol blue as its quite dark yet vivid at the same time. Its totally different from anything on the highstreet at the moment which is why I was probably drawn to it! Forever 21 is now avaible online if you wanted to go check it out. Personally I think despite loving Forever 21 from a far it has been a slight disappointment, I love their basics, but nothing particularly stands out in my eyes, which is a shame because I'd be coveting it for so long. The prices seem a little jacked up compared to the US as well. Id recommend checking the jewelery and knitwear out though, they really excelled in that!

Im working till 8 today, so this post is scheduled, how sneaky of me! It didnt post so hence why its so late! Not having a car is so inconvenient, I hate public transport with a passion now! Seeing as I have to leave like two hours before I start work because train times are crap where I live! I canceled my gym membership today as I've not been all month. I hope this doesnt mean all the weight piles back on ): But Im just too busy to fit it in now, Id love to go 3 times a week, but I have no time to do the blog, do my uni work and work in New Look, Ill still have pay as you go, but its £5 a pop, which is ridiculously expensive I think!

Thanks for all your help on yesterdays post! I've checked most of the links out and will report back on Sunday which were my favourite from the bunch!

dress dilemma

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

dress: new look

Im having such a dress dilemma right now, Im going out on Saturday in Cardiff, Well Im supposed to be my friend hasnt got back to me yet. But regardless, I need a party dress. Its ~PARTY SEASONNN~ after all. I simply cannot find anything that suits me! I have a small upper body (aka no boobs!) a small wasit and widish hips. Ill probably wear this with tights and a fur coat, before you go running to the comments to tell me how cold ill be without them or how short my "dress" is! boo you! I really struggle with going out-y stuff, I hardly ever go out, and as a newly single lady, I want to look nice but not slutty, but not too conservative either.

Anyway, what I was going to ask if anyone had any party dresses they have their eye on, and if they could help me solve my dress dilemma! Im sure you all know my style if you want to go looking for a dress for me, It would help me so much if you did! I like black (but could stretch to cream/navy/grey, no brights), floaty but nothing to voluminous, things that are structured but not body con, not too long either as I'm a shorty! I feel like I need a personal shopper! But this will have to do! If you cant be bothered with all that, just link me to ones that you like! Or should I just stick to this one?

PS. Does anyone think my bruise on my leg looks like a face?

winter coat pt.2

Monday, November 15, 2010

sweater: primark
skirt: H&M
coat: george at asda
scarf: zara

Not gonna lie but right now I feel like throwing my macbook out the window and trashing my bedroom, screaming FML FML FML. Today the clutch on my car has gone and now I have no form of transport until I get it fixed, I called up the garage and they wont be able to even see it until Friday. I should have just accepted that stupid courtesy car on my insurance when they offered it. Its gonna cost me three times as much now to get to and from work/uni. Just to make it EVEN better I have to leave my house at 8am on Wednesday for my dissertation lecture and meetings in the morning, then work 2-8 (joys of late night shopping) and then get home around half 9. Seriously FML.


Ok, So yeah, This is my second winter coat post, This one I bought from George at Asda. I did really like this coat from George, and I had actually gone into Asda to get that one. I spotted this one, and thought I just had to have it. I sized up because I wanted a more skirted shape, the 10 looked a bit straight and I wanted it to flare out a little. I love the faux fur trim round the hood, It looks so cute! I love that my face is exactly the same in all the photos!You can view the video of the outfit post here. Its a bit craptastic because the colours are totally wrong, For some reason they look really different on my computer to how they uploaded. Ah well, Still learning with youtube, so whatevz!

sunday portrait week 50

Sunday, November 14, 2010

001. Same old same old guys. Nothing great or fun has been done this week. Although I saw Due Date on Monday (or was it Tuesday) with my friend Greg. It was really good and I totally recommend going to see it! Hopefully will be going to see Jackass 3D this week! My 14 year old self would be totally excited about it, But I'm in two minds about it. Alot of people say its good, but some say its pretty sick.

002. I'm going to Cardiff next week for my friends birthday next week, So I need to desperately find a dress that will come before Saturday. I really like this one. But the idea of wearing white out clubbing makes me nervous. One luminous alcopop later and it would be ruined. So has anyone got their eye on any nice (ie not slutty) going out stuff, please help me!

003. I am venturing into the world of Youtube, and properly this time. I've bought a new camera as per recommendation of Gemma.I'm always asked "do more videos... do more videos... do more videos!" I occasionally wonder if people dont actually read what I say and find it "easier" (convenient, less effort innit!) if I do a video. But I just want to point out that this blog is my priority, and the rest is just a cheeky bonus. I am trying to run "OOTD" videos alongside the actual blog posts though, to try and integrate the two. As someone said in the comments of yesterdays post, Its nice to see it in "3D". But yes, I wont be doing makeup tutorials, No matter how many times I'm asked. It will literally just be vlogs, my consumerist thoughts on things, reviews and recommendations.

004. The new layout is coming along nicely, I'm still in two minds about changing the banner. If you don't know the story of it, I drew it on a napkin in Mcdonalds, well before the blog even came about, I actually just used it for a placeholder when designing the original layout and its stuck ever since! I'm tempted to just redo the background and then keep the banner, whats your thoughts? Theres also going to be a new comments system, one that makes it easier for me to reply to comments, Cant wait to finish it up and get it live!

005. Five to Follow: Irene, Lauren, Lucy, Alison & Claire


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hello strangers! I've been busy doing things and not really having time to post properly. I went to the Forever 21 opening on Friday in Birmingham and it was really good! I really liked the shop, it was merchandised well (the way the clothes are put out) and had a lot of really nice stuff. I bought a few things, Not as much as I expected to actually! I did film a haul video, But decided not to post it Im sure will be popping up on the blog in a proper outfit post soon! I will give more indepth thoughts about it soon too!

I filmed this quick video before I dashed out this morning, Don't worry it doesn't mean I'm stopping doing the blog, or giving up on doing proper outfit posts! Remember guys that Youtube isn't my main priority! This blog is! It was simply just a quickie video to tide me over till next week when I hope to have some more outfits properly photographed. Ideally Id like to be able to do three outfit posts a week, Two at the very least. But this week has been a fail on that! I may just do these quick videos alongside the actual blog posts, They don't take me long to do an seeing as time is so precious for me right now its a little more convenient! I hate the expression "OOTD", I think its so lame, But in terms of making the video a bit more search-able, I shall be labeling them ~OOTD's~ *cringe*. Gosh Im changing my ways and doing things against everything I believe in!

I've not been up to much though in my time away from the keyboard, Just been working at New Look and working on my dissertation. Which I have actually decided to do on Internet Meme's, It really does make me question my own sanity when I spend most of my time on 4chan laughing at trolls and memes in the name of research! Listing it as a legitimate reference in my bibliography as well makes me lol! Oh well! Tomorrow Im spending the day doing blog related stuff, Alot of really interesting and fun stuff has popped into my inbox this week, I really need to get replying and sorting things out! Exciting! Please dont think I'm forgetting you guys though, Its just hectic! Im hoping to reduce my hours at work next year so I cant focus a bit more on this! I know that sounds a bit sad, But this blog is something I care about as much as university and working. I used to not see it as a career opportunity, But now things have changed, Maybe I dont have a massive passion for writing but I love sharing my thoughts and opinions with you guys!

super cosy tights

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

primark microfibre tights with super cosy lining

I love opaque tights, because obviously if you haven't noticed I NEVER WEAR TROUSERS! I have a box full of different pairs of tights in various deniers. I pretty much live in leggings or tights all year round. I like tights that are super opaque and really black. I feel like they slim my legs down and look really chic.

My old favourite tights were the New Look 100dens, Although I can never seem to find them anymore in their stores. I also have worn Primark 100dens, but do not do it for me at all, I don't think they look opaque enoughl! And as much as Id love to fork out for some more expensive tights, The ammount I get through in terms of holes, ladders and rips, its just not economical! I tend to wear normal Primark tights (between 20-70 den). However I spotted this addition to their ever growing hosiery section, and since buying them I cant imagine wearing anything else! They are hands down THE best tights I've ever owned! They have a really warm fuzzy lining, and they have the super opaque look of leggings but with feet. Absolutely perfect for me!

This is obviously going to be a really irrelevant post to anyone who doesnt live in the UK, and has no acess to Primark, But hey! Id really reccomend them though if you do see them! Now Im not going to say OMGZ THEY WILL NEVAAA RIP. Coz hey, even good quality tights are prone to a nasty ladder or two! I dont think For £3 as well you can go wrong really! They are cheaper than your average pair of leggings as well as keeping your feet warm!

Do you have any favourite tights? Where do you get yours from? 
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