sunday portrait week 48

Sunday, October 31, 2010

001. Obviously a last minuite halloween inspired photo! Of course this wasnt my first choice of outfit, I would have ideally donned a Hulk Hogan costume or a Keyboard Cat one. But yeah I went with Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange. Took me ages to decide how to draw the lashes on, I was gonna stick some on, But all my lashes I have didnt look quite right! I tried my Illasmasqua liner, a pencil as well as Loreal Superline Carbon Gloss before deciding to just use a fluidline, and prooving my point about it not looking black enough, its just looking really grey on camera!!

002. Spent some time with my baby brother today, he had his spider costume on for halloween which was amazing! I also baked some cupcakes and have been for a massive gym session! I've slacked on the gym recently, I don't remember the last time I went, and I certainly haven't been this week! Theres no way I could go back to my everyday sessions, but I'm really going to start trying to do four times a week! The clocks going back as spun me out completely! It feels so late but to early at the same time! Im not looking forward to coming home in the dark all the time though! Seeing as I work on the basement floor at New Look, I'm probably not going to see sunlight for the next few months!

003. Schedule for the week is probably going to be monthly favorites tomorrow, a colour trend post (any colour suggestions?) and a couple of outfit posts. I will hopefully also get around to posting my final artwork for that Love/Hate project you all helped me out with! Ive spent the whole day laying it out and editing bits ready to print. I decided to go with doing 2 A3 prints, if I have time in the future I want to get it professionally printed by Blurb and make a proper book! Im tempted to pursue this project in the future as one of my final major projects for my degree!

004. Not to big myself up, but this week the blog has hit over 1.5 million page views & last months visitor rate was a whopping 200,000! I don't think I say thank you enough to everyone who take the time to read my blog, comment and make me feel so welcome.  I never dreamed (and still now I find it hard to put it in real terms!) that I actually would get this many followers! You guys are the best!

005. I am going to be completely re-designing the blog at some point this week, As much as I do like this blog layout it needs to be switched up as Im getting sick of it. The titles arent working, I need more link space, and I want to make it a bit more colourful! Who knows I might even change that banner, Even though its been there for FOREVER!

warm and cosy

Friday, October 29, 2010

dress: pussycat @ new look
cardigan: marks and spencers via charity shop
scarf: zara
brooch: primark
ring: asos
nails: barry m 297 blue glitter

Been wearing this outfit for the past few days at work, I just wanted to show you as its my favorite thing to wear at the moment. The cardigan was actually something I picked up from a charity shop months and months ago and totally forgot about, I pulled the other day it out coz it was super warm, and I still dont have a winter coat! Its been stuck to me ever since! Its made of really thick chunky wool, and its SO warm, Ive not actually been cold and I've been wearing this and just a dress for the past few days! The dress is old stock Pussycat concession from New Look, If you didn't know, I work for the concessions at New Look (Hereford)! It went down to £5 in the sale, so you might be able to find it if you have a rummage.

Missed my Screen printing class today so I'm a bit grumpy. I woke up at half 9 and had to be in for 10 for it! Ugh! I really wanted to do a screen print for my Love/Hate project! Ill see if I can fit another session in next week! Cant wait for the clocks to go back on Sunday, extra hour in bed! Its also Halloween, Im not doing anything but if I was I'd either dress up as Hulk Hogan or the Keyboard cat! On the subject of the Keyboard Cat, When looking for that Keyboard cat song, I found that there was a SECOND KEYBOARD CAT (R.I.P Fatso!). I lolled forever at this video!

What are you dressing up for as for halloween?

winner & where its from!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Right, I'm so sorry this has taken me FOREVER to get up properly! As you can tell from the original post, I have had 1430 comments to go through with, plus extra entries and tweets to check! I was keeping up with the contest until about two weeks in and then I got busy and have literally just finished adding all the names into my spreadsheet! Just to verify, The winner was picked at random using, Like I said all names are put into a spreadsheet, and then I generate a random number and voila the winner is chosen! So without further a do the winner is...

If you can please email me and let me know your address, I do have your email address, I just want to make sure they aren't ligging and or not properly following my blog! If no contact within 3 days I shall pass it on to the next person!

I just want to say thanks to everyone who helped entered, tweeted, posted and linked to my giveaway, I really cannot believe how many people entered! Its overwhelming! I do have another giveaway lined up, well it is in the process of being sorted out at the moment, but should run nicely alongside Christmas!

I know alot of people wanted this bag, I do feel bad for not letting you all know where I bought it from sooner, I thought it was just ruin it a bit. Believe it or not I actually bought it from eBay, I was literally trawling eBay trying to find the perfect bag for giveaway, I never really intitally wanted to give and Alexa style one away, I was just looking for some sort of satchel, I came across this one, and for the price I took my chances! It came within about 7-10 days and really well packaged, No problems what so ever!

cross ring

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ring: asos
nails: barry m 297

Excuse the edited ~artsy~ colours, my flash was making me look like a Oompa Lumpa so colours just had to be hipster-fied! Words cannot describe how excited I was when I came across this AMAZING two fingered cross ring on ASOS. I wanted the Forever 21 version ever since it came out months and months ago but I always held back from buying it because it was going for silly silly prices! All the US bloggers had it, and it was all over Tumblr! People were going mad for this ring! I would google at least once a week in the hope I'd be able to find a cheap on! For £8 (with free P+P) you cant go wrong! Ive doused it in clear nail polish in the hope it wont go green too quickly! For anyone interested in getting one, I got mine in small and it fits all my fingers apart from the thumb (obvz!) I'm normally a small in most rings, Although I did buy a medium and a large too just to check I'd get the right size!

In other Forever 21 news, I hear the Birmingham store is opening on the 12th November apparently, Im so excited! I love Forever 21, and I cant wait to get my hands on some of their goodies! Especially their rings and jewellery! I wonder how the prices are going to be over here compared to the USA. Im hoping its going to be in the New Look/H&M price bracket! I'll have to make sure I make a special trip just to go there once its open! Im so glad the stores opening in Birmingham rather than somewhere super hard for me to get too!

you really got me

Monday, October 25, 2010

top: asos (I got a size 8)
skirt: H&M
hat: H&M
ring: primark
tights: primark
necklace: zara taylor

I hate having such a moody photo face! I just find it so hard to smile and pose at the same time! I just end up with a solemn crabby bitchy looking face! I promise I smile IRL! I love these big long sleeved oversized tops that all the shops are doing at the moment! I have one from Topshop, Peacocks and this Asos one has now added to the collection. They are nice and flattering and great to layer over things, I'm wearing a Topshop bodysuit under mine to keep me warm! Its got so cold over the past week, and seeing as I still dont have a winter coat I'm doing anything to keep warm! I haven't worn polka dot tights in forever either, I just thought they would add a little something extra to my outfit! And the hat... Well I loved it when I got it but struggle to make it work with some outfits! Its a great little hat but sometimes it just makes me look weird ya know... When I tried it on with a long Mac my friend said I looked like a pedophile!

Skipped university today to start doing research on my dissertation, I haven't even decided what Im going to do it about yet. I've been looking for relevant and researchable topics. My intial idea was to do it on internet memes and image macros and how things like that have spread all around the internet. But I think trying to explain lol cats to my Cultural Studies tutor would result in a face palm! I've got to the point where I'm thinking about doing it on the infamous Gap logo and other examples of when re-branding goes wrong! Its also the last week of my Love/Hate project so Im trying to finalize all my artwork and typography for that, it looks amazing and with all your imput it really helped me along with the concept!

If you haven't seen my latest Youtube video, you can watch it here!

sunday portrait week 47

Sunday, October 24, 2010

001. Bad blogger alert! Sorry that I was MIA this week, social life took charge and I decided to do that instead in the evenings than doing this! It made a nice change, But I love the social side of blogging too! I went out on Friday night which was hilarious, I love going out with university people, We don't go out together half as much as we should do! Im not much of a drinker, seriously like twice a year at most, Thankfully I didnt feel TOO bad in the morning! Was just exhausted from coming home at 4am!

002. Been filming a video this afternoon, which will probably go up later tonight or tomorrow! Alot of people asked about those Andrew Barton Triple Barreled wavers that I said I'd bought and didn't like, So I did a review, Its pretty negative but I'll link it here when its uploaded! I am actually thinking of starting a new blog with my thoughts on things I buy/reviews/stuff that doesn't fit on this blog. I always want this to be a Fashion blog, I'm thinking of calling it ETC LLYMLRS or something like that! We shall see!

003. I'm going to do a Stickam chat tonight, my username is LLYMLRS , I did do a Blog TV last time, but with Stickam you can have other people on camera and talking too, I thought it would be fun to have a few people talking rather than just me! You do have to be a member though so sign up & add me! Or feel free to lurk! But I'd love to talk to more people! Will post on Twitter when I do decide to start it though, Probably after Xfactor (9PM GMT!)!

004. Just for laughs me and Victoria posted some pictures on Twitter of us in our scene/emo days! You can see all of my photos here (each word links to different pictures!), Funny enough "llymlrs emo" is the 12th most searched for thing that is linked into my blog! The isn't something I'd hide from you guys! I know I look totally different I was like 14-16, and I am 20 now! I don't regret those days at all, I think its a weird question when people ask that, To be honest those Myspace days were the best time of my life!

005. Five to Follow: Chloe, Helen, Carla, Hope, Lauren

PS. People do know when something is in this grey colour, its a link. I normally expand or add some relevant information to my posts for people who dont understand what I mean or really get what Im talking about! Just Sayin' coz alot of people ask me things and if they followed the link it would all be explained!

catch up

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hello my loves, Sorry its been a slow week on the blog front! I just haven't really had the time to blog properly, I've got tons of half written posts to share at some point though! It feels like I havent talked to you guys properly in ages, Even though its been like three days and I'm still chatting away on Twitter!

Went to see The Social Network on Tuesday afternoon with Greg and Kyle, I thought it was really good, But if you ask me why I thought it was good I really cant give you a proper answer. It was just really interesting, it didnt really have anything that stood out, it wasn't a comedy film, it didn't have any explosions or high action bits, nothing lovey dovey or unrealistic. It was just a real story that really kept your interest as you watch it. I think its major appeals to people because its real, Its something thats part of our daily lives! Hands up who checks Facebook everyday! Id totally recommend for everyone to see it!

There was a fire in town today, It set fire to the Card Factory, Anne Summers and River Island. Me being a idiot was walking round town on my lunch thinking "Oh ill just pop to River Island for those shorts... DOH" The thought of all those clothes being ruined *sniff* Its being hailed as the "Herefords worst fire for 100 years"- Radio One (I lolled!) I was hoping I wouldnt have to go to work today, but unfortunately it didnt affect out end of town.

Other notable things from the past few days: I want to be Tim Curry in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, bought some triple barrelled wavers and didn't like them, got my eye on a coat for winter, bought a new lens for my camera, got some great things coming up in the next month or two which I cant wait to share with you, finished all my drawings for my love/hate project, managed to get my car insurance down to £600 even that's expensive, my diets gone out the window no thanks to being ill + Colonel Sanders! & FINALLY sorted my student loan out properly!

Im not working or going to University tomorrow so I WILL do a outfit post and maybe film a video!

mustard scarf

Monday, October 18, 2010

shorts: H&M
blazer: topshop
scarf: zara
necklace: zara taylor

You may have seen this before... I was naughty and too these photos yesterday, I didn't know what time I'd get home today so thought I'd be prepared for a change! Instead I was home sipping a cuppa by 4pm, which is a rarity at the moment! These photos make me realize how much I need a new lens for my camera, I really hate the quality of them! I'm never going to be satisfied! I have asked Father Christmas, But I think I'll probs run out of patience in the run up to Christmas and buy myself one next payday!

Motel Rocks sent me a little package this week with a few other dresses to show and style up! This dress is one of the ones I picked, It makes my waist look small (good) but my hips big (bad!) Despite this I do really love the shape, Even if it does make my hips look much wider than they are, Its nice to have a dress fit me so well for a change. I got this in a size M, which is supposed to be a Size 12, But its very fitted on me, So I'd say size up if you were thinking of getting it too! And at 5ft 5, It was scandalously short on me hence the shorts, So I wouldn't expect it to be a dress on anyone taller than me! Motel has free delivery and free returns (Always a plus in my book! Free shipping junkie!) and their selection of day and nightwear is really great! I like it when shops do dresses in the same fabrics/prints but in different styles! H&M does this well too, There is nothing worse than seeing a dress made out of a lovely pattern to try it on and the shape be totally wrong for you!

Had massive problems with canceling my car insurance today, I had a massive rant at this poor bloke, which I feel really bad about now, But my insurance company are just so rubbish! Someone made a claim against me, which I'm contesting, but despite sending off the forms and whatnot I haven't heard anything back from them. Upon asking how long it would take, the man replied 5 years max! I was like "YOUR KIDDING RIGHT! BLAHBLAHBLAH", So yeah, Now I have to pay my full car insurance and I cant even say I've got no claims as there's a claim going on at the moment. Majorly pissed off as its going to cost me like a £1000 this year, and thats using a comparison website! I'm probably going to go to the gym tonight, Despite the fact my chest is aching and my nose is running like mad! Me and my bezzie, Greg, shared a packet of Cold/Flu medicine today, Which seemed to ease my pain a bit, But I'm feeling very lethargic tonight! I think a little session at the gym will re-energize me, or at least make up for the fact I ate a 12 inch chicken tikka subway with extra cheese! My bad!

sunday portrait week 46

Sunday, October 17, 2010

001. What a suprise! I'm sick again, Im sorry I have done another Photobooth one of these, Half my face makeup has rubbed off anyway and my nose is dry and red, Plus Xfactors on and I really cant be bothered! I haven't really looked after myself this week as I've been rushing around like there is no tomorrow! Every single day this week I've been leaving my house around half 8 and getting back at 6 or 7pm! Next week Im going to be much better, Try and relax more and not push myself so hard! I'm so driven sometimes its hard to actually sit down and do nothing!

002. On Friday night I did a impromtu Blog TV, I've never done one before but it was so much fun talking to people! We talked about the most random things (children pooing in ballpits & 90's TV shows!), It was a all round good laugh! I'd love to do more of these to be honest! I cant decide if I want to do them on blogTV or on Stickam though! We shall have to see!

003. I did a quick (and very nasally!) review on youtube, of my new favourite eyeliner, which is Illamasqua Precision Ink liquid eyeliner! Its not the most perfect video ever, but people seem to like it when I do videos, So there ya go! I will try and do one video a week, but its hard to fit in & I really hate the Macbook quality!

004. There has been some issues with people viewing the blog in IE 7 or below, Its not displaying the blog as its supposed to look, Its three columns, no scrolling down to view the posts! I seriously think everyone should use Firefox as browser, Its so much safer than Internet Explorer, It has a million better features and addons than IE too! I cant believe people still use IE! Its actually the fourth most used browser that my blogs viewed in!

005. Five to follow: Kelly, Gem (HAPPY BLOGAVERSAIRY FOR TOMOZ!), Emma, Victoria & Kelly!
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