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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sorry I've been a tad M.I.A on here over the last 48 hours (the horror!), I had a little bout of blogger blues, Everything I was writing wasn't good enough, interesting enough and to be honest, I just couldn't be bothered. I'm still terribly run down from being sick last week, I come home from work and all I want to do is sleep. Bloggings pissing me off too, As much as I really do love blogging and sharing, I always feel like people want so much from me, it might sound weird and I know people will be like "just dont blog, its supposed to be fun blahblah!" I just feel like I'm under this constant pressure to be "LLYMLRS" (my pet hate is when people refer to me as LLYMLRS, thats my blogs name, not mine! Its Lily if you didnt know!)

Im definitely one of those people who would rather just not post than see the quality of my blog slip.I have the day off tomorrow, and I'm currently finishing off my September favorite which will definitely be up tomorrow, But I may go against everything I believe in and do two posts in one day, because I REALLY want to show you a dress I bought the other day! At the end of the day please just bare with me, I just want to get better and fall back in love with my blog. So if Im slow, I'm not gone, Im probably just on Twitter...

PS. If you want to read something good, I did an interview for Sara which you can read here.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

shirt: primark
shorts: H&M
cardigan: H&M
leggings: topshop

Wasn't actually going to post this today, I was gonna leave it till Wednesday and post a Ask LLYMLRS on what I think makes a sucessful blog. But it isnt quite finished yet, It needs some tweaking, some images taken for it as well as a disclaimer written as I can imagine people getting offended by it *rolls eyes*. So ill switch it up a bit and do this today, and then the Q&A on Wednesday!

I am also sporting the giveaway bag purely for promotional purposes, I haven't used it so dont think your having my cast off's or anything! It is brand new and never been used! Just posed with! Today I opted for a topknot even though they make me look like a Victorian Nanny! Im having such bad hair days at the moment, . I bought this shirt from Primark while I was in London last week, I know its sheer, I know you can see my bra, before you scream "OMG U SLUT", I quite like the bra poking through a sheer shirt, I think it looks really cute! I may get a strapless bodysuit to go under it though for winter thought, I dont think my nips would forgive me!

I have a Calender Girls style shoot tomorrow morning (7:30 ugh!) for my friends Charity. I dont know if you guys have been reading for that long but my best friend died of cancer back in March, and I've been wanting to do something to raise money for it for a while now. I was going to do a marathon (hence why I run so much!) but Im still a bit worried Im not gonna be able to do that so when the opportunity to do a Calender girls thing for the charity I jumped at the chance. I am worried about getting my baps out in the bakery I used to work in (wheyy pun!) but hey, Its for a cause so close to my heart I'd happily do anything to raise money for him!

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

001. I'm feeling SO much better today, I can talk without being in too much pain, My voice is slowly returning, still quite deep and hoarse, but the lady I spoke to from the SLC could understand me! It was surprisingly pain free when trying to apply for my Student Loan too which shocked me to no end! For the past two years I've had so much trouble with them! Lets hope nothing goes wrong though! *crosses fingers*

002. I get paid on Friday and I already have a paycheck wishlist going, I want quite a few bits from Topshop, a coat from New Look,  a ASOS fedora style hat and a pair of shorts from River Island. I need to also keep in mind its only three more paychecks till Christmas! I've got loads planned for Christmas (IRL and for the blog!) and I really need to start shopping and organizing things. I'm terrible at Christmas shopping as it stresses me out beyond belief!

003. My eyelashes have taken a complete battering from my overuse of false lashes, They are crazily short, super dry and very stubby at the moment and its really annoying. I'm going to start one of the many lash growth products on the market, taking some pointers from the queen of lash growth, Laura. I'm either going to  splash out and buy a high end one, or maybe try one of the cheaper ones that are creeping into the "drugstores" like Loreal Renewal Lash Serum or Rapidlash, Im gonna have to do some research. All I know is I want my lashes back! Its such a shame because I love wearing my lashes!

004. I put some more stuff on my blogshop, I deleted all the old things because apparently its confusing because people cant read it says sold, I've put up two jackets, one that is a cordoroy shearling jacket and the other a oversized camel blazer. I seriously have tons more to go up next week I just need time to photograph it!

005.  Five to Follow: Victoria, Zoe, Charlotte, Pheobe, Amanda

green with envy

Saturday, September 25, 2010

top: topshop
shorts: primark
faux fur stole: H&M
rosary: ebay

I called in sick for work today, It was probably the most embarrassing thing I've ever done, seeing as I cant talk and no one understood what I was saying. All that came out was a high pitched sqeak, I hope they got the idea in the end! I think I do have Laryngitis, I feel absolutely awful.I've not done much today, I've been napping alot and watching Man v. Food! Which is my favourite TV show at the moment, Theres something about all those gross, carby, fatty (and cheesey!) foods that just makes me want! I always say to Ivor "OMGG I COULD SO EAT THAT" (which I so could!) but he doesn't believe me!

My "sick day" choice of attire is just as appropriate as my "cold weather" dressing. Yes, I'm wearing a faux fur stole and leather shorts for what pretty much has just been a day in bed, As if you'd expect anything less ;) I was going to buy the topshop tri marl jumper in purple but after seeing it in-store I decided on the green! I decided on the fur after seeing this H&M look at the show, I thought the idea of fur scarf/waistcoat over something basic was inspiring, I remembered earlier that I bought the fur stole last year from H&M! I reckon I only wore it a few times, But I think it will be getting some good wear this A/W! I don't know if they have anything like this this year, But its worth checking!

I genuinely hate the way I look in these pictures, Ive got such a puffy face because my glands have swollen up! Someone on Formspring asked me a question if I thought I was "pretty/goodlooking", to which I said well I dont think Im digusting and I dont think Im crazy pretty either. Someone also asked if the fact that I'm "attractive" means more people follow me. Its never occurred to me people viewed blogs like that, I've honestly never thought of it in that sense. Personally, I wouldnt say I do. I mean, Its not like I think the people I follow arent goregous, but to me its more than just the photographs that make a good blog! I've had people say to be before they are worried that they arent attractive enough to blog, which I think in ludicrous, Everyone can blog, you could resemble a bearded lady for all I care, as long as your blogs a fun and interesting read, whether you are hot or not shouldn't matter! Do you follow blogs just because the blogger is pretty?

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Friday, September 24, 2010

photobooth pictures from the LOOK show
Hey everyone, Sorry for a lack of update yesterday, and the fact todays update is also a bit craptastic! My boyfriend has gone off to University today (Goldsmiths, London to do Music Computing for everyone asking!) and I'm a bit sick. I think I might have laryngitis, I cant speak properly at all and its all coming out very hoarse or croaky! I'm a total cybercohondriac! A internet self-diagnoser, anything that is slightly wrong with me goes straight into google and it gets me worrying! Although I do actually think I have it! I hope it gets better soon as its really bringing me down. I have work at New Look tomorrow too, but if I cant speak I'm gonna have to call in sick. I HATE calling in sick, I always try and work through it, but if I'm going to not be able to talk to the customers I'm really gonna have a problem!

I'm sure your sick to death of me going on about the Look Show, but If you didnt know I won the overall competition and there is a nice little feature about me on their website! Horrid picture of me but whatever! As part of winning, Im being sent some prizes! I'll be getting them next week hopefully. One of the prizes is £250 to spend at Spoiled Brat, Some Wildfox tee's will certainly be coming my way! I'll be posting all the goodies I get when I actually know all the bits and bobs!

To talk about a few other things that's happened recently, I really liked Jen's post on Negativity in the Blog world! Its so hard to ignore the anons, as like with most things its the horrid comments that stick in your mind compared to the nice ones! I certainly struggle with the concept of "just ignore them", I'm a confrontational person in real life and I wouldn't just ignore. I would most definitely respond and say something back! I think there is alot of hate/jealousy/negativity going on right now in the blogasphere, which is such a shame!

Anyway guys, I'm gonna spend my night catching up on this weeks Gossip Girl and the season premiere of Glee!
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