august favourites

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Each month I bookmark all my favourite outfits, then on the last day of the month I post my favorite 100 from that particular month! Its basically a super massive post of visual inspiration for outfits for the coming months! All found via Lookbook, Chictopia + blogs I follow. All images to their respective blog according to their number at the bottom, So if you want to see more of a specific persons outfits, see the credits!"

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what makes him act so bad

Monday, August 30, 2010


playsuit: primark
blazer: topshop
ring: H&M
necklace: zara taylor
lipstick: MAC viva glam gaga

Its Ivors birthday tomorrow, but were going out tonight as He wants to do his own things tomorrow. So hopefully (If he texts me back in time!) were going to Nandos and seeing Scott Pilgram vs The World! Any Nandos fans out there? I always have Chicken Pitta Medium Hot with Sweet Potato mash, So good! Seeing as were doing nothing special, I just threw on a playsuit, which I bought yesterday and thought was a dress, But its super cute as a playsuit too so it wins, as well as my trusty blazer from Topshop. I'm still embracing the middle part, my hair is starting to learn how to stay like it, But I keep unconsciously moving my hair back to its side part when I swoosh my hair around!

Having some serious envy issues over everyone's Models Own hauls! I didn't end up buying in the end as I was finding it too stressful trying to choose some! Im actually pretty gutted! Oh well you win some you loose some. I haven't actually done my nails in a few days, My nails are so ruined from back when I had acrylics, and then to keep changing my press on nails its just made them really thin and rubbish.

Last night Rivers from Weezer tweeted me and I honestly nearly wet myself. Im so gutted that Weezer delcined to be filmed at Reading and Leeds festival, Big love to Greg for ringing me during it so I could enjoy it! The only other "famous" person to tweet me was that guy, Orlando, From the Gap Yah video. Haha. I also hit over 1,000 followers on my Twitter yesterday! Thanks everyone, Y'all to sweet! Im a bit of a twitter addict so I tweet all the time, and reply to most tweets, so come chat!

sunday portrait week 40

Sunday, August 29, 2010

001. How is everyone today? Im good, Nice to catch up on some sleep! I went shopping this morning on my own (I hardly ever do this!) I was supposed to be getting Ivor a birthday present but ended up buying loads for myself, although about 60% of it is going back as I just regret buying somethings ie. Primark dresses which are too long for me!

002. I'm so so so so so so behind on my emails, Like some of them are seriously about a week without any reply. I promise if you've mailed me I will try and get back to you. Some of you send me such long emails I really want to settle down and read them and give them a proper response so they normally take alot longer! I will try today and get things replied to! I try to get back to PR related ones first, then the ones that can be answered quickly, then the longer ones and then the interviews!

003. Next week I've got planned a twist on the standard monthly favorites tag, Im hoping to do a how they wore column as well as revealing a little about my new blogging project which is basically about bloggers answering current fashion issues and blogging topics! Also If anyone has suggestions for the how they wore columns leave them in the comments or drop me a email, Like if you have something and your not quite sure how to wear it (I was going to go with shearling jackets, but other suggestions are welcome!)

004. Spending my weekend watching Reading and Leeds Highlights. Sometimes I forget how much I love some bands. Watching NOFX highlights is making me fangirl so much over Fat Mike, Its not that hes even sexy, hes just a blimmin' cool guy! My other weird crush is Josh Homme from Queens of the Stonage, Hes a sexysexy man! Had a little fangirl cry over The Libertines (my old favourite band!) as well as loving Arcade Fire so much! Tonight I will probs be getting over excited about Blink182 + Weezer (one of my current favourite bands, My friend Greg rang me from their Leeds set!), Although seeing a Blink 182 reform may be really weird, I dunno but it doesnt feel "right" if your a fan on Blink182 you may get what I mean!

005. A little big of bloglovin' this week. Three to Follow: Quite Quaint such a cute little blog & Im loving her new outfit photo style! Kim's blog who I actually know IRL & Fashion Sterotype, Her style reminds me so much of my own, and her blogs really great!

new friend request

Friday, August 27, 2010


shirt: vintage
cardigan: primark
playsuit: H&M
rings: primark

I've been eyeing up one of those Pussybow neck blouses that we currently have in stock in New Look. The sheerness gets me though, I tend to avoid sheer things because I never know really what to wear underneath things! As much as I'd love the confidence to just wear a bralet or something under it I just cant! I just threw on this H&M playsuit that I tend to wear for layering all the time! I need some black shorts, I really like these twill ones again from New Look (Working there exposes you to so all of the nice pieces!) But I tried them on the other day and they didnt look right, I think I want some really baggy droopy kinda puffy looking ones. Im thinking really old fashioned tudor stylee puffy. Does anyone get what I mean or am I just dreaming about something unobtainable?

I'm probably the only blogger in the UK who hasn't indulged in the Models Own 50% off sale (The codes FACEBOOK50), Despite actually saying I wanted stuff from there. I've got till midnight to decide which shades I want/need. Someone enable me!

Todays my day off "YAYYY"! So I've done nothing what so ever. Although drinking lots of tea, stopping people faking me on teenspot, replying to emails and online shopping! I'm definitely going to the gym at some point today probably right after I post this actually! I haven't been working out half as much as Id like to be! I might lighten my ends of my hair again tonight if I can be bothered to run to town before the shops close! They are quite blonde, but I'm wanting more of a Drew Barrymore fade compared to a lighter one like I currently have!

Oh, And a note, I've had some issues with blog "copying" recently. I really don't care if you do copy my clothes or my style, if you copy & paste my content or ideas then that's another story! well with my ideas, you can use them, as long as you credit! Feel free to use some of my blog features ideas but just say y'know! Credit where credits due! I emailed one of them and their response was totally rude and defensive, and I was honestly a little pissed off. On one hand I think yeah being inspired by someones outfit, yeah cool. Hey,I am all the time. But I always try and put my own stamp on it! Anyway the moral of this story is, Try and make things your own! well even if you are going to copy, how about just saying on this was inspired/borrowed from Lily @ LLYMLRS, rather than go through people calling you out?

thanks for the memories

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Someone on Formspring asked me about the bracelets I always wear, and I was talking to Christina and she was telling me about her bracelets that she wears daily too. I currently wear 6 different ones, Each has its own meaning to me and my past, I thought I'd share them with you! No they don't smell (that is a common question I'm asked!) and No I never take them off! I even had my festival bands on at my Dads wedding!

Reading Festival 2006+2007 wristbands: Yeap, I still have these on, 4 years and counting! Reading Festival 2006 was the first time I ever went to a festival, and it was amazing. I met so many amazing people and have such brilliant memories from it. From finding a trampoline with my friend Sara and then never finding it again, Hugging Carl Barat and petting his poorly arm and singing Bohemian Rhapsody with like 1000 people!

Freshers Fest 2008 Sheffield Hallam: From my short but well loved stint at Sheffield Hallam University. It makes me think of the city and the people I met their. Its a shame I left because I kinda regret it now, However its still memories!

Black beaded bracelet: Ivor gave me a bracelet like this on the first ever date we went on. Silly I know but it was kinda "our" relationship thing, When I was in New Zealand last year my baby brother, Zak, kept playing with it so I took it off to give it to him to play with, Of course because I'm so used to having it on my wrist I thought nothing of it until we got to a Motel and I hadn't got it. It had fallen out somewhere along the way and I was so upset I couldn't stop crying! However months later Ivor actually found me an indentical one and now I have it back!

Turkish Eye: They are supposed to protect you from bad spirits and that, So my mum bought me one when I was being troubled by really bad dreams and little bit of depression, Maybe it didn't really help but it does remind me that Im always protected from things and I shouldnt worry as much as I do!

Jesus Bracelet Thing: I'm really not sure what the correct name for this is but if you know please correct me! My mum bought me a wooden one when I firsted started being with Ivor, Ivors a right posh boy, well he went to private catholic school and my Mum thought I should get one too impress him! However that one broke eventually so my Step Dad bought me this plastic one in Turkey when we went a few weeks ago!

I'm always adding and taking away from the wrist, But those are the ones that really stick with me, Do you have anything you wear daily? Or something that means so much to you and holds all your memories? Let me know!

PS. Will get back to everyone regarding my new little project, If you follow me on Twitter you'd know already, I'm at Ivor's right now and hes bugging me to get off the laptop so we can watch a movie! Will be posting about it tomorrow or Friday as I've got a day off! Yayyy!

those shoes

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


If you've be reading LLYMLRS for a long time, you'd know what my all time favourite pair of shoes are. My leopard moccasins are seriously the favourite item that I own! I bought them for £2 in Primark about two years ago then I started wearing them non stop. I've worn them in the snow, rain, sun, wind I even wore them on the beach when I was in New Zealand! So much love, that they became a bit battered, and I was starting to lament the fact I was never going to get another pair of them. Other leopard shoes have come into my life, but none have captured my heart like those shoes. Despite their battered appearance, I cant bare to think about throwing the old ones away! Id stopped wearing them so much, but they

I couldn't believe my luck when someone on twitter, I'm so sorry I cant find your tweet, if its you please claim it and ill credit you, linked me to a pair of the beloved moccasins, they weren't my size so they went and found me some in my size! How chuffed was I!  I ended up bidding like £10 for it, But got them for a measly £4 including P&P! I bought them from this seller, and them came so beautifully packaged and quickly, It restored my faith in ebay after my 1000d issues! Look how grubby my old ones are compared to my brand new pair!

Anyway, The moral of this story is, Always buy backups of your favourite shoes, especially if they are very cheap and from Primark!

EDIT: Just a FYI  I 'shopped my feet, Because does anyone want to see my veiny feet? Um no! And anyway, gotta bring the feet fetish people in!

rule britannia!

Monday, August 23, 2010


leather jacket: primark
socks: topshop
scarf: new look
boots: new look

There's nothing like a bit of British pride! Im proud to fly the flag for British Fashion Bloggers! I don't think there is enough UK fashion blogs ones out there. I mean there is some fantastic ones out there, But all the "big" bloggers are mainly American. There is something about UK style that is so refreshing and different to other countries! I think its so diverse and creative compared to other countries. If you didnt know, I actually have dual nationality with New Zealand, As my Dads a New Zealand citizen, Therefore I've got a New Zealand Passport via birth right. It means if I wanted to I could go live over there if I wanted too! But of course I much prefer the UK!

Today I worked, as per usual. And I'm working tomorrow. Workworkwork! I really cant wait for a solid day off! I've got a ton of merchandising to do tomorrow! In other news my car passed its MOT, So the money I saved just incase it failed is all mineee! I'm going to buy some goodies from New Look (Hello staff discount!) and buy some new boots I've spied in Topshop. Its nice to have some disposable income after trying my hardest not to spend money these past weeks! Managed to slip a gym session in today as well as a cheeky McDonalds! Oh well!

sunday portrait week 39

Sunday, August 22, 2010

001. I was so busy this week, so I really apologies for neglecting the blog a bit. I've not even gone to the gym this week so I feel so lazy! I'm working Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday next week. Its got me wondering if I will be able to cope with all these hours when I'm back at university. I've just got to keep thinking that I need to save for my future so I suppose its worth it! But im genuinely struggling trying to work at the moment and I'm not even in education yet!

002. Drew Barrymore is my current hairspiration, Her hair is looking amazingly beautiful at the moment. I know shes being bashed about it at the moment, I really dont understand why, its the perfectly tousled hippy-ish mess I'd love to sport!

003. Im having another giveaway soon, I'm trying to kinda finalize the actual prize. But I know you are all going to LOVE it! Its something I've been wanting to giveaway for what feels like forever and I've just got round to ordering it for the giveaway! One hint, Tan or Black?

004. Made some really yummy mozzarella and green pesto pannini for lunch, they were soooo good! Despite this I need to get back to eating better again! Ive had a takeaway 3 times this week instead of proper food due to being so lazy once I'm home! Next week I plan to eat 100x better than I have been! Salads and fresh veggies galore next week!

005. I'm currently watching V Festival coverage (I was hoping to be at the gym, but meh!), Alexa is looking as stylish as usual! Kings of Leon sound amazing too, Ive seen them three times now, and had a very weird encounter with them at the back of one of their gigs with a security lady shouting at me telling me "THATS NOT JARED" and I was like "IT SO IS, I SO KNOWW, IM A FANNN!", coincidentally one of my brothers is called Jared too. Fun Fact!

006. Im also trying to rock the middle parting, As much as I think it looks cool, I'm in two minds about chopping it and getting a long wipsy Daisy Lowe-esque long fringe. If you want to be stalkerish and check my first ever photo I posted of myself on here, I actually did have a full fringe at one point! My boyfriend used to say I looked like Caleb Followill circa Youth and Young Manhood!

dont even know

Saturday, August 21, 2010


shorts: H&M (playsuit)
top: H&M
cardigan: ivors
rings: H&M + freedom

As soon as got home today I decided to do a outfit post, Its a bit bland, Sometimes I put off posting what I would deem "boring" outfits. But I really fancied doing something blog related today! So there we go, Burgundy cardigan + Leopard playsuit combo! I though the playsuit would be a bit in your face for a whole "dressing down"outfit. I'm staying in with a chinese meal and the Xfactor tonight, So put a top over it. In my head I was imaging this outfit with a nice cropped tshirt so it sits on the waist band more, but borrowed this oversized top from my Mum and thought it was acceptable! I really think leopard needs to be paired down this season with greens, burgundy and brown tones. Definitely something I want to explore a bit this A/W, Other trends I really want to get into for A/W is Shearling Jackets, biker boots as well as chunky knits!

I think probably due to my lack of money I haven't been buying much recently which has made me not really feel the whole fashion thing. Not that I have to have new things all the time to dress interestingly. Clothes have taken as backseat over the last week though, Seeing as I have to wear a uniform during the day, Well I have to wear New Look Concessions stuff, I just wear the same thing everyday to work, then change into something basic when I'm home. Despite the fact I have a double wardrobe full of clothes, I always find it hard to find something to wear. I presume this is a common girl problem though! Oh well 10 days till payday! YAY! I've got a full basket on the Topshop website that I'm going to get when I get paid, and I've spied a load of things in New Look I want too! Being paid monthly is going to so different for me!

I just want to say a big thanks to everyone's whos commented or emailed me over the past few days. You are all to sweet! You've made me feel so much more positive! and RE: The Formspring issue, I've decided to make it so only people who are logged into formspring can ask me questions, Hopefully it will bring an end to the trolling and mean the people who want help can still get it quickly and easily! I may change it back if things calm down a bit!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

I wasnt going to update today but something has been really bugging me over the last two days. As alot of you know I live a pretty hectic life, I do far too much and spend most of my day doing something or other. In my old routine I was able to spend a hour fitting in my blogtime, But since starting my new job my whole routines been thrown out the window! Today I got up at 7 am, left my house at 9am and didn't get home from work till 7pm. I get home and have a good 50 proper emails to read and go through (ie. the ones that I need to respond to, no spam/alerts because with those I get well over 300 emails), another 40-50 Formspring questions to contemplate and then going on to read everyone elses new blogs. I'm not calling out the person who seems to everyday ask me if I'm going to post a blog. But its really bugging me! Yes, Normally I do post everyday if but at the moment I'm having trouble with Ivor and I'm getting home too late from work to do it. Especially outfit posts seeing as the light on my side of the house is rubbish by the time I get home!

Someone also said to me on Formspring that I clearly love the attention I get from this blog and I don't really. In reality I'm reserved and not particularly a people person! Don't get me wrong, I love the blog and I love talking to people, But my blog has grown above my wildest expectations and although I adore doing it but sometimes I feel like people expect so much out of me. When in reality I dont have the time to respond to everything I get asked or emailed about. It may take me a few days to reply to a email but I will do it in the end. I don't know how to style specific items, I'm not a fashion "guru" I don't give fashion advice, All I know about clothes is what I wear and thats it! As for my weightloss, I don't mind answering questions on this, but when I get "questions" telling me that I shouldn't be bragging about it or encouraging others to loose weight it can really ruin the whole Q+A's! Another thing is I don't know the answer to every single thing I'm asked on Formspring and when your asked the same question at least 3-4 time a day its frustrating and I'm not going to lie I get so pissed off I feel like just typing GOOGLE IT! I try and help as much as I can but like I said, Google would be much quicker!

I'm pretty emotional right now as I'm sick of feeling like people want so much from me. I'm a human being and I have feelings and emotions, Sometimes I cant be bothered and sometimes I'm rude, brash and abrupt, But I do try my hardest to blog as much as I can and keep you all in the loop. In all honesty I blog alot more than some other bloggers and interact as much as I can with my followers, as I don't want to be some "famous" blogger who doesn't talk to anyone! Big love to the ones who aren't like this and the ones who ask genuine questions on Formspring, I just had to get this off my chest . I'm sure someone will take this the wrong way and send me some more hate on Formspring to bring me down but whatever.

In other GOOD news, The lovely Gem won the ASOS Blogger competition! Jen did a lovely outfit inspired by me! I've already planned a post with a take on her style! Also Christina did a post on the sunglasses she won in my Paola Loves To Shop Giveaway! (whos new hair looks fab btw!)

Anyway, Tomorrow I have a day off tomorrow, but I've got loads to do, Including packing loads of ebay stuff for my Mum, having a light workout session, going to the chiropractor for my clicky hip and I'm going out with my friends in the evening. So if I do find time tomorrow I will post something!

Ask LLYMLRS #4: Outfit Photographs

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"If you have any questions you would like me to answer in detail, Please email me on, And I will try and answer it in as much depth as I can. Ask me about anything you want to know about, It could be art, fashion, beauty, blogging or anything you can think of! For quick/easy questions feel free to just ask me on Formspring!"

"Do you have any tips on how to take outfit photographs? Yours always come out so well, Do you use a self timer and a tripod or do you get someone to take them for you?"

good outfit photo
dress: mela loves london, cardigan: H&M, hat: H&M

Photographing outfits is something that really does take practice, effort and a little bit of time and patience. As you know by seeing my older looks, They aren't exactly amazing! And they are so different from the style I use now. Currently I do two portrait above the knee shots, and then 2-3 extra landscape shots to show detail, my accessories or just do a picture of my face. Im not saying this is the correct way to take your outfit pictures, But this is how I do mine, and it works for me. Alot of people opt to do full body shots, which also are great. But in my opinion as long as your reader can see CLEARLY see what you are wearing, Whats wrong with doing an above the knee shot?

example of a bad outfit photograph

First things first you need to think about your camera your going to be using to take your outfit images. I currently use a Canon 1000d but I used to use a FujiFinepix S1000 for months before. You dont need a good SLR to take a decent photograph with. You just need to understand HOW to take a good photograph. I recommend not using a flash as this can bounce off clothing and make them look harsh and weird! You need to make sure it has a decent amount of megapixels, I think 8-10MP are pretty standard when it comes to cameras nowadays. Its also worth learning a bit about cameras and the way they work before investing in more expensive ones. I did photography at college so I can easily work out how to use the cameras manual settings to my advantage. Always remember that automatic settings don't always mean they are the best settings!

outside vs inside images
credits: 1, 2, 3, 4

Location and lighting are very important factors in taking outfit photographs. I take my photographs in my bedroom, I used to take them in the spare room which was side lit. But since switching to my bedroom it means I'm away from my family so no one will be peeking in! And it means Im lit from the front, Which is much more flattering than being side lit! I try and take them in the mid afternoon when the sun is on my side of the house to give it some better lighting. Some bloggers opt to take their images outside, Personally I don't. But taking them inside or out is just about personal preference. Either work well! Under no circumstances take mirror outfit photos, They seriously don't look good, You can hardly see what your wearing and it really isn't that appealing is it? Would you like my blog as much if I took all my outfits like that? And you can see what I mean about the flash, It makes the image look weird and just isn't right!

my tripod

I use a tripod and a self timer to take my images, I take them myself because it means I can spend as long as I need trying to take my images! You could always get a friend, your parents or someone to take them for you, But in my experience I find it hard to get them to "get it right". I'm quite particular with the way the images are set out and how I take them. By using a tripod it means I can get it right in my own time! I use the built in self timer and continuous shooting mode to take about 10 images at a 2 second delay. This means I can get more images taken once I have initially set up the camera and got it into the style I like to have the images done in. I normally end up between 40-50 good shots too look through and decide which ones show off the outfit best. I got my tripod off my uncle, He said he had it lurking in his garage for ages. Its always a good idea before going out and buying one to ask around your family and friends and see if someone has one. They are the kind of things people tend to buy and forget about!

Working out how to take your pictures does take time. It may come easily to some, but it is hard to get it right. Somedays I take outfit pictures I hate and refuse to post them and then some other days I have loads of shots that look good. As you get more experienced you learn how to take them quickly and easily! I often get asked specific questions like "exactly how many meters do you have the tripod away from you" and "how high do you have a tripod" "what settings do you use?" again these are things you need to work out yourself! What works for me doesn't work for someone else! There are some great photography blogs out there which can help you, Reading the cameras manual will also help you understand it a bit more, and if worse comes to worse just google it! Google is the source of all knowledge!

I hope this helps people a little, I know its a bit blah saying work it out for yourself, But that's what you need to do! There isnt a simple formula, But once you do work it out you'll be able to keep going back to the same settings, environment and style with such ease!

the girl

Monday, August 16, 2010

dress: primark
cardigan: H&M
rings: H&M
necklace: zara taylor
headband: topshop

I saw this lovely mullberry colored dress today and I knew I had to have it! There is something I really like about purple, Maybe its just because the autumn is coming. I desperately wanted to wear it with my leopard print scarf, as I see leopard and fall colours mixing so well together! But I couldn't find it, So opted for the leopard print headband instead! Its been a while since leopard has been on the blog? I tried this dress on and it was super long, put it back and then ended up picking it up again on the way round and it was miles shorter than the other one I tried on! Gotta love the Primark inconsistencies!

Mum was being generous today so bought me a load of Primark stuff. Mainly due to the fact tons of the stuff I wanted was in the sale. Most of the dresses were around £5 and the tops were £3. I didn't have much time to have a proper look around as Ivor was being moody as he hates shopping! But if you live near a big Primark store, or even a small one with good stock, Its totally worth checking out the sale! So much of the stuff is reduced! I blame the over inflated Primark prices at the moment, £15 for a PRIMARK dress? No thanks! The prices have gone up but the quality hasn't! Yes the dresses they are coming out with at the moment are really lovely and tasteful, But the quality really isn't reflected in the pricing!

Uploaded a little test video to my Youtube channel! I used my new camera, Although its not supposed to be a proper camcorder, there is a little hack to make it be usable for recording videos. It doesn't have a microphone, I have to record the sound via my Macbook microphone and then sync the audio manually, Seeing as I've never done this before it isnt perfectly synced but Im sure I'll figure it out properly soon!

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