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Saturday, July 31, 2010

what i wore 31.07.10what i wore 31.07.10
what i wore 31.07.10
what i wore 31.07.10
dress: asos
cardigan: thrifted (get me!)
bow: primark
leggings: topshop
rings: acessorize + H&M
necklace: Zara Taylor

I just love this Solid Brass Compass Pendant that the ever so lovely Zara Taylor sent me. She contacted me asking what I thought of her jewelery and then offered to send me a piece! I adore all of her jewelery, Especially the Long Chain Pendants! I love the Binocular Necklace, The Hello Sailor Telescope Pendant (which extends too!) and also this super cute Magnifying Glass Pendant! Shes even had her designs on my style crush Fearne Cotton + Alexa Chung sent her a Thank you card! You can Follow her blog here, and buy her designs from her online boutique!

Anyway, Enough of that. I'm off to a family BBQ tonight, I know, I know. The weather is rubbish, But hey, We're British, We suck it up and enjoy it! Opted again for comfort, but though I'd accessorize it to make it look like I made an effort! And seeing as I'm seeing my lovely Granny, I'm going to use my Chanel 2.55 that she so very kindly bought me for my 18th! I bought this cardigan from a carboot, I thought I would sell it on seeing as these types of cardigans go for big bucks on ebay, But alas I kept it, and love it more than my Topshop one from my very first outfit post! I'm probably going to sell the Topshop one, seeing as its Size 8 and fits like a 18. I find it so unflattering and huge, Not. Cute.

I'm trying to make plans for tomorrow but I'm thinking about going shopping on my own for the first time in ages. The temptation of some buying some of my beloved Asos Randals Primark rip offs, Or "Primark Specials" as I like to call them! Blair had posted about them yesterday and I knew I needed them. I'm also going to a BBQ (again!) in the evening for my friend Alice's birthday, So who knows what I'll end up doing. I'm tired, achey and really need to relax. I'm supposed to be having a nap before I go out as a I type this. But I'm always one to be the rebel.

five sixteenths

Friday, July 30, 2010

what i wore 30.07.10what i wore 30.07.10
what i wore 30.07.10
what i wore 30.07.10

shirt: topshop
shorts: primark
headscarf: my mums
rings: superdrug + topshop
nails: barry m 305 pink flamingo

Oh yes, comfort dressing today! I've been in the wars the last few days, I've been so ill and groggy, venturing out of my house (apart from the gym, which probably wasn't a good idea upon reflection) has been a complete no-no! I've also hurt my hip from over exercising, I think running 6k daily is starting to take its toll on my joints! I've decided to give the cardio a rest and focus on weights and toning while my hip heals! My local gym now has a Power Plate, which I'm pretty excited about! It looks fun! Cant wait to jiggle all about on it!

This shirt was featured in one of the very first outfit posts, its also coincidentally one of my most hyped looks on lookbook. I hadn't worn it in forever, and I cant believe how oversized it is on me now! It was always a bit big, but its crazy big now! I love a crumpled shirt on lazy days! The shorts are cute, But I have no idea how to wear them. I bought them on a whim, thinking OOH CUFFED SHORTS SO IN. Yet I've never worn them, Infact I still had the tag in them when I pulled them out of my over flowing wardrobe this morning!

Oh, and I also forgot to say, I did post on Twitter that I got offered a job on Consessions at New Look, I'm going in Monday to sort it all out! So that's looking after all the "Boutique brands" at New Look, Ones like AX Paris and Pussycat London! The lady on the phone said my CV really stood out, and the fact that I had my own fashion blog really made me a more appealing employee! So hopefully this meeting on Monday goes well! I'll be sure to keep you posted!

Ask LLYMLRS #2: Hair

Thursday, July 29, 2010

If you have any questions you would like me to answer in detail, Please email me on, And I will try and answer it in as much depth as I can. Ask me about anything you want to know about, It could be art, fashion, beauty, blogging or anything you can think of!

"Your hair always look so lovely and full, How exactly do you style it? What products do you use?"

Personally, I feel my hair is in really bad condition, and have no idea why people want their hair to look like my matted mess! I'm totally lazy when it comes to doing anything with it. Although I'm complimented on my hair all the time, I think its in terrible condition. Up until when I was on holiday earlier this year, I had really bad matted and naturally dreaded hair at the back. I'm not talking full blown dreads or anything, Just really matted bits of hair. This comes from not brushing my hair, and abusing it by backcombing it.

I never have looked after my hair, Its merely just an afterthought most of the time. I ruined my hair completely over the years, Especially when I had hair extensions (from age 15-18) I've had everything from clip-ins to a full blown weave. For the first time in my life the whole things is my own hair and I really feel that for the first time it actually looks the way I'd always liked it to look. It is its natural colour at the moment, apart from the Ombre fade, which I added a few days ago, and absolutely adore! I think its really brightened up my hair and added such a lovely beachy feel to my hair!

EDIT: soz i keep touching my nose, I had hayfever and i didnt want to snot everywhere!
I don't use any specific products on my hair. I always use whatever Shampoo is cheapest and I never use conditioner on my hair. My "holy grail" shampoo is probably Samy Fat Hair Thickening Shampoo (or something like that) which you can buy from Superdrug, But its normally like £6, So I only occasionally buy it when its on offer, because I think that is alot for a shampoo. I use dry shampoo alot, Specifically Batiste as I think it adds texture and volume to my hair. I also only was my hair every 3-4 days, because I don't like the "just washed" look at all! The only other product I'd use in my hair is a hairspray, Normally Elnett or Tresemme, Although like I say in the video, I only rarely use it because hairspray irritates my eyes!

I haven't had my hair cut properly in well over a year, possibly two years. I really don't like hairdressers as I most of the time I run out crying! I always clip my fringe (bangs) back as they are far too long, and I don't want to get them cut. I'm considering getting a center parting but I'm still unsure if it would actually suit my face! I have had a straight/full fringe before, and I really liked it but they are just so high maintenance! I have been looking into getting one of those clip in fringes, But I wonder how they would actually look in real life!

I'll be answering ALL the DIY Ombre hair questions in another video as I feel it would benefit more from me doing a full video on it. I will be posting this on my Youtube Channel, So subscribe if you want to see it!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

bag: peacocks £10

Every now and again you see something and you just know you need it. Fi left me a comment a few weeks ago saying that Peacocks were coming out with a Mullberry Alexa-esque bag. Upon doing some research into this I found that they had also done a Chloe-esque one too. Now, I'm not the type to obsess over things too much, But this bag just needed to be in my wardrobe. There was no two ways about it. Its online but I couldn't justify paying the extra for postage seeing as the bag was only a tenner anyway, £3.99 postage, was a nuh-uh in my eyes!

I bought this a few weeks ago, My usual Sunday shopping trip with my Mother was highly unsuccessful, and I'd lost all hope of actually buying this bag. After trawling my boyfriend around Birmingham last monday, I suddenly remembered this bag of dreams. Passing all the numerous Poundshops in The Pallasades shopping center, I was desperately trying to remember where Peacocks actually was. As soon as I got there I rand over to the bag section and nabbed the first one I saw. It was more perfect in real life that I had imagined.

I never normally post about my bags and things, but I adore this bag! I dont normally do small bags either, as I like to carry my whole life around with me! It looks really vintage for a new bag too, And I'm sure once I've worn it a little more it will have that perfect used feeling! Its surprisingly roomy and for a £9 (student discount was 10%) I think I've found my new favourite bag!

EDIT: Today I was going to upload the next part of Ask LLYMLRS, but Youtube is failing me and the audio isn't syncing properly with the video. When I sort this issue out I'll be sure to upload it! You know me, I'm a perfectionist when it comes to the way things look and sound!

Primark Autum/Winter 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I came across these A/W preview images for Primark today while I was browsing on The Fashion Spot, and I knew I'd have to share them with you guys. Its not quite as stunning as the Topshop one, But I'm really loving it! Its defiantly worth going through the whole lookbook thats posted on Instyle. All the browns and neutral tones, All the little dresses with big chunky coats! I think that's defiantly the look I'm going to be going for over the winter.

I adore all the chunky knits, I'm a cardigan fiend so I know that I need the snowflake one in my wardrobe right now! I adore the whole cosy/warm feel too all of it. All the boots are just amazing, I defiantly want those creamy/brown ones. Heck I want the whole outfit in image number 6. That check lined parka is to die for, According to the lookbook its going to be £21 too! Bargin, seeing as I've been umming and ahhing over a similar one from Topshop for yonks! And is that a peter pan collar I spy in number 6!? Oh yes! Come to Mama!

I have to admit it doesn't get me as excited as some of the other lookbooks and A/W previews I've seen but it does what Primark usually does. Has some key and interesting peices based on the big trends for the Autum/Winter season. Im a big Primark fan, and I think their stuff may not be top quality, Although I think in recent years the quality in the bigger highstreet stores has declined considerably. None the less, it is so affordable and fashion forward!

Let me know your picks from the collection, Like I said there is more images on the Instyle page, so check them out too! I like this adorable military inspired grey dress, these awesome creamy pink brouges and a must have pussybow blouse!


Monday, July 26, 2010


tunic: H&M
shorts (not seen): H&M
rings: asos + H&M
nails: barry m spring green

You guys are the most supportive and lovely people ever! I got so worked up yesterday about this whole "your so skinny" debate yesterday. I don't see why people feel the need to hate on me I suppose this has been my first issue of trolling/haters so I presume I've made it as blogger now I've got haters! Sofia (who you should all go follow! So sweet!) linked me to this really great article on embracing the haters. I wont be addressing or answering anything related to it anymore! Oh well, Haterz Gonna Hate! *does the walk*

On to the outfit. I love this top from H&M. I saw it and instantly bought it as well as a polka dot one, in the same print as that H&M polka dot t-shirt I have. To me its the perfect inter-seasonal piece, Long sleeved, lightweight and a good length. In the winter I'll layer it up with things and at the moment I'd wear it with sheer tights and flats! I was wearing shorts underneath to hide my bum, but you cant see them really! Although I might wear them with leggings, or is leggings with long tops a no-no still?

I think I'm going to go on a spending diet, I really need to sort my finances out, Not that I'm running low, I've just not been saving enough as I like to, I know August is an expensive month for me, what with festivals, my car needing to be MOT'ed and paying my car insurance. I'm probably going to London for a few days with Ivor and I'm determined to travel more and visit my friends. I've got so much clothes, But always feel like I have nothing to wear! I wish I was more thrifty!

sunday portrait week 35

Sunday, July 25, 2010


001. This week has been to hectic for my liking, I've worked and see my boyfriend alot, but I'm glad to be doing nothing today!

002. I really like the idea of doing some Vloggy/Youtubey stuff, So many people want to see more from me in video form. My mind goes blank as soon as I see the camera though! I wouldnt know what to do videos on though! Apart from my hair/makeup/nails I really don't know what I could do. If anyone has any ideas of things I could video about, Let me know! I was thinking of doing things like tags and Q&A sessions through it, So you guys can get to know me better as a person, not just some faceless fashion blogger!

003. Had some seriously mean and often really rude and upsetting comments on my Formspring about my appearance after posting that video of me doing my makeup and this picture I posted before going to the gym. I know I look different without makeup, doesn't everyone look different? Surely putting my naked face on the internet for you guys if somewhat admirable. Not something to hate on. And as for the gym picture, my legs don't look like that in real life, Look at any of my outfit posts and you can see my legs are just a normal size. I'm no uber waif nor am I too thin! It makes me so upset to have people say negative things about me. I've suffered with low body confidence all my life, and now that I'm at a point in my life where I do feel attractive and have worked hard on my body, I get negativity anyway. I don't know why the internet has made people rude, I cant imagine saying half the things that were said about me to someone, via the internet or not! As they say don't feed the trolls, But sometimes, you just have to.

004. I'm going to embrace the tan and maybe explore a few fake tans for summer, My real tan is starting to fade, and I'm going to miss it. I've always been against the orangness, But I think being tan is acceptable in summer right? I'm going to try St. Moritz, it seems to be a blogging cult favourite, and its super cheap in Bodycare.

005. My Paola Loves To Shop Giveaway ends tomorrow, If you want another extra entry please tweet @llymlrs is having a @PaolaLoves2Shop Sunglasses Giveaway! All extra entries will be added onto the list. The winner will be announced in the next week!

fade to blonde

Saturday, July 24, 2010


shorts: H&M
cropped vest: boohoo
leather jacket: primark
rings: primark & H&M
nails: barry m spring green

Yes my blog following friends, I finally did it and Ombre-ed my hair! I know I've been umming and ahhing over it for what feels like forever. Something clicked yesterday and I just did it! And boy am I glad I did, I LOVE it. It looks exactly how I wanted it to! These arent really the exact pics I wanted to debut the new 'do to you, But I've been so busy today I hardly had time to do it! Infact I worked 7:30-4, now as I type this I'm babysitting 6:30-1am and then hopefully going to a birthday party. Yes I'm probably mad, but I suppose its just as hectic as my life is normally. Babysitting isn't all that bad, I basically get paid to sit here and watch TV, seeing as all the kids are actually out anyway!

LLYMLRS has a new layout, I like it, It needs a bit of overall tweaking, But it wont take me long to sort that out. I need a new banner so badly, But for some reason I cant put my graphics mind and blog mind together to create something that reflects the blog. I actually drew the current one on a napkin in McDonalds well over a year ago!

Ask LLYMLRS #1: Makeup Application

Thursday, July 22, 2010

If you have any questions you would like me to answer in detail, Please email me on, And I will try and answer it in as much depth as I can. Ask me about anything you want to know about, It could be art, fashion, beauty, blogging or anything you can think of! For quick/easy questions feel free to just ask me on Formspring!

"I was just wondering what your make up routine is? Your face always looks flawless but natural? Would you do a makeup tutorial?"

Without makeup, I wouldn't say I was that flawless, My main problems are my weird skintone (its really yellowy/grey but warm and pink at the same time), oily skin and the occasional spot or two. I've never had really bad skin problems like acne or dry skin, So I am very lucky in some respects. I learn't everything I know about makeup from Youtube. There are so many fantastic gurus out there to learn all the tips and tricks from. My favorites include Pixiwoo, Petrilude, xSparkage and MakeupbyTiffanyD. If your a makeup novice defiantly check those Youtubers out!

I have to admit this was the first time I've ever filmed myself and I'm not talking because I currently have a throat infection, and its a struggle to actually speak. So instead you have to listen to 12:51 by The Strokes instead of my squeaking! Putting my makeup-less face on the internet makes me feel weird too, So who knows if I'll actually keep this post up. It's all sped up as its not supposed to be a How-To, more of just something to watch to get an idea of what I do when I apply my makeup.

Face: Lacura @ Aldi Shimmering Moisturizer, Fyrinnae Primer, Estee Lauder Double Wear in Ecru, Revlon Photoready in Shell, Chanel Bronze Universal, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, Topshop Cream Blush in Neon Rose, MAC Stereo Rose
Eyes: MAC Paintpot in Painterly, MAC Eyeshadow in All That Glitters, MAC Eyeshadow in Expensive Pink, NYX Eyebrow Pencil in Medium Brown, Eyeko Graffiti Liner in Jet Black, Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
Lips: Rimmel Shake Up Pink
Brushes: QVC Duo Fiber Stippling brush, Coastal Scents Kabuki on a Stick, Coastal Scents Basic Kabuki, Flat Shader brush,
MAC 226, MAC 116

My foundation is too light for me at the moment, and its really apparent in the video, The Chanel Bronzer does make it look right in real life, the lighting wasn't my friend either which doesn't help. I blend it in with a Duo Fiber brush because I feel it gives a light yet flawless coverage without putting to much foundation on the face, I've tried all the other foundation brushes but prefer the Duo Fiber ones the best. I have a MAC 187, but use it for my MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes that are uber sparkly, The QVC one was £7.99 from Superdrug and is just as good! Oh and I think that the Lacura @ Aldi Shimmering Day Cream is a good dupe for MAC Strobe Cream, and its only a few pounds!

I always use MAC Painterly Paintpot on my eyes before applying eye makeup as I have oily lids, so wearing the Paintpot as a primer means it says alot longer! Also, Although I have thick and dark eyebrows, I still fill them in because they are quite short on either side so I like to elongate them a tad to frame my face more! I use a pencil at the moment but I do also use a powder depending on what comes to hand! I was sent the Eyeko eyeliner and I really love it. One of the best pen liners I've ever used, its not drying, hard to apply or too stiff! I totally recommend it!

If you have any questions relating my makeup application ask away in the comments and I'll reply, So keep checking back!

keep or return: george polka dot playsuit

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

playsuit: george @ asda (£12)

Shopping outside the box really does come up good occasionally, For those who aren't from the UK, Asda is pretty much one of those massive supermarket stores that sells everything. Its actually owned by Walmart for those Americans who follow. Id totally recommend checking out all the supermarket clothing or even just checking out their websites if you don't live near the larger stores. I'm totally impressed with the stuff from Clothing at Tesco & George at Asda

I'd actually popped into Asda to get the Cat Print Limited Edition Playsuit, But they didn't have any in stock, So while rummaging around waiting for my Mum to finish off the food shop. I saw this awesome polka dot playsuit. It actually reminds me of one of those 1950's swimsuits! I feel like a proper pin up girl in it! This play-suit SO isn't my normal style but it was too cute just to pass up on. I dont remember the last time (if ever!) I wore a halterneck style. It would have been just to perfect for my holiday if I'd have bought it earlier!

What do you guys think? Not my normal style, but I'm sure if I styled it up it would look more me. Would you wear something like this or is it just totally wrong? Let me know your opinions in the comments!

ignore the danger

dress: primark
jacket: primark
rings: H&M + primark
nails: models own fuzzy peach

On Sunday I picked up this oh so perfect "leather" jacket from Primarni, and I cant stop wearing it. Its just the most perfect jacket I've seen in a very long time. Its so buttery and soft, and such a steal at only 19 English pounds. I've never actually owned a jacket like this despite lusting after them for ages. I see this creeping into a LOT of new outfit posts over the next few weeks! I don't like wearing full Primark outfits, But I think this is an exception as I think the white dress looks perfect teamed with the faux leather. I also wore some New Look sandals. This has to be one of my all time favourite outfits!

My hair is being good for the first time in my life! I'm so pleased with how its looking at the moment. I've tackled my dread issues and cut a load of them from the back, sorted out all the matted bits and made it all nice and smooth. From now on I'm going to be trying my hardest to keep it in good condition. Lets see how long this will last ;)

boohoo clothing review

Monday, July 19, 2010

After doing a post on things I wanted from BooHoo Clothing, I was really surprised with how many people said negative things about them. Ranging from the quality of their items to being sent the wrong items. Like I posted on Twitter a few days ago, I'd actually won the competition on their Facebook to have £100 to spend on their website. I thought AWESOME! 1. Because I'd never won anything before and 2. It would be the perfect time to let you guy know what I think of them and their clothes.

I did choose a few other things including this Cat Print Tote to put my University stuff in and a few things that were out of stock which I wasn't sent.

I really like most of the things I got. The three of the four cropped tshirt's I absolutely love. I even bought a maxi skirt which I like and will be saving it for a later post. The sunglasses are really nice and defiantly going to be worn lots especially the heart ones! I've been lusting after some heart shaped rims for yonks! Overall clothing style wise, I'd probably will be wearing everything I'd picked out. Boohoo has a really great range of clothes, Id say it does have some uber tacky stuff on their website think market stall stylee and then again it has some lovely basics and really pretty dresses for different occasions. Its defiantly worth a massive browse around their HUGE collection of stuff!

As for quality. Yes, its not amazing. But is it intolerable? I wouldn't say so. No worse than somewhere like Primark. For the price I think most of the stuff is very good. I only have one issue with one of the items I bought. The Cara 2in1 Dress as well as the Maxi Skirt have some annoying loose stitches. I think this is a really bad quality control issue and really needs to be looked into. I am going to wear both those things because I think they are the two most wearable things I picked out! Its just a shame its got such messy stitching. I will be fixing it myself but its not a good thing to have that slipping through quality wise!

Now to sizing, I'm a size 10. A pretty all round size 10 in all the usual highstreet suspects. I found most of the S/M stuff a perfect fit. Although I did choose mainly oversized stuff, they were not "too oversized" and fitted very well. I had one issues with the sizing. It was with with the Paige Cutout Heart Bodice Dress, I chose size 10 thinking it would be fine, Most fitted size 10 dresses fit me, I don't have a large boobage so they fit well. This dress however wont even do up! I wouldn't think anyone who is a size 10 and larger boobs than me *cough*cough*34A*cough* would be able to fit into it!

On being sent the wrong items, I wasn't sent anything that I hadn't chosen. However I was sent two of the same tops for some reason in two different sizes. If anyone wants this top in UK size 12 let me know via email and I'll send it on to you! I was also not sent a few items I asked for, But from browsing the website today they are out of stock. It would have been nice to be told about this on the invoice or in a email. I was a bit miffed when I first got the package as I was at work, so I just thought they had not sent the things or messed up my order! I dont think thats very professional of them!

I really like BooHoo, I think it does have some faults, Like most people, I can see why they are hesitant to buy things from there at first. And I also see why people who have complained about them did. Like most online shopping its always a risk quality and size wise. I've even bought things from American Apparell and its come and its it crap quality! Almost all of the things I bought are like the photographs, and overall I no massive problems with the majority of the clothing.

I would buy things with my own money from the website, I think this has potential, it does need to sort its quality issues out as well as a bit better customer service. Even on their Facebook page I see people complaining about the service and they dont seem to care. I really hope they sort this out. They have alot of potential to be one of the "big" online retailers like Asos. But they do come across shady and a little bit uncaring towards their customers. I hope this helps people who are considering ordering from there. Just do it! Be prepared for the mixed bag on quality and sizing, the returns are free from what I can gather so there's little to lose!

FYI: I was sent these items for free because I won a competition via their Facebook page. All these thoughts are my own to benefit you guys! I dont want to come across as ungreatful either because I do genuinly love most of the things I recieved, Im just letting you all know how I felt (:

sunday portrait week 34

Sunday, July 18, 2010

001. Well this weeks been exhausting to say the least! I've got a whopping four days off work this week, which makes me so happy! I'm spending the next two days with my lovely boyfriend, who I haven't seen in what feels like forever! We're probably going shopping in Birmingham or somewhere on Monday and then maybe going to some touristy place on Tuesday, So if anyone can recommend any good places to visit in the UK let me know!

002. I have an interview at New Look on Friday, so make sure you send all your positive thoughts my way. I got a phone call asking for a interview on Friday and I was so shocked, I gave my CV in like 4/5 weeks ago and didn't expect anything back. So was so pleased to have it! I'm thinking of doing a "vote for what i should wear to this interview" post or two this week. Big props to the ever so lovely Tor for giving me some very helpful interview tips! I've only ever had one job interview before!

003. To follow up on this weeks absolutely amazing response to keep or return: topshop peter pan tunic post. I read everyone comments carefully then put it all into a tally chart, and it came out as 25 votes for both, 11 for black and 57 for the peach. Thank you all so much for your comments and feedback, that is why keep or returns are my favourite types of post! Now, I've decided to be VERY naughty and keep both. You are all little enablers and my bank balance isnt loving it, but like most of you said, they are both just darling, definite keepers!

004. My Paulo Loves To Shop giveaway ends next Sunday! And remember if you want to buy anything from the online store, use the code LLYMLRS to get 20% off!

005. Ask me anything!

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