Topshop Autum/Winter 2010

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

all images via marie claire

I posted about the Topshop Spring/Summer Collection a while ago, And a few days ago someone emailed me with a link to the brand new Topshop Autum/Winter Collection. How pleased was I! Id seen some of the pictures that Selina from Flying Saucer had taken when she was invited to the Arcadia press day. I liked what I saw, But knew I wouldnt be able to judge till I saw the proper promotional shots!

This A/W collection is everything I would have wanted from a winter collection and so much more. All the big layers, chunky knits, special prints and tons of different fabrics. The colour palette is to die for, I love how its very neutral (Which fits in with the current nude trend) which means alot of things can be carried over into the Autum/Winter trends. All the browns, beiges, blues, military greens and black are just perfect! Its feminine with a typical Topshop grunge twist. I love the thick cable knit socks, and the mix of different layers of fabrics, different and interesting cuts of fabric and the intricate detailing! Don't get me started on the fur jackets, I remember there was one in the Lookbook from last year that I checked the website for everyday, and while I was in New Zealand I made my boyfriend check Topshop just incase it came out!

My favorite look is the first one, That cardigan looks too cosy, and the bag, shorts and the boots just work so well together. I used to have a pair of white ankle boots yonks ago, but threw them out earlier this year because I thought id never wear them again! Dont you just hate it when that happens? I really like the bag from the 6th look, It would fill my Mullberry Alexa cravings as it just looks like a really lovely large satchel! Id also like all the hats in the images, Although in the lookbook there is some questionable headgear pieces! But Topshop usually come out with some random hats, Does anyone remember the clown hat from the Circus collections a few years ago?

Gosh as if I'm thinking about what I want to wear this winter, Because as I type this I'm currently sitting in a hotel lobby in Turkey, and its boiling hot, sipping on a ice cold Mojito cocktail! Sigh my bank balance is going to take a hammering this Autum/Winter! I can see it already! Even though it's summer, and its probably just as warm back in the UK as it is right now in Turkey, Let me know what you think you might be wearing this A/W or has it not even crossed your mind!?

Paola Loves To Shop Sunglasses Giveaway

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So in celebration of me going on Holiday today, I'm having a great summer giveaway! I've teamed up with Paola Loves To Shop to give 3 readers a pair of there awesome unique sunglasses! I've loved the shop for ages now, I posted about them in a want post months ago, and I'm still lusting after those Katie Cat Sunglasses!

They have also kindly offered a 20% discount code to all LLYMLRS readers, Incase you cant wait until the giveaway ends to buy a pair! Just enter LLYMLRS in the discount code box and you should get that added automatically!

So if you want a pair of cool patterned wayfarers or some Lolita style heart shaped sunglasses, or some Alexander Wang inspired glasses. This giveaway is for you! All you need to do is comment me telling me which of the sunglasses from the webstore that you would like to win!

- Giveaway ends on midnight Sunday July 25th (GMT)
- Open to anyone and everyone! (+ International Readers!)
- There will be three individual winners!
- Winner will be chosen using
- You must be a follower of this blog!
- To enter all you need to do is visit Paola Loves To Shop, and let me know which glasses you to win!
- All generic "Enter Me" or entries without a chosen pair of glasses will be ignored&deleted!
- Leave your email or blog link so I can get in contact with you!
- Optional Extra Entries:
Tweet @llymlrs is having a @PaolaLoves2Shop Sunglasses Giveaway!
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(Let me know if you do any of these in your comment! Because if you don't say I cant count it!)
PS. If you want to have even more chances to win a pair of Paola Loves To Shop Sunglasses you can head over to their blog and enter their own giveaway for the chance to win 3 pairs of their sunglasses!

BEST OF LUCK EVERYONE, And talk to you all properly when I'm back!

fig. 1

Monday, June 28, 2010

what i wore 28.06.10what i wore 28.06.10
what i wore 28.06.10
what i wore 28.06.10
dress: topshop
belt: vintage
rings: superdrug (!!) and H&M

Really simple and basic outfit that I wore on Saturday. I would have posted this then but the internet said no. I love the little peaking out of the bra, Because its cute and a little daring without being slutty or pretty much naked! I've been wearing my hair up alot recently but don't usually keep it up all day, But this hot weather teamed with my mass of hair = sweaty neck syndrome! I was actually having a bit of a good hair day for a change too which was pleasant surprise!

I picked this leopard ring up from Superdrug for half price in their jewelery sale and was pleasantly surprised. I don't think I've ever looked at their rings and things until I saw the 1/2 price stickers on them! I love shopping outside the box and finding bits and bobs that you wouldn't normally find and 9 times out of 10 the nice stuff is cheap because who really goes into Superdrug to buy rings? I saw a very similar one in Accessorize for four times the price!

I'm supposed to be packing my bags as I type but I cannot be bothered. I keep wanting to do outfit posts and things but I keep telling myself to save it for when I'm back!

sunday portrait week 31 (LATE!!)

Photo on 2010-06-28 at 21.06
001. Currently my internet is broken and I cant actually post properly and its so annoying! Not being able to keep up with the internet is driving me insane! I never realized how much I used it till its gone! I cant look things up, cant read blogs, cant check how much money I've got in the bank, look up recipes, browse ebay, buy stuff online and check my daily blogs!

002. Holiday tomorrow! I'm away until the 14th July, So normal posting with resume around then! I'm going to Olu Deniz in Turkey with my mother, step dad and one of my brothers and one of my sisters. We are also meeting up with one of my other brothers and his girlfriend while we are there! My hugely dysfunctional family means that some of they aren't coming and that. Fun fact, did you know I have whopping 8 brothers and sisters and another one on the way!

003. I need some blogs to read while I'm away! I'm not sure if I'll be posting from there quite yet. I am taking a camera, my Macbook and a card reader, It just depends on if there is a place I can take pictures in my usual style. Anyway enough about me. Leave me links to your blog, or links to blogs you like please! I need some good'uns to keep me occupied!

004. I'm giving in and buying my satchel of dreams from Topshop, its £50 but I cant resist it anymore! If its still in my local Topshop by the time I go there today Its mine, it would totally be a sign its meant to be right?!

005. I'm having a giveaway while I'm away which fingers crossed will be up tomorrow if my Internets working, If not Ill try and get my boyfriend to post it for me! Check back tomorrow for it!

want feat. boohoo

Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm surprised that I've never ordered from Boohoo before. I find myself browsing the webite alot and adding loads to my cart and then something just stops me. As someone who today dropped £229 on the Topshop website. I really don't know why I don't follow through with Boohoo. There's so much I like about their website and their clothes I just don't know why I don't!

Things I like about Boohoo is that it has a awesome range of dresses in so many different styles and prints. I really like how they use the same fabric in different dress styles, so its easier to find the one that suits your shape! For example you can find this print in a halterneck dress, a playsuit, a maxi dress and in a body con dress! Boohoo boasts one of the best collection of Maxi Dresses I've seen on a online shop too! I also think that Boohoo's mailings are really strong, I always check through their emails to me and like how they take pictures of celebs and trends and link their own pieces! Their magazine is really great too, I always check to new issues out online.

Delivery at Boohoo is £3.99 per order and £4.99 for Next Day delivery, Which I guess is OK, I'm one of those people who is really sucked in by free shipping or free shipping codes. Their returns service looks good too as from what I gather from looking at the Returns policy it is free, which is always a plus point in my book!

So, Over to you...What are your current Boohoo picks? Or can you see anything on the website you think I'd like? Or have you ordered from them before? Link me in the comments!

young cardinals

Thursday, June 24, 2010

dress: topshop
blazer: topshop
cycling shorts: H&M
sandals: new look

I love this Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop dress. It was a all time lust when the collection came out last year. Unfortunately I missed out on it and it was going for silly prices on ebay! I decided to give up on the dress, but a few months after it came out I found this one in my size on the returns rack in Birmingham Topshop, I jumped for joy and ran to the till. Its possibly one of my all time favourite dresses! Its a bit too scandalously short to wear without tights though, hence the shorts! The colours look a bit weird in these pictures, But heres a stock photo to get a real feel for it!

Cycling shorts are a great way to wear things that are that little bit too short without tights without going the whole hog and wearing tights! I picked these up when I was in London last week for the measly sum of £2.99, Although I think they may be sold out in most places, Alot of the big online shops are doing them still. I also have a pair from Asos, and you can get some from Topshop too.

Today I went shopping with my friend Hannah, and I bought some things for holiday and we went to Weatherspoons for lunch. I took back the Topshop Nate Sandals, and I ended up buying a few things from the Topshop sale, Including 3 pairs of spotted tights and some two tone tights for £1 each! I also bought a leopard print turban and a tunic! Although I'm not 100% sure about the tunic quite yet! I also got my first pair of denim(-ish) shorts too! Lovely!

my style

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

all of my current looks on my blog can be viewed here

The other day on my Keep or Return post, I had a lot of comments saying that the shoes I picked out "aren't your style" which led me to question (Carrie Bradshaw stylee!) "What is my style?" When I'm asked about what style I go for, I always say that I don't know. I really don't know, In these outfit pictures I've worn floral 4 times, leopard print 3 times, polka dot three times, stripes once and worn denim once! I've worn 3 playsuits, the same skirt 5 times, one shirt, 9 dresses and two coats. There isn't anything really consistent about what I wear I don't think! I wear alot of black and I own far too many cardigans! I never wear shorts or trousers, I don't even own a pair of jeans!

There was a period a few years ago when I would ONLY wear grey/black/white. No other colors, back then it was so simple to see things in shops that were "me". I was constantly drawn to oversized shapes (Probably because I was a little tubby!) and big baggy drop arm vests. Now I find it harder and harder to see clothes that are specifically "me". I just buy and wear things I'm attracted too when shopping! My styles evolved and changed so much since I was about 14, I've gone over every trend and style I can think of!

I like to mix and dip into different trends and styles and really experiment with colour and patterns! I like different textures and wearing two different pattens together. I have a unnatural obsession with leopard print! If i was to compare my style with anyone it would defiantly be Fearne Cotton. She, like me, isn't afraid to try different things and wear different things. I really don't think I have a style.

As a cheeky bonus, here's a little strip of images of me through the past 6 years, you can totally see how I've changed and evolved in that time. Because yes at one point I was a big emo girl! My hair is ridiculously short in most of these images, But I've had extensions on and off since I was 15! For the first time in my life all my hair is real!

How about you? Whats your style? Can you define yourself into a specific "style" related category? Let me know!

FYI. This isn't attacking anyone who said that the shoes weren't my style, It just got me really thinking about what exactly my style is.

look me up

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

what i wore 22.06.10what i wore 22.06.10
what i wore 22.06.10
what i wore 22.06.10
tshirt: H&M
skirt: H&M
blazer: topshop
necklace: eBay
sunglasses: girl props
rings: vintage & H&M
nails: Barry m 295 & 308 + Topshop Matte Topcoat + Eyeliner

This has been my go-to outfit since I actually bought the spotted t-shirt a few weeks ago! There's something I love about the slouchy fit, its so comfy and easy to wear! I had planned to wear it as a cover up on the beach, But smartened up with my trusty Topshop blazer and my favourite H&M skirt I knew it would be too perfect! Ive had so much wear out of that rosary I got from eBay, This one listed here is the exact one that I have, I paid around £2.50 for it.I'm defiantly going to buy another in black!

My leopard nails are making their last showing for a while, Work told me I had to change them as even though they are sort of lenient when it comes to nail polish, this is just too outlandish for a bakery apparently! I actually got a few compliments off the oldies who come in regarding the nails! So back to one colour for a while! Oh and also... sorry for my overly posey pictures too, I was channeling my inner Mary Kate Olsen with those glasses so felt they were appropriate!

Ive had such a great response on yesterdays Keep Or Return post. Some for and against comments, Which is what I really want from those kind of posts! One Anon said they looked like cleaning lady shoes! I think a few people are missing the point on the idea of the post though. I know I've got ultimate decision on if I keep something or take it back to the store, But the post is supposed to be like when you ask your friends what they think of something when you go shopping with them and try things on! Alot of people said they aren't "my style" which is something that's going to be addressed in tomorrows blogpost...

keep or return: Topshop Nate Sandals

Monday, June 21, 2010

keep or return: Topshop Nate Sandals
keep or return: Topshop Nate Sandals
Sorry I edited the pictures, The pictures didn't come out well, so had to make 'em funky!

The other day I popped into Topshop and bought these Nate Buckle Sandal Wedge. I saw them on the website AGES ago in Black and was like OMGOMGOMG! But I think I was in New Zealand at the time and couldn't get them! I decided to bust out one of my MANY Topshop giftcards I've had lurking since Christmas, I thought the one I used only had a few pounds on, But it had like £38, So I think I paid around £2 in cash for them. They were the last pair in store, and have a little wear on the soles, But the sales assistant informed me that if I wanted to take them back I could easily.

In store I really liked them, The buckles are just too cool and I can imagine wearing them alot now I've got the confidence to get my legs out! I adore the western style detailing and the overall Roman feel to them. I could also see myself wearing them with tights in the autumn/winter! Shortly after I bought some really lovely sandals from New Look, So now Im in two minds about keeping them. I really like them, But do I really need them? They were four times the price of my New Look ones, Which I'm totally keeping!

It took me forever to get a half decent image of the shoes on my feet (Maybe its a sign?). They feel quite awkward to walk in as the wedge isn't high or flat, But I'm sure this is something I can live with!

So what do you think? Should it stay or should it go? Are they just "OK" and not worth the price? Lemme know in the comments!

sunday portrait week 30

Sunday, June 20, 2010


001. Tonight I'm going to see my boyfriends band play, They havent played in what feels like forever, I reckon its been over a year now, So much for being a football widow, Ive become victim to band practice! I am keen for seeing them play though! Rupert and the Robbers did have a period a few years ago where they were played on XFM, Radio One and the like, But they never really capitalized on that, Bit of a shame because it would have been sweet for them to have some success!The first time I ever saw my boyfriend he had clown face paint on during one of their gigs.

002. I bought some new sandals from New Look today. I checked the website and these are the pair, If your interested in buying them! I thought they were £20, Which is fine by me, But when I got to the till they were £12, because they were doing a promotion, and then I had a further £1.20 off so paid £10.80 in total! Lovely!

003. Last night in true Gem & Cat style I decided to do my nails leopard print! How supercoolsweetmega tacky are they! I love them! Getting these 600 full cover nail tips has really made me want to do things with my nails! The nails are really good btw, I shaped them and trimmed them to fit my nails, and at like 6p for a full set, you save yourself a fortune on acyrlics/press ons! I just used it with a cheapy glue from a old nail set! Ive always painted them and got acrylics and the like, But never really got adventurous with them! And after finding out about Laquerized , Its totally inspired me! I really want to try this look particularly! Anyone got any good nails related websites?

004. Only a week and two days till my holiday! Im still not sure about scheduling some posts or not at the moment! I have a long list of things I want to post about in the next month, So we'll have to see!

005. There's a really interesting post on Blairs blog about More Magazine. They basically had a bit of a twitter fight with her and then encouraged their followers to be rude to her! How bad PR is that! I don't ever buy More! Magazine, But this has turned me off buying it in the future! Go follow her blog though, Shes got really great style and shes a avid Primark fan like me! She has a great eye for finding items of clothing that are similar to more expensive shops in cheap ones. Like finding some elastic sandals, Similar to the ones in Office in Tesco!

and now for something completly similar

Saturday, June 19, 2010

what i wore 19.06.10what i wore 19.06.10
what i wore 19.06.10
dress: primark
cardigan: H&M
belt: vintage
rings: H&M
turban: babooshka boutique
moody face: overtired from work

Another outfit post, and another containing that green cardigan! I just cant seem to get enough of it! And again I'm wearing colours that I wouldn't normally choose! I picked this dress up from Primark for about £5, and I'm thinking of going to see if there is anymore in the same style. Like that Lilac polka dot dress, Primarni has come up trumps with a dress that really suits my shape! I like the dress because I can wear it in the summer and the winter as I can imagine it layered up with all sorts of things! I cant remember the last time I wore a belt either, I don't like to cinch in my waist, as much as all the mags + Gok tells you to do, I think it just makes my tum stick out more!

Topshop have come out with a few things over the last few days that I really need in my life! I'm really loving their latest online collections, But the price is really turning me off, I've got 3 items in my basket and it comes to £95. Oh the price of fashion! I might leave it a while before buying them, But I know I'll cave in eventually! Ive decided I need to give Primark/H&M/New Look a break for now! If your interested I what I'm coveting this Peter Pan Collar Tunic, this Asymmetrical Hem T-shirt, and this oh so gorgeous Peter Pan Lace Collar Dress. I think the last one could be the dress I posted about when I was talking about the Topshop S/S Collections!

A few of you know I'm going on holiday on the 29th for two weeks, and I was wondering if you want me to "pre shoot" (I really cant think of a better expression, brain is dead today!) some outfits and schedule some posts for while I'm away. I am taking my Macbook with me while on holiday, Id go mad without catching up on my daily websites! But I doubt I'll have time to shoot/write/edit posts while I'm there! I cant resist the sun! Anyway back to the point! Should I do a few outfits to go up, or would you prefer me to just do them as I wear them and just not post while I'm away? Either way let me know in the comments or something!

ALSO. I'm really annoyed Lookbook has deleted yet ANOTHER of my most hyped looks! Yesterdays look was nearly up to 300 hypes and was flagged for deletion because it didn't show to my knees! Its ridiculous to be fair seeing as most of my looks on their haven't been deleted and are shot in the exact same way, I am aware it needs to be head to knees shot, but surely a inch above my knee isn't gonna harm anyone?

no rest

Friday, June 18, 2010

what i wore 18.06.10what i wore 18.06.10
what i wore 18.06.10
cropped vest: topshop
skirt: H&M
cardigan: H&M
hat: primark
rings: primark & acessorize
socks (not pictured): topshop

Hello everyone! I'm so glad to be home and back to normal! I really enjoyed my mini break away! I had a really really great time! I had my usual hayfever/pollution eye issues and so much over eating but apart from that it was lovely! I spent far too much money and took only a few twitpics so I've got very little to show you from my trip! I bought loadsa new clothes though, which I'm sure will worm its way into some outfits over the next few days! As you can see from todays outfit post, I'm really tired! It really shows in my eyes! Today Im just chilling out at home, got errands to run but my mums stolen my car for work! So I'm stuck till shes home! So I'm gonna G.T.L and then go out with my friends for a drinky later on!

Today I tried out a new colour palette! I haven't worn green (apart from green nails! Don't do it kids, stains your nails!) or this shade of pink ever! So when I picked these two things while I was in London I surprised myself! Its quite a daring combination for me, seeing as I always stick black/grey/white and maybe with a pop of colour! I really like how they go together! I think the dusty pink looks really lovely with the green! The cardigan was an absolute steal at £9.99, I think I'm going to go buy a few more colours as its the perfect lightweight cardigan for summer! And although you cant see in the pictures, I was wearing some knee high socks and brogues that I don't think I've ever worn together either! What a day for pushing the boundaries! Or something like that!

LLYMLRS has grown so much in the last few days, Finally hit over 600 blog followers (615 infact!!), with 190 on Blog Lovin' too! The blog has also hit 20,000 views a month too, It was lurking at 19,000-ish for far too long! Incredible! Maybe I should go away more often because I got a overwhelming amount when I was away! Big hi to my new followers! Say hello in the comments!

how they wear: maxi dresses

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New little feature I'm thinking of introducing is one on how other people style specific items. I'm hoping to cover things from denim jackets to hareem pants, tailored jackets to chunky knit cardigans. Like I say alot I'm mainly inspired by what other people wear rather than what celebs or models do.

I love the idea of getting a maxi dress or a skirt. I really do, Just looking at all these girls really pulling off effortless looking maxi dress/skirt looks makes me so jealous! I love the way you can mix and match different shapes to create different looks. I used to be obsessed with over sized geometric shapes in my clothes last year, But since then I've gone for more structured and fitted pieces. I've been trying to find one that suits my shape for a while now. Id love a simple black or grey jersey one to start with, The slowly work my way up the the more patterned ones.

If I had a maxi dress I would defiantly be my new "lazy clothes", It would defiantly be the grey trackie bottoms equivalent in my wardrobe. I think they are the kind of thing where you can dress them up or dress them down as you need to. Not only are they the "must have" of the summer. They are supposed to be sticking around right up to A/W, and I can imagine all sorts of cardigans and waistcoats, t-shirts, jewelery and scarves being layered up. I defiantly think its the right time to get one! I just need to find the right one!

Which look do you like the best? Or how would you style a maxi dress yourself? Let me know in the comments! Also leave me links to you wearing a maxi dress, your picks of maxi dresses or even someone else who you think really works the maxi dress

daily face

Monday, June 14, 2010

I've been a bit iffy about doing this sort of post because 1) I'm no makeup guru, merely a (massive!!) consumer, 2) Things that work for me may not work for you & 3) I don't want people to think I wear "too much makeup". However, Over the past few days I've been asked a few times about what makeup I wear. I'm not one to disappoint my followers, So here it goes! Disclaimer! In true me style I have edited the pictures to fit in with my blogs aesthetic! So all the colors aren't the "exact" color they are when I look at them, But like I said these are just the "basic" products I use of my face!

I wear makeup everyday. I'm not going to lie about that at all, Id also never even dream of leaving my house without my makeup. Its not because I'm insecure about the way I look I just feel that I don't look "like myself" without makeup! Does anyone else feel that way? Although my friend Greg says I look the same without makeup on, So who knows! I do vary between full makeup, just the eyes and light coverage foundation though, and no I don't wear all this stuff on my face at the same time!

Daily Makeup (Face)
Estee Lauder Double Wear (Ecru), Chanel Mat Lumiere (Clair 20), Simple Light Moisturizer, Revlon Photoready (Shell), MAC Fix +, Fyrinnae Primer, E.L.F Undereye Concealer,MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (Light Medium)

I change my foundation routine very little really. I'm lucky because found foundation that really works for me. My all time favourite is Chanel Mat Lumiere, The coverage and the finish are just perfect for me! But I'm currently using Estee Lauders Double Wear, Sometimes I find it a bit too matte so use a bit of Revlon Photoready mixed with it. One pump of each, The Lauder foundation doesn't have a pump with it so I use a MAC one. I always wear MAC Mineralize Skinfinish either on its own (Layed up with Fix+ makes it have a really nice light coverage) or as a overall face setting powder! I'm NW15 in MAC for reference, But I really don't like MAC Studio Fix Fluid, it smells funny and really oxidizes on my skin and I go mega orange!

Daily Makeup (Blush)
Topshop Cream Blush (Neon Rose), E.L.F Warm Bronzer, Lacura @ Aldi Blush, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish (By Candlelight), E.L.F Studio Blush (Merry Berry)

My go-to blush at the moment is Topshops Neon Rose Cream Blusher, its really easy to apply and blend in, It drys to a powdery finish. Which is very lovely if you ask me! Its a perfect summer blusher. I really like a blush I randomly picked up from Aldi, It reminds me of Nars Orgasm (R.I.P! I dropped him!) Its a little lighter in color but for a couple of pounds you cant go wrong! By Candlelight Mineralize Skinfinish is my favourite when I want a subtle bit of color on the cheekbones! I don't often wear bronzer, Only when I go out at night, But I really like this E.L.F one because its cheap and does the job of giving a nice glow, I occasionally use them as shadows too.

Daily Makeup (Eyes)
Maybelline False Lash Effect, Rimmel Volume Express, NYX 24 Karat Eye Pencil, NYX Velvet Eye Pencil, NYX White Pearl Pencil, MAC Paintpot (Painterly), MAC Fluidline (Blacktrack), L'oreal Carbon Superliner

L'oreal Carbon Superliner is my all time favourite liner, Ive used it non stop for about 2 years now, Probably more thinking about it now. But its just so easy to use and apply! I wear flicked eyeliner everyday so this is the quickest and easiest thing to use! Its very black too and lasts me all day! I occasionally use Blacktrack but I really don't find it "black enough"! Does anyone else have that problem with some eyeliners!? I got a job-lot of NYX liners from eBay a while ago, (Sorry cant find the link! Just search for NYX Eyeliner lot) But I think I bought about 12 for around £7. They are really great and come in SO many colors! Velvet, 24 Karat and White Pearl are my usual for my waterline! I'm a bit of a mascara tart, I always buy new ones, But False lash effect is probably my favourite of all time! OH and I ALWAYS use Painterly paint pot on my lids before shadows, sometimes on its own too!

I wear fake eyelashes most days too. I know people think that's a tad obsessive/excessive/ridiculous but I really like the way they make my eyes look. I normally use Eylure Naturalites Eyelashes (101). I use them for about a week then throw them away and get a new pair. I did post a picture on my Twitter with me wearing some ridiculously long eyelashes for jokes, and I got so much hate on my formspring! They were from a job lot I got off eBay, for 40 pairs of lashes for around £4! Those are defiantly more going out lashes rather than my usual day to day ones But I do really like them! They arent real hair so I normally use them once and throw away.

I was going to post my shadows, glosses and lipsticks, But I change those pretty much daily so I don't really have a go to eye look. I have my favourite combination but no really go-to looks! I have loads of MAC eyeshadows, and I've just started depotting them all, Ive only done my neutral palette so far! As for lipsticks I'm a sucker for NYX Round Lipsticks, I have around 30-40! I think they are about $1.25 each (Again I got a couple of job lot off ebay, I think its around £20 inc shipping for 12 so they are super affordable and have an AMAZING selection of colors!

Well this is a much longer post than I initially hoped for and has ended up as a bit of babble! But I really hope it was useful to some people! Especially those who have been asking for something like this! And if you want to know anything about anything I've talked about let me know via the comments or email and Ill try and help! Makeup isnt really something I'd like to get into on my blog. As much as I love reading makeup blogs, I do find some very repetitive and a bit bland at times! LLYMLRS is about fresh, intresting and different content, not a review of something that has been sent to everyone and then systematically reviewed on everyones blogs! No offence to people who do stuff like that, Because I do like some of them, But theres only so many Xen-Tan reviews, Those free Benefit pencils with Glamour Magazine posts and "Hauls" I can tolerate!

sunday portrait week 29

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Photo on 2010-06-13 at 12.55 #2
another photobooth picture, but my cameras packed for my trip!
001. I'm going to London, well I'm actually going to South-End, But anything in that southern area is London to me, later on today so this post is going up much earlier than I normally do them! As per usual I haven't packed a thing yet and I don't know what to wear! I was thinking of just taking one set of clothes because I know Ill be buying things while I'm there! I'm going on the National Express and its going to take like 7 hours, But I don't care! I'm so looking forward to seeing Olivia and spending some time in my favourite city! And I'm also really looking forward to seeing my other friend Jodie because shes amazing!

002. As I'm going away I've written a few posts to go up while I'm away. One is on my daily face makeup (which has been highly requested!), one on maxi dress inspiration and the other is a want post for Boohoo clothing! I really hope they actually post, Because last time I scheduled a few posts they didnt go up. I will have access to the internet so I'll try and get them up in some way! If anyone wants to talk or email me about anything, I'll reply as soon as I can! My email address is or tweet me @llymlrs!

003. Whats your favorite hot drink? I was actually distressed this morning as we had none of my beloved PG Tips teabags left! I had to settle for some "English Breakfast" tea which just isn't as nice. I like my tea extra extra strong, 2 sugars with a tiny splash of milk and not too hot either! I normally leave my teabag in my cup too. As for coffee, I do like it but I don't drink it much at home, If i go to Starbucks or somewhere I'll nomally just order an Americano without milk! What do you like? Tea? Coffee? Other?

004. My blog to follow pick of the week is Dance In the Dark. Leah has interviewed me for her blog which is so sweet! It was so flattering to be asked! It was a really fun thing to do! Shes interviewed a few other great bloggers too and shes doing more soon too! She posted a really cute outfit yesterday too, Which I totally thing she should do more of! Go follow her + check out the interview, Comment the interview too, Let me know what you think! Plus if anyone else wants to interview me or anything just ask!

up on a hill, thats where we begin

Photo on 2010-06-11 at 22.20
shirt: ebay

I'm more excited about the fact that my all-time-favourite-band-borderline-obsessive-band-id-most-love-to-see-live-in-the-whole-wide-world-bring-on-the-forth-album The Strokes are playing at the Isle of White festival tonight than the fact the World Cup is on! If you follow me on Twitter expect a string of The Strokes related things! This is my favourite The Strokes top I own, I have two others baseball tops with the standard Strokes logo on in red and black, and then a blue one with the same logo on. I found it randomly on eBay while doing random searches years ago and its been one of my secret wardrobe favorites for years! I wish I was going tonight but I couldn't get just a day ticket, which is a major bummer! Hopefully the new The Strokes album will be out in the next year, And then expect me to be at every date they play in the UK. My boyfriend said he wouldn't come with me to see them because I'd make my "excited face" and wouldn't be able to hold back the tears! Ill probably be crying when I watch it on ITV2 tonight!

Do you have a favourite band t-shirt? Or do you think they are a bit tacky? How do you feel about the overuse of certain band tees on people who don't even like the band on the shirt their wearing? Personally I love wearing band stuff! I do get annoyed when I see girls wearing Metallica or Iron Maiden shirts and having no idea about the band on the shirt! Let me know how feel in the comments!

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