name necklace giveaway winner!

Monday, May 31, 2010

So I know its been a while since my giveaway ended, But you know how its been for me this week (and the last couple)! I did schedule this post for Wednesdays, although it didn't actually post, and after getting a few comments on Formspring, I decided it needed to go up asap!

I wrote down all the names and numbered them, Then used to generate a random number! and that number was 44.

Congratulations to Molly! Ill be emailing you shortly after I post to find out what you want on your necklace!

I realized today LLYMLRS is a year old on the 8th June. Isn't that mad! I cant believe its been going for that long! In the last 6 months especially my blog has gone from nothing to really something I really love going on and posting. Maybe its because I've really found my blogging passion, Fashion. Its something that really interests me and something I defiantly want to pursue. From when I uploaded my first outfit posts, I knew I'd found my niche! I think I'm going to have a blog-anniversary giveaway in celebration of it! So over the next week I'm going to be finding some cool bits and bobs to give you guys!

sunday portrait week 27

Sunday, May 30, 2010

this is llymlrs week 27

001. Its that time of week already! Sunday comes around so quickly! Today I'm working through final presentation sheets for my last module of second year. Cannot wait to hand it all in on Tuesday and Friday! Ill run straight down the pub to get a pint (well Jack Daniels and coke) as soon as I've handed it in! All my friends are coming back from university at the moment, which is too exciting! Cant wait to see them!

002. Oooh! like my new Chanel inspired half tint glasses?! Ive been looking for an afforable alternative to the iconic Chanel ones, and I think I've found it! They satisfy my Nicole Richie and MKO cravings! I'm gonna be honest and say I'm not 100% sure about them. They look cool in photos but IRL its not half as fun. Its quite hard to see through them too. Saying that I'll still wear them! They cost me £14 including shipping and came within a week and that's international shipping too! So good stuff from GirlProps! I think ill defiantly be buying from them again in the future! Also, Im wearing Viva Glam Gaga by MAC on my lips. The lustre finish, does not agree with my dry lips! I need a lipscrub!

003. I'm in love with this Vogue blog of Daisy Lowes OOTD's (gosh I hate that word/phrase/abbreviation?). I have total hair and outfit envy everytime I see Daisy! Her style is so effortless and chic, She is so good at mixing and matching stuff! Ferne Cotton is another celebrity I can think of that posts her outfits online too. If you know of anymore send them my way! I love style stalking celebs!

004. This weeks keep or return has had a great response! Two people dont like it and everyone else who commented about it have said its a keeper. I think its going to be a keeper too! Someone also said it was available in different prints too, which I'm definatly going to check out when I'm next shopping!

005. Talk to me on Twitter! Ive just started to follow people back on twitter much more because its so annoying when people tweet me, and I cant see it! Although when I'm on Ubertwitter, I can see them, But online I cant. So annoying, So from now on ill try to follow everyone who follows me, Ill follow back! I talk loads on twitter so just @llymlrs me! Also ask me stuff on Formspring! Most people ask about dieting atm, so please ask me something different!?! Not that I dont mind talking about it, because Im so glad to be an inspiration! Id just like some different ones...

keep or return: H&M leopard playsuit

Saturday, May 29, 2010

playsuit: H&M (£7.99)

I'm gonna stick my hand up and say that I ADORE leopard print. Anything and everything. I own leopard print scarves, coats, tops, dresses, heck my all time favourite shoes (which I always seem to mention but never actually post a picture of!) are leopard print. When I came across this playsuit in H&M I had a mini fangirling freakout. A playsuit... and leopard print! Perfect!

Playsuits are so effortlessly cool and so easy to wear. You don't have to worry about your bum showing or them riding up! Plus you can throw anything over them, and still look pretty darn chic. I have no qualms about the playsuit itself. Its just the print I'm in two minds about! As much as I personally love leopard print, but the connotations of the print are... emo, tacky, slutty... chavvy! My 15 year old self would never have thought twice about it!

So what do you think? Should it stay or should it go? Is it too tacky or totally chic? Lemme know in the comments!


Friday, May 28, 2010


Went to London with my University friends, It was a hectic, laugh a minute, exhausting, non stop eating, too much coffee and far too much money spent two days. I adore London, but flying visits always seem to stress me out. Took my first ever trip to Buckingham Palace and Harrods, I'm twenty and had never been to either! I'm so happy to be home in the countryside with little noise, pollution and the fact people say sorry when they walk into you!

The funniest thing has to be on the way home playing the Post it note on the head guess who game, which seemed to turn into some hybrid, mixed with Pictionary! Me, Kyle and Greg tried in vain to get James to work out what we had stuck to his head via doodles and he didn't have a clue! Although out doodles were pretty crudely done, If someone gave me those clues I'd totally have got it! Apparently James had never seen Lord of the Rings!? Other good times include running around the hostel with PJ's and no makeup to find a million people in reception, incredibly crude and random conversations at 3am, wayyy to drippy eyes (stupid hayfever), extreme exhaustion, mood swings, late night vitamin water, fast food to the max and having a panic attack going over a bridge!

I bought a few bits from MAC, Topshop and H&M. I love the Viva Glam Gaga lipstick, but its a bit sheerer than I imagined. The pigment seemed like a good idea at the time, but I've tons of loose mineral shadows I never use. Oh well! Its a pretty enough colour! First impression of the Topshop cream blush? Well its OK, not as bright as I'd like. I used it today actually and it was alright, A bit of a MEH from me. Well as for my H&M purchases, maybe slightly questionable, But I really like it!! I think I'll add it to the Keep or Return pile! Expect that post next week!

All images are up on my Flickr if you want to see some larger images, and Ill explain some more about individual pictures of the actual images if your interested in seeing that, they are linked after the images!

Cant wait to catch up with all you guys over the next few days, You don't realize how many blogs you actually view a day! Oh and also, Ive got a few posts coming up that have been requested, Like my makeup routine/what products I use post, one on my current wants, a review on some things I was sent that are a god send plus my bikini pics for my holidayyy!


Monday, May 24, 2010

what i wore 24.05.10what i wore 24.05.10
what i wore 24.05.10
what i wore 24.05.10
what i wore 24.05.10
dress: primark
sunglasses: my boyfriends
rings: primark
head scarf: my mums
nails: barry m pale purple
lipstick: MAC ever hip

NO WAI NO TIGHTS! Haha, Oh well, Even though they might as well blend in with the wall, I decided not to wear tights. Ive been sitting in my garden going over anchorman quotes, going over kinetic typography and trying to find online tutorials for Motion 4. Interesting yeah! Life before Wi-Fi must have been awful, Its too hot to be inside on a day like today! I got this dress yesterday for a fiver and I think its going to be the dress of the summer. Its so cool and easy to wear! Might even go back and buy a couple more patterned versions too. Gotta love Primarni!

Ill post my contest winner a bit later on today, maybe tomorrow. Sorry I'm be so slack about it!

sunday portrait week 26

Sunday, May 23, 2010


001. Ill start off by what I normally say on number one. Hello new followers! I seem to have had quite a few this week which is just lovely! The winner of my contest will be announced tomorrow. Its all ready and picked ready to be posted, But to keep suspense I'll leave it till tomorrow! Sorry I forgot to do Flickr Favourites this week, My head was all over the place last night!

002. I know everyone's saying it but GOSH ITS SO HOT! I've never seen so much English naked burnt flesh before! Did have a spur of the moment thing to go to the beach this evening, But alas that hasn't happened. Ivor didn't have any money, and is currently doing his FMP at college so he didn't wanna mess that up by going away. Which is fair enough really! And I should be doing mine seeing as I'm going to London for two days this week as well!

003. Everyone should go follow Gemma & Victorias new blog called "I Know What You Wore This Summer". Its going to be a collection of different peoples outfits from the summer. Isn't it a cool idea! You can submit your photos and they will upload it, and link you in the sidebar!

004. I've realized Primark is slowly taking over my life. I went shopping today with my Mum, and I bought some really lovely stuff from there! Everything so much nicer from Primark during S/S. Price-wise too its just amazing! I even went into Topshop today and was disgusted by the price tag! Ive got my eye on this piece of swimwear though, But I think ill have to see it in person before committing! Oh also today I bought a denim waistcoat. Right. I hate denim, I really do. Denim shirts are a complete nono in my books, and dont get me started on Jeggings! But alas Ive been craving one for a while, And got one from George at Asda for £14. Lovely! On looking at the George website, Theirs quite a few things I like actually. Might have to give Asda another look!

005. Sun = Time to start showing my milky white bruised and battered legs off to the general public. I bruise so easily, Like the slightest knock on anything and I look like someones kicked me with steel toe boots. I'm currently thinking To fake tan or not to fake tan. Probably the latter as Im scared of being orange. Any recommendations post them in the comments!


Friday, May 21, 2010

what i wore 21.05.10what i wore 21.05.10
what i wore 21.05.10
dress: topshop
shirt: topshop
headband: babooshka boutique
rings: (L-R) h&m, h&m, newlook
nail polish: barry m 294

Been procrastinating all day unfortunately. Makeup... Hair... Clothes... Blog... Emails... Facebook... Formspring... Clean room... Online shop... Texting... Taking Back Sunday on Spotify... Oooh Julian Casablancas. I swear if I could sit down and do work for say 5/6 hours straight I'd finish it so quickly. Why is everything so distracting! My pictures came out so over saturated today, as my camera is spazzing out. Had to edit the colours in photoshop, and now they look super washed out. God you cant win! I cant wait to get a Canon 1000d. I might just give in searching for one for cheap and buy one full price. Purely so my outfit pics can be better. Hmmm.

In 0ther new yesterday, after googling for about 10000 hours (more procrastination) I found some Chanel Half tint "inspired" glasses. And how much did they cost... $10. They went straight into my basket, and with the shipping being $9.99 (Not that bad for international shipping IMO) I now have my dream sunglasses winging their way to me!

lady in red

Thursday, May 20, 2010

what i wore 20.05.10what i wore 20.05.10
what i wore 20.05.10
what i wore 20.05.10
cardigan: primark
dress: new look
rings: asos, h&m + acessorize
knotted rosary: ebay

Had my work placement interview today, I think it went ok! So fingers crossed, theirs five other people I think they are interviewing so who knows! This is what I wore today for it anyway! Black dress + Red cardigan is my favourite combo at the moment, and I'm also loving matching colours and prints. Like today I wore the red rosary and the red cardigan, and yesterday I wore a leopard scarf and my all time favourite shoes, my leopard moccassins! Other than that, Today's been spent doing not much at all. I decided to catch up on everyone's lovely blogs and drink lots of tea!

Hopefully I'll have time to post something tomorrow as I'm not going into university, Probably another outfit post because I enjoy doing them! Im working pretty hard right now trying to get my head around final cut pro! My deadlines 1st June so expect usual blogging to resume around then!

sunday portrait week 25

Sunday, May 16, 2010

this is llymlrs week 25
couldn't take a decent picture today, so heres something totally ridiculous!

001. I know I said it yesterday but if your a new follower and haven't entered my giveaway yet, you might as well! It ends at midnight and all entries after that will not be counted! Ill be announcing the winner within the next week!

002. So week one of gym has gone really well, Ive actually felt alot better within myself and although I've not lost much weight I can feel myself finding it easier and easier each time I go. Ive got about 5 weeks now till I go on my holidays to Turkey and I hope to drop a dress size and tone up!

003. Formspring! Ask me anything! Ill normally answer all the questions I get asked, Apart from things related to my boyfriend, which I wont answer. I got a super rude one the other day saying "You don't seem to like your boyfriend much from what I've gathered, so why are you sticking with him?". How would they know how I feel about my boyfriend! I complain about him alot, but just because I sometimes rant on twitter it isn't representational of my relationship!

004. Just to add to the overly negative part of 003. Im just going to say something. Please do not copy the content, texts and personal photographs that I post on my blog. I recently had to deal with someone completely ripping off the things I have been posting. I emailed her and thought we had sorted it all out only to find out earlier today that she had posted a INCREDIBLY similar (ie the same.) picture of herself in the same striped top/red scarf/finger moustache combo in my last post. Inspiring someone, I'm cool with that, But copying things I do and say are just weird, and its just really got to me. She knows who she is, so I wont be calling her out. But its just getting so annoying.

005. Two weeks till university deadlines! And 4 days till my interview for a design placement! Tomorrow I'm going to print out my up to date portfolio. I'm really excited about doing that because my other one is over 2 years old now. Plus my works taken such a different direction since then it deserves a refresh!

Heads up!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My giveaway ends tomorrow, so if you haven't entered yet do it! All you have to do is leave a email address and ask me to enter you in the comments! Link in the side >

ou et la piscine

Friday, May 14, 2010

what i wore 14.05.10
what i wore 14.05.10
tunic: new look
leggings: topshop
hat: primark
circle scarf: rani @ cupcake couture
hype on lookbook/chictopia

How Parisian chic of me! Madmoiselle Robot would be proud!! I'm in love with this awesome red circle scarf that I bought off Rani from Cupcake Couture. Its the perfect color and it was just what my wardrobe wanted! I have an American Apparel Circle Scarf in Black but I think I've worn it about once! Theirs so much fabric and it completely drowns me! This one however is perfect! You can buy them from Rani if you email her, which you can find on her blog. They cost £11.50 and she can make them in any color you'd like! Compared to the £23 I paid for my American Apparel scarf, This one is such a bargain and I've worn it more times than my American Apparel one and I've only had it a week!

My straw boater wouldn't fit on my head as my hair was up! I hardly ever wear my hair up, Ive got so much of it, It just looks weird with my scraggly bits hanging down, and god forbid I wore my hair off my face! Im toying with the idea of cutting my fringe, But like most of my plans, It will never happen!

I have to admit I'm not currently wearing this, I'm sitting in a old oversized tee and some running shorts eating half a pack of chocolate biscuits and a cup of very strong, very sugary tea. My favourite! A bit of a diet fail today as you can tell. Oh well! Back on it tomorrow! I'm really enjoying the gym, I go everyday for an hour and a half. I'm trying to get it into my daily routine!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just a quick catch up! Sorry there has been a slow down in outfit posts and actually fresh (fresh is such a good word to describe things!) content! I don't know why, I just haven't found the time! Deadlines are fast approaching and my new interest in the gym is taking up all my free time. Here are three pics from the last two weeks at university. Pretty boring, but its all good! Im currently doing MA 12, Which is called "Competition and Commission" so loads of live breifs and competition submissions and that! Its alot of work!

My clothes are currently lumped in a pile on my bedroom floor while I aimlessly try and sort them out. Ebay pile, Charity shop pile, Keep pile and Go in the wardrobe Pile. Although knowing me I'll end up keeping it all. My wardrobe is so full at the moment I cant squeeze anything in, my shoes seem to be piled up on the floor and god knows where I'm going to fit all my bags, rings and tights (I have enough hoisery to open my own Tights shop!)

Promise things will return to its usual outfitty goodness, So excuse the filler over the next few days, I promise it will get better!

topshop summer 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

images via Marie Claire

I got linked to the Topshop Summer 2010 Collection the other day, And fell in love with tons of the stuff in their lookbook. Im in love with the whole feel of the collection. It reminds me of a sort of festivaly-gap year travelling-luxe look. Its full of tribal inspired pieces with a smooth and classic twist. I love the use of sheer tights too. I'm a massive fan of them and think they can make a outfit compared to proper opaque tights! The chunky brown boots may be worming its way into my wardrobe too!

This summer I vow to conquer my fear of the Maxi dress too! They are such versatile peices that can be dressed up or down depending on how you wear them! I want one but being 5ft 5, makes me wonder if I can pull it off. I always wonder what kind of shoes to wear too? Flats? Gladiators? Heels? Boots? I think that Alexandra from Everybody Else's Girl wears Maxi dresses so well and it has really inspired me to try one out! I'm sure another Keep or Return post will be needed to sort this issue out!

My favourite piece is the white lace dress (image 4) Although by the looks its one of those dresses that are supposed to be worn under something else. I can deal with that! Means I can mix up whats worn underneath! I'm currently on the search for the perfect long sleeved lace dress, and that may satisfy my cravings! Of course I adore the leopard print coat too, and all the hats in the images make me really excited!

Plus one for Topshop for their summer collection! I'm sure I'll go back to checking their website in the hope that the Lace dress will come online! Although from there A/W collection last year I checked their site everyday in the hope they would release this fur coat from their promo shoot, But it never came out! Sad face!

sunday portrait week 24

Sunday, May 09, 2010

week24 copy

001. HEY NEW FOLLOWERS! I just like to a big hello, and thank you to all my new followers! Your all so lovely! Say Hi in the comments! If your new and didnt know, My giveaway of a Sunday Girl Accessories Name Necklace is still running, and you can enter it here!

002. So my lovelies, What did you think of some of my new regular/semi regular colum ideas. Keep or Return and Want are just two of the many ideas I've come up with to be regular posts. Keep or Return is going to be your chance to tell me if that dress really does suit me, or that t-shirt looks awful or that colour totally isn't me! Want is basically a round up of things I want right now! Id like your feedback on these, because hey, you guys have to read it!

003. Conquered my fear of the gym today and decided to go get and induction! I think I may be in love! Its so fun, and although right now my muscles are dying there is nothing a nice warm Lush Cosmetics bath wont sort out! I don't really talk about dieting or weight, But I've lost 20lbs since the begging of the year and I really want to lost a few more and more importantly tone up!

004. Short but sweet entry this week, as I've been mega busy. This week has been a bit of a blur really! Ive been working so hard for uni as well as trying to sort out a possible university transfer. I've already transferred university once, I used to go to Sheffield Hallam University then transferring back to Hereford College of the Arts. I've emailed them, so we shall have to see! I've also got a interview in a few weeks for a design placement! Which is the best thing ever! I'm so excited about going! I'm hoping to make some sort of promo material to leave with them after the interview. And tomorrow I'm seeing the Banksy film, Exit through the giftshop!


Friday, May 07, 2010

Ella Masters
Ella MastersElla Masters
Ella Masters

My lovely friend Ella sent me these goodies a while ago but they only came the other day! No thanks to the Bank Holiday and the how awful Royal Mail are! She told me she was sending me somethings to cheer me up after me and my boyfriend broke up. I was so shocked when it came, she is so talented and generous! She drew me some gorgeous pictures, I especially like the jumper one, I remember when she posted it on her blog, and I was like OMGTHATJUMPERSSONICE! I showed my Mum the picture she drew of me, and she said it was amazing, and wants her to draw another one!! I especially love the tattoos she sent me! The whole package really made me smile! Its possibly the best thing I've ever been sent in the post, and I cannot wait to sort out a little gift to send back to her!

Seriously you should all go follow her blog because her artwork is seriously amazing! Shes also one of the sweetest people I know (:

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