Ombre Hair?

Friday, April 30, 2010

Hair Ombre (Tiled)
(image credit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

Do I? Dont I? For those that don't know "Ombre hair" is the new in thing according to all the fashion magazines. Its basically just a graduation of color, from light to dark, or dark to light aka. basically looking like your hair has grown out and you have massive roots. Ok, So I haven't done anything to my hair in over a year, Its just grown and grown and now is actually starting to get a bit too dull and long for my liking. It only gets the occasional hack at the fringe with a pair of kitchen scissors when I'm fed up with it! Its kinda warm-ish mid-tone brown right now, which I actually adore, But its just so boring and bland.

At the bottom of my hair it is quite light compared to the rest, which you can see in some of my pictures. But I'm really contemplating a Ombre dye done so its a bit more obvious. I think it would be a perfect way too add some colour without it being too boring! Plus I can imagine it looking amazinggg in summer! I'm only thinking of going a few shades lighter at the bottom, But I'm besotted with the idea of getting it done. Probably going to get it does professionally and was quoted £37, Which ain't to shabby (although I have no idea how much hair cuts cost?). Today in Superdrug I nearly took the plunge and bought some hair dye because I really want my hair like this.

So.. What do you guys think? Y/N? Answers on a postcard. Or just in the comments!!

hello darkness

Thursday, April 29, 2010

what i wore 29.04.10what i wore 29.04.10
what i wore 29.04.10
what i wore 29.04.10
dress: H&M
cardigan: primark
rings: new look & primark
hype on lookbook/chictopia

Lighting was not my friend today. Rain is such a drag isn't it. I had to run back to my car after university resulting in looking like a wet dog, My new shoes are soaked! Did I wear a coat today? Oh no I didn't! Just a summer dress and a cardigan! Pretty simple look today. I bought this dress for my holiday in Turkey in the end of June but decided to wear it today regardless. I now own this cardigan in three different color ways (Blue, Black and Red) Although Red isnt the most wearable of the three, Its secretly my favourite one, Coincidentally it was also the cheapest one as It was in the Primark sale. I like wearing pops of color occasionally.

Sorry for the craptastic lighting by the way! My camera doesnt like low light and refuses to change its settings so it will take in more light. I still havent found the Canon 1000D I posted about a while ago for the right price quite yet. I'm determined to stick to my budget for it £250 (Although I'd probably stretch to £265). I'm gonna keep trawling ebay and bidding away! Oh also my camera I currently use is a Fuji Finepix S1000! I'm always asked and I keep meaning to say!

Today I spent most of the day "working" at university. We all decided to go to Pizza hut to have the lunchtime buffet. Bad idea. My friend, Lee ate like 10 pieces of pizza, plus the equivalent of about 3 cucumbers from the salad bar. As you can see from my TwitPic, that We most defiantly got our moneys worth! I got totally inspired to do some work last night before I went to bed, Im really on a roll right now doing my work. Its nice to actually be doing some! I also applied for a few design placements over the past few weeks, and fingers crossed I'll be hearing back from them soon! It really got me thinking about my portfolio, Which I really must update soon!

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tell all your friends

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

what i wore 27.04.10
top: primark
skirt: H&M
coat: topshop
hat: H&M
cuff: asos
brouges: new look
hype on lookbook/chictopia

I love how generally weather inappropriate I dress. A wooly hat and a parka? British Summer time? Oh yes! Ive had this coat for years now and its still a wardrobe staple! I practically wear it all year round. Florals and military green go so well together! Also it looks like I've been wearing that H&M skirt for ages, I do have two! I'm not some smelly who doesn't wash their clothes! I absolutly adore the print on the top I'm wearing though! Its really nice and vintagy looking!

Plus as a bonus (one day only special!) you get a feet shot! Ive been getting a few emails saying "WHY DONT YOU DO SHOE SHOTS" I either wear these brouges or quilted Primark flats!

I'm feeling particularly ugly at the moment. I don't even know why. My skins really bad since I changed foundations, so I really need to sort my skincare out or just buy my old foundation again (Chanel Mat Lumiere). I don't want to spend my money at the moment so I cant justify spending £30 on foundation right now!

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work please

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hey guys! Sorry for lack of posting over the weekend. I've been mega busy and stressed about University work. If you follow me on Twitter, You'd have seen my manic tweets over the past few days! Its finally hit me that I'm so ridiculously far behind its not even funny anymore! I really need to get my head down and do some work. So expect a slow down in posts (I say this, But I'm a massive procrastinator and I'll probably still be posting as much as normal!)

I just wanted to drop by and say Hi to everyone super quickly. I don't really have much of a post today, Ill be doing a outfit post tomorrow and I'm sure some other things will crop up during the week. But for now, Im getting my head down and working!

Sending my love to my favourite person right now Ella Masters, Who's as stressed as me about university work at the moment! I used her picture for the image for this post! Isn't her desk/studio lovely! My space at university is filled with rubbish and half finished drawings! Maybe if I make it nicer I'll do more work... Doubtful!

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300+ Followers Giveaway!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hello my lovely followers! What do you think of the new layout? It's not 100% finished quite yet, I may change the background a bit and I've not done the new header yet. The current one was drawn on a napkin on a whim at university! Its stuck ever since!

On to the giveaway! Its only a little one really because I'm still kinda struggling with a good collection of things to giveaway, that represents me and my blog. I don't want to do a standard makeup/sweets/etc giveaway! I want some lovely individual things that you cant find everyday! Anyway, While browsing my favourite live journal community off_thehighstreet, Someone had posted about a really cool jewelery shop called Sunday Girl Acessories. I was hooked as soon as I saw it. I'm in love with the Bunting Necklace and the Lace collar! The items in the shop are all really individual!

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beating hearts baby

what i wore 22.04.10what i wore 22.04.10
what i wore 22.04.10
top: Topshop
coat: H&M
skirt: H&M
ring: Asos
turban: Babbooshka Boutique

There is something about leopard print that I just cannot grow out of. It brings back such vivid memories of the Emo/Scene days when I had endless leopard things in my wardrobe, I had these amazing leopard print velor (!!) flats which I bought on my first ever shopping trip with my friends. And I found these adorable leopard print moccasins in Primark last year and totally regret not buying 100 more pairs because I wore them to death. I still try and wear them even though they are DISGUSTING condition. Speaking of being Emo you can really see my piercing scar in the last image. I had a lip and a Monroe pierced when I was 16, Both of which haven't healed properly even though I've had them out for at least 3 years now. I don't really notice them anymore because they are just part of my face. But kids, Don't get facial piercings Mmkay?

My boyfriend bought me this leopard print mac from H&M for my birthday. I'd be eying it up for a while, So was happy when I unwrapped it! Ive been struggling for ideas of what to wear with it though. All I can think of is wearing black? So kinda opted for a "Rock Chic" (God I hate that phrase but you all know what I mean, right!?) This Mick/Marianne sleeveless top was worn by everyone under the sun when it was released by Topshop last year, and I haven't worn it in such a long time for that reason. Decided to pull it out again though. And obviously I wore my Babbooshka Boutique Turban!

The ring is possibly my favourite thing I've bought this week! I saw it on ASOS on the weekend, and since they decided to do free shipping for all customers, Well Super Saver Delivery, and I'm one of those people who get sucked in because shipping is FREEFREEFREE! I actually refused to buy anything from ASOS until they started doing free returns.

I started making a body chain yesterday but didn't get enough chain so that DIY project will be put on hold until I can get more curb chain! What does everyone think of body chains/harness. Rumi and Queen Michelle pull it off nicely, But we shall have to see what it looks like on me. I can imagine wearing it with little plain dresses in the summer to toughen them up! Let me know what you think in the comments!

happy birthday me!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh yes, Ive reached the grand old age of 20 years today! Haven't really done anything today though, Had to go to university today which was a bit of a bummer, Then went for lunch with my Mum in town. After trying to decide if these khaki hareems were for me or not I just went home. I had a few hours to burn before my friend comes over so I tried to take some outfit pics, But I couldn't make what I was wearing look decent in photographs (Striped Top, Blazer and Leather Shorts!!), But here are a few pics from today!
Birthday Cake

My Mummy made that cake for me, Isn't it lovely! She owns a bakery, But she doesn't actually BAKE cakes, So she went to loads of effort to make me a lemon sponge with lemon cream cheese icing! Big Love to my mother! The last image is of my wall at university, Ive been meaning to post about it for ages but completly forgot! All Art is Quite Useless, Keep Calm And Carry On, Insanity Wolf and Trash Talk! See all the biggger images on my Flickr!

PS. If you were wondering what I got for my birthday, I got Money, Henry Holland x Pretty Polly Suspender Tights (!!), Two lots of Harajuku Lovers Perfume, Underwear, A Cheese Charm for my charm bracelet, Underwear, Leapord Print Cropped Mac, Tatty Devine Name Necklace & all the usual smellies and bits and bobs you get given on your birthday!


Monday, April 19, 2010

what i wore 19.04.10what i wore 19.04.10
what i wore 19.04.10
what i wore 19.04.10

playsuit: primark
cardigan: primark
purse: acessorize
hair clip: new look
rings (L-R): matalan, new look, h&m
nail polish: barry m cyan blue 297

I feel like I'm wearing a overly Primark outfit today. Coming in at around £12 for the actual clothes bit, I feel slightly cheap? Not that its a problem wearing all Primark, Because I do love this little romper! Was such a bargain at just £5! I just like to mix and match more with what I wear! For those not from the UK, Primark is a really cheap, moderate quality clothing store which is a bit hit and miss sometimes. Most of the time things are really badly made or pretty ugly, But i have to admit their latest season has been really nice! Ive bought quite a few things recently from there!

Im not 100% sure I like the playsuit without the cardigan, I don't do belts and It kinda seems like a bit shapeless without something on top! As you can see from my pictures I took off my acrylics, I wish I hadn't but I was drunk and though it was fun to ping them off. (Its not by the way, So painful now)! I love this Barry M Nailpaint! its one of my favourites!

Anyway, Its my 20th birthday tomorrow so I don't actually know if I'll have time to post anything of substance! Ill take my camera with me though to document any shenanigans that may occour! I don't generally do birthdays but Im quite looking forward to it. Not being a teenager anymore scares me though! Eep!

sunday portrait week 22

Sunday, April 18, 2010

this is llymlrs week 22

001. Hello new followers! I love coming on here and seeing the little numbers here and on Blog Lovin' grow and grow!

002. I'm hoping to roll out my new layout for the blog in the next week. I want to make it a bit more colourful and have way more "me" style elements to it. I do like the way my blog looks, Its kinda a bit squished though. Being a art student has made me totally overcritical of the way things look! Hoping to add more hand drawn type, a new header and a new background/colour scheme! Lovely Jubbly! I also changed my Outfit post layouts so I have more images and less "please turn your head sideways!" I didnt like the longness of portrait images. Gosh Im a pefectionist!

003. Back at University on Monday! Ive still yet to do any substantial amount of work in the past few weeks. I need Final Cut Pro but theres no way I'm forking out for the program. So therefore I'll have to wait till i get back to do it. Ive also got a presentation to do for Contexual Studies.

004. This week I sorted out all of my old clothes and I'm going to sell a few bits and pieces on eBay! I haven't sold on eBay since about 2005 when I used to sell sceney jewelery, You know knuckle dusters, diamonds and ribcages made out of shrink plastic. I used to make about £350+ a month. Although I think eBaying is alot harder nowadays, I swear everyone lies about not receiving packages and expects so much out of a seller. Recorded Delievery and lots of pictures before selling me thinks! Ill post on here when things go up so you can all see... & bid on it *cough*cough*

005. will now direct you straight to my blog. I finally decided to get a domain, which is super exciting! Its like "HI IM LILY AND IVE GOT A .COM." Google has lost all my comments in the switch though, Which is so gutting! I loved looking at my comments. I think they are supposed to come back within 24hours. I hope they arent lost for good though!

flickr faves #21

Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Flickr Faves is my weekly 12 image round-up of my favourite images found via Flickr. If you have anything you'd like to share with me and possibly get featured on this post add me on Flickr!"

le moustache

what i wore 17.04.10what i wore 17.04.10
what i wore 17.04.10
what i wore 17.04.10
top: new look
skirt: H&M
hat: primark
rings: primark

I actually wore the same outfit when I went to the cinema on Wednesday (God Bless Orange Wednesdays!). I saw Kick-Ass and I actually thought it was really good. I really like the highly saturated colors, It really made the film have that "Comic Book" feel. It was sweet. Anyway.

I saw this t-shirt on a post on off_highstreet specifically this post where a girl asked if non skinny people can wear cropped tees. I thought it looked awesome on her and literally went straight to the New Look website and ordered it! The boater was a spur of the moment purchase when shopping with my mother. I couldn't resist it, for £3 you cant really go wrong. I haven't take it off my head since (:

At the moment I'm really liking the way my hair looks. I gave up doing anything to it for ages and now I've just got back into making it wavy again. I normally do it the night before with my straighteners (I use my GHD's and twist is back and forth), Turn my head upside down and spray it with hairspray (I like Tresemme or Ellnett) and then in the morning its all dropped into a soft curl. Its so nice to have some good hair days for a change! My hairs naturally poker straight so I have to do something to it or it just looks flat and lifeless. I'm a long time backcomber, Stemming right back from the Emo/Scene days! Ive got awful dreaded bits at the back of my hair too which I really need to sort out, But I know I'll never get round to doing it!

to the power of five

Thursday, April 15, 2010

what i wore 15.04.10what i wore 15.04.10
what i wore 15.04.10
what i wore 15.04.10

dress: new look
cardigan: new look
ring: H&M
glasses: H&M

Oh I love transitional seasons. I can wear a cute lacy summer dress and a thick knit cardigan and still be covered incase it gets warm or cold. Im in love with this oversized round sunglasses, I feel like I'm channeling my inner MKO or Marianne Faithful! I did want the Chanel Half Tint sunglasses until I saw these lurking in H&M. Total summer must have for me for sure! Although Im still tempted by them, Although I don't think you can actually buy them anymore?

Also Ive been searching for a oversized turquoise ring, and haven't found one that actually fits me (oh hai tiny fingers!). Just my luck that yesterday I spotted this beauty, In H&M as well. It was my lucky day!

Sorry for lack of posting over the last few days. Ive broken up with my boyfriend, And its all a bit weird? But if you followed my on Twitter you'd already know this! Id left my camera at his house and didn't want to continue posting blahblahblah filler untill I got it back!

sunday portrait week 21

Saturday, April 10, 2010


001. This week I'm planning on working my socks off for uni. I'm too far behind to keep trying to not bother with my workload. I'm about two projects behind in one module and then a further 4-5 in my other one. Might post up some of my work if its any good, which it usually isnt so dont get your hopes up!

002. Come Monday I'm back on my diet, Ive had a grand total of THREE KFC's this week. Which is ridiculous! I'm such a sucker for fast food. Since I stopped restricting my food intake I've only really put on 3-4lbs, 5lbs max. But I need to lose weight for my holiday in June because for the first time ever I really really REALLY want to wear a bikini on the beach!

003. I was contacted by the ever so lovely Ella Masters to be part of her new zine, Which is totally exciting to actually collab and work with someone. I'm planning on doing a new type series as my submission to the zine! Which I'm super excited about because it's been far too long since I've drawn much. I do still draw alot just none of it feel like its good enough to show you guys and upload to Flickr.

004. Last night I somehow managed to spend nearly £300 on clothes. This week moneys been burning a hole in my pocket, Ive spent at least £80 on petrol (I swear my cars broken cause I haven't driven THAT much), I spent £5 on 40 pairs of fake lashes from eBay? Do I need 40 pairs of lashes? NUHUH! However upon looking at my online bank account today I got my student loan, which inevitably means more spending. BOOHOO (not). Plus i spent £50 in Primark today with my Mama, I did get a good load of stuff though, Cannot wait to show you!

005. Ebay has become my latest addiction, I managed to purchase some really lovely and cheap stuff recently. I bought this adorable spotted oversized tshirt dress, a beautiful deep blue silk tunic, a heart print skirt and this amazing retro tunic. I love getting all these packages through my door, especially when they look nicer in real life than in the images. It makes me happy!

flickr faves #20

"Flickr Faves is my weekly 12 image round-up of my favourite images found via Flickr. If you have anything you'd like to share with me and possibly get featured on this post add me on Flickr!"

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