sunday portrait week 17

Sunday, February 28, 2010

This is LLYMLRS week 17
(not really feeling this picture, i feel like i should be in a Chloe advert, but whatever, ill probs take it down)

001. I got my nails done, After weeks and weeks of considering if i should do it or not, I gave in and went to the salon to get them done. They cost me £30 and i got french tips. I normally go for natural but fancied a change. Wasn't too sure about them at first but they seem to have grown on me quite alot.

002. In two weeks time I go to Amsterdam, My mum paid for it for me and my boyfriends Christmas present. Its going to be super fun! Hopefully were going to rent some bikes and eat lots of food. Ive got tons of places I want to visit even though we are going for like 3 days. Its our first ever couples holiday, and actually the first time Ive been abroad alone, well does going to France with school count? Were flying from Bristol, which means I've got to drive down there, First time on a motorway as well. I'm a little bit scared?

003. I dont ever go out anymore, Since i turned 18, I just never seem to go out much! Its strange but I just started to not enjoy it anymore. But on Friday I decided on the spur of the moment to go out. Special mentions to Kyle, Lee and Amelia for making it a funny night. My friend Kyle knew all the dance moves to the YMCA, which was hilarious. Lee was obsessed with the idea of getting a kebab.

004. Im on the look out for a decent, SLR type camera, My one is a rubbish point and shoot and I've decided it needs to be replaced. When I get my next student loan I'm defiantly going to splash out on a decent one. Im so picky about camera, and especially they way I look when taking a picture with them. That's so vain yet so true. I also found out that I get my student loan the day before my birthday this year, Last year it was on my birthday, how awesome was that! Im planning to spend it on funding my internships over the summer and a trip to new york. Living at home does have some benifits.

005. LFW. Its been all over the blogshpere, and everyone totally sick of hearing about the whole thing, But I'm so jealous of everyone who had the opportunity of going. My dream is to go one day, One can only hope by the next time it comes round I'll be asked to go *cough*cough*hint*hint*

006. I mentioned internships in 004, but I'm planning on doing as many as I possibly can over the summer, in all aspects of graphic design, magazine work and photography. Ive got to get my ass into gear and start asking around! I always feel so cheeky asking, but I know this is something I need to get done. Im sure I can get a few places locally, I just need to get on itttt.

lazy sunday

velvet dress: miss selfridges
oatmeal oversized cardigan: topshop
turban: babooshka boutique
polka dot tights: primark
oval ring: primark
other ring: new look
my lookbook

This is about as "lazy outfit" as I get. Personally I have no problem with wearing velvet during the day. I wore a similar outfit to college once and everyone was like "Your so overdressed". Who cares though! Id never dream of wearing trackies or uggs to university, especially since I don't even wear them in the house! Anyway this is my first outfit post I've ever done, Feedback would be appreciated (:

PS. Please hype my look on!

fat day

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Moleskine '10 (54-55)

WOW, Ive been rather busy this week, Ive missed so much uni it isn't even cool. Today I saw my friend Olivia for the first time in what feels like forever, and we had a good chat and lots of comfort food. I'm supposed to be on a diet but I'm currently nomming my way through a rather large packet of Tyrells Potato chips (Mature Cheese and Onion if you were wondering) and I'm also having Spag Bol for dinner. My boyfriends dad makes THE best bolognese I've ever had. A total fat day overall!

I bought a lovely pair of chunky black wedges and a really cute tunic both from New look. I'm in LOVE with the shoes, they are really cute and casual but are totally wearable during the day and night. I got a tripod from my uncles house the other day and I'm so excited about doing some outfit of the days and lookbook stuff.

monday glee: marianne faithfull

Monday, February 22, 2010

"Monday Glee is mini-series about all things that make me happy, From style, art, fashion, music and just general things that make me smile! Each week I'll talk about a different topic, If you have any ideas or suggestions for topics, just email me and let me know!"

For the first of the series, I'm going to talk about my current style crush, I go through so many phases of different people who's dress sense inspires me, But this one seems to be the one I always go to for inspiration. So what if what she wore was the in thing over 40 years ago, Shes one of the true fashion icons in my eyes. Move over Marilyn Monroe and Audery Hepburn, Marianne Faithfull is my vintage style icon.

Marianne Faithfull was the original rock chic. She was Mick Jaggers girlfriend and became quickly became a style icon and musician in her own right. She took risks back in the 60s, when most girls were still in suits and stockings, she was stepping out in leather jackets, heart-shaped sunglasses and feather boas. The thing I most admire about her style, is that her wardrobe at the time was so timeless, She wouldn't look out of place stepping out of a club today. Marianne was the epitome of rock chic cool throughout the 60's.

Marianne really had a nose for good style, She knew what worked for her and she stuck with it. Her luxe groupie look has been replicated by people like Kate Moss and have been seen all over the high street and catwalks ever since.

Get the Look:
Embroidered Rose Smock Dress, Meadow Peplum Tunic, Faux Fur Jacket, Hooded Cape, Metal Round Sunglasses, Drop Arm Vintage Look Sunglasses, Mullberry Alexa, Woven Booties, Floral Dress, Floral Playsuit, Nude Slouchy Shirt, Denim Jacket, Peach Lace Corsage, Hook And Eye Full Skirt Dress, Wool Floppy Hat,

sunday portrait week 16

Saturday, February 20, 2010

This is LLYMLRS week 16

001. Wow another weeks gone past. It really feels like times flying by this year, Its almost the end of February, I remember when I was younger and a week felt like a age, and a year felt like forever. I feel like times going so quickly I'm not able to keep up. Its scary to think that in two months Im going to be 20 years old. I feel like a old lady! But I also find it weird that I dont feel like I am in the place I imagined I'd be when I was older. I used to want to be a Dancer, and now I'm studying Graphic design? I thought id have my own place, but I live at home, I imagined being a beautiful tall lady, But feel the same as I did when I was 15, without the Emo hair!

002. I sent out all the zines from the competition this week, I'm so pleased to be getting some feedback on them all! Its currently up on Etsy (HERE) for about £2.50, Mainly to cover the cost of the postage/envelope and printing. Plus, Everyone who buys one of my zines gets their own personalized envelope & a little post-it with there name on. I wanted to add a personal touch to my things, and though the hand drawn type makes it extra special! Click HERE for an example of what I mean!

003. I finally got the Babooshka Boutique turban that I've been pining over for a while now. I'm wearing it today in my picture, But this one is different from my first one, But alas, I still like it. Its great though for hiding unwashed hair and also keeps your ears warm. JACKPOT. I feel very Mary-Kate Olsen in this though. All I need now is the Chanel half tint sunglasses!

004. What will I be doing this week? This week I plan on making a mini pattern zine, Just as a little extra for my own personal zine. Its going to be a pattern reference guide for myself I suppose. Ill be doing a few more inspiration images at some point this week too. I'm also planning on doing a photograph a hour thing, Which I first saw on Selena from Flying Saucers blog, I thought it was such as fun thing to do! For more examples of what I mean look here here. I'm working Tuesday-Wednesday, and getting my nails done Tuesday afternoon, Ill probably choose a day when I'm actually doing something interesting though. Maybe tomorrow?

Short but sweet Sunday post I guess, Hope everyone's OK and having a good weekend! I just want to say that I'm so grateful for everyone who follows my blog and reads it on a daily basis, I absolutely adore getting comments and feedback on everything. You really are all so lovely and thoughtful (:

flickr faves #14


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Uploaded a few more Moleskine bits to Flickr today. These are from days ago but I just haven't had time to do them. Lame excuse but its true. Im terrible at getting things up on time, as Ive just uploaded my valentines drawings. Ah well! I may start just uploading one per day, but knowing me it will never last. BTW, anyone who won one of my zines it has either been sent already or will be done tomorrow!

Today I went to Nandos and the Cinema with my friends Greg and Kyle. We went to Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, I thought it was pretty good actually. Much better than i thought it was going to be. It was weird because i totally didnt think it should have been a PG film. It was really dark in some places, and there was actually little kids there. I saw one woman walk out with her two kids. But whatever, She should have realized it wasnt a kids film. Nandos was good too, I had mild chicken pitta with Haloumi cheese and splashing of Nando's Wild Herb Peri-Peri sauce. I love Nandos as it always seems to organized, it just makes sense to pay for your food, get your cutlery and sauces then wait. The food came really quickly even though it was mega busy, and was really tasty too. Plus 1 for Nandos.

my milkshake brings all the boys...

Milkshake Chapsticks

My boyfriend bought me these super cool Milkshake Chapsticks for Valentines day and just had to take a picture. How cute are they! They taste so nummy too. My favourite is the Strawberry, I want to not use them because they are just so overwhelmingly cute!

Ivor forgot to bring my presents after work on Sunday, and I was pretty bummed out, I didn't expect to get them till he came back from Leeds on Friday. But No, Got home from a long day at work to a package, and it contained all my gifts! How cute is that! He even sent it next day special delivery! He got me 4 charms for my charm bracelet, a heart print purse, Summerslam 2005 DVD, Almost famous DVD, and the chapsticks! I was actually so pleased with all of it because it was so thoughtful and he remembered the fact that I wanted that heart print purse but couldn't buy it as I'd lost my purse! What a lovely boyfriend! I didn't even get him anything, but I've promised to get him some converse allstars when he decides which ones he likes!

zine ftw.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Calender Zine 2010

The winners of my zine are as follows:
Kimberly, Caz, Kerri-anne, Amy, Liam, Chantal, James & Samantha.

Took me ages to get all the numbers because it kept outputting the same ones again. Random, lies! Ill try and email everyone asap, but if you see this before I actually email you, Just email me and demand the goods! (:

Ive decided I'm going to put this up on Etsy in the next few days, so that if anyone would like a copy and missed winning it, They can get it on there. I'm also going to do a monthly, printable copy of each month starting at the beginning of march, for those who don't wanna buy it (: See I'm nice!

PS. Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post about Tumblr. Ive decided I'm gonna give it a go blogging alongside this and see what comes of it. Maybe ill get more credit, maybe I wont. We shall have to see (: I was considering doing one of images that inspire me, so I have a online resource to pull up whenever I need a creative boost?

sunday portrait week 15

Saturday, February 13, 2010

This is LLYMLRS weeek 15

001. Happy Valentines Day! I made my boyfriend red velvet cupcakes and made him some IOU's. We have decided not to do anything special because... well we are lazy, but I said I'd buy him a cone of chips or a kebab from the chippy. Love innit! If you were wondering I used this recipe from Best Cupcake Recipes. It has some really lovely cupcakes on there that I'd love to try at some point! Ages ago me and Ivor made some Cookie Monster cupcakes, and then his dog ate them ): Was a dark day.

002. Tumblr, Tumblr, Tumblr. One, I just dont understand it, I go on and see MY work being reblogged a hundred billion million (not joking, well one of mine has like 1200+ notes) and most of the time I don't even get credit. Surely there must be some magic way to claim credit on things like that. Which brings me onto point number two, Shall I do Tumblr? I worry about getting lost in the shuffle, losing my identity, losing my work. Ive signed up using LLYMLRS, but have yet to post anything (defo not coz I dont know how AHEM) But I just dont like the idea of having my work on there, and then having my work also posted on a different blog which has more notes than my work posted by me. This is a genuinely distressing situation to be in. Or maybe I'm just being too neurotic.

003. I think the way I write on this blog is how I actually speak/think. Maybe I should learn to write good. LOLILOLLO. If you actually met me you'd probably think I'm stupid. I really need to work on my tone of voice when blogging. As I really don't think everyone will like my rambling, sidenoted, lulz and constant overuse of punctuation!

004. I want all the rings on this website. Galibardy rings are seriously some of the coolest rings I've seen in a longlonglong time. None of them will fit me though because I have ridiculously small fingers. Badtimes. I love the Cheshire Car ring, the Tooth ring and the Stag Skull one. Totally in awe of their designs! Also, The Serif tote from Little Factory is just too cute as well. Perfect for Typonerds like me (:

005. My zine competition finishes today, and Ill aiming to be getting in contact with everyone who has got a copy on Monday, Ill post all the names on here just in case I cant get into contact with you. If you don't get back in contact with me within 5 days, Ill offer the zine to another person, After next week I'm going to be back at university so Ill be doing university work again, and will need to focus on that. I do plan on putting the zine up on Etsy, at some point, But I may also upload the pages to Flickr at the beginning on the month, Then it lets you print it or something? HEY I'm not sure. I'm also going to start working on a new zine as soon as I have a theme or idea. I'm currently liking the idea of using my Illustrated Letters series to good use?


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Clwb Ifor Bach

Spent the last few days at my friends flat in Cardiff. I had a really really good time, and only came back with one decent picture. Standard. I went out Wednesday night and then spent today shopping. I also attended a very confuisng lecture with too many big words and a monotone voice. I did try and take some take some notes for the lulz but I was too tired and confused. It made me realize that I haven't learnt anything in the 4 years since I left school. The lecturer kept going "Oh you all know this right?" and I was like HUH? Theres some images of my notes on my Flickr.

Went to the MAC pro store that they have there and the guy who served me was too sweet! I always find the men who work at MAC are just so much nicer than the girls. I bought a few things; Woodwinked and Expensive Pink eyeshadows and Creme Cup Lipstick. I also got a new MSF natural, and got the wrong colour, Its far too light for me, But oh well, I'm going to have to live with it. I completely forgot what I actually went to MAC for (Patina eyeshadow and some Matte) Ill just have to order them online.

I'm going to do some pieces for the Scribble Project for the rest of the week, and maybe do a few more copies of my zines to send out (:

Zine Giveaway!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Calender Zine 2010
Calender Zine 2010

The day has finally dawned when I am ready to give away copies of my zine! Its taken me a few months to actually do it, But whatever! Who cares that January (and most of Febuary) are now defunct, But hey, who doesn't want a pretty handmade calender by the one and only Lily Melrose?

For those who don't know, The zine is 24 pages printed on pale green paper, Its a Calender (duh?!) 12 months, all the typography and elements are hand drawn by myself and scanned in and put together with my own little hands. This is the first zine I've ever made so please excuse any smudges/print errors/dodgy looking staples. Ive learnt a ton since I started making it! So hopefully the next one wont take as long!

I have 8 copies to giveaway in total, I wasn't actually sure about how I was going to give them away, I think this way is the fairest way to give them away at the moment. Ill eventually put them up on Etsy incase anyone misses them and wants one later down the time. There are a few people I have in mind that I'd like to give a copy regardless of them winning this or not!

Basically whoever comments/emails me on here or Flickr simply saying enter me will get a number (in order of entrants) and then I'll do the Random number generator thing, contact the winner of one of the 8 copies and the winner will get a copy sent out to them ASAP. However if not enough people enter, whoever comments will just get one! I dont want anyone who expresses a interest in my work to miss out!

Ill pay for postage, So you have to be comfortable with giving me your address and whatnot. BlahBlah I dont know any giveaway rules as Ive never done this before.

PS. If anyone wants to zine swap or anything let me know and ill happily do a copy for you (:
OH AND THE DEADLINE IS SUNDAY (14th Feb). Ill be in contact with everyone on Monday, and get them sent off on Tuesday (:

sunday portrait week 14

Sunday, February 07, 2010

This is LLYMLRS week 14

001. MY UNIVERSITY WORK IS HANDED IN. Thank god for that, too many late nights and not enough socializing nearly pushed me over the edge, Well not really but I'll be happy when I never have to use Adobe Flash again. Totally gonna un-install it! In the last two weeks I've crammed nearly a whole semesters worth of work in, I tell myself every time I start a new semester, "Ill do my work as I go along!" I never do. But after reading this article by Nubby Twiglet, I've realized when I'm a "proper" designer I'm gonna have to start dealing with it!

002. Going back to my Moleskine next week really excites me. I've been neglecting it since the new year, and its time for me and Moly to get reacquainted. First off I plan on doing a new series of illustrated letters, and also trying to put together my failed zine from last time. I know it was supposed to be a calender, And hey its February, but its still got 11 months worth of usefulness left in it. Ill be doing a little giveaway of a few copies, here and on my Flickr if anyone is genuinely interested in having it!

003. Seeing Lee Crutchleys awesome Gocco notebook, and card makes me REALLY want a Gocco printing set. Gocco is pretty much like a mini screen printing type thing, It kinda looks like a kids toy and is totally awesome, but I really really want. I think they are quite hard to find now. The onlys one I can seem to find are on Ebay and are like £200. However I totally think its worth the pennies. Ive got quite a bit of money at the moment that Im just wasting on clothes, makeup and other random stuff (today I spent £25 on . To Gocco or not to Gocco? Plus you should totally check out his work on Quoteskine, its awesome.

004. Discovered the Primark look book for spring summer this week, and was actually plesently suprised. I really like all the bracelets, the staw bag, the straw boater, white jazz pumps, the gladiators and the playsuits. Unfortunatly I live near a rubbish Primark that only sells ugly ill fitting tshirts and £4 Ugg boots. Plus, I'm not always keen of Primark quality but I DO love their jewellery, I might do a post on all my rings because my collection is getting ridiculously large. Their tights are also good, but the waist seems to go after a few wears and I also got my favourite shoes in the world, Leopard print moccasins (£2!!!!) but they have been worn so much they have gone a weird colour and the sole is nearly worn out.

005. Some other random things that have happened during the week, I hit 1251, Well 11251 miles in my car. Now I'm a big The Strokes fan so whenever I see 1251, I totally fangirl out and normally take a picture. So volia, Heres my car at 11251 miles. While driving home Friday I saw a car with GL33 lisense plate, I also saw someone who had a LOL one but I couldn't grab my phone quick enough. Plus its not safe to take photos and drive... AHEM. Errr What else has happened this week? I went for a meal with my friends Jess and Alice and I couldnt get my car out of this parking space and I felt like such a idiot, it took me like 10 mins. Someone had parked too close to my car and I couldn't get it to swing around enough to get out. Hm. My lifes been a bit of snoozefest this week.

006. My Zine previews on Flickr, PLEASE GO LOOK (: Ill be doing a giveaway one day this week, Ive got 8 copies to give away, But Ill let you know how you could be in with a chance of getting one when I actually think of fair way to give them away.

diet red thunder

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Three more days till deadline. I feel like a proper student for the first time in my university experience. Deadlines are insane! Ive currently finished three out of 6 projects at 100%, The others are sort of finished but not completely, I'm sure I'll have another finished by the end of the day, Then I have two days. Come 2pm Friday I'll be free! However I've been drinking copious amounts of Diet Red Thunder (Aldi own brand energy drink, 5 cals!) and hardly anytime outside the house. Today I went to Tesco just so I could leave the house!

All Over Heart Tights, Boots, Curved Hem Ruffle Tunic, Embroidered Studded Tunic, Oversize Stripe Tunic Dress

I bought these bits and bobs from Topshop yesterday (sorry for the hideous quality pitures!) I have an obsession with patterned tights, These ones are heart print, so cute! I normally get patterned ones from Primark as they are more disposable if they rip, But I just couldn't resist the heart ones! The boots are cute, I thought I could wear them in the summer as well as now. Then the rest of the stuff is just bits and bobs to add to my already over flowing wardrobe. I'm also considering getting the imfamous half tint Chanel glasses, I'm such a sucker for Chanel.

I really want a new camera as mine makes me look hideous, its only a little point and shoot. I'm either going to wait for my next student loan or see if I can gather the money together elsewhere for a little more advanced semi SLR type thing. My step dad has a really nice one but I feel self conscious using someone elses camera!

Big thank you too my blog awards I've had recently, Thank you Emerald Green 88


Monday, February 01, 2010

Here's a picture of me and my best friend in the whole wide world Joel, Hes been my best friend since I was 1, He was diagnosed with stomach cancer the middle of last year, and now hes in a hospice. Its ironic that he has stomach cancer as he wanted to be a chef and loved food. I went to see him today in a hospice and, although I was terrified, It was really OK, He was his same old self, which makes me so happy. The only thing I can do is be positive.

Ive decided Im going to do something for the charity who's looking after him. Probably sell some sort of prints/drawings/zines thing on Etsy. When Im free next week ill see what I can do!

& big thank you to Cinny Loves; for the blog award, (:
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