sunday portrait week 13

Sunday, January 31, 2010

This is LLYMLRS (week 13)

001. Ive got back into my nails this week. I went through a phase of loving my nails, and getting my acrylics done all the time but Ive been totally skipping since I went to New Zealand. I love the new American Apparell nail polish colours. They look super cute and opaque. I really like Barry M nail polishes and I really want to try China Glaze ones, they are so expensive over here though! Wish I lived in the USA. See these swatches and these ones, from Temptalia for full effect!

002. Saw my baby brother today which was so fun. He was super excited seeing me and was crying when I had to leave. It was so horrible! We did some painting, chased the cat around, played in a tunnel and built a tower (which he decided to smash down and think it was hilarious!), This is his masterpiece, I was going to take it home but I didn't wanna get covered in paint! So Im going back in the week to pick it up! He could be the next Jackson Pollock! I really love having a baby brother as I was 3 when my other brother was born, Its nice to have a little one to play with!

003. Currently watching Legally Blonde, So good, forgot how much I actually liked it! I'm not really a film person, However I cant wait to go see that new Michael Cera film, Youth in Revolt and Alice in Wonderland. I'm not sure about the fact its in 3d. When I saw Avatar it hurt my eyes and made me feel sick eventually.

004. Late night shopping is starting kill my bank balance, I seem to have been staying up wayyy to late recently. Which has resulted in too much spending in the early hours. I managed to curb buying the Mulberry Alexa, but ended up buying a Vivienne Westwood necklace instead. I really need to stop going to bed so late. Working too hard and then oversleeping is doing nothing for me.

005. Friday is my final day of University work before my deadline. So I probably wont be posting much this week because I'm gonna be working dead hard. Hopefully after this I'm going to get back into my personal work, Work on some more projects I've put aside for a while.

omg first page!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Moleskine '10 (23-24)

Does anyone else have trouble with writing on the first page? I always find it a really daunting thing to actually write or draw something on it. I always feel like if I mess it up the rest of the book with be messed up too. Ive been known to rip the first page out and redo it because the first page wasn't good enough. When I was at school I used to avoid the first page, Hahah I sound like such a weirdo?

Anyway tomorrow I'm doing a presentation for my discourse. I'm doing it on self promotion and blogging, Exploring some social networking platforms, like Flickr, Society 6 and Behance Network, Talking about successful bloggers (see Fifi Lapin, Nubby Twiglet + Rumi) and talking about how there has been a shift from agency graphic design to Freelance via the internet. Oh And if anyone has any ideas for sucessful bloggers that I could talk about in my presentation please comment with your suggestions, It would really help me out! I'm talking about ones that have achieved sucess because of their blogs,

I uploaded a few pages from my Moleskines on Flickr if anyone is interested!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Working very hard doing university work. Or something like that anyway! Worked at home today but these pictures were from yesterday, and not posed for at all. Haha. My friend Greg did the Starbucks cup!

Big love to Laura @ Emerald Green 88, She alerted me to the fact there was a ASOS 20% Discount code floating around. Saved myself £20! Jackpot! If your intrested in what I bought I got, This dress, This dress, This bag for my boyfriend, This super cute headband and this peacock feather clip! Oh and the code is ASOSINSTYLE! Dont know how long it works for so be quick!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Romanticisim Lecture

On Mondays I always have a lecture on Cultural studies as a part of my university course. This week the one was on Romanticism. It was actually sort of interesting, although tediously long and I always feel like there's so much information being thrown at me at one time. My notes are usual non-sentical and useless, but I do pick out certain things Steve (our lecturer) that actually interest me.

Here are some quick explanations behind the notes:

Laudanum. Its a mixture of opium, morphine and alcohol that was flavored with cinnamon or saffron, It was widely used during the 19th Century as a pain relief drug, and was highly addictive. Users of the drug included Charles Dickens, Elizabeth Siddal, Lord Byron, Lewis Carroll and Edgar Allen Poe.

"The Sublime" was a idea that something was so totally awe inspiring, unreal and of such high moral value that it was perfect. Something that was so incomprehendable that provided intense pleasure to the viewer. Its hard to explain really, if your interested in the concept google it as its actually really interesting.

Frankenstein is a key romanticism text, which is something I was actually shocked at when I was told. But as I thought about it more everything from Frankenstein is reflective of the Romantic era. Considering that the story is about a monster that terrifies people and has those emotional undertones, it's a sort of self-evident example of romanticism.

I think I'm a true Romantic at heart, I love idealistic views of life and art. Theres just something about the idea of a opium riddled, 19th century poet suffering for their art I find enchanting and exciting. Did anyone watch that Desperate Romantics program that was on the BBC late last year? I was totally obsessed with it!

ps. I have no idea why I have started writing in these scratch capital letters, Ive been working on designing a Where The Wild Things Are website. I blame that!

sunday portrait week 12

Sunday, January 24, 2010

This is LLYMLRS week 12

001. Another busy, blogless week. I feel like I dont stop sometimes. The ammount of things that happen in my life (even though its super boring and revolves around university and working) is unreal. The "highlights" of the week include; Being yelled at in a car park by a angry lady who said I stole her parking space, forgetting to put my handbrake on and it rolling forward, helping a lady change her burst tyre in the snow, using my obsessive Julian Casablancas knowlegde in a quiz, burning my mouth on a Americano in Starbucks, finishing a 3000 word essay in two days, finding a Michael Jackson flip book and finding out my favourite charity shop has a blog.

002. Is it just me or do you go for ages without buying any clothes/makeup/accessories and then they all come at once? Ive got so many things I need to order from ASOS, but I cant bring myself to part with my cash seeing as my bank balance is so high right now. (Thank you student loan company!), I also really want a Babooshka Boutqiue Turban, I did have one but managed to lose it somehow at a friends house when I as visiting and Ive not seen it since.

003. I'm so sick of wet and dreary weather, I'm considering booking myself a holiday just to get away from it all. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for layers of clothing, scarves and boots. I'm just sick of walking around being soaking wet. I think there is more snow on the way and the idea is making me depressed already.

004. Changed the layout if anyone had noticed. I still need to do a new header and space things out a bit more. The header thats up there is one I drew temporarily and it seems to have just stuck for now. I want something a bit more colourful and intresting. Ill work on something when I have some time. Ive also changed the direction of the blog a little. Although I still want to post my art and stuff I want to do nore fashiony things as thats something that plays a big part of who I am. Once I get a tripod off my uncle I'm going to start posting on, and do some OOTD's. Is it wrong to be nervous about posting fashiony pics? Oh well.

do want.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1+8,new look, 2+3+4+5+6. Topshop. 7 Mullberry Alexa

My objects of my desires right now. In the next few weeks I'm sure most of this will work its way into my already over following double wardrobe. I bought the first dress on a whim on monday (For 12.80, I have no idea how the woman worked that out because it was £22 minus double student discount, I wasnt complaining though) and Ive instantly fallen in love with it. Its totally not my style at all. Its a weird navy blue with small flowers all over with a frilly bottom, But i loved the high neck and long sleeves so decided to try it on. Too be honest all these things arent my normal style. This year Ive suddenly gone from black/white/grey everything, big chunky heel boots, blazers and mini dresses, to wanting to wear more... more... Im not sure of the word to be honest but oh well.

A Mullberry Alexa is next on my list of bags, I was going to get a Balenciaga City bag but as soon as this one popped up I knew it was the bag for me. Ive already got my holy grail bag, A Black Chanel 2.55 (THANKS GRANNY), but I feel I need a larger bag that I can carry all my work and bits and bobs around in. I best start saving my pennies now.

Anyway, What are you currently lusting after?

Sorry my posts and art are a bit slow at the moment, Ive got a deadline to meet on the 5th February and Ive had hardly time to think let alone blog. I'm always tweeting away, My links in the sidebar!

sunday portrait week 11

Sunday, January 17, 2010

This is LLYMLRS week 11

001. I wasn't going to do one of these today, but I figure that Ive done it so far this year so I HAD to do it. University deadlines and various other bits and pieces Ive been working have been taking up all my spare time. My deadlines are all at the beginning of February so I really don't have time to stop at the moment!

002. GLEE! I really cant put into words how good this tv show is. Ive seens tons of people on twitter go on about it and decided to watch a episode. Seriously its so good, It makes me wish I could sing. I'm glad its finally come to the UK, Even though I'm over halfway through the series from watching it online. Glee has stopped me mourning the lack of Gossip Girl at the moment. Although I wouldn't mind a bit of Chuck Bass right now. It reminds that i much catch up on all my other TV shows, there is a whole two series of Americas Next Top Model Ive missed!

003. Saw Avatar on Friday night with my boyfriend. I thought it was OK, The effects were something else though. It was so weird seeing things actually in front of your face. Didn't think much of the whole 3D thing overall though. I was quite annoyed at the use of Papyrus for the subtitles! That's not cool. It really is the new Comic Sans.

004. I bought a grand total of 8 moleskines last week. Not one, not two but eight, I couldn't believe myself really. I seem to have fallen in love with the mini thin notebooks. I cant for the life of me think of what they are called. Ive done most of my latest university work in them. I just like working in small spaces. You should have seen my space when my tutor told me I needed to do a poster in A0.

005. Once my deadlines have passed Im going to do a major overhaul of my portfolio. Its too big for my liking (A2) and I defiantly need something alot smaller and easy to transport. Ive gotta dig through all my old CD's, Memory cards and USB sticks to find the decent work. I must reorganize all my files really. I started doing this on my old laptop.

wild rumpus

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Ive been so busy today, working 8-4 and then now Ive got tons of university work to catch up on. Every term I vow to do work as it gets set but no, Now I have 3 weeks to do 3 months worth of work. Oh well I seem to work better under pressure.

In other news: Had a £25 parking fine, Bought some nytol for my insomnia and argued with the chemist, Turkey for two weeks in June, e.l.f makeup, spent the day in wet Ugg boots, laughed at some kids throwing snowballs at my work, going to a graphic place tomorrow, workworkwork, painted my nails with barry m blue nail polish, piled on moisturizer, listened too much radio one and was told that I was "being a grown up".

oscar wilde

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oscar Wilde.

Trying something a little different for a while, Ive decided to do a series of these"inspiration" photo things that seem to be all the rage at the moment. In a way i feel like Im jumping on the bandwagon, following a trend, but I do enjoy looking at them. Tumblr can be so inspiring sometimes, I find myself randomly trawling it for hours looking at images. In the spirit of NotebookDoodles, Ive decided to opt for my own hand writing as the main text in the images.

I was going to choose all my favorite quotes, But if anyone has any specific quotes, lyrics or ideas of things I could draw, please let me know in the comments, or feel free to email me at the address in the sidebar. Ill always reply to emails so dont be scared!

PS. To anyone who things ill stop doing my Moleskine stuff, your wrong, as i stated on sunday, My scanners broken so all my images come up with lines in. I can just about get away with it doing the photographs as I photoshop the text. Otherwise it just looks horrible. Ill get it sorted asap.

back to uni...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Back To Uni

... Sort of. Well I went in for half the day as I really didn't want to drive, Its still super snowy here and I'm slightly worried about driving in the snow. I ended up asking my mum to come with me, I wasn't to scared once i got on the roads, seeing as they'd actually been gritted.

Discussed my Cultural Studies essay with my tutor. Its basically a mini dissertation, with a 3000 word limit. Ive been working on it for two days now, and I'm currently at a 2195 words, only 805 more to go! I chose the topic of "Popular Typography" exploring what makes a font iconic or popular. So far Ive written about Helvetica ("When in doubt use Helvetica"), Arial ("Rip off), Gill Sans (Typically British), Times New Roman (Defunct) and Comic Sans (The Font Everyone Loves to Hate!). Ill probably write about few more, but Im struggling to think of other fonts that made a cultural influence. Georgia, Calbri and maybe Bodini will be the next targets. Im such a typography nerd!

I went to Topshop and had a argument with the woman who worked there as she refused to give me a refund onto a giftcard even though I had a receipt. She claimed because the receipt had "expired", even though on the receipt it stated it was a gift, therefore had a extended refund policy. THEN she told me I could have a exchange but only for the amount the dress had gone down to in the sale. I don't see why I should have the sale price given to me in an exchange when I have the original receipt with the price on it. So I went off in a huff and called customer services who said she was wrong, and gave me a reference number blahblahblah and it all got sorted out. Was such a palarva (Ive never seen that word written down before, doesnt it look weird?) but it got sorted in the end. Good job I called, as I would have lost out on £20.

PS. Ive also finished my calender zine today, I'm printing it tomorrow, so ill be giving away 10 copies during the week.

sunday portrait week 10

Sunday, January 10, 2010

This is LLYMLRS week 10

001. I'm struggling to write 2010. So many times this week I've been writing 2009, I'm starting to feel like a idiot. Im starting to think that ill never get used to it! I remember back in 2000, when I had to switch from writing 1999...

002. Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop. I LOVE this dress, I'm wearing it in my picture this week. I found it in Birmingham Topshop on the returns rail months after the collection sold out. It was my size too so I literally ran to the tills! I always seem to miss out on sort after things from Topshop. I still really want the first edition Kate Moss for Topshop pansy playsuit and the black Emma Cook boots!

003. Apologies for lack of actual art posting this week on my Flickr. My scanner isn't working properly (weird lines running through the images) so I've been unable to scan things in. If I can find the warranty ill get it fixed if not ill buy a new one! So Moleskine stuff may be slow, Ill just blog about random things until then! Sorry!

004. Hello new followers! This week I got 13 new followers, Which is amazing, I cant believe Ive got one follower let alone 40. I wouldn't even be able to comprehend it if I got 100. Haha. Id like to thank this post at off_thehighstreet for most of the adds, because I feel its the main reason I got the followers! Its a great community so definably join it if you aren't already a member!

005. Tomorrow is my first day back at university. It feels like forever since I last went, Which it was seeing as my last say was the 16th November, before I went to New Zealand. I got my student loan today, but its mainly paying for my Macbook. The benifits of living at home and studying at uni are sometimes good!

snow thanx

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


So, the country has been hit with a blanket of the white stuff and its ground to a halt. Personally I'm not worried about a bit of snow, Ive been driving walking around and playing in it. No panic buying of bread or milk, Although seeing as I work in a bakery it has still been super busy. I think people are strange when there is a slight possibility that there will be snow, Someone came in and bought 8 loaves "just in case". Incase of what? Your house gets covered in snow and you just HAVE to have a loaf of bread? Also a woman shouted at me today because we didn't have any of the cakes she has everyday, Our confectioner was stuck 25 miles away in the snow. You must be a strange sort of person to not to be able to cope without a cake for one day!

We have had about 10 inches here, and I stupidly decided today to wear leggings and brogues, My ankles immediately turned to ice and I soon reverted to a cheapo pair of UGGS.

Heres some a scan from My Moleskine, My pens are so inconsistent at the moment as the place I normally buy my pens from (Rymans and I use a Black Unipin Fineline 0.8) hasn't had any in stock for the past week or two. This makes me sad, i might have to look online or just keep using the blue one. Blue makes me sad though!

My Moleskine '10 (13-14)

Tomorrow Im spending the day photocopying, stapling and writing my Contextual Studies essay, although I could end up doing some branding work. My photoshop wont work on my Macbook properly, it keeps saying a file is missing so it wont install. I dont really know when Im supposed to be back at university so I presume I best get a little work done?

24 hours later

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Heres the standard Macbook picture! Excuse the strange face.

And I am now with Macbook. So exciting! It came ridiculously quickly seeing as i only ordered it the other day! I think Im already in love with it! Not that I really know how to use anything, I cant find any of my driver discs to install my printer or anything to back my work up on, but hey Ive got a Macbook! I can definatly see the difference between this and my old laptop! The screen is AMAZING so detailed and soooo lovely. Its also a relief to not have to have headphones or speakers plugged in! I think ill post a comparison of the old one and the new one tomorrow when Ive got some better light!

Onto other things MAC related, as in the makeup company, Im totally in love with the new Warm And Cozy Collection. Anything warm and neutral gets my attention. Im going to buy the By Candlelight MSF, Warm Me Up Lipstick and 2n Lipgloss or the Feelin' Good Tinted Lip Conditoner. I wish they'd repromote 3n lipstick as that was my Holy Grail until it ran out!

AND finally in art news, I promise to have my Zine done by the end of the week, so if anyone wants a copy once Im done ill be more than happy to send them one. I also need to upload more of my sketchbook stuff, I have about 12 pages to upload. But i fear my scanner is broken, I keep getting weird lines down all the things that I scan.


Monday, January 04, 2010

Today... I finally took the plunge. Caved in and bought myself a Macbook, With any luck tomorrow I will be a convert to Mac. Ive always been a PC girl, I dont know why Ive always stuck to them, even when I started college and we were encouraged to use a iMac rather than a PC. I feel now its right to get one, They are the superior computer race right? I wanted a black one because everything I own is black, I dont even know if they make them anymore though. I swear they used to ): boohoo. Its arriving tomorrow and I can barely contain my excitement!

I now feel a good £818 less richer (I mean poorer but who cares)

sunday portrait 10

Sunday, January 03, 2010

This is LLYMLRS week 10
^ My serious face or something?

001. Ive decided to cave in and buy a Apple Macbook Pro. Ive been thinking about it for a while now and i think i ready to take the plunge. Its scary to spend that much money in one go on a laptop when mines perfectly fine. Well im lying seeing as my laptop has missing keys, a broken screen and the sound doesnt work. Hey it does the job! This time next week Ill probs have a 10000 photobooth pictures seeing as thats what everyone does when they get a Macbook.

002. Got a massive Lush haul today. I cant resist free truff so it was spend £20 and get a goodybag! I got: Happy Pill bath bomb,Butterball bathbomb, Sexy Peel Soap, Demon in the Dark Soap, YummyYummyYummy showergel, Snow fairy shower gel, Happy Hippy Showergel, Lemsip Buttercream, Glitterbug massage bar, Sugar scrub, Star Melt Ballistic, Cinders Ballistic and probably more but I cannot remember right now! So pleased with my stuff because its all things I liked or wanted to try. JACKPOT!

003. Im currently obsessed with rings. I not even a jewellery person but Ive been buying them like theres no tomorrow, my ring pot is nearly full. I really want to buy this La Dama ring, its so cute but its sold out! One can always dream. Im definatly gobnna buy this Rosary though, its so cute. Plus if its good enought for Rumi its good enough for me!

004. Follow me on Twitter?

005. Im so excited for the Royal Rumble, its not for weeks but I just cannot wait. Its my favourite wrestling event, I know its lame to like wrestling but Im such a massive MASSIVE fan. Everyone thinks its weird, yes I know its fake, I know its predetermind, but hey i dont care, Enetertainment! The Rumble match itself is always the best, so unpredictable(in theory lolz) and just sets up the whole year!. Last year was a bit of a letdown with Randy Orton winning (boo!), Im hoping for a CM Punk or Morrison win!

Zine Issues

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Zine Issues

Im having extremem zine issues at the moment. I swear Ive printed it like a billion times and it just wont work. This printing mumbo jumbo is killing me. Now I've got my paper, worked out where in theory they should go and its not working. Maybe its just coz Im stupid and impatient (to be fair I have only been doing this for a hour). Now my printers decided its ran out of ink so I dont know if im going to be getting one tomorrow. Ill be so relieved once ive worked it out and can take it to the photocopier and do it in like 5 seconds.

Oh well, basically my zines a calender, Its all hand drawn, scanned then edited a little in illustrator. This is actually the first zine Ive ever made, Ive made books before for various projects but never a actual low fi zine. I dont get why I cannot work it out. Anyhoo ive decided i gonna upload the pages to my Flickr as the months pass rather than do them all at the same time. Ill probably put a few copies on Esty (if I ever finish it!) Ive had a fun time actually doing this to be fair. I just wanna get it finished! KTHNX!

flickr faves #7

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