Moustache Mugs

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Moustache Mugs
My latest obsession has become Moustaches, curly ones, straight ones, flicky ones, bushy ones, beards, soul patches even the classic hitler 'tash has caught my eye. Im not one for male facial hair either, I just seem to cant get enough of them these past few weeks. Theres something about a nice male 'tash that makes me happy. Plus they are pretty cool right? For christmas my Mum and Dad both recieved these hand painted mugs, My Dads was the one in the pictures and my mothers was more of a Hulk Hogan/Cowboy moustache. I found these plain mugs for £1.50 each on John Lewis and found the ceramic paint (Ceramica Black) in a shop called Warehouse Stationary in New Zealand but I'm sure you can get them in craft stores anywhere in the UK/US/Wherever your from.

Im working on my zine, which ill post the preview of tomorrow. Its something im quite proud of to be honest! Its all hand drawn and im gonna get printing it and maybe putting it up on Etsy? Although I was thinking of just making it printable by anyone who wants it, and then a proper version for those who want the real LLYMLRS experiance!

Weekly Notebook Planner 2010

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Weekly Notebook Planner 2010

My new Moleskine Planner came! I decided to get the weekly one over the daily one, Im a big list maker so im always writing lists here there and everywhere. So, I figured I didnt REALLY need to daily, They are pretty chunky too tbf. Plus this will fit in my bag better along with all my other sketchbooks/laptop/pens/makeup/random rubbish. I always get my Moleskines from Amazon as they always work out so much cheaper than in the shops. The pockets are only about £7 with free postage. S'all good!

My plans for the rest of the week include cramming uni work, drinking too much on new years eve, (I think im heading to Cardiff, although i will probably end up in Hereford) and trying to recover from a horrible cold. University starts again next week and I have a mini dissertation thing to do for Conextual Studies, Harvard Referancing? No Thanks! Plus a whole load of branding work to catch up on, then theres motion graphics... Oh well, I work well under pressure, so bring it on?

sunday portrait 9

Sunday, December 27, 2009

001. Was feeling less than photogenic after what feels like enough food to feed me for a month. Christmas is carb central, but im such a sucker for roast potatoes and stuffing. That paired along with my famous baked vanilla and raspberry cheesecake and I was full. Not a big turkey fan though, so I had my own portion of chicken on Christmas day!

002. Ive yet to enjoy the snow we've been having in the UK, Ive been so busy and cold I just didnt bother leaving the house. We had a good covering over here though. Its finally melted today so i wont have another chance to play in the snow till it comes next week.

003. My car has been driven into twice this week. One by my boyfriends mum and the other by some mad person who thought it was cool to pull out even though there wasnt a gap. In my shock to have nearly been smashed into I didnt even think about taking the number down. So now my car has a lovely new scratch to match the other side (This one wasnt caused by me but the previous owner). Then i find out my boyfriends mum has driven into my car and smashed my left headlight and messed up the whole bumper. Now Im in a situation where I feel I cant ask for the money to have it fixed off her... SO ANNOYING

004. I HATE XMAS SALES. Today im going shopping with my mother and brother, and I can already see myself stepping over the piles of useless crap to get to the non sale stuff. I hate digging through sale rails. You rarely find anything you want and when you do it either doesnt fit, or you forget you buy it and it remains unworn for ages. Ive made a promise to myself that I need to clense my wardrobe of all the things I ever wear. I NEED to update my style in 2010, Im nearly 20 for gods sake and I still have things in my wardrobe I wore when I was 13!

005. Need to book my hair and nails for the next few weeks. Im a sucker for acyrlic nails, Ive bitten my nails for as long as I can remember, Never have I had long nails. I had them removed before I left for New Zealand as I didnt know how much it would cost to maintain them over there. As for my hair... Well its SO LONG. My fringe now goes past my nose and is nearly tickling my top lip. Ive had to wear it clipped back or braided for ages. I miss my block fringe, although my friend used to say I looked like Caleb Followill circa Youth and Young Manhood.


Friday, December 25, 2009

image via alyssaduhe
Hope everyones had a good christmas, Got all the goodies they wanted off santa. I got a holiday to Amsterdam off my Mum and Step Dad, which is just amazing as ive always wanted to go to some of the galleries over there. So that will be a fun few days! Also got the usual holiday smellies and trinkets. I made my parents mugs this year with moustaches on, I saw them on Etsy somewhere and just was totally inspired to make my own. I like painting mugs actually, it feels weird to get out my paintbrushes after so long using a pen. My gift to myself this year is going to be lots of goodies from the Lush sale (which starts tomorrow apparently), I dont do sales, Im too lazy to search for things and never find anything I like!

Got some new things coming soon to the bloggy-loggyy-blog. Ive gotta upload all my moleskine pages from New Zealand and pictures before new year. Ive decided to expand my horizons and explore different elements of blogging. Its something that Ive been in two minds about doing since I started. PLUS ive got some cool ideas for ongoing projects in 2010, Goals for 2010 and my first zine! YAYAY.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Anyone for a can of Cocaine?
Found this gem of a energy drink while my dad was driving around Mission Bay aimlessly one rainy day in Aukland. It taste horrible but with a name like Cocaine you cant not buy it. My younger brother thought it was the coolest thing ever, but I just wondered how they were able to get away with calling a energy drink something like that. The warning on the side states that "this is not an alternative to the illicit street drug" Who in the right mind would think that. Well, Hey its a good attention grabbing name for a drink, Im sure they've sold tons just purely for the name. Drugs are bad Mmkay?

I spent today working my socks off at work, being out of the working loop has really thrown me. My usual 7:30-2:30 shift nearly killed me, Coffee is my only savior sometimes, that and the fact at the end of the week ill have a nice big pay cheque. Which Ive already spent on this dress, this one and this cardgian. Plus these blatent chanel rip off tights. MAC have also taken some of my pennies, and ill probably end up with just enough money to fuel my car. No macbook this week then ): Tomorrow im seeing Where the Wild Things are and Im SO excited! It was one of my favourite childhood books. Plus it looks too cute!

sunday portrait 8

Sunday, December 20, 2009

This is LLYMLRS week 8

001. Travelling is not fun. Well, when your at the place you want to be is great, but 33 hours from Aukland to home is horrible. I felt like a battery hen for most of the time being stuck in a small space and force fed. Although kudos to Emirates as they did have some good inflight food and entertainement.
002. Im considering treating myself to a Macbook for Christmas. Ive been umming and aaahhing over getting once for a while, the the idea of spending that much money kills me a little.
003. MAC Snob. Its the lipstick Im wearing in the picture, and although I liked it when I was at the counter im not so sure now I think about it. Its too blue for my liking and makes my teeth look weirdly yellow. Makeup is something Im really intrested in but im in two minds about trying to encorporate it into my blog. I sort of want this to be a fashion/makeup/graphics/illustration/art/life blog but Im worried about it all getting too confusing.
004. Must start catching up on University work. Ive been off for over a month now, and ive done zero work. I hadnt done much before i left either. I like the branding side of my current projects but the other running projects are on moving image. Or maybe they arent but that proves how much I care.

Back From NZ.

Friday, December 18, 2009

My Moleskine 146-147
Arrived back in the UK after a 33 hour trip back from Aukland. I dont think I want to
step on a plane again for a long time. You really dont realise quite how far you have to travel to get to New Zealand. Ive got tons of pictures, tons of bits and peices I need to post, a whole moleskine full of drawings and I have no idea of how Im gonna approach uploading it all. I cant upload it all at once or it will get lost in the mix. Tomorrow night ill start writing and see how it flowss.

New Zealand wasw amazing, so much better than I remembered it being. Its crazyover there though. I feel I havent stopped in 4 weeks. Ive been to some beautiful places and seen such amazing things, Four weeks was totally not enough. I always regret not going there for a gap year. But whateverrrz.

Ive got some new features and changes coming to the blog. Also with my list of things I want(need) to acheive in 2010. Im determind to start blogging properly. Not once every few days! Actually remember to do my sunday portraits, and blog more about my life.
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