flickr faves #3

Friday, October 30, 2009

As per usual Ive posted this days after i wanted to, although its slighty appropriate as its (sort of) halloween themed!

1. Amigurumi (Crochet) Ghostiecake, 2. Jones Soda Halloween Editions 2008, 3. Halloween #29, 4. Vogue, 5. Untitled, 6. BlokkMonster, 7. Ethan's Creative Grab Bag!, 8. Bear, 9. Hallowzine screen-printed cover, 10. you and me, 11. Boys in costume, 12. Super Skull

Im really intrested in the book pictured in number 7. Creative Grab Bag is a book by Ethan Bodnar, it looks creative and inspiring. I love seeing different artist responses to set tasks. As well as seeing how my work compares to their ideas. Another to add to the Amazon wishlist I think!

i ♥ ldn

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Annual London trip at uni was yesterday, (gosh ive been talking about it alot recently!) It was a really fun day, although not that insightful or inspiring. It was all in good humour. The best thing was the bus, Greg provided the laughs for the journey, although most were disgusting and crude, his quote made me laugh harder than ive done in years. We went to a Typographic exhibition which was... incredibly dissapointing. It took us forever to get across London as there was singal failure on the circle line, and then once we got there it was just a room with pictures of type. Such a let down.

Although we ended up walking up the street a bit and took a nose at a graphics company called Jelly who kindly let us in. The outside of the building was CMYK which impressed me enough, and the inside was the exact working enviroment id like to work in. The guy we spoke to was really nice and really inspiring, he showed us some wicked postcards that he screened printed. It actually made me want to go and learn screen printing again. Infact im definatly going to try and make some time to do it next week.

Other than that it was a pretty standard trip.

Hello Blue!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today at University, I met with some industry folks from a design/print company called Hello Blue. They were students at my college and did the same BTEC course I originally was on. They explained the trials and tribulations of actually working in then graphic design industy.

What i found most intresting was the fact they designed things they werent even happy with. One of the guys, explained how he was asked to design a 8 page booklet for a company newsletter and he created a really nicely typeset, simple coloured booklet only for the client to turn around and say it was rubbish. He then decided to make a really ugly one (im talking word art and gradients here *SIGH*) and they loved it. Seriously this booklet was rubbish, and even he admitted it was rubbish, he MADE it rubbish because thats what was asked of him! He explained how sometimes you can and have to turnaround logos/posters/flyers in just a few hours.

It got me thinking about my place in the world of graphics. Im a perfectionist, I take such pride and care in my work and the idea of creating something crap just to please a client scares me alot. Although im keen for working as a designer, the restricition makes me worry.

Global Media Perspectives

Monday, October 26, 2009

This weeks thrilling monday afternoon lecture was on "Global Media Perspectives" basically it was just about news outlets, global media and globalisation. Although i was more intrested in this lecture compared to last weeks, the subject wasnt something that intrested me. Some of the individual elements of the lecture did however intrest me.

Esperanto was a language that was widely used as a international lanuage that was meant to be a way to comminicate with other nations with one common language. The speakers of Esperanto was targeted during WW2 because Hitler, although not widely reported, felt that the lauguage was too "utopian" and didnt promote the fact the Germans were the elite. He also stated in Mein Kampf thought it was a going to be a International Jewish Conspiracy when they take over the world. Also the life of Alan Turing really intrested me, He cracked the Engima code used by the Germans during WW2. He also developed the worlds first computer systems. After the war he was convicted under the Homosexual Act, which was also the same act that Oscar Wilde had been convicted of. He was subject to a hormone treatement as a option for not going prison that was supposed reduce his libdo. He ended up killing himself 1954. In 2009 Gordon Brown apologised for the treatement of Turing after the war thanks to a internet campagin.

There was a really nice looking R in one of the images he showed us. Im not normally a big fan of serif fonts either. I dont remember there being a Robot in the lecture but I drew one anyway. I think I was referancing a thing I saw called Helbotica earlier that morning. The cat i drew was a sort-of homage to Gemma Correll, and my new obsession with wanting a kitten.

sunday portrait 6

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Coffee is the only reason Im alive today. Dalight savings time really messes with you. Okay so you get a extra hour in bed but then its weird because you end up going to bed a hour later. I love this xray mug my Mama got me, I think its from a series of alphabet mugs, must remember to check them out next time im in town! This is my sunday portrait, not really a portrait as i couldnt get a decent picture of myself looking at the camera i just gave up. Excuse the circluar nature of my face, its not that bad IRL. (Although thats subject to discussion)
This is LLYMLRS (week 6)

dont worry be happy

Saturday, October 24, 2009

001. Branding is not my strong point. Although I love the ideas of being some massive corporate graphic designer, designing and branding iconic products, I just don’t think it’s me. I’ve been trying to get my own personal style across in my latest university project as well as keeping traditional graphic values.
002. The Behance Network makes me depressed! I’ve become obsessed with checking all the amazing graphics and artwork on there. The sheer volume of creativity and skill of the members is insane!
003. I’m going to London on Wednesday! Yay! Although the four hour long bus journey will probably kill me, I’ll take my moleskine and keep myself happy. I’m going to a Typographic Exhibition in North London, and some other places which I can’t think of right now. This time I’m determined to go to American Apparel, last time i went down to LDN the only American Apparel we could find was shut because of a power cut! Depressing!
004. Fangirling over myself! I’m still such a sucker when i see links into my blog or Flickr from people googling LLYMLRS. It makes me so happy! And seeing websites that I go on having my work on. WeHeartIt, WeLoveTypography and seeing reblogs on Tumblr!
005. Routine. I’m slowly slipping into a routine that i can work with. My life isn’t so erratic and weird anymore. Knowing what I’m doing is a big thing to me. I like to know where I’m going to be at certain times and what i should do.
006. HALLOWEEN! I don’t even know what my plans are yet. I don’t have any ID either seeing as both my Driving License and my passport have been sent to be renewed. This year I plan on being Lady Gaga, I dressed up as Amy Winehouse a few years ago and it was so fun, Beehive! I’ve got my wig sorted out I need to experiment with the hair bow too.

Sustainability Within Design

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mondays are the day that I have conextual studies at university. Basically its just the theory and the ideas behind art, therefore its putting the art into context. Sometimes its really intresting and sometimes its enjoyable. But this week it was a lecture on "Sustainability Within Design" and although Im all for sustainability, this was the most boring hour Ive sat through... ever! These are the notes from the lecture. As you can tell I was totally enthralled!

Im so rubbish at putting things on this blog, i havent quite fitted it into my daily routine. Im determind to post more. But its so annoying not getting it done!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

I love this text from my friend Greg, it makes me laugh. Its so hard to photograph a phone, I had to borrow my step dads SLR, and try my hardest to remember how to actually use a camera on a higher setting than 0.3mp. It makes me want to get a SLR so badly!

My branding project for uni is going alright, Ive been geeking out looking at logos on the Behance Network, so I bet my Clickables for the week will be full of stuff like that. Although Im really not the corporate logo type but some of the logos around are so clever! Puts me to shame! Ill post some stuff when ive done some more initial ideas. I want to keep my grapical identity, yet still be able to create something that works in branding.

sunday portrait 5

6 Minors

Friday, October 16, 2009

001. Passed my drivng test on friday, it was my first time and I so completly overjoyed with it! I actually screamed in my car! I thought id failed as well, so it really was just a complete shock to pass. I got 6 minors, mainly for hesitation, but other than that, sweetimes! IM FREE!
002. Im poor. I got my student loan this week but i somehow ended up with only £500 out of the £2100 I was supposed to be enjoying! I do have to pay for my car insurance and my trip to New Zealand. But still... I must get working more.
003. I want to be a illustrator! YES ive finally decided that although im doing a degree in graphic and media design i want to draw. I feel my drawing skills are less than desirable, but hey, you dont have to be able to draw right?
004. Brandng. My current project at uni revolves around branding, We get three choices, Shopping in Hereford, The Courtyard (theatre/arty type thing) or Black Mountain adventures. SO INTRESTING. NOT. Id love to do some branding work on something contempary and stylish, not boring and uninspiring. This is why i lost my passion for art last year. University briefs are wack!
005. Being compared and critizied. This week ive been mailed a few times on flickr by people complaing my work is like so and so's. Im not trying to be like anyone else, work like anyone else or copy anything. It made me really upset to actually be commented on one of my peices of working saying "oh be careful your work look alot like *INSERT NAME OF SOMEONE SO MUCH BETTER THAN ME" My drawing was nothing even like the person they linked me to. I shouldnt take it to heart but sometimes its just too annoying!
PS. I really must start posting on here more!

clickables: week 5

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Image Via Jeffery Bowman
After a long hiatus i bring you my round up of my internet findings:

1. Nubby Twiglet is probably my favourite blog right now. I think Nubby has one of the best writing styles, a intresting personal style (of graphics and fashion wise) and her blog is just so visually stimulating. Her bold graphic style is so striking and has a air of modern Swiss Design.
2. These Creative & Unusal Bus Stops have made me want to use public transport more. where I live we dont even have proper bustops, you just put your arm out and hope they stop. My favourite one was the one with the swing!
3. Funky Lunch have the most amazing looking sandwiches! Such a sucker for cute food! Ive become obsessed with Bento boxes but as Kimblery Chan said to be on Twitter, Id would eat 3x the ammount that would fit inside a box!
4. My Cardboard Life by Phillipa Rice is one of the cutest zines ive seen in ages. I purchased one for my boyfriend ages ago and he loved it. The 100 things to do is entertaining too! You can purchase them on Etsy.
5. Altered Postcards is one favourite project from Booooooom. I love how people have changed the covers of magazines, Id love to get involved with their latest project, Making a Fort!
6. Jeffery Bowman's work excites me! I love the colours, the patterns, the shapes, the halftones!! Oh yes!

sunday portrait 4

passport photos; standard

Friday, October 09, 2009

001. Today i had my passport taken, and sent it off. I hope it comes asap as im going to new zealand in just over a month now. People have been going on and on at me about getting one for months and I never bothered. Its such a hassle and i wish id done it sooner!
002. Ive been working on a hipster/internet/cool/young person style alphabet thing. As in B is for Bling, F is for Fail, P is for Phat. Ever so slighty silly but im still enjoying experimenting with hand drawn type again!
003. Flickr Pro has made me obsessed with my stats. It made me a little excited the other day when I noticed someone had googled me! I let out a childish squeal! Im at 11,500-ish total views right now. need. more. views.
004. Im finally starting to get Twitter. Ive always found it weird, but im slowly understanding it and realizing why so many people are totally obsessed with it! Follow me if you wish @llymlrs
005. I need a new page header, the old LLYMLRS logo/font/5 second sketch isnt cutting it anymore. Colour and triangles are needed! Photoshop scares me right no though. Pfft.`Thou must work more in digital!
006. My driving test is next week and im actually terrified! This time next week i may be able to go anywhere I want, on my own, driving myself! well within the UK. That scares me... but hello freedom!

a is for awesome!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Inspired by a comment left on one of my images on Flickr, and overcome with boredom as my boyfriend did his Sound Engineering homework. I sat down and drew some A’s. I’m not sure if the chunky ”A” really works; I think I need to experiment with some more fonts before deciding on my final imagery. The patterns work well but i feel the shape of the letter is a bit blah! I really struggled with my M’s and W’s when doing the “Awesome” part. Must practice!

ps. Im always uploading work to Flickr, so i added the link in the sidebar!


Friday, October 02, 2009

Colouring for the lettering, P&X are the favourite letters that ive done. I like the idea of a few muted colours.

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