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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My personal project over the last week or two has been centered around a hand drawn patterned alphabet. Ive really fallen in love with hand drawn type all over again. I remember the day at college when my friend Jon came running into the computer room with a copy of Mike Perrys "Hand Job". He found the copy in the College libary, and ive had the book ever since. I just couldnt return it!.It was like the bible of typography to me.

Check the orginal individual letter drawings on my Flickr, Theres also a larger picture which shows all the type. Sweet.

greg duggan is my muse

Greg Duggan is my muse. Check his ridiculousness on Flickr. His portrait of me as the ant eater, and the list of things to do at uni this year are my personal faves. "Be nicer to Lily" as if.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oh wowz im on L already. Id normally give up by now, but alas Im still going. I was in Cardiff from Wednesday&Thursday with my friends and it was super fun, but then i came home and found out my work was put on Im so proud I even told my Mum.

Ive been thinking about which medium to present the final products of these sketches. I wasnt sure if a mini zine or a font would work. Ive never made a proper font before so it could be fun. But the idea of kerning and spacing would drive me mad. Im such a neat freak it would probably take me forever.

Im desprate right now to start defining my style as a designer... or dare i say illustrator? I think my main problem is that i dont know which of the two i actaully want to do. YES i want to be a graphic designer, but i hate not having creative control, but on the other hand illustration can be just as restrictive. PSSH.

More Letters on Flickr.

sunday portrait

Sunday, September 20, 2009

-ish. Im no good with a camera, but ive decided im going to dedicate one day a week to taking a picture of myself. It started off as me thinking about my boyfriends xmas present (i know its super early!) but i decided it would be nice to do a picture of myself everyday. Now i have my off days (did someone say sweat pants?) all the time so that really wouldnt work! Weekly gives me a bit of a chance at actually looking decent in most of them.

I really want to buy a new camera, but im not sure, would i actually use it that often? i dont even use my simple point and shoot more than say... once a month!

hello the strokes

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my favourite band, i thought it was appropraite.


Circus colours make me happy.
Image and doodles = Way forward.
(Sorry about having to turn your head to the side. Im such a neat freak it doesnt look right on the blog the other way round!)

personal project...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

After the epic failure of my self (un)motivated last project, Ive decided to start another. Ive been wanting to make my own zine for ages, theres something about self publication that I really like the idea of. I was really inspired by this "Where We Dont Live" zine by Will Bryant and Nicole Lavell. So im going to base the theme on the town that i live in, Well i live in a small town in the middle of a county no ones ever heard of but whatever, im intrested in it.

ze newie

Updating some of my sketchbook stuff, theres loads i need to upload, but i just havent got round to it. I promised myself today that i would buy a new moleskine and start doing a daily drawing. I need to explore my relationship with Photoshop and get some of my doodles rendered and coloured in. I think some of them would look awesome with a bit of colour! I start uni again in three weeks. I need to be more focused on that this year.

More Moleskine stuff on my Flickr!

the clickables : week 4

Sunday, September 06, 2009

image via Mike Perry Studio

1) Mike Perry is honestly one of my favourite illustrators/graphic designers, when i was looking for a present for my boyfriends birthday I found these awesome "Iron Me On Fabric Transfers" Im absolutly in love with them! Its such a cool idea! DIY at its finest. US people can get them from Fred Flare or for UK residents!

2) The Indie Rock Colouring Book, via Andy Miller for the Yellow Bird Project is a total must have. And all the profits go to charity, plus you get to colouring it in your self!

3) Im always impressed by new and innovative ways to get messages across. I love the idea of getting your hands dirty to see the hidden messages! Roland Tiangco's Dirt Poster is such a unique concept.

4) Two days last week I was sitting in our second lounge floor cutting out peices of thick carboard to make a cardboard Deer Head for my bedroom. Although I failed dramatically, Im determind to keep trying to get it right. This tutorial can save you so much money compared to buying ones from Cardboard Safari, plus its fun!

5) The Cover of the latest Pop Magazine is mind blowing! Love the colours and the sparkles!

6) The Abbey Road cover is one of the most iconic ablum covers ever, These parodies of the iconic scene make me smile. Ive been a fan of The Beatles since I was really young thanks to my Dad sitting me infront of Yellow Submarine to keep me quiet!


Okay, so its been forever since ive last posted, work, university and general life stuff got in the way. although now my lifes getting back on the right path, im definatly going to to my best at posting here more. Ive changed the layour of my blog too so all my older posts look really weird. Ill try and reformat them when i have time! Only a little update right now, along with a overdue update of some of my own work.

I wrote about doing a book project for university, which I wanted to base around the idea of penguin books and hand drawn type, neither of those really came out in my final peices. The breif asked me to create a set of covers for an edition of "Pies and Predjudice" by Stuart Maconies.

I decided to push myself and leave my comfort zone of hand drawn type and experiment with font faces. The majorty of the fonts used are ones that came from free websites. It really opened my eyes up to the variety and diversity of font faces out there.

My main idea for the project was to look at accents, voice and the spoken word, i then found myself staring at a huge list of regional UK phases/slang expressions. In the UK the differences between the different regions is incredibly noticable. Although i presume this is apparent all over the world, its often overlooked. Especially with the majority of the world thinking that all English people are tea drinking, queen adoring aristocrats!

If i was to get this published as an actual cover my vision was to have the words on the book embossed and in glossy paper. Although it wasnt possible to get this across the way i wanted, i think it would add a interesting texture to the overal final appearance of the book.

On another note, im going to start putting more fashion and makeup stuff in my blog. I want my blog to have everything i enjoy in a blog in it. Graphics isnt my only passion, So outfits of the day/reviews/what im currently coverting and whatnot will be coming soon hopefully! I really need a new camera as well to make all of this possible. Ill have to get saving.... or just wait till my student loan comes in!

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