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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Moleskine 33-34

Dont you just hate it when your drawing something and you run out of space...

I really need to get some finished work up on here/flickr/anywhere, i was inspired by Nubby Twiglet to get my print portfolio sorted out. I was actually shocked to look at my portfolio from college, its awful! no structure, all miss matched and has no flow! The whole thing just makes me angry! My deadline for my refferal uni project is the 21st August, so after that ill get working on it.

I fear i may be coming down with swine flu as well. Oh dear. OinkOink

clickables: week 3

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Image via Ads Of The World

1) Im in love with these Ben and Jerrys Adverts I found when browsing FFFFFFound, They are just so cool, innovative and different. Ive seen quite a few poster designs recently that are made with 3d objects/paper cut outs, and think they loook so awesome! The art direction is some of the best ive seen recently. Makes me want some icecream so badly!

2) Lizzy Stuarts work is another thing I found this week that i instantly loved. Her style of drawing, it has something thats instantly recongizable about it. I admire people who have consitant a style of work. Especially love this drawing of a Giant Bear in Tiny Village, Theres something about that pop of orange I love!

3) Blanket Magazine is a online PDF based magazine that aims to uncover new artists from around the world. The concept of the magazine really excites me. I have purchased a subscription which was $12 for 12 months worth, a total bargin! The wesbite also has links to artists/designers that contribute and ones they think you should check out.

4) Karen Cheung is a UK based illustrator with wonderful style, I love her wesbite design too. For a hand drawn type nerd like me its total eye candy! The sketchbook section is amazing! I always like looking into the sketchbooks of various artists!

5) Skinny Ships / Richard Perez, is something thats really impressed me this week. His typographic style is admirable, his use of traditional styled fonts mixed with contempary ones is just magical! The colours are just perfect and work together in perfect harmony with each other!

6) I love this promo video for Julian Casablancas from The Strokes, The imagery and the music make me so excited. Plus im totally obsessed with The Strokes, so i really cannot wait! The typography for the album reminds me of a mix of Spinal Tap and Thin Lizzy!

PS: Sorry ive not updated all week, i promise to get into the swing of it a bit more!

something different

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Add ImageI havent made collages in ages, It was my first love when i started college three years ago. Looking in my old sketchbooks earlier made me wanna do a few more. They arent perfect but they were fun to do anyway (:

buy nothing day

Buy Nothing Day Poster

Some ideas for a black and white photocopied "Buy Nothing Day" poster. I did these when i was briefly studyed at Sheffield Hallam University. Buy Nothing Day is promoted through Adbusters, and we were asked to design a black and white design for a poster, which could easily be reproduced with a photocopier. Although these arent the final designs, I really like how the typography came out.


Monday, July 20, 2009

image via flickr (hulk4598)

Sorry i havent posted all week, epic internet failure mixed with lack of creativity, illness and my parents being on holiday. Ive done a few pages in my moleskine which ill upload later. But still, theres nothing much going on inmy head. Ive started working on my refferal university project, ill show some work when i get that done. I was contemplating scanning everypage of the project, showing the whole creative process. But depends how it turns out...

Currently obsessing over swiss design and helvetica....


Monday, July 13, 2009

My Moleskine 29-30

I wasnt able to draw a ampersand until earlier on this week on the train to Birmingham , my boyfriend taught me. I dont think ive stopped doing them since. Theres something about the curves and fluid-ness (is that even a word?) of it which i adore. More moleskine stuff on Flickr.

This week im starting work on a refferal project for university. I failed my first year after i transferred universities. Its a bit of a bummer but they have given me a second chance, so if i pass this project i get to continue onto my second year. The project outcome is a book cover for Stuart Maconies "Pies And Predjudice" but focuses on culture/lifestyle and the research side rather than the final outcome. So no hand drawn Penguin Book cover inspired designs ):

clickables: week 2

Sunday, July 12, 2009

(Image via The Wizards Hat)

1) The Wizards Hat is my favourite zine of the week. I bought issue three a while ago, and completly forgot about it, i found it in my pile of zines the other day. It features some of my favourite illustrators (Jim Stotem, Will Bryant & Gemma Correll) and has a CD to listen to as you read it! The theme for this issue is "The Magic Number" its printed in black and white but really doesnt have a low-fi feel to it. I totally reccomend checking it out! Id love to get some of my work into it!

2) Over and Over & Handjob are must have books for anyone into hand drawn type or patterns. I remember lusting after the book after first discovering Mike Perry and needing the book in my life! Ill never forget the day my friend Jon ran into the computer room at college clutching the book. I cant belive my college libary had it! I was the first person to get it out and have had it ever since! Definalty one of the most visually stimulating books I've seen in a long while!

3) I love this Typography That Talks Back by Ryan Reigner, The outcome really relates to the words, its such a creative way of expressing words as images, they add a depth and action. They made with layered peices of paper, so creative!

4) The Book Cover Archive is something I came across when researching for a refferal project for university. A great source of inspiration, and i really like the site layout. So clean and fresh!

5) 12 Common Photoshop Mistakes, Misuses and Abuses on Design Cubicle is a really helpful post for newbie designer. I'll be the first to admit ive made some of the mistakes before! It also highlighted some of my design pet hates! I hate drop shadows and embossing so much!

6) The Grid System is the key to design in my opinion. It plays a huge part in everyday graphics and is something that every designer should be aware of. Although im a big fan of handrawn type i still always consider the grid systems when designing commercially.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

For I.M. This was a postcard i made for my boyfriend, hes been pretty down in the dumps at the moment as things arent going his way. The image from out monthly anniversary polariod, this particular one is our 11 month one. I dont think hes even noticed that i take them every month!

I havent got any updates on the postcard project, the weathers been terrible here at the moment so ive kept it on hold till the weather picks up (fingers crossed) God bless the Great British weather! Tomorrow ive got some drawings to go up, and maybe some other bits. Iv lost all my creativity when it comes to digital stuff right now.

this is llymlrs.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

this is llymlrs.

Today i made this. It took me ages to vectorize it in illustrator.My scanner is awful, and i really am terrible at smoothing my lines in photoshop. But in the end i couldnt decide on a colour combination, so i used a cop out and did rainbow. I dont think i like it as much as my handdrawn version from my sketchbook. Its a shame i cant translate the energy and handmade feel to digital. Im going to Birmingham tomorrow where i know all my hard earned cash will go to the MAC counter!

addicted to triangles

My Moleskine 25-26

My Moleskine 23-24

I love traingles right now. That is all.
PS. I know it was meant to be type tuesday, but i suppose the top bit does have a bit of typography!

clickables: week 1

Sunday, July 05, 2009

1) Currently in love with these "Free Encouragement" Postcards designed through a collaboration of Booooooom and Design for Mankind. I snapped them up on Etsy a few months ago when i first saw them. But had to share because they are just so awesome!

2) Bembo's Zoo is one of my favourite type treatm
ents this week. Its such a innovative a fresh way to use type and animation together, and come out with something thats really creative and appealing to kids.

3) I need to go to Ikea before i go crazy. The catologue is actually my ideal living spaces.Im in love with these Fira Mini Chests, and although they have been taken off the Ikea website, I need them in my life. I can store all my makeup/fineliners/junk in them.

4) Think Faest! is probably my favourite place to discover new artists and designers, i check it everyday to see whats new. My favourite thing about it is the header changes each time you refresh the page. This way you get to see so many different ways to convey the same title. Especially since im a typo-nerd! Id also reccomend checking out Booooooom & FFFFFound.

5) What did you buy today via Obsessive Consumption is a site i visit daily. Kate draws one thing that she buys a day then at the end of the month its all made it to a super cool zine. I love the discipline and routine of being able to do something everday for extended periods of time, I think shes been drawing her purchases since 2006, but been documenting her buys for even longer!

patterns patterns patterns

Although there is none of my actual final art work on this blog as of yet, A key feature in a lot of my self directed/personal style work features simple shapes and patterns. At the moment, I’m focusing on bringing together all the little doodles together and creating some more patterns to be made into brushes. By having some of my patterns made into brushes or patterns to be used in illustrator or Photoshop I will be able to experiment with things a lot quicker compared to having to draw everything, scan it in and then figure out how it will work with my final pieces. Defiantly going to try and incorporate them into my postcards project which is coming along nicely. I was really inspired by this box of old postcards saw in a local charity shop. I didn’t have any money on me at the time to go buy them, so I’m hoping to go back on Monday, fingers crossed they will still be there!

PS. Im hoping to start posting everyday (or so) from now on, Monday will become my offical "first" blog. EEEP.

project: postcards

Saturday, July 04, 2009

AIM: To create a set of 6-8 images for the English town of Ludlow, Shropshire. The cards will be sold in a local art book shop, which is a modern, contempary art book shop, that also has a gallery showcasing various styles of graphics, illustration and art. The postcards need to fit in with the style and direction of the shop but also show a clear, bold style. They must be marketable item, and something that tourists and visitors of the town would be willing to purchase.

TIME FRAME: 4th July - 18th July (2 Weeks)
FINAL OUTCOME: 6-8 4x6in postcards.

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