So I bought this hat sometime a few weeks week and I've barely taken if off since I got it. I don't know why I love it so much or why it speaks so much to my soul. I just think its cute and different and I've always wanted a train driver/baker boy cap and this was just too perfect. Love it.

Baker Boy hats have always been a thing but never really taken off in the same way that fedoras or beanies have done. Even though I've seen countless pics of bloggers and stylish celebs (like Kate Moss or Sienna Miller) I dont think they've ever really strongly come through as a legit trend. It's kinda bit old man meets David Beckham style, but somehow works out looking really cool.

Sacred Hawk is quickly becoming one of my favourite brands over on ASOS. I love their super cool rock'n'roll vibe, mixed with quirky customised tees and next level band tees. Their customisation is cool and fun, while still being really wearable and suitable for every day. I especially love some of their customised band tee's but their hats have really caught my eye. From an awesome military style beret to this corduroy number I opted for.

While I have no idea where my love for this style comes from, I can tell you know that it's definitely one I'm, going to be rocking going forward. Just imagine it paired with a floaty white sundress, loads of silver necklaces and some chunky boots to stomp around fields in come festival season!