So I thought I'd write a post out, rather than keep on incessantly tweeting about so I can add an explanation to why I've been harping on about new IG account for the last few days

I've been trying to think of a way that I can share more of my outfits on a more regular basis all while doing something that I feel comfortable with and something I can commit to doing daily, or at least semi-daily. Therefore an idea started brewing in my mind late last week and finally came to fruition over the past few days.



Over the past week, I've been plotting and planning a new Instagram account which I can post my outfits on without having to grab a friend to take a snap of me. I wanted something casual, something easy and non-intimidating, am I alone sometimes thinking that outfit posts look kinda intimidating these days?

Number 1, things aren't gonna be over produced, fancy or anything too special. Just actual mirror shots of me in my messy living room, probably framed to hide all the crap that I still haven't unpacked. & Number 2. They are gonna be things I actually wear, Nothing fancy or over the top or carefully considered to match my surroundings. Just what I actually wear.

So expect to see items repeated, just basic everyday outfits wear I wear a jeans and a tee and stompy boots, hell I might even throw in a PJ's shot.

So basically as of tomorrow you'll be seeing more and more of my outfits over on my new Instagram which is currently called @whatlilywears, although I might change the name in the future because ideally, I'd like to call it @lilymelrose but for some reason although that account name isn't being used it won't let me register it.

Why don't you just do it on your current Instagram? 
Aren't you stupid trying to a start a new page when Instagram is so shit? 

The thing is, I've never been what I'd consider very good at Instagram, I probably post about 2-3 times a week IF THAT and I'm so weird about my layout and once I throw out my theme then I get even more demotivated. Everyone else is infinitely better at the whole thing than I am, and while I really like posting pretty pictures, I don't really post enough. The main reason I don't post is because I cant be bothered to try and keep up with everyone, I feel like Instagram is so farcical sometimes that I cant get behind anything anymore. Its all so... over done.

Obviously, I'll still be posting images on my main instagram account, you might even see some of the snaps cross over. But I think on there you're likely to see more lifestyle imagary compared to a couple o' snaps of my outfit.

So right, I know it would make sense if I just did it on my main account, but I wanted something super focused and when people need inspiration for an outfit they can scroll through rather than getting 1279 selfies and photos of my cat. I also just want it to be pretty casual and not something I have to think to much about matching with all my other images.

I know it's nothing groundbreaking but it's something I'm pretty into right now and I'd love if people got on board with it. Although obviously, that's my biggest fear is that no one is gonna follow it and everyone thinks it's shit. BUT I THINK ITS GOOD OK.

To go along with my new Instagram I'll be posting more on here too. I plan on posting all the shoppable links as individual blog posts over on here. I don't utilise this platform enough and I think it'll be much better and simpler way for you and easier for me to link it like rather than going down other routes.

None of that or whatever it's called stuff, that thing never works for me and I still can't get my head around the whole thing. But regardless, I'm still gonna be tagging things in the actual Instagram posts, because of Im not that much of an asshole.

If you don't wanna follow my new account then that's cool, you're missing out. But if you do then I'll be super grateful! Thank you!