Last week I headed off on a little Road Trip to do a little collab with H&M. I picked up a few spring-inspired pieces in store then headed off on the road in my little Fiat 500 to explore.

This post is SPONSORED by H&M

The H&M Spring collection is a whimsical mix of pastels, nudes and blushes in various feminine forms. Think lots of soft colours, shapes, materials and cuts. Very girly and very sweet perfect for a spring trip!

First, we decided to head to the town of Salisbury and see their iconic Cathedral. Salisbury reminded me a lot of the small town that I grew up in, and just as simple and unpretentious.

As we had no plans we mulled around, walking the streets, pottering down by the river and just taking in the slow pace of life. It honestly made me miss the countryside and the small town mentality that I grew up with. There's just something about it that you can't replicate. Some of the buildings had original Tudor beams and carvings, even the Prezzo looked way fancier than should have done as it was housed in a building with white and black beams!

Down one street we actually saw some fudge being made fresh in store and it had a miniature Stonehenge made out of fudge in one of the shops. Which I'm not going to lie I thought was incredibly impressive, but I am easily impressed when it comes to candy!

As we had no plans to stick to while we were there we just walked and browsed till our hearts content. I think there’s often so much focus on going somewhere and having a strict plan, just being able to do what we fancied made the day 100x less stressful and 100x more fun. When I planned the outing I wanted to make sure I knew where we were going and where we planned to end up and then whatever happened in-between was all part of the fun.

As a bit of a History buff, Salisbury Cathedral is one of the places I’ve heard a lot about, It has so much history woven into its walls. I don't know why but I really love stuff like this, I find it so fascinating looking back into the past and learning about how other people lived their lives.

The Chapter House which contains a well kept copy of a  Magna Carter (much like my own town! Hereford!) This was possibly one of the most beautiful rooms I’d ever seen. It was a circular shape that had a stained glass windows throughout and carved into the stone around the bottom was the first couple of verses of the Bible. What I found so fascinating about that was their interpretation in the 13th century of things like boats and animals. A really passionate man spoke to me about all then carvings and how they were done and I wish I could remember more to tell you but I was so in awe of the whole thing!

Our final destination was Stonehenge, as voted for by people who follow me on Twitter (if you don't follow me on Twitter, then… why not?). It’s somewhere that I’d always wanted to go to but somewhere that wasn't all that high up on my list of places to visit. It was actually quite cool to see in person but like everyone says its way smaller than you think it is. Nonetheless it's such an iconic heritage site in the UK it’s worth seeing at least once in your life. It was so windy out in the open though so remember to bring a hair tie or end up like me covered in hair.

Before we went home we stopped off at a country pub that we found just by driving around a little bit.I the Those types of pubs are my favourite to find. I changed into the IT dress of the moment this super floral sheer dress. Its super girly compared to my usual style but it was fun to try and style things up a little differently. I stepped totally out of my comfort zone in the form of this mesh midi that was adorned with unique embroidery. I felt so bohemian and very Stevie Nicks until I threw on my leather jacket to give it a more me feel to it!

This whole trip has lit a fire under my feet and I really want to start seeing more of the UK. I think it's so easy to forget about all the small little towns, villages and even big cities in the UK that are just waiting to be discovered and explored. I'm making it my mission this summer to take more days trips and see more of the country that I take for granted!