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Fossil Q Modern Pursuit Mint Green Silicone *

So over a week ago now I headed over to the Swiss town of Basel to hear a little bit about the brand Fossil and learn a little about their smart watches. Part of the journey featured in my weekly vlog here, but I thought I'd give you the rundown on the actual watch. Now, Smart watches have always been a bit “meh” for me. I don’t really like the digital look on watches and much prefer a traditional clock face to adorn my wrist than something that would not look out of place on the set of Star Trek. No disrespect to Ol’ Scotty.
In comes Fossil with its own answer to the Smart Watch and thats the brand of Fossil Q watches which is a hybrid between a classic watch and all the fancy pants technology bundled into one watch. Fossil is no stranger to the wristwatch market, they have tons and tons of styles for both men and women but there smart watches are a really fresh take on the need for more and more tech based thing-a-ma-jigs in our lives.

Ive really been enjoying the fact I can see how much I sleep at night. Sleep is a huge issue for me and I’ve found that keeping an eye on my sleep (via the app you can download to your phone) keeps me in check with working out now I function based on how much sleep I get. The step counter is also a really good motivator to walk to town rather than take the stairs. Im not gonna lie I was a little bit ashamed when it said one day I did 452 steps, Literally just me walking from my couch to my kitchen and bathroom and back to the couch. It’s motivating me to get off my butt a little bit and hit my 10k daily step goal on the reg.

I have the Q Modern Pursuit Mint Green Silicone, which I customised by changing the straps for some red ones to give it a more "me" look. I've really been enjoying the pop of colour that it's added to my usual looks, I'd never think to wear a coloured watch strap but it's something I surprisingly enjoyed. If a classic all over one colour watch is more you're thing then I'd suggest this one it's rose gold and ticks all the instagram flat-layable boxes.

In all, I love that they are blurring the line between functionality for the modern age all while retaining the classic good looks of watches gone by. It even syncs up the time with your phone (via bluetooth) so you dont even have to worry about putting your watch forward when the clock changes or if you go to a different time zone. It just sorts itself out automatically! You can even set it up for different types of alerts, such as Social Media, texts and emails. As well as set an Alarm Clock to give you a gentle buzz to wake up to rather than the pounding of your iPhone alarm next to your head.

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