Benefit are hitting it hard and fast with the launches in 2017! I feel like not a month goes by without a new drop of their signature brand of quirky cool products. Benefit box blushes are so nostalgic to me, they remind me of when I first got into makeup and Benefit packaging was the shizz. 

Galifornia the latest addition to the line up and a really fun one too boot. It’s a fresh corally peachy pink with a gold overspray (which while looks pretty adds nothing to the blush) that gives a natural flush without being too much. Perfect for those who want a hint of colour to the face but nothing too dramatic. It gives the right kind of blushed cheek look, think as if someone had pinched your cheeks a lil’ bit.

Benefit Galifornia Blush*

The packaging oozes 70's cool with an eye catching woman with huge sunglasses and wild hair, It kinda feels like Woodstock in blush form. Weirdly Galifornia has a unique scent which I discovered when I was vlogging about the blush. There I was mindlessly yakking on about the colour while holding it infant of my face, I took a whiff and was like WHOA. Transported straight to holidays with the delicious scent of sort of coconutty, grapefruit vanilla goodness. Think along the lines of my beloved Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess, V. Nice.

Are Benefit Blushes a little passe? I dunno, I think they are super fun and kitch but its definitely not an essential by any means. But they are fun and 13 year old Lily would be scrabbling for it at any cost! Definitely one for any Benefit box blush collector though!