So excuse the excessive branding in these snaps, it was for a sponsored Instagram which you can see here if you're that way inclined. This post is in no way sponsored so nobody get their knickers in a twist - I thought I'd share them on my blog too as I really loved the imagery we ended up creating it was a shame to not use the ones that didn't get approved by the brand.

Jon, my long suffering photo dude and his wonderful girlfriend Marisa came down for a visit with the intention of shooting a nice onlocation set of images at the beach. We'd originally planned to do something a little bit more golden hour but the weather that evening was drizzly and less than golden. We decided to hold off until the morning and stay in the warmth eating burritos and watching stuff on TV.

I picked up a really cute picnic basket and some awesome plastic patterned plates from Lakeland. I've been longing for a picnic basket for years and I was so chuffed to see this one for less than half price. I know I wont use it all the time but it's just a really lovely thing to own. I dunno, Im weird like that.

That cutie-pie pineapple was also from Lakeland and I'm totally obsessed with it, Im trying to work out where to put it in my house because it's freaking adorable. Food Wise I packed some strawberries, falafel, crisps, hummus (is life worth living without hummus? I personally dont think so) and made some herby potatoes. It was a really lovely spread if I do say so myself! Obvious beverage branding is obvious.

All in all it made me realise I really do hardly spend any time at the beach considering it's a mere 5 minutes walk from my house and you can see it from my bedroom window. I probably should make a little bit more effort to go down there because it's such a nice place to go visit for a bit of calm and quiet.

Bit of a behind the scenes tidbit, it was actually such bad weather. Although It looks all dreamy and pretty beachy softness it was actually almost raining and blowing a right gale. By the time we got the last shot the sky was so dark it looked crazy! (Here's a non edited image of me) We scurried home for warmth and tea. But I guess that's all part of the charm of the British seaside experience though.