Elegant Touch have a couple o' limited edition nails to make even the stubbiest and ugly looking hands (like my own) look somewhat presentable. To celebrate all things Rio Olympics Elegant Touch have a v. festive, colourful and crazy duo of nails out this summer. Brightly coloured and in your face prints they sum up the energy of Rio really well. Well as well as a pair of nails actually can.

The blue and tropical print of the Rio Ready ones reminds me of a dress that I had a couple of summers ago from Zara. It's legit the same concept and colours with the clash of prints... you could say Elegant Touch ripped off Zara for a change. None the less the two go together really well considering they are supposed to be clashing prints. 

Other others are not quite to my taste as a set of nails because they are super duper print heavy. However as an accent nail complimenting a bright plain set of nails it'd be pretty sassy.

The nails themselves are almond shape which isn't my personal favourite shape for nails as I prefer a more shorter square look. However that can be achieved with a bit of effort and a nail file. I adore Elegant Touch nails as they are super thin and  not heavy or hard to wear. As someone who loves false nails they are pretty much faultless. 10/10.