Idk why I've titled this "...20 somethings" as that makes me cringe almost as much as "Millennial"but hey, that's the kind of contradictory person I've grown to become. I thought I'd share some of the petty things that I'm irrationally scared of in the hope people find me #relatable and make me feel like less of an awkward turtle.

Moving Back in with Their Parents

A couple of years ago between moving into new houses in London I had to put all my stuff in storage and go and live back at my parents house. 150 Miles away from all my things and my friends and not to mention being back at home with my parents put the fear of god into me. Luckily my boyfriend at the time also let me stay at his some of the time but telling people I’d had to sort-of move back home was such a bum out. It’s very strange moving back into your old childhood room and the fear of being stuck there forever is v. unsettling.

Unknown Numbers

I HATE talking on the phone to anyone I don’t know, actually I just hate talking to anyone on the phone. But nothing makes me feel worse than seeing an unknown number pop up on my phone? Who could it be? That guy you drunkenly gave your phone number to? Or the Bank asking why you still have a student overdraft even though you left university 5 years ago? 


While on the subjects on phones lets talk Voicemails. Leaving one makes my palms so sweaty that it practically makes my phone slip out of my hands. The fear of messing up a message runs way too strong and I know it's' only some machine on the other end but it makes me so nervous than someone actually being on the other end of the line.  Also with that I can't stand listening to them either out of the fear of the unknown. Im pretty sure the only person has ever leaves me voicemails is my Dad but honestly there is nothing more unsettling that seeing “1 Voice Message” pop up on my phone.

Accidentally Liking something you shouldn’t 

I’ve got the art of holding my phone during a stalking session down to a tee incase I do actually hit that like button when I'm 47 weeks deep stalking your mates sisters university friend who has a feed goals and a body to die for. Sometimes you can get away with a quick reverse but once that notification has gone out there is no going back from the inevitable cringe. Same goes for adding someone on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

Making Appointments

TBH I think I’d rather just die than phone up the doctors to get an appointment or ask them what could be wrong with me. Being blissfully unaware seems like the safest option. Even if I know… end up in the morgue.

So there we go 5 little things that Im scared of but I know are the most firstworldy of first world problems imaginable. Do you have any petty things that scare the shit out of you that really shouldn't? Let me know in comments!