Gettting Lip Fillers


I posted a video over on my Youtube Channel all about my new Lip fillers! I really hope you guys find it helpful and understand lip fillers aren't as crazy and unnatural as it seems to be presented to us. You can get natural but effective results without going too large or crazy. I think they look natural but plumped and full which I love.

You may or may not know but I got them done last year with a very minimal change but I feel like this time round I went a lot fuller than I expected to - I actually had double the amount put in compared to what I got last time! When the lady suggested it I was a bit nervous as I was letting someone I didnt know take my look and face in their hands. However I really trusted Allison (her contact info is in the down bar of the video) and she did a perfect job! While I'm pretty swollen right now I cant wait to see the finished result!

I go through the whys what and where's over in the video so if you want to know a little more in depth about them then as well as covering some points about surgery and why Im sick of people being looked down on for changing their bodies.

Watch it above or check it out over on my channel! Make sure you like & subscribe if you havent already!


  1. They look lovely. Is this 1ml?

  2. Really loved the video!

  3. Not sure I would go for this myself but why not, if it makes you happy. The result is actually a lot more natural than I was expecting too :)

    Mel ★

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  5. Actually surprised at the outcome! They look so subtle and natural!

  6. Cool video, thanks for sharing the experience!

    I have a new outfit post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

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  7. Compared to what else I've seen online, I think your lips actually look so natural! I don't get why when someone wants to change something about their body others kick up a stink! It isn't their body - get over it! Em xx

  8. This is a nice subtle difference :)

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  10. You're so brave, they look beautiful! Such a lovely subtle difference and they really do look natural.

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