Earlier this week I had arranged to see my friends but I really didn't know what we were going to do. We all wanted different things from a spot of shopping to straight up exploring and of course we all wanted to grab some food together. In classic British Summer Time style the weather was not on our side. A bit grey and drizzly around the edges and not the most exciting weather to be walking around London in. Saying that it’s really not been all that bad the past few weeks but it has rained more than it should do considering it’s y’know… August. 

In the end we settled on Westfield London. It’s easy to get to for all of us and pretty much had everything we were going to potentially need all under one roof.

As we all know, London is home to host of dreamy outdoor parks. But with the weather being as temperamental as it is, it isn’t always going to be park weather. None the less over in West London there is a little pocket of indoor summertime lurking in The Atrium of Westfield London. It’s a cute summer themed area with lots of fun  activities going on throughout the day as well as some fun things for all ages. 

The thing that caught my attention first was the The Disney Zorb Pool. Inspired by the new Finding Dory film (which I REALLY need to see asap) it’s a themed water based zorb pool for all ages so definitely give it a go if you’re feeling up for some fun! If I was feeling more brave then I would have definitely jumped right in and taken the zorb pool on myself. I saw so many little ones being amazed that they were on water but suspended in a little bubble not getting wet, it was very cute! There are plenty of little things going on for the littles including The Toadstool Garden for storytelling and colouring with tons of activities going on throughout the day.

Right in the centre of the park is a very swish looking Cava bar with very Instagrammable decor if I do say so myself. The Freixenet Ice Bar serves Cava cocktails and drinks by the glass or bottle - Plus there are also plenty of samples going round if you wanted to try a little tipple before going in for a glass or  even a full bottle if you're feeling up to it. I had a really refreshing cocktail made out of the Freixenet ICE, which was light refreshing sparkling wine with a slightly sweeter taste which made it perfect for cocktails. 

If Cava isn’t your thing then try the The Coco Face Kiosk for authentic refreshing Thai coconut water served out of their shells or pop by the Ice Cream Entrepeneurs Pop-up for a little cool down treat. Also throughout the day in The Park there is a Lululemon Yoga & Pilates session if you fancied doing a little workout as well a bunch of other kiosks to have fun at.

After a little tipple and a chill session on a deckchair, all while avoiding the dull greyness of the great outdoors we decided to do a bit of a shop. I knew I needed some new jeans. I’ve been really into the River Island Molly jeans in the short leg style so I made sure to pick those up. I picked black, obviously but I also decided to get some creamy white ones as they caught my eye. On our way we stopped by the Lola’s Cupcakes who have just started doing vegan cupcakes so I picked one of those up as well as a GF one for Jon.

For food we decided on Wahaca. I’ve talked about this place on my blog a few times before but It’s definitely one of my favourite chain returns to eat in London. While it’s rapidly expanded over the years the quality is always on point and I’ve never left feeling unsatisfied!  Really awesome Mexican Street food! Plus being in close proximity to the indoor areas of the centre we could just dash over for our meal!

Wahaca has something for everyone, from really easy modified plant based options (just make sure to ask for no dairy) to something for your carnivorous friends. Load up of the chips and guac, that’s definitely my absolute favourite. I ended up having a Super Food Salad which was so good I think I need to recreate something at home like it because it was so filling and tasty. As I was driving and already had a tipple over at the Freixenet Ice Bar I opted for the Hibiscus Fresca which was so delicious and so refreshing. I’d recommend their margaritas or Hibiscus Mojito! 

After more wandering, a lot of gossiping and filled bellies we decided to head home. It was a great little day out and so nice to catch up with some friends and have all the amenities of shops and restaurants all in the same place. It’s a bit easier to go to a shopping centre, come entertainment complex with a bunch of restaurants when you aren't really sure of what to do plus it saves you from getting rained on at the same time!

The Westfield Park is a pop up summer destination, running in Westfield Stratford City between 22nd August - 4th September Monday - Saturdays: 12-8pm & Sundays: 12 6pm