When was the last time I shot an outfit post? Yeah bad that.

So it’s been forever ever and I thought on a recent Pokemon related walk I should hand my camera over to someone and let them actually shoot me… So that is what I did mid-hunt because I’d found a rogue Evee in the park near my house. I've seen Pewds shoot videos there so I convinced myself they must put all the good 'mon there.

It’s been hot recently - like real hot. Im sure if you're British you're well aware of the situ and well versed on the “HOW IS IT SO HOT” conversations we’ve all had this week. I forget sometimes that while it’s super hot it doesn’t mean that it’s not windy - I do live by the sea after all. For all it’s wonderful beachy pebbly drinks-in-the-sun goodness, it is v. v. windy. After chasing my chasing my hat down about 2 miles worth of seafront I decided I was better off inside. A few Evee's richer, one Ponyta and a couple of hundred Pidgeys. And of course binning off all the Drowzee's I could find. Not bad really.

So I wore a white dress which I bought to wear on my LA trip but I think I wore for approx 5 minutes before I realised it was in fact way too cold. Paired with a camo jacket which I thought looked v. military when it was placed with the shoes and the dress. But I kinda like that. I basically live in outfits like this right now, feminine dresses mixed with a trusty pair of booties, oversized sunnies (I wasnt actually wearing any makeup because cba) and menswear inspired shirts to give it a girly/tough edge. 

God I talk about the weather so much in this post. I hate being so bloody British sometimes.