Colab Active Dry Shampoo*

Colab is a brand thats been lurking around for a good ol' while now and Im not actually sure if I've spoken about it on here or not. Created by the absolutely wonderful Ruth Crilly - it's a range of dry shampoo's that you can pick up at your local drugstore that's good enough to rival the iconic Batiste.

Touted as a gym bag must have, the Colab Active is a must for those of us on the go, outdoorsy types and sporty babes. Who am I kidding, I am none of the above.

This Active version shampoo is the same formula as the original Sheer and Invisible but with Moringa Seed Extract to condition and offers UV protection for your barnet. I find the power of the Colab Dry Shampoo's to be super fine and almost invisible in the hair, you know that sort of white cast that Batiste gives? Yeah it doesn't do that. Thumbs up.

I friggen' love the scent, it's a little bit lemon-y, bergamot and neroli-ish paired with amber and a complimentary musky undertone. Which sounds super fancy for a dry shampoo, but it's a very chic and fresh fragrance. Ideal product for pepping up greasy locks and with it's super duper oil absorbing properties it's like dry shampoo on steroids!

A little tip that I read over on Ruth's blog is to spray it in before you workout and then brush it out after you've finished working out and then reapplying it again just to make sure it feels super clean. Thats a tip I think I might start trying on days that I dont wash my hair, spraying in dry shampoo the night before and then brushing it out in morning! I actually used this technique when I went on Holiday last week because I knew I was going to be getting my sweat on - it was 40C at some points!
In the morning before I stepped out into the sun I'd liberally spritz my hair with the product and let it go to work. I found my hair overall less sweaty and less hard to manage. Of course I still washed my hair on those days as it was REALLY hot. But I was impressed how less slick and sweaty my hair felt throughout the day.