Hands up who hates mornings? *insert hand up emoji*

Nothing really gets me going in the morning (well apart from a strong coffee or seven) is a zesty energising shower gel. I need something that strips away all the sleepiness from my body and sets me up for the day. Now Im not promising miracles here, I can only speak from my own experience - but I can promise a little bit of spring in your step post shower.


This is one of my ol' favourites, especially on mornings when you really CBA. Grapefruit really gets the senses going and brightens up even the dullest of mornings and this has even been known to ease a hangover or two. Zingy and Invigorating with a underlying zesty fragrance that really wakes me up ready for the day.


Super Sweet Lime flavoured and packed full of something they like to call Coolcapsule Smooth (srsly wtf are these beauty buzzwords) Sugar Crush this shower gel provides a mood boosting dose of sweetness and sugar to really get things pumping. Sugar Crush has always been a polarising scent for me due to it's almost overwhelming sweetness but there is no doubting that it packs a punch. I also like that it lingers a bit on the skin so I can get a whiff during the day but you could be extra fancy and finish off with some of their body butter for a extra boost.