Foreo Luna Play* £29

No word of a lie, when this came through my post box I genuinely thought it was a vibrator. I didn’t get and press material with it or any context I just had this small little green thing sitting on my desk not sure what it was.  Then the rational part of my brain kicked in and my pal Kate's morning routine came to mind where she used this little device and it all slowly (and I mean v. slowly) clicked into place.

After the initial confusion I realised it was the little sister to the widely popular Foreo Luna the Foreo Luna Play.  Kinda does sound like a sex toy though right?

Not one for the hype train I sort of ignored the idea of a Foreo as I've never really got on with things like the Clarisonic and presumed it was a similar type deal. Oh boy was I wrong. This lil' beaut uses sonic technology (which sounds very fancy but it's just little vibrations) which in theory is supposed to make your cleanser more effective and remove impurities. No bristles or scratchy brush heads just these tiny little nodules that barely feel like anything on the skin.

I used this paired with my go-to cleanser the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser to leave my skin feeling super smooth and buffed to perfection without buzzing off the top layer of skin leaving my skin a raw broken out mess - Im looking at you Clarisonic. Overtime I feel like it's improved my complexion tenfold, my cheeks are less congested and my skin is smoother than a babies bottom.

At £29 it's pretty affordable but the only downside is that it doesn't last forever. You get 100 uses out of it so it'll roughly last you two months depending on your useage (obvs if you use it day and night). It's non rechargeable and doesn't take replacement batteries which is a bit of a bummer.  However if you really like it you can always upgrade to the Luna Mini which is a bit of a price increase BUT it does recharge and lasts a lot longer. The Play is designed for travel/the girl on the go rather than long term use at home but it's also a nice way to try a super pricey tool for a lot less to get a feel for it.

Overall, I like it. I like it a lot. While it's not a game changer and its something that I don't feel is really needed it has worked wonders for me in ways that other facial tools have not. I always thought I was over skincare tools writing them off as unnecessary junk but I have to say this had impressed me.