I've actually been to the Grand Canyon before. Last year I went on a Trek America with some pals and it was awesome but I was also tired, broken and felt like I didn't appreciate it as much as I should have done and it was something I really regretted. I knew on my recent trip to the US I was going to make the 4+ hour drive from Vegas to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and appreciate it properly.

It’s weird as you walk onto Bright Angel trail to make the epic hike down to the bottom. You soon realise you’re stepping on rocks that are like a million years old. Rocks that have been there since the dawn of time while the dinosaurs trotted over and probably perished on at some point too. You’re stepping on a part of history and thats pretty bloody cool.

It’s hard to capture the beauty and sereneness of the place - Its pure unspoiled canyon land. Red rocks for as far as the eye can see. Mesa's dotted around and towers of endlessly stacked toppling rocks that  look like they could erode any second, all flourishing around the icy blue Colorado River.

If you ever have the opportunity to I totally recommend taking the time to visit the Grand Canyon. South Rim, not the West which is a pure tourist trap. Avoid the gift shops and pomp and stay for at least two days if you can. Visit it properly like I did the second time and take in every second of it’s being rather than just ticking it off your bucket list. Been there done that just isnt enough. I went to Ankor Wat a couple of years ago and experienced the same sort of thing, but it was incredibly packed and nothing compared to the peace and simple stillness of the Grand Canyon.

It is a spiritual and sort of out of body experience, In some ways being there made me forget all about the things in my life that bothered me and I allowed myself to take in the beauty of my surroundings without fear worries or sadness. Go see the Grand Canyon and experience something pure and unspoiled by modern life.