Eeep. These photos are from ages ago but I have some outfits from ages ago to share and I thought I better get my butt into action and y'know share them. My hair looks well short here even though it was probably only back in March. Who knew it grew so quickly? MADNESS.

Leopard coat TICK
White tee TICK
Black Skinny Jeans TICK
Fedora TICK
Stan Smiths TICK

P. Much the outfit combo I wear 90% of the time at the moment. Throw in a neck tie and it's standard uniform for me this spring. I've lived in this fur coat to the point where the lining has completely disintegrated, which could be put down to my arm chub or my incessant layering - I hope the latter.

I def need to get my butt into gear and take some outfitty pics again soon. I think I have about three or four sets to share before I can even post new stuff so I might mix n' match for a bit till I'm all caught up.