I straight up have the worst nails in the world. Despite all those lotions and potions all the will power in the world has not stopped be biting my nails. At the age of 26 I still nibble the absolute crap out of them and pick them whenever Im nervous. So false nails are my absolute go to and a must in my life to disguise my ugly little stubbers.

On a recent jaunt around Sueprdrug I picked up a couple of pairs of the Rosie Bea x Elegant Touch Nails because the pretty packaging and cute nail art drew me right in.

NGL, They are a bit longer than I'd normally wear and its been an experience adapting to the claw shape. I found them to be a lil awkward at first and typing was a pain in the butt. If you think I cant type normally the post I attempted to write when I was wearing these was just a mess. None the less they get a A+ for scratching though, v. satisfying. I wish they were slightly shorter but I could have just filed them if I wasnt so lazy.

If ya wanna see how I apply them then check out a little video I made of me putting them on, because... why not eh. I found the application super easy and I was able to do both my hands in less than two minutes, sizing took a little longer but I didn't have to file 'em down at all which is always a blessing because thats effort.

If youre into claw nails then I'd reccomend them, but Im not converted to the style. Short Square for lyffff over here! I wore them for about 4 days before I got bored of them and decided to take 'em off in favour of a shorter style. None the less for about 6 quid you cant really fault 'em.