As I mentioned I recently went on a little road trip around  California with Zoe. It was a whirlwind trip in which we went to San Francisco, Drove the Pacific Coast Highway One and then finally spent a good few days soaking up some atmosphere in Los Angeles.

Going to San Francisco has always been on my bucket list, things like Alcatraz appeal to my sense of morbid curiosity and seeing cool hippie places like the Haight and Ashbury was high up on my list. Driving down the coast and stopping wherever we felt like it was a dream come true. Despite it being a long journey every second was so worth it. I found my eyes drifting towards the blueness of the sea constantly. LA was really great although I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I was going to which was odd. It's like east London but 100x more intense. Which did appeal to my pretentious side (seriously though, juice was like $10 each!) it was awesome though. I could have drove around constantly and still found things I'd want to look at. Little things like seeing the Hollywood Walk of Fame, seeing sets in Universal studios and shopping on Rodeo Drive were highlights.

It was a total "One day I'd like..." experience in which I've always though "one day I want to drive the coastal road to Los Angeles" I have more photos, videos and stuff coming soon but for now you can check out my trip over on my Youtube channel as I vlogged the whole thing. I have tons of snaps over on my Instagram too. I've got so much to go through footage wise it's a little bit intimidating but I cant wait to start looking back on things that happened!

The guys at Virgin Atlantic also have a little competition going on at the moment in which you can win your own trip of a lifetime and cross your one day experience off your list.

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