Hi, Im Lily and Im obsessed with Quay Australia My Girls. If you asked me what pair of sunglasses I'd want to wear for the rest of my life would be I would 100% without hesitation say Quay Australia My Girls. Because that's a real question people IRL ask right?

Im not sure why I like these cat eyed sunglasses of glory became my favourite style of glasses but they are a style that just work for me. They make my face look less moon faced than usual and I'm a total sucker for a mirrored lens.

I bought this pair from Topshop in Westfield last month but I'm sure you can find them somewhere online, my terrible googling skills are failing me rn. Quay tends to go in and out of stock pretty fast so it's always worth keeping tabs on the new styles and colours they launch.

Shamefully I have about 6 different styles of my girls including blue lenses, purple lenses and a pair with marble rims. My fave has to be these absolutely fire red, orange and white pair. They are so statement and I feel super sassy when wearing them. Every time I wear 'em I get compliments on them. Especially when I was in America recently.

Only niggle is that like with a lot of mirrored sunglasses once they scratch they're done for and can look super sloppy and scratchy. You have to be super careful and pop them back in the case each time. Which if you're like me and tend to sling 'em in your bag without thinking they might be a bit of a pain in the butt.

None the less, I love 'em. Here's to many more pairs to come!