I thought I'd tap up a review to go alongside my Green Blusher video which I posted over on Youtube. Just because... well  I dunno really but I thought I would. I recorded my first impressions of the product but here is a bit more of a all round review.

So the Lipstick Queen Frog Prince is one of those old school Ph changing blushes that reacts to the oils and stuff on your face to create a "universally flattering" tone.

Remember those green Barry M lipsticks that used to dazzle your pals at a sleepover because you had no idea what wizardry was making it change colour on your lips???!! It's basically like that but in a blush format.

The blush has a really creamy gel like feel to it, much more slippery than your average cream blush. It doesn't dry down to a nice finish either and just feels dewy-ier than dew on the grass on a crisp spring morning. And not in a good way. More like, I'm a lil sweaty from going on a run dewy...

It's just a little TOO pink on the cheeks. Not a flattering pink, it almost looks like a semi uncomfortable rash. The unpredictability of the blushes makes it a huge fail for me, I wanna know that whats in the pan is going to be similar to the colour that graces my cheeks. I dont need a blush fronting as something else! A redeeming feature is it's very lightweight but luxe feeling lil' compact. It feels very nice in the hand.

I did buy this just to investigate for myself what it might be like as its one of the few beauty products I've seen in a long time thats really interested me. Definitely one of those HMMM CLICKBAIT type of products but v. interesting none the less.
So overall Green Blush is novelty product and much like mood rings, its something I think should be firmly left in the 90's - However it would definitely shock your friends if you're that way inclined and they somehow missed out on the green lipstick ritual. I guess you gotta kiss a lot of frogs before finding the one true blush. None the less, Im not willing to take the risk and this green blush is definitely not the one.