Picture me, sitting in my bed last Thursday afternoon, twiddling my thumbs bored out of my mind. I should be editing a video but Im actually sitting there scrolling through Reddit and thinking about if I want to order a takeaway for the evening. Spoiler alert, of course I did. Thai, was really great.

Anyway a email drops in my inbox asking me if I wanted to go on a trip. Well duh of course I do need you ask twice. So Im off on a jaunt to America again to cure my post holiday blues with the peep’s at Virgin Atlantic.

They were cool enough to let me bring a friend along and after asking around a bit I naturally picked Zoe. Not that she wasn’t my first choice she was just busy on the dates originally but after some wiggling we made it work.

So yeah, we’re off on a 8 day jaunt around California - Specifically San Fransisco and LA which is possibly the best thing ever to happen to me in forever ever. Forever ever. We’re gonna be doing the drive between San Fran and LA too which means more American Road Rules. I actually managed to get the hang of it in the end, but it is pretty confusing at first. I definitely drove on the wrong side a few times. Oops.

I’ve not been to LA beyond the LAX airport so Im SO stoked. Zoe is a bit of a Cali vet these days so she’s gonna be a good companion. Gimme all dat green juice, acai bowls and iced green tea. We have some loose plans, I really want to Universal and Alcatraz.

But finally on to the good good news IM GOING TO BE VLOGGING. I haven’t vlogged properly since I moved house and to be honest I just kinda got over it after vlogging for a couple of months. However I think its kinda different when you do stuff with people who get social media, especially other bloggers/vloggers. They don’t bat an eyelid when you whip your camera out and start lamenting about the salad you just ate or care if you ask them to take a photo 1000 times just so your calves don’t look chunky af in them.

Seriously one of my best pals doesn’t have any social media. I honestly don’t know how he’s alive in the 21st century. Either that or he refuses to add me on social media as he’s some sort of secret online identity. Tempted to go super sleuth and investigate this. 

So you can follow along my adventures on my Snapchat (llymlrs) or my Instagram (llymlrs) or my Twitter (llymlrs… see a common theme here?) We’re also gonna be using the hashtag #hellroseworldtour if you wanna keep up on that too.I  likely wont post the vlogs till Im back, though so there's that to look forward to!

Anyway, Im leaving on Thursday and I absolutely cannot wait. I feel super blessed right now because Im in a bit of a funk and my desire to leave is really high. Although Im a bit worried as I’ve just got over a big bout of fatigue post Vegas. But to be fair, I ate really badly and drank while I was out there as well as generally just not the most healthy I can be. But seriously, Im so excited!

Post a photo of your and our preferred travel buddy (that could be your partner, best friend or whoever you wanna see the world with) on your favourite social media tagging @virginatlantic and hashtagging #oneday to be in with the chance to win a holiday of a life time and make your One day plans a reality!