I have to admit I was a lil' underwhelmed by the Alexa Chung x M&S Archive collection when I first saw some of the images for it. While cute it felt a little blah and nothing really stood out to me. However one thing really caught my eye and it was this super jazzy paisley print dress.

P. loud compared to my usual type of thing but I have a soft spot for all things 60's and a real thing for anything with a bit of contrast piping. Based off some apron from the 50's with a 60's style fit and then updated a little with unique neckline details. It's absolutely adorable and you can totally see how Alexa Chung influenced this dress as it's so so so her.

Im so glad I picked it up even though I really wasnt too sure when I actually bought it. I liked it but I was like is it too loud for me? Would I actually wear it? Damn right I would. As soon as I put it on I knew that it was the dress for me. It's so flattering and fun and literally right up my street style wise. Paired with a leather jacket and some booties this is definitely doing to be a outfit Im rocking a lot this summer.