So you know, one day it hits you and it clicks that you're at the age where all your gal pals are getting engaged the fact they are actually getting married hits you? Yeah that.

Aside from the fact I'll probably need to hire someone to be my Date for the night my first thought was panicking about what to actually wear. The last time I went to a wedding it was my Dad and Step Mum's which was literally like 10 years ago and I wore a purple number and had red hair (IDK WHAT I WAS THINKING, I KNOW!) Prior to that I wore a little bridesmaid dress back in 1996 when a family member got married - My Granny still has that little gown and I wore it religously every week at her house.

So I frantically started plotting what sort of stuff a wedding guest should wear? I dont like florals or lace and black is the only colour I wear period. As my brain went into overdrive ticking away at the do's and dont's of what I could wear I decided to do what I do best - Save things to shopping baskets while shopping online.

When I think of wedding guest dressing I think of things that are floral, subtle, pastel hues and midi lengths. But I think its still super important to bring your own personal style at the same time. None the less you gotta be appropriate - I'm talking no chance of nips slips or flashing your bum as you dance with their Uncle Ken to the YMCA. Something conservative but also

Here's my current selection for inspo if you need it:

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Personally Im leaned towards this bad boy, and I actually bought it with the intentions of it being the lead image for this post. Kinda 70's bohemian with a modern twist. Im p. sure it's okay to wear peach to a wedding right? I though, oh yes that would look hella cute paired with a simple pair of silver heels and a jazzy clutch.

WRONG. WRONG WRONG. It was so hard to photograph and look semi decent on meI almost gave up on live. Back to the drawing board me thinks. It's a shame as it's so beautiful but the fit is a bit off. Then again I do have a super wide back so it's common long sleeve things and I dont get on. Oh well.

I also really dig this dress here, the contrast piping and the little collar are too cute and add a really nice summit summit to the outfit. Infact I might even buy it for summer anyway as it's pretty babein' for a summer dress. Perfect for a summery field-y type wedding!