Now that my hair is somewhat on the mend (although I'm actually getting my hair done next week, so HELLO BLEACH I'VE MISSED U BOO) I was in the market for a new shampoo and conditioner. While moisture is all well and good it's way too heavy for the current state of my hair. Pureology Hydrate will forever be the key to keeping my hair in good condition, I just think we should see other people.

I've been using two different product ranges from Redken recently to keep my locks in check - One being Redken Beach Envy which is v. lovely but I think I've firmly decided on loving Redken High Rise Volume a little bit more.

It's kinda hard to describe it, it sort of lifts the roots and gives natural volume without making the hair feel like a bird's nest or chock a block full of product. I'm really not all about that "higher the hair the closer to Jesus" life just a little bit of omph to my flat mop of hair.

High Rise Volume gives the hair a little bit of a boost with a cool girl sheen, think subtle texture and lightweight volume - hair with a bit of body!

If ya wanna get sciencey then it's a volume-boosting blend of filloxane and softening polymers which create lift that lasts. Not so clued up on all that jazz but it sounds fancy and certainly is doing a little something to my hair

Theres a bit of a trend at the moment for more styling based shampoo and conditioners rather than treatment shampoo's and conditioners of old. Im digging it for sure. Go Big or Go Home!