Damn Batiste back at it again with the dry shampoo. I think Batiste now cover each and every scent known to man in their dry shampoo offerings.  This new dry shampoo is infused with notes of raspberry and vanilla which helps to banish oily roots and lift lacklustre hair by adding body and texture. Batiste is a daily staple in my hairdrobe to help give it some life and a bit of grit before styling. If you have super soft fluffy hair this is as much as a lifesaver for you as when you have slightly greasy hair.

Overall I like the scent, it does smell very sweet and feminine without being childish or overpowering. I wanted to it to sell like the Fudge Vanilla and Raspberry hairspray but it doesn't quite reach that level of sweetness. Which is a darn shame as I love that so much! All the goodness of traditional Bastiste (Tropical will forever be the one) with the sweet smell candy. Absolute dream team. If you havent tried Batiste yet... where have you been?