Been awhile since I've done an actual outfit post hasn't it? Its just been one of those really annoying few months where me and my photographer Jon just haven't been able to sync up and get things done. Every time we've booked a shoot in it's either rained, I've been unwell or it just didnt work out. However him and his lovely girlfriend Marisa came to visit so we decided to shoot a bunch while they were here!

I've been digging chambray a lot recently and this lovely lil' (well not so little) oversized shirt from Topshop last week before immediately dismissing it because I thought I looked like Miranda Sings. A bit of restyling later and a non of inspiration in the form of stalking some of the Old School Olsen twins looks and this outfit was born. Huge chunky platform boots which I've had from Office for goodness knows how long. They are extremely chunky but compliment the looseness of the shirt really well. Big Fan.

We also shot a Get Ready with me Video which I posted over on my Youtube channel which you might want to check out of videos take your fancy (: